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Mark: Johnnyyy, help! I think I’ll end up forgetting my english completely!!! 

Johnny: There’s no way that’s gonna happen Mark, it’s your mother tongue!

Mark: Yeah, but rumors around the world are saying that Mark is absolutely fully capable…but they’re not saying of what..!!! I might be absolutely fully capable of forgetting one of my two mother tongues! I might be a special case!

Johnny: *stares at him without saying anything for a few seconds*

Johnny: Yeah man, you’re definitely a special case but I’m not saying what kind of a special case you are…  

soulmate!jung jung
  • when you turn 13, a small box containing an oval locket that is sealed shut is sent to you
  • this locket is specially made to get warmer when you meet your soulmate
  • and opens to a picture of them
  • it’s been 9 years since you’ve received this gift and you’re starting to think the whole thing is a hoaxed
  • you’ve seen a couple of your friends complain about the warmth of their necklace only to have it feel cold in your hands
  • and the opened locket they show you only shows nothing from your eyes
  • 21 and you’re almost done with your college career
  • you’re preparing for a district-wide showcase the dance program in your school partakes in
  • once you reach your second year in dance, you can participate in the showcase
  • you missed out last year because of a bad fall but this year you were more than ready to participate
  • the night before the showcase was a final run through of the show
  • it was your first time seeing everyone and what they were performing
  • sitting in the audience was you and your school mates also participating in the showcase
  • a boy with auburn hair entered the stage dressed in all white
  • his hair stuck out like fire
  • upon landing your eyes on him, you felt a warmth on your chest
  • it only got warmer the more you watched the boy dance on stage
  • his body moved flexibly with the music
  • your necklace became too unbearable on your chest as you decided to yank it off your neck
  • confused at the feeling, you stared at the chain that dangled in your hands
  • your friends stared at you in confusion as well 
  • “are you okay?”
  • “why did you yank that off your chest?”
  • moments later soft mumbles filled the room as everyone conspired what was going on
  • you looked around the room to see the dancers around you whisper to each other and pointing to you and to someone else
  • searching, your eyes wandered to where they were pointing at only to see the boy on stage holding a gold chain in his hand
  • he looked at you with intense eyes, catching his breath from his dance
  • then his look changed. it became softer. his eyes somewhat relieved after seeing you.
  • slowly, he made his way towards you
  • his facial features became more prominent the closer he got and his smile grew wider
  • he stopped just a foot away from you and crouched to meet your eyes
  • “you look a lot like the person in my locket…” he said with shy eyes

this is my art blog where i will draw what i want regardless of whether or not someone thinks i’m “"fetishizing”“ a person’s race for finding said person attractive. i do not fetishize daveed or african americans in any way. yes, he’s hot!! that’s a given. i would never walk up to him and call him daddy and as a matter of fact i never have called him that lmfao?? if you don’t like what i draw and/or want to antagonize me over fucking nothing PLEASE block me and stop wasting your time because i am not going to alter what i make and do based on a fucking stupid assumption. i refuse to make this blog a cesspool of hate and racism. I have not brought up race at all BECAUSE I AM NOT TRYING TO POINT IT OUT OR FETISHIZE THE RACE. you can sit and call me “fan” and “little white girl” and, this ones golden, “a little 12 year old”, but can’t provide a shred of proof or reasoning behind accusing me of something that would PROBABLY BE PRETTY OBVIOUS


🔔🚨🚨⚠️Holy SHIT!! news flash!! ⚠️🚨🚨🔔there is a difference between fetishizing a race and finding a human of another race attractive!!! wow!

-i find a person attractive who just so happens to be black

-the only person(s) who made it about race whatsoever are the anons who felt the need to bring it up.

i shouldn’t even be trying to form an answer to the pure shit and babble that has been spewed at me. i won’t be responding to anything else i receive related to this because it’s complete bullshit that someone felt necessary to pull out of their ass and lay in front of me. fuck off.

pyro-ok  asked:

ok I'm a big fan of the yogscast but the order of all the series confuse me, is it Tekkit(jaffa andsipsco) then voltz, then flux buddies and flux baddies THEN yogslab? And what series does Duncan build a castle? Is that one his own personally tekkit series?

     oh geez, if you’re referring to lore then i’m going to be of very little help. jaffa fac started june 24, 2012; and sipsco started a week later on july 1. duncan’s castle appears in his own tekkit series, duncan’s lab (ep 44).
     voltz started on duncan’s channel (01/14/13) then merged onto the main channel by february 15, ending in like, late april or something. jaffa fac was running simultaneously until its end in june that year. i haven’t watched the flux series, but it says the first episode was in february 2014, and flux baddies started in february 2016.
     WHAT I’M SAYING IS, as these series progressed, the yogs probably added their plot points into future series. can’t really think of an example, but just hypothetically; in hole diggers (2014) they probably said a callback to something that happened in the tekkit series. 
     HOWEVER, here’s where things get a bit messy: yoglabs started in fall 2012, but it’s theorized that yoglabs is a prequel to shadow of israphel (2010). so while the irl-chronology might help, the yogs probably have their own idea of a timeline going on, or they might not! in which case- fuuuuuuuuck. 

if anyone out there thinks they have a solid grip on how everything fits together, feel free to step in!


With you running Boomtown, and Olivia… sort of in charge of Redstonia, we felt we weren’t needed there. Since most of the hatred towards us has died down, we decided it might be nice to ‘start again’, so to speak. A farm seemed like a reasonable enough idea.

I wanted to go adventuring, but someone thinks we’re too old for that, now. I guess the farm ain’t too bad, though.


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TAG. YOU'RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then go to ten favourite blogs and tell them they are it!

Thank you for the tag!

  1. I like wearing lots of darker, muted colors.
  2. I have two dogs and only one cat (+ lots more animals), even though I love cats.
  3. I have dual citizenship (Australia and US).
  4. I got a pixie cut about a year ago and it was one of the best decisions of my life.
  5. Mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese and sushi are some of my favorite foods. :^)
Crystal Kingdom Cover
Haley Poole (treshornyboys)
Crystal Kingdom Cover

Here’s the project I was working on. I had this idea in my head for my own interpretation of the Crystal Kingdom songs, and I basically just fought with the GarageBand app for 48 on my phone until I could figure out how to do this. Had to transpose it pretty painstakingly (cause I’m no vocaloid) and changed a chord or two. I’ve never done anything like this so…. Hope you like it! (Headphones recommended.)