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OTP questions for Drake and Robyn

I am more than happy to ramble about them

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  1. Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes? Robyn is always fond of kissing Drake and is usually the one to initiate these kinds of kisses. Particularly in the morning or right before bed. Drake usually brushes it off almost brusquely, and gets flustered when she does it. That also means grumbling something about her being overly affectionate when she gives him nose kisses - especially in public.
  2. Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partners neck?Robyn does! Especially when she’s in a playful mood which is a lot of the time really, Drake thinks she can be so insufferable sometimes  and she also does it when she wants to get his attention. She finds it’s the fastest way to do so. She’s more than eager, and sometimes that means pushing past him past his comfort zone when he’s otherwise preoccupied.
  3. Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay? Drake does this; but it’s usually when Robyn has a really bad day. He’s remarkably good at being affectionate when it comes to providing her with emotional support. 
  4. Who initiates the forehead touch™? Drake does most of the time. It’s as far as he’ll go in public sometimes when kissing feels too open unless he’s had whiskey in a crowded place or on a public street.
  5. Where do they first say “I love you”? The first time they say I love you is after Robyn accidentally blurts it out and doesn’t realize it until its too late. She doesn’t take it back and Drake sort of freezes up and shuts down. The next time they’re alone; he takes her to one of his favourite places and afterwards they’re star-gazing on a quiet rooftop when he confesses he loves her, then she says it again.
  6. Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking? Robyn is usually the one to; since Drake does most of the cooking. He doesn’t really trust her around food, and she likes to cuddle and distract him when she gets bored of watching.
  7. Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut? Drake does; Robyn is a little clumsy, forgetful and adventurous by nature, and sometimes this means ending up with bruises because of the decisions she makes in the spur-of-the-moment. Half of them she won’t even remember getting. Drake grumbles and complains about it, but she sees his small smile every time he breaks out the first aid kit. Secretly, he loves taking care of her like this.
  8. Who cuddles up to the other on the couch? It depends, most of the time it’s Robyn but sometimes Drake initiates when he’s feeling unusually affectionate. Or when whiskey is involved. Mostly though, he does it when they’re alone - otherwise Robyn regularly initiates while he’s more comfortable with subtle touches like hand holding or resting his hand on her thigh. He only cuddles up to her only if she’s already asleep. Robyn has no qualms about cuddling and does so even when they have friends over.
  9. How do they hold each other when their partner asks to be held? Drake likes to bury his head between her shoulder when he’s having a particularly bad day, or whenever he wants to ignore something. He also likes how warm she feels inside his arms even though he never really admits it. Robyn likes it better when Drake holds her because it’s the safest she ever feels, and she never has to say it because he knows its one of her favourite things in the world.
  10. Who picks up the other fireman style in a playful way? Drake does but only very rarely. It’s mostly when they bet on horses at derby competitions and his wins or if he’s impatient at getting her into bed.
  11. Who brings the blanket to wrap them both up in it? Drake is usually on blanket duty during fall and winter; which usually means meticulously making sure they’re both covered from head to toe. Robyn teases him when he does it, but he’s adamant it’s more on principle than for cuddling. 
  12. Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls sleep on them? Robyn is highly energetic, but tires out after a long day. She thrives on being around groups of people and sometimes when it’s just the two of them she’s the one to fall asleep first. Her head usually lands on his shoulder, or if they’re cuddling she ends up falling asleep first naturally. Drake thinks its both amusing and adorable, sometimes he traces little patterns across her skin that helps to lull her to sleep too. He also watches for a little while before taking her up to their bedroom, or until he falls asleep too.
  13. Who likes to be held and who likes to hold? Drake likes holding Robyn but is too stubborn to say it most of the time unless she’s asleep or unless it’s after a moment of passion. Robyn always enjoys behind held by him and freely lets him know. It still makes him flustered sometimes.

Thanks for the ask, these were so much fun yay! @misha726author Also sis, I assume by D you meant Drake lmao, so I’m tagging you too @storiesbehindyoureyes

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