Mute pt. 1

“What you do has no point.”
Lance just bites his lip to stop the tears from being released.
“I’m sorry.”
“What do you want me to say?” Keith growls.
He’s shaking and when he opens his mouth, nothing comes out.
“You know what? If you having nothing to say the you should keep your mouth shut.
Lance isn’t sure how much longer he can ignore the hateful words. He knows it’s not at him. Everyone’s has been on edge since Shiro’s disappearance, but he’s pretty sure that Keith has been directing all his anger at him.

At first Lance tried to be funny, keep his usual persona going…somebody had to keep the team normalcy going.
Sure it hurt a little, but Lance pretended it was part of his training regimen. Sometimes you have to take a few hits and it hurts. Keith’s hit were just verbal, and like training, sometimes the hits hurt, but the pain would go away…right?

“Keith… I know your mad cause this trail was another dead end…”
“Shut the Fuck up.”
“We’re going to find Shiro, it’s okay that…
"Shut the Fuck up.”
“Keith if you would just listen..!”
There is a red rage in Keith’s eyes.
“I said Shut the Fuck up! You know what? Do whatever the Fuck you want, you can do whatever the fuck you want.”
“Keith, hear me out…”

He was returned with silence.

It didn’t make any sense, and Lance knew he was just angry, but the silence hurt more than the words.

“Keith, please listen to me. Tell me you can hear me.”

The silence definitely hurt more than the words.

The worst part about this mission, there was no Hunk or Coran to lightened the blow. They had both been so positive that they found where Shiro was held captive that they were going to do this on their own, which made Keith that much more angry.

Keeping his distance, Lance and blue followed Keith and red back to the castle.
The others were waiting expectantly but when Keith threw his helmet to the ground and stormed past the other Paladins, it didn’t take them long to look at Lance for some answers.

“Dude, You Okay? Were you crying?”
Lance blinks away the tears he didn’t even know he was shedding.

“Yeah! Im…”

“Shut the fuck up.”

He pauses when he remember Keith yelling at him earlier. He’s never felt like he needed to lie to Hunk, but the verbal abuse he had dealt with earlier lingered in Lance’s head.

“Lance, what happened?” Hunk asked again after Lance went silent mid sentence.

“We’re okay, Um… no Shiro. Sorry.”
“Dude, it’s okay I’m just glad your both safe.”

“Shut the fuck up…. Keep your mouth shut.”

Lance doesn’t say anything this time, just nods his head.

Mr. Barnes Will See You Now (12)

Prompt: 50 Shades of Barnes. VERY LOOSELY BASED!!!

Note: I do not own any of the characters or story line.

A/N: I am sorry in advance, it’s a bit lengthy I know. An not my best work. But things should start getting better now. ( For Loki Fans I have a new series starting - Caged hit me up if you want to be tagged!) and as Always… Enjoy the read and let me know what you think!

Word Count: 2253

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cheer practice, windenburg academy 3:29pm

amira: z.. you okay? you’ve had resting bitch face all week.. i know you’re pissed about being grounded but like..

zia: i’m fine, don’t worry about it

amira: you’re my best friend?? i’m worried about it.. just talk to me, maybe i can help? your dad loves me and-

zia: i just thought it would be over by now. we have never stayed mad at each other for this long, it feels like its never going to end. all we do is yell at each other when we’re in the same room, it just fucking sucks. its like my house is a constant war zone.

amira: i’m sorry z, what about your mom?

zia: [laughs] she doesn’t give a fuck dude, she keeps saying that we have to work it out but we honestly can’t?? and indi doesn’t wanna get involved cus he doesn’t want to get grounded which i get it but… like he’s honestly gone insane. i feel like its going to be like this forever, cus i sure as hell am not giving in.

amira: i wish you could come stay at my place for the weekend… maybe we could talk to him? and- oh, theres indi. looks like he’s looking for you??

indigo: zia, come here we have to leave

zia: [rolls eyes] fucking great, bet i’m not even allowed at cheer practice anymore!!!! well let coach know that my dad is a fuckin prick… see you later


Merlin Memory Month. Prompt Day 10, Path III- Emotion/Mood: Conflicted.

Arthur wakes up slowly, feeling affection bubbling up in his heart.

Opening his eyes, he sees Merlin propped up on his elbow, staring at him. ‘He’s beautiful,’ Arthur smiles, warm and content. It takes him a moment to realize it’s not his own thought.

Merlin notices the look of confusion on his face, and jerks away. Arthur suddenly feel empty, alone, like someone just took away a part of him.


Conflict; Anticipation; Guilt.

“I am so sorry,” Merlin whispers- Gods, what have I done- looking away. “I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“For what?”

“… Initiating a bond.”

(on ao3)


It took a bit of convincing but a short while later Angelique stood at the shore, arms wrapped around herself. She chanced a glance back at her family before looking at Cj. “You have five minutes, and then you need to leave.” He nodded, eyes focused on the ground. “I’m gonna assume you didn’t read my letter? I just. I’m sorry Mrs. Raines, what happened that night is completely my fault and I wish that I could go back and change it.” She was quiet for a moment, feet digging into the sand. “You made a stupid choice and I lost someone I love because of it. She’s gone, actually gone and you think an apology and an ‘I wish’ is gonna fix things? She was my daughter! And you took her away from me.” She paused,

“Nothing you can say to me today will make me forgive you. Time, apologies - nothing. Nothing can fix what you did. Remember that.”

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I'm disgusted at this praise for Harry Styles. I am from Manchester, I've lived here my entire life and I've been deeply effected by what has happened. For Harry Styles to just blatantly lie and say Manchester is his hometown is arrogant. His hometown is Holmes Chapel, Cheshire. It's not even in the same county as Manchester. He's ignoring blatant facts to make it all about him and his grief. Yes we all should mourn but Manchester is not his hometown.

First, I am so sorry about what has happened in your hometown. Such a tragedy and my heart breaks for you and everyone suffering. Harry and his team are desperate and so they’re going to use desperate tactics to get attention. But using a tragedy such as this is incredibly low. Stay strong!🌺


-this whole thing stemmed from me not understanding that women can use he/him pronouns, i was taught that he/him=boy
-ive heard that this is common in communities of colour, i am white so this is perhaps why i have not heard of that
-i know these are not excuses, but i hope that youll at least understand where i was coming from
-a lot of people have been questioning whether im really a lesbian, i am female aligned but more neutral than female, so while i am okay with being refered to as some female aligned words, im not okay with being straight up refered to as girl/female, ive discussed this with a few people and ive come to the consensus that this counts as being a lesbian
-ive changed my stance on the issue, now that i understand that he/him=/=male, and im working to educate myself on the topic more
-i apologize for speaking on an issue that i was misinformed on! my friend, rose, has been a big help with linking me to resources, and im very thankful for that
-also when i get really anxious, things make less sense, ive calmed down a lot now and looking back, i was exaggerating on how contradictory things were
-again, this is an explanation, not an excuse, i realize my mistakes and i really am sorry, i dont expect to be forgiven but i hope to at least make people understand my point of view
i hope this helps to sort some of the issues out, and if you have any further questions/statements, you can message me privately, and i hope to clear up anything you might not understand

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Im very sorry about what happened and you have all the right to be upset. Take a break and remember you're a hardworking, amazing, and kind person 💕💕💕

Thank you a lot.
like really a lot.