• what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How does Violet Baudelaire put her hair up with a ribbon so perfectly? She just whips it out and it takes two seconds and her hair looks impeccable, is this some sort of witchcraft? When I try to put my hair up with a ribbon it takes 5 hours of crying and accidentally pulling out some of my hair and even then it looks like a complete mess how does she do it????

170223 Aladin Fansign

Maknae lines self portraits of Jimin.

1. Jimin
2. Jungkook
3. Taehyung


Alright so me and @fan-on-a-mission were discussing Liam’s very shady appearance last night and we came up with two different theories.

1. Liam showed up so simon wouldn’t be able to accept the award and give a bs speech about owning 1d and what not. That of course left Simon shook™ and embarrassed so to retaliate the Cheryl pictures were released. Now that made a lot is sense to me but Jasera made a good point saying that the pictures were meant to be released anyways so that contradicts this theory.

2. Pictures were set to come out the next day anyways and they were going to use Liam’s absence as way to promote his “father role” so of course Liam and his team at capitol came up with the plan to show up unexpected and make Simon look dumb (plus the sun had to rewrite their article probably) either way Liam is extremely done with these stunts and I hope they free the boys soon.

I was talking to a coworker about the 7 planets that were just discovered and I was like I don’t like this at all, so we’re just gonna continue fucking up our planet then move on to these new ones??? what if there are critters or sentient beings who already inhabit these planets, we’re just going to colonize them and ruin their planets like we did earth??? plus how is astrology going to work????

Journal Entry #94

Iris has been working on her art lately, and for some reason she decided to draw dad.

I think it upset her more than me, but Noct managed to cheer her up by volunteering us all as models for her. I’m not complaining, really, but of course she gave me her picture of Prompto.

And then the little shit sent me this afterwards. I’ll get her back for it.

(Art by Ayano & used with permission. Thanks! 💖)