hume, a houie: everything we know in life comes from our own experience and and there’s no sure way of knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow just because it has always risen until now. so guess we can’t know about larry either :/

kant, a larrie: there are some things we can know without experiencing them therefore larry is fucking real 

Okay but imagine the Kpop Drunk Mom Squad™ for a minute
  • Suho :my husband left me and I have to deal with eight children alone hELP
  • Jeonghan :Bro I have 11 sons it's been months since the last time I had sex dAMN IT
  • Jin :Dude at least your kids respect you, my kids rule over my life, I'm nice but one day I'll break and puNCH THEM
  • Jinyoung :Here, y'all deserve a shot
  • Jin :Gimme five I need it
  • Jeonghan :I don't need soju I just need my husband, some free time and a hotel room far away from all of them
  • Jinyoung :Shhhh just drink. Yeah go ahead finish this entire bottle it's fine, shhhh
  • Jin :Jinyoungie how you doing by the way?
  • Jinyoung :Bambam can't stop dabbing, Jackson defines Loud and Yugyeom is a brat honestly I just want to sleEP
  • Jeonghan :Why sleep when you have ALCOHOL
  • Suho :Tru come on y'all sloppy drunk bitches drinks are on me
  • Jin :Why does it always ends in alcohol with us tho
  • Jeonghan :shut up we're here to get wasted and complain
  • Jinyoung :just drink up bro don't ask questions

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I was just wondering, was it hard for you to develop your own style? The biggest problem with my art right now is that I have like 50 different styles, and since your art is fucking A++ every time, any advice would be super helpful!

Hello! Thank you for your question! Style is something that a lot of artists struggle with. It can be hard to find something you like. To me, style represents how an artist interprets real-life. How they draw lines and colour and things like that! Every artist has a different style and a different way of doing things! 
I didn’t have a hard time with my style at first-because I wasn’t really thinking about it? I drew pictures and that was it! But when I really wanted to start improving, that was when ‘style’ really came into play. 

Here’s an example of some very early art of mine. 

And here’s a drawing about a year later, after I started trying to improve by studying real life and other people art! 

I think it was some pretty decent improvement! 

No matter what you draw, or how you draw, you will always have your own style. Developing it will differ from person to person. I started developing my style by studying other artists! I copied what I liked about their style, and I tried to mimic it in my art. If I liked how an artist drew their noses, I would try it their way. Or their lighting, or colour! But most of all, I started to study more from real-life models. I found that really helped me the most. I had all kinds of influences from other artists, and it eventually all melted together into what I draw now. I still take inspiration from another artists style from time to time, while adding in my own take on things.
And even though I do have a semi-consistent style, it’s still  not something i’m entirely satisfied with. I’m still improving and still learning! I really want to stress learning from life-models or real objects. Even if it sounds boring, it might have more of an impact than you think!

No matter what, you really just have to keep trying and keep drawing. Your style will always be unique to you, no matter what. If you aren’t happy with it, that’s okay too. Try to stay inspired! Only you can create your art. If you have a blank canvas, and you put something on it, that is enough. Please keep drawing, and good luck! 


전 채식주의자에요 - I’m vegetarian

나는 채식 주의자 - I am vegan

고기를 먹지 않는다 - I don’t eat meat

채식 음식 어디에서 먹을 수 있어요? - Where can I eat vegetarian food?

채식 식당 어디있어요? - Where is a vegetarian restaurant?

고기 안 들것 있어요? - Do you have anything without meat?

동물성 식품 들어있어요? - Are there animal products in this?

… 넣지 마세요 - Please do not add … in it

…는/은 빼주세요 - Please remove …

… 있어요? - Do you have …?


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It had been in the heat of the moment. He never expected this to happen, not like this. He had planned for it to never actually happen, to hide his feelings away from Jamison for the rest of their days together, but as fate would have it…. He couldn’t help himself.

 Jamison had been especially reckless that day, almost getting himself killed after running off on his own. Mako had only just arrived in time to be able to pull him the from the wreckage and kill the fuckers who dared to lay a finger on his boss. He’d made sure nothing was left of them, showing them just who and what they had been messing around with. The message had been sent, so whoever had found them and had tried to hurt Junkrat knew not to fuck around with him anymore. 

On the way back, he had been quiet. Both of them had. Junkrat knew that Roadhog was more then just quietly seething. He could see the near crushing grip that Hog had on the handles of his bike and he chose to be silent. He didn’t want to make this any worse then it already was. That didn’t stop him from shifting and moving all over the place in his side car, anxiety bubbling up inside of his chest that made him want to burst. 

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I have a pressing question that has been in my mind for months. I'm super curious, so hope you can help? I still haven't watched nor read Haikyuu, and I wonder why is everyone so obsessed with Oikawa? Why do they love him soooo sooo much? Omg

Before I answer your question, let me tell you that you’re missing out on something great. Please consider following Haikyuu. I can promise that you’ll come back to thank me if you do.

Ok so, back on topic. I can’t really speak for the whole fandom, but I can tell you my reasons for loving Oikawa Tooru so much. Get ready, because now that you asked me to open my gates, a flood of words is about to come out. You have been warned.

1. Oikawa is a very multi-dimensional character.

You see, the first glimpse we get of him in the manga is during a practice match that the protagonists are playing against an opposing team. He appears out of nowhere, right when Karasuno was about to win, and doesn’t make much of a first impression off-court. He appears like your average, flirtatious and childish pretty boy complete with fanclub attached. Then he steps on the court, and the atmosphere drastically changes. Karasuno immediately understands that despite his deceiving looks, Oikawa is truly, overwhelmingly good at what he does best. And that would be being the ace setter for his team, the best one of the whole prefecture, and one of the best captains of this whole series.

These aforementioned skills include: a killer serve, razor-sharp both in power and precision, that immediately gains him a fearsome reputation, and the ability to draw out the best of every single one of his team mates by means of his sets.

The readers then come to learn that these super sharp and polished claws are a result not of plain genius, like some other characters of this series, including one of the protagonists, but of hard work. Super intense, self-destructive hard work. And here the reader re-evaluates that first impression of a vapid, shallow boy that never existed, and understands that for all his false bravado, for each and every petty remark, every smirk, for all of the childishness he shows, there’s a deeper layer, a much more vulnerable one, for all of his acts, which makes him really human. And that brings me to my second point:

2. Oikawa is a really relatable character.

Many characters of this series are presented like geniuses who have an earthshaking amount of raw talent, and who are, as such, considered the future aces of their respective teams, because everyone can see from the beginning that they’re going to go really far.

Well, Oikawa isn’t amongst them, despite all I said about his incredible skills. Oikawa is, by no means, talented. Everything he does, every individual or collective victory he achieves, is thanks to his aforementioned hard work. He doesn’t have any particular inclination that make him the brightest of his generation, and yet, he sits amongst the brightest nonetheless, and at the same time manages to be looked up to by some of those geniuses (mainly by his underclassman and rival Kageyama Tobio, co-protagonist of this show), and even manages to sit undefeated on the throne for a very long time.

What appears to be an incredibly satisfying position, though, comes with consequences, because, as you might have noticed by now, Oikawa is far from being a perfect character. One of his biggest flaws is that he’s self-destructive.

And here the reader comes to learn the other, darker side of Oikawa’s character: his vulnerable and petty side, which only surfaces when he’s under extreme pressure.

Having grown up in an environment full of competition, he developed this (baseless imho, but indeed really relatable) insecurity that if he lets down his guard, one of his super-talented underclassmen will soon loom over him and outshine his own improvements, taking his place - those very achievements he’s fought so hard to accomplish, even going as far as subjecting himself to a career-threatening injury.

But still, even during his darkest moments (like when he almost punched Kageyama, who was something like 12 at the time, or like when he busted his knee while practicing his jump serve too much, overworking himself), everything Oikawa does, is with a clear goal in his mind: his purpose is that of bringing his team to Nationals. This, he swore, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes not to let his team down. Including pushing his own limits too much, until he finally breaks.

And here’s the one thing that makes me love his character so much: his determination. Faced with so much overwhelming talent from every side (first Shiratorizawa, now Karasuno, too - meaning, his two main opponents), the most human reaction would be that of giving up, right? He never managed to bring his team to victory against Shiratorizawa in years, so he may as well give up by now, right?

And yet, he never does. Not even when his team breaks down, when everyone else crumbles in tears when facing the ultimate demise, he allows himself the same luxury. Imagine how hard that would be, for someone who’s always valued his own worth by measuring himself up to someone else’s standards, imagine how crushing the realization of having failed not only himself, but his team too, would be. And yet, he doesn’t shatter. He doesn’t break down. Instead, he remains the one, solid pillar of his team. He’s the one who keeps them whole when they’re crying their hearts out, offering emotional support.

Has he gained your respect, yet? :D Because I could probably talk about him for hours! 

  • hux:♪♫♪ i don't want to set the world on fire ♪♫♪
  • kylo:um but you kind of do
  • hux:♪♫♪ i just want to start ♪♫♪ a flame in your heart ♪♫♪
  • kylo:aw

I just need to get this off of my chest. I need to talk about what Home, the song, means to me. 

I personally have never felt like I have known what a “Home” really is. I’ve grown up in the same building for my entire life. I went to the same school district. I went to a school in my state, that was relatively close to home. I’m in a sorority. I gained friends that will be with me for a life time. I’ve lived in the same house, slept in the same bed, for the last three years. I have a family that loves me. I should be the happiest person in the world.

But I have never felt that sense of Home, before. Before that song, before that night. 

I go “home” now, and I’m uncomfortable. I feel like the building i grew up in is suffocating. I feel like the town around me closes in like a brick wall. I feel like every conversation I have in that town is tainted by an expectation that will squeeze me lungs. And I have always been happy to come back to Philly. But I never felt like this was Home. It felt like a holding ground. 

Then. The night that Home was leaked, I listened to that song for three hours straight and just cried. They were happy tears that turned into sad tears that turned into relieved tears that turned into hurt tears that turned into excited tears that… turned into a feeling that I had never felt before. 

A feeling of utter contentment. I was able to have conversations with people and accept their answers whether I agreed with them or not. I was able to smile and feel it in my chest. I was able to speak my mine and feel like I was being honest. I was able to think, “wow i like boys and girls. i don’t think i could ever choose.” I was able to realize the girl in my class from two years ago, did actually make me as excited as the boy in the class after. I just was.

For the first time. I was able to feel comfortable in my skin. I felt like I was Home. And I cried that night. And I cry still listening to Home. 

Because some people fine Home in a person or a place or an emotion. But I found it in a song. And don’t know what tomorrow holds. But I know that I have a Home to go to if I’m ever lost.

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you are genuinely one of my fav blogs bc youre always so full of enthusasim and youre so kind & silly & you love wlw ships which just makes things ten times better so thank you for being you

ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO SUPER, NICE TO SAY??? JEEZ!!!!!!!! <33333

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Could you do a scenario where MC and Zen break up due to him now wanting to got public with their relationship after two years of dating?

After 2 whole years of being with Zen, you would think that it would get easier over time. But that was not the case at all. Despite the fact that nobody except the RFA members knew of your relationship, the fans were constantly speculating who Zen might be romantically involved with. Sometimes it was you, his manager who he was obviously seen with. Sometimes it was Echo Girl, despite the whole fiasco that went down. 

And you’d read the online comments about you. Oh boy, had you read them. Most of them were rather jealous, hateful comments towards you. You were glad that your relationship wasn’t public, because you couldn’t even imagine the number of hate comments you would be getting if it were made public, not to mention the number of angry fans that might come storming down Zen’s door. The thought was just scary enough as it was that you never even spoke about revealing your relationship. 

Until now, that is.  

“MC, I was just thinking that maybe it’s time.” 

Zen’s facial expression was soft, like he was broaching a sensitive subject to you. He must have known how you felt about the comments online, what was bound to happen if you did make it public. So then why was he bothering to ask? 

“Why is it such a big deal to you for us to be out about it?” You asked, getting a bit irritated with the subject matter for which you were discussing. If Zen knew how much the fans bothered you, and how much worse it would obviously get if your relationship went public, then why couldn’t he just consider your feelings? 

His face fell, like he was hurt by what you’d said. “I just want to be able to show you off to the world, MC. Do you not want people to know that you’re with me?” He asked. 

“You know why I don’t want us to go public, it’s not as if I’m embarrassed of you.” You replied. You were now getting quite frustrated by the whole situation. It wasn’t rocket science to figure out why you were being defensive about it. 

“I’ll tell the fans not to-” 

“You think that’s going to work?! Fans are unpredictable!” You cut him off, not meaning to shout at him but your anger got the best of you. “I’m sorry, it’s not like I never want anyone to know, but not now.” 

“You said that last year.” He said in a sad tone of voice. You sighed. You didn’t want to get mad at Zen, but he just couldn’t understand your side of the argument. He always just got butthurt when you refused, but it wasn’t as if your refusal was completely unwarranted. You figured it best to just leave the conversation, so your temper wouldn’t get further out of control. 

It was one small comment though, that got you to turn around. You weren’t sure if he’d meant for you to hear it or not, it was so low, barely even uttered, but you heard it. 

“Echo girl would be proud to be with me.” 

Low. That was low, so low. Low, low, low, low. 

“Well.” you began, feeling the tears prick in your eyes, but you wouldn’t let them fall, at least not in front of him. “Maybe you should start a relationship with Echo Girl, at least she’d give you more headlines.” 

“MC, wait, I didn’t mean it.” 

You weren’t having it. No way, after he said something like that, something that he knew would hurt you. You were too angry to even think straight, you were just blindly grabbing random belongings and heading for your coat by the door. “Yeah well I meant it. Go find someone else to share your damn headlines with, because it won’t be with me.” 

He froze, looking at you with hurt reflected in his red eyes that you could so clearly see but feel very little concern towards how you made him feel at this point in time. “W-what… are you saying?” He asked. 

“I’m saying we’re through, Zen. Need I explain more?” 

Before any reply could even be thought of, you were out the door, tears running down your cheeks the moment the soles of your feet hit the pavement.