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How Twice Would Kiss You


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I got to scream about Jimin’s bottom with @park-loins and @thenjw GAVE ME THE JIN 2017 SEASON’S GREETINGS PHOTOCARD, introduced me to @blotthis  and screamed with me about Jin  All in all two lovely, fantabulous, wonderful humans I’m so fucking lucky to have gotten to meet face to face!!!  HIGH FIVES x 10000 to awesome Tumblr folks. < 33

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can u please do a BTS reaction to their gf being hurt accidentally for one member? (for example: I see Namjoon stretching himself and hitting her nose and immediately came blood out haha) Sorry for my bad english TuT i tried.

A/N: thank you for your request! hope you enjoy. btw, your english is really good!! - sen


Inviting you to their dorm seemed like a good idea at first. But the ball was anything else. Jin had told the maknae line to stop throwing the ball in the dorm for safety reasons. But of course Taehyung wouldn’t listen to him. The second he saw the ball flying in the air towards the sofa, where you were sitting, he knew it wouldn’t end well. When the ball hit your face, you weren’t sure who was more loud: Taehyung yelling apologies or Seokjin yelling at Taehyung for being a fool- Seokin would make sure you were actually ok, and that no blood was coming out and then baby you to the point where you felt sick.

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Yoongi would be inside his studio, trying to get the vocal boys to record the last bits of the new songs. He had allowed you to come bring them food and drinks, just so that they’d have energy to finish up the recording. Jeongguk was obviously playing around, as always, and usually he didn’t mind it as long as the maknae didn’t break stuff. But when you stepped inside the studio and Jeongguk accidentaly ran into you, making you trip and hit your head, you would be met with an angry Min Yoongi. His first priority would be you and whether you felt pain, only then would he start to scold the younger one.

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Hoseok would be in their dance practice, having you watch the dance line dance their hearts out to all their songs. It was fun and all, until Jimin decided that he wanted to try a move with you. Hoseok was fine with you two dancing together - he trusted you both not to mess around with him. All seemed fine until Jimin said he wanted to try the classical person-jumps-on-person -move. It didn’t work too well, considering Jimin dropped you on the floor. Hoseok wouldn’t even get too mad at Jimin, he would only make sure you weren’t too hurt. He’d tell Jimin to be more careful with his loved ones, and only throw jokes if he was sure you were physically fine.

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You were in the dorm, cooking with Seokjin. Namjoon thought that it would be a great idea - he’s not that much of a cook anyway. All was fine until Seokjin wanted to show his culinaristic skills with burning hot oil. He poured the oil onto the pan, which was too hot. Namjoon doesn’t know much about cooking, but he knew that would be a bad idea. The oil of course splashed onto your skin, causing mild burns. Namjoon would get very worried, rushing over to the kitchen while Seokjin tries to fix the situation. He’d use all his skills to help you ease the pain, and make sure to say a few chosen words to his hyung later on.

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Jimin would be enjoying his time with you and the boys at their dorm, just casually catching up on your lives. You would be sitting between Jimin and Namjoon, and Jimin was completely fine with that, as long as you showed Jimin that he was still the center of your attention. Namjoon stretched his arm, and being as clumsy as he is, it hit your nose rather hard. All the boys would start yelling at Namjoon for being clumsy again, while he would apologize sincerely. Only would Jimin get really angry when he saw the blood. He knew Namjoon didn’t mean it, but he didn’t like people causing pain to his loved ones. He wouldn’t show his anger, but he’d make sure that you’ll be okay.

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Taehyung would be in the studio with Yoongi, trying to record his parts for the new songs. He had brought you along with him, as an source of inspiration. He had just gotten inside the recording booth, and Yoongi was telling him tips on how to sing the certain part. He heard you tell him wishes of good luck and how much you appreciated him, and he felt his confidence levels rise. He saw then Yoongi flick his hand as in a sign to start, but instead of hitting the air, it hit your eye. First, Taehyung would laugh, but after he noticed neither of you were laughing, he’d step out and come to see you. Yoongi would feel guilty enough already, Taehyung wouldn’t scold him, but he would check your eye and ask you if you needed an icebag or anything.

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The poor child would be practising a dance for the upcoming tour along with Hoseok. You’d pop by, just to see your favourite maknae dance his heart out. Hoseok would already be all into the dancing, that he wouldn’t even notice you arriving in the practice room. He would spread out his leg inconveniently right in front of you, and for your misfortune, it would hit you to your hip. Jeongguk would immediately run to you, see if there are any sort of an damage to you, while scolding his hyung. He’d be ready to call an ambulance just so that you would be okay, and it would take a lot of reassuring from you for him to calm down.

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Like A Dream (Part 3)

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: A few surprises in store on the second day of vacation. BTS likes to tease. 

Word Count:4.5k

Part 1, Part 2


For a moment, you were too shocked to register what was happening. You froze against his mouth, your eyes opened wide. Just as you started to process and come to terms, Yoongi pulled away, painfully aware of how stiff and seemingly uncomfortable you were. His eyes stared into yours, apologetic and embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry. I think I may have overst-” He tried to apologize, but by then you had processed everything and you were pulling him by his shirt collar back into a gentle, warm kiss. You felt him relax against you, and after a moment he regrettably broke away, sighing happily.

“You didn’t overstep.” You explained as you rested your forehead against his, smiling like an idiot. “I was just surprised.” You looked back up into his deep eyes, and saw the same emotions you were feeling reflected back at you. “You keep surprising me.” Yoongi grinned at that and cupped the side of your face, brushing his thumb over your cheek. 

“I think you’re more of a surprise than anything.” He chuckled, with a bit of a shaky breath. And then he was kissing you again, pulling you close to him. He swiped his tongue lightly against your lips, and you granted him access, deepening your kiss. You let out a gasp when he gently bit down, pulling your bottom lip in between his teeth. Before the kiss could heat up any further, though, a sleepy groan from one of the other boys in the room brought the two of you to your senses, and you broke apart at the speed of lightning.

On the floor, Jungkook rolled over, still asleep, and snuggled closer to Taehyung next to him. The older boy grumbled from the movement, but neither of them woke up just yet. After waiting in silence for several moments to make sure they were truly asleep, both you and Yoongi looked back over to each other bashfully and covered your mouths, suppressing giggles. Yoongi quietly scooted over to you and you both curled up close on the couch. His hand came up to sweetly brush your hair away from your face, and you covered your goofy grin with a sleeve-covered hand. You took his hand from your face and held it in both of your own, playing with his fingers.

“I should probably head back to my own room, get ready for the day.” You whispered, as you grazed your thumb over his knuckles. You saw his face turn into a pout, but then he was nodding and agreeing that it was probably a good idea. You both slowly shifted, and stood up from the couch, carefully making your way around the few bodies on the floor and trying to make as little noise as possible. When you got to the door, Yoongi stopped you before you could open it, and pulled you in for another kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist. As he pulled you tighter against his chest, you were reminded of how much like a dream this vacation felt. You swore you were going to wake up any minute. 

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Incorrect BATB Quotes

Gaston: So, can I marry your daughter?

Maurice: Stars, can’t do it. Not today.

After Gaston leaves LeFou under Cadenza

LeFou: Oh look at that, I’ve been impaled.

Beast/Adam: I’ve heard this lesson before.

Lumiere: You haven’t learned anything.

During the battle at the castle

Cogsworth: YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS.

Right after the curse is broken

Villagers: I forgot he was our prince.

Mr. Potts: We are so sorry we tried to kill you.

LeFou: (sobbing) I was just doing what Gaston told me!

Adam: Tut, Tut. As your merciful prince, I hereby decree that everyone who tried to murder me shall be…executed.

Maurice: Oh my land.

Belle: This place just got interesting.

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Hey umm sorry I haven't tried cheering you up I'm not good comforting people. But I tagged you in this one thing that has all the things I want to say to you.Its ok if you want to block me afterwards I understand😐

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