I said I was gonna do it so I actually did it this time. Here is a list of my personal favorite (the best) covers that Panic! At The Disco & co. has done. the numbers are links to other versions/videos, let me know if I made a mistake anywhere this was written out pretty late.

I will probably add to it as time goes on.

Here is a playlist of these covers.

Forbidden Love | Pt. 6

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Epilogue

Chuckling sarcastically, Jimin held his phone up in front of your eyes. “Look, you’re precious husband just texted me. He seems really worried about you. Don’t let him wait, you shouldn’t be talking to an useless person like me, Y/N.”

Not glancing at his phone, you tried to reach out for his hand but stopped when you saw how he backed away from you. “No, wait Jimin! I’m sorry-”

“Why are you doing this, Y/N?”

“What am I doing, Jimin?”

“Every time we see each other, you say that it’s the last time you’ve spent time with me. Then, after a couple of days, you come back, lie down in my arms as if nothing had happened and make me the happiest person in the world. Y/N, you make me fly again and then in a flash, you slam me back onto the ground every single time..”

Sadly, you looked into his eyes. He looked hurt, disappointed and broken. Seeing him like that, you wanted to wrap your arms around his body and tell him that you were sorry, that it breaks your heart to see him hurt like that because of you and that you loved him more than he could ever imagine.

“I don’t want to hurt anymore. I don’t want to cry anymore because of you, Y/N. Don’t come to me anymore. Don’t come to me whenever you’re sad or whenever you need someone to sleep with, Y/N. I don’t want to be your replacement anymore..”

Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath. “Jimin, I love yo-”

Right before you could end your sentence, you heard someone clapping slowly. Turning your head to the sound, you locked your eyes with your husband and froze the minute you saw him approaching you both with a smirk plastered on his face.

Standing in front of you both, Taehyung glanced from you to Jimin, his hands now tucked into his pockets. “Wow, what a heartbreaking love story! I’m impressed!”

Not knowing what to say, you looked at Jimin and realized that he was looking at your husband with hateful eyes and a clenched jaw.

“Y/N,” hearing your husbands voice, you snapped your head towards him and a shiver went down your spine at the way he looked at you. “tell me, how is he in bed? Is he good? Better than I am? Or would you prefer us both together? Hm? Tell me.”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung!” you heard Jimin hiss through his gritted teeth.

Smirking again, Taehyung turned his head to his best friend. “Why? Do you feel uncomfortable? Poor Jiminie, let me tell you one thing. You’re missing out, my friend.”

You saw how Jimin clenched his hands beside his body. “What the fuck are you trying to say, Taehyung?! Just spit it out!”

Glancing at you once, Taehyung crossed his arms in front of his chest and clicked with his tongue. Turning his head back to his friend, he tilted his head slightly as he smirked at him and said the words that made you feel like you’ve been shot by a gun in the head.

“I must say, your wife is pretty good in bed too, my dear friend.”

I’m sorry for breaking your heart into a million pieces. I heard them shatter at the ground and yet I didn’t stop. I’m sorry for leaving you alone, while I acted like you were the world to me. I’m sorry for taking your soul with me. I’m sorry, it was a mistake, come back to me please.
—  TakejesusofthedashboardThe apology I never got, yet wished for
angsty starters ( + sad qoutes / song lyrics. )
  • "I love you enough to let you go,"
  • "I heard you moved on,"
  • "I didn't come here to hurt you,"
  • "Where did you go?"
  • "I'm sorry we fell in love."
  • "We'll do everything on our own."
  • "I'm so sorry,"
  • "You'll never understand."
  • "Please don't go,"
  • "I still love you,"
  • "I don't love you anymore."
  • "I never loved you,"
  • "I can't do this."
  • "We can't be together!"
  • "Will I ever see you again?"
  • "May we meet again,"
  • "I promise I'll do better,"
  • "I just want to see you, one more time."
  • "I'd give anything to see you one more time."
  • "One last time?"
  • "I don't deserve you,"
  • "You don't deserve me,"
  • "People like us don't get happy endings,"
  • "You still love me?"
  • "I never meant to hurt you,"
  • "I understand..."
  • "If you want to go, it's okay."
  • "I gave up everything for you!"
  • "I really need you to trust me,"
  • "Can you listen to me for once!"
  • "I cheated on you,"
  • "You cheated on me?"
  • "Don't expect me to come crawling back,"
  • "Shame on me, you fooled me twice."
  • "You said I wasn't just like anyone."
  • "Did I even ever cross your mind?"
  • "Can we pretend that we're in love?"
  • "I can't lose you,"
  • "Please go,"
  • "Don't you dare die on me!"
  • "I'm not losing you again!"
  • "I'm incomplete without you,"
  • "I will love you for the rest of my life,"
  • "So this is goodbye?"
  • "Kiss me goodbye."
  • "I loved them and they died."
  • "I was a bet?"
  • "You were nothing but a bet."
  • "Can you hold me?"
  • "I loved and I lost you."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "The worst day of loving someone is when you lose them."
  • "It hurts like hell,"
  • "I'm not coming back."
  • "You're never coming back?"
  • "What do you mean you're dying!"
  • "Come back to me,"
  • "What happened?!"
  • "They're dead!"
  • "Where's my love,"
  • "Don't do this,"
  • "I'll see you again."
  • "There's nothing we can do to bring them back."
  • "I don't want to be alone anymore,"
  • "You promised you'd never leave me."
  • "First love, you remember what that's like?"
  • "If I don't have you I have nothing at all,"
  • "I'm not going to fight you,"
  • "You're my friend."
  • "It's too late to apologize."
  • "You left me!"
  • "You left us!"
  • "You chose them over me,"
  • "I need you,"
  • "I was hoping that you'd stay."
  • "I never lied to you,"
  • "You said you might die so what the hell?"
  • "It's a bad joke,"
  • "We can never be the same again,"
  • "You don't need you,"
  • "You're not alone."
  • "You broke my heart."
  • "It made me think of you."
  • "You're my world."
  • "Do I wanna know?"
  • "So sad to see you go,"
  • "This is it, isn't it."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Are you hurt?"
  • "I'll go with you."
  • "How bad is it?"
  • "My feelings for you are real, they always have been."
  • "Someday you'll understand."
  • "Because I love you,"
  • "There was just something about them,"
  • "I'm sorry for breaking your heart."
  • "It wasn't an act."
  • "Time doesn't heal everything."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me what to do!"
  • "I didn't mean for this to happen."
  • "Everythings a mess."
  • "You ruined my life,"
  • "Do you still love me?"
  • "You gotta get up, we have to go."
  • "It's okay,"
  • "It was nothing,"
  • "I'll do something."
  • "You're safe here,"
  • "Don't forget me."
  • "I ruined this,"
  • "You ruined this."
  • "Quiet is violent."
  • "You promised me!"
  • "Stop lying with those words."
  • "If this is some kind of sick joke, you better tell me!"
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm not ready to say goodbye."
  • "I don't want to go,"
  • "I loved you,"
  • "You don't have to do this,"
  • "I'm afraid it's never going to be okay again."
  • "I'm terrified,"
  • "You're a monster."
  • "You're all I have!"
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "Only fools fall for you,"
  • "Everything comes to an end,"
  • "I thought I loved you."
  • "Now I just sit in silence."
  • "It's unbearable."
  • "You're my first love."
  • "I never wanted to hurt you,"
  • "I was here,"
  • "Help me,"
  • "They won..."
  • "You don't love them."
  • "You're breaking my heart,"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "It's a waste of time,"
  • "You're all I want."
  • "I've always loved you!"
  • "I can pretend anymore."
  • "i didn't have a choice!"
  • "What if it's agony now and it's hell later on?"
  • "Love I will let you go,"
  • "I left behind something great."
  • "I want you back,"
  • "I don't regret any of it, not if it kept you safe."
  • "Get over yourself,"
  • "You'll be the death of me."
  • "Everything just fell apart."
  • "What the hell am I doing here?"
  • "I want you so much but I hate your guts."
  • "I found love where it wasn't supposed to be."
  • "You still like them, don't you?"
  • "What are you doing?!"
  • "I did this to protect you!"
  • "Don't cry,"
  • "I'm not crying,"
  • "I'm dying,"
  • "A-Are you alright?"
  • "I'll come back for you."
  • "I've never felt so alone."
  • "You don't love me! You don't even know me!"
  • "I don't even know who you are anymore."
  • "I don't even know who I am anymore,"
  • "Please let me do this for you."
  • "You're one of the lucky ones."
  • "It's never going to be okay."
Hot Neighbor

Written for: Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 3

Prompt:  “Could you be any louder?” 

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Words: 1517

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Dean being awesome. 

A/N: Week three down. Tags are at the bottom. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: Trying to collect her stuff from her exes apartment proves difficult until the hot neighbor next door helps her out. 

    You banged again on the door, “Arthur, open the fucking door right now!” Still, no response so you hit it again. All you wanted was to get your things and get as far away from your boyfriend as soon as possible. Well, technically he’s your ex now based on the compromising position you found him in the other night. Not to mention with your sister of all people. You banged again harder than before, “Let me in!”

    The apartment door behind you swung open and you turned trying to wipe away the tears from your eyes to face his neighbor. Your mouth dropped at how gorgeous his neighbor was with his sparkling green eyes, freckles, and his strong arms. The man was wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants with a tight white T-shirt stretched across his broad shoulders and looked like he was pissed, “Could you be any louder, Princess?”

   “God I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking I just want my shit back from this asshole and he won’t open the door. I know he’s in there,” you spit out falling back against the wall and sliding down as you felt another wave of hurt. “I’m sorry.”

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Devil Side-Chapter 18

Summary: A day at the park with Reyna and Bucky brings revelations and apologies. 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Uhm. so this is fluff. but there are some mentions of emotional affairs and other sensitive themes. there’s not much angst. Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1151

You decided to take Reyna to the park early. The walls of the tower were closing in you, suffocating you under its weight.

Reyna was edgy as it was. The departure of her father had resulted in tears and you’d spent a good twenty minutes calming her down. After a quick diaper change, which was a harrowing experience, and an outfit change you trudged toward the kitchen, her diaper bag slung over your shoulder, pushing her pram ahead of you.

You plop Reyna on the kitchen floor, handing her, her favorite unicorn toy. You rummaged through the kitchen cabinets a frenzied attempt to locate child-friendly snacks. You assumed she needed to eat more than three times a day. She was the daughter of a super soldier after all. Who knew what the effects the serum had on her body. She didn’t look any different from other children you had met, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything.

An intense few seconds followed. The animal crackers were inexplicably missing.

You finally found them stuffed in the back of the cupboard, and sighed in relief. Returning to Reyna, you head down to the park, ignoring the prickle at the back of your neck.

You couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching you. It was unnerving, to say the least, causing you to fight the urge to keep checking behind you, relying instead on your other senses. Your eyes stayed focused on the road ahead and Reyna.

The five minutes it took to get to the park felt like an eternity. You knew you were being followed, the eyes boring into the back of your neck hard to miss.

They were assessing you. Tracking your every move.

You hoped the park would afford you cover and safety. No one was going to kidnap or harm someone with so many witnesses. It would be ridiculous and stupid to do so.

You breathe out a sigh of relief as you enter the playground. Nannies and mothers were everywhere. Children of various ages were playing on the equipment. A bright red swing set, a large sandpit, blue monkey bars and a ginormous jungle gym were among the picks to play on.

You could see why the enjoyed it so much, it was a veritable paradise.

Removing Reyna from her pram, you sit her beside you to apply sunscreen to her delicate skin. She giggles through the entire thing. Her excitement near infectious. “Alright, pretty girl. Let’s get this party started.” You boop her on the nose and haul her into your arms, heading straight for the swing set.

You would vehemently deny it if anyone asked you, but you were enjoying yourself immensely. Despite your slight resentment toward her Reyna was a joyful and happy child, and you found yourself wishing she was yours.

She kicked and laugh with every push. She would stretch out her little arms as if to touch the sky with a beautiful smile and light in her eyes. Her blonde curls shone like a halo in the warm afternoon sun.

Soon you had forgotten all about the men watching you and the danger you were in. You couldn’t find it in yourself to care. Not today.


Bucky showed up an hour later. You hadn’t noticed him at first. He sat silently on a bench watching you interact with his daughter. On the monkey bars, on the slide, his face set in a permanent smile. You blushed crimson when you finally did catch his eye, acutely aware you were covered head to toe in dirt.

Reyna was an enthusiastic sand castle builder and, you’d lost yourself completely in her. It was the happiest you’d felt in a while.

“Having fun?” Bucky asks, trying to suppress the laughter in his voice and failing miserably. He softly removes a twig from your hair, grinning widely the entire time.

“You did good, Barnes. She’s lovely,” you reply sincerely.

His smile dies for a second. His eyes dimming with your words, before he plasters it back on. “I can’t take all the credit.”

You snort in reply. Taking a seat beside the sandbox, Bucky follows suit. “You’re raising her by yourself, Bucky. You can take all the credit.” You pass a spade to Reyna who’s destroying the sand castle you built mere moments before. “You made a beautiful human being. You should be proud.”

Bucky drops his eyes to Reyna, sorrow flashing across his features.

You’re suddenly aware you’re treading in dangerous territory. You had no idea what you stumbled into, but it was obviously a sore topic. “Bucky?” you ask.

He sighs before he returns his attention to you. “She’s not mine,” he says softly.

You swear your eyes bug right out of your head. Your mouth snaps open, then closed with a click, completely lost for words.

“Henry Monrouex,” he says. “Violent drug addict in prison for attempted robbery. He killed two people outside of a bar in Brooklyn. He’s serving two consecutive life sentences in Great Haven Correctional Facility.” Your blank look draws a laugh from him. “He is… was,” he corrects himself, “Ivanna’s lover. After she died, we did paternity. I’m not Reyna’s father.

Courts granted me custody after a couple of months. Steve convinced Henry to sign away his parental rights. He’s not getting out of prison anytime soon, and he never wanted to be a father. But man, did he fight it. The courts weren’t happy either. They went looking for her grandparents. Turns out Ivanna was an orphan. She never told me.”

“Bucky,” you reply sympathetically, placing your hand over his own.

He smiles warmly. “She’s mine in every way that counts.”

“I’m sorry, Bucky. It must have been awful.”

Bucky shakes his head, his brow furrowed. “No. doll, I’m sorry.”

It’s your turn to look at him in confusion. He smiles sadly and squeezes your hand.

“I’m sorry for being selfish. I’m sorry for the pain I caused you. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I’m sorry for making you feel like you needed to leave. I’m just… sorry.”

You swallow the lump forming in your throat, nodding mutely at his words.

“But most of all, I’m sorry I couldn’t see what was in front of me. How good I had it. I want you to know, it was never you.”

You bark out a laugh. “It’s not you, it’s me, huh?” you reply sourly.

“I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. It was never you. This was my fault. My doing. My screw up. You are everything I ever wanted. It was never you.”

“Thank you,” you reply, suddenly very tearful.

It was not what you expected to hear from him. Deep down you’d held onto the thought that the entire thing was your fault.

For the first time, in two years you felt relieved. You had a sense of closure. And maybe, finally, you could move on.


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Let Me Love You | Pt. 7

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Taehyung 

Genre: Angst 

Word Count: 1282

Masterlist |Ask

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

Originally posted by littlechimx2

Jimin never liked to imagine himself as a parent, loving the life of freedom and parties too much to give up on it so easily. Whenever his friends told him that they were ready to settle down and propose to their girlfriends, he scrunched his face and told them that they were doing a mistake.

When he found out that you were pregnant, he tried to handle everything as much as he could. The thought of taking care of a little human being and taking the responsibility to be her father scared him as much as it scared you, who also wasn’t prepared to be a mother.

As months went by and your belly started to grow, his insecurity also grew, making him do things he regretted without any doubt.

He never understood when his friends told him that being a parent is the most beautiful thing in this world. Whenever he saw how his friends interacted with their children, he scrunched his face and turned around, dismissing the thought that he was also going to be a father in a few months.

But when he held his daughter for the first time in his arms, her beautiful, doe eyes looking into his brown ones, he realized what being a father meant.

The moment he wrapped his hands around her tiny body, every kind of emotion started to engulf his body.

How was a little human being like her able to make a grown up man feel such emotions?

He never found the answer to that question. The only thing he knew for sure was that he would do anything for his daughter. Even if it meant that he had to get out of her life..

Today was the day.

The minute Jimin bid goodbye to the darkness, he found himself in the nursery room of his daughter, watching her cute sleeping form with a smile plastered on his face.

He took in ever little detail of her face, gazing her body with teary eyes when he realized that this was the last time he would be able to see her.

Jimin watched how his daughter opened his eyes slowly, her scrunching face warning him that she was going to cry any minute.

Reaching out for his daughter immediately, he took her out of her crib while she was screeching near his ear.

Patting her head gently, he started to place soft kisses on her face. When Hana felt the warmth of his father, she stopped crying immediately, the adorable smile plastered on her face making him doubt that she was crying just seconds ago.

Even though she was only 6 months now, her character started to develop with a blink of an eye, to fast for the liking of her father.

“Hana, my beautiful daughter, listen to me. This might be our last encounter together.. Please forgive me, okay? I couldn’t take care of you at the beginning. I couldn’t be a good father for you.. But believe me, it wasn’t because I didn’t love you or because I didn’t want you. I just failed.. I was scared and selfish..  B-But I know that you’re going to be a beautiful strong girl when you’re grown up. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to see your first steps or witness your first birthday. I love you, Hana..”

When Jimin looked down at his daughter with his teary, bloodshot eyes, he realized that she fell asleep on his cozy shoulder, her face nuzzled in the crook of his neck.

Placing multiple kisses on his daughter’s face, he sang the lullaby he wrote for his daughter for the first and last time, ending it with the words.

“Take care of your mother, okay? Forgive me, Hana. I love you..”

Taehyung never imagined that he would ever have this uncomfortable silence with the person he called his best friend and brother.

When Jimin invited him to take a walk with him, he thought that he wanted to fight with him again. But when he saw his best friend’s calm and straight face, he knew that something was wrong.

“Jimin, what’s wrong?”

He watched how Jimin snapped out of his daze, turning his face around to look into his best friends eyes. “W-What? What did you say?”

Concerned, Taehyung grabbed his best friend’s arm, dragging him to a near bench and shoving him down.

“Jimin, are you okay? Are you still mad? Look, Hana needed a father and I-”

“And I needed my best friend, Taehyung.”

Stunned, Taehyung looked at Jimin’s face. “W-what do you mean?”

“Hana wasn’t alone, Taehyung. She has her mother. Even though I wasn’t there, she had me. I never gave up on her. I never gave up on them. I was just scared.”


“I had no one else but you, Taehyung. You were my brother. But you too, left me without one. Because your desires were more important than my feelings.”

Not knowing what to say, Taehyung turned his face around and looked at the distance.

“I’m not blaming you, Taehyung. I’m even thankful for everything you did. You took care of them, you showered them with your love, you made them happy. You did everything I was scared to do. And I’m really thankful for that..”

When Taehyung felt Jimin’s warm hand on his shoulder, he looked at him again, smiling when he saw the the genuine smile plastered on his best friends face.

Without a warning, he wrapped his arm around Jimin’s body tightly. “I’m really sorry, Jimin-ah..”

A little chuckle left Jimin’s mouth. “Yah! I told you that it’s okay. Just, please, take care of them for me, okay?”

Leaning back with a confused expression, Taehyung asked hesitantly. “W-Why are you talking like you’re saying goodbye? Jimin, I dare you-”

Punching his best friends shoulder lightly, Jimin beamed at Taehyung.

“Are you stupid? You won’t get rid of me so easily.”

Slowly, Jimin walked towards your sleeping form on the sofa. It was in the middle of the night, the TV was still on, the volume on a soothing level, sounding like a lullaby.

Sitting down on the floor, Jimin looked at your sleeping face. How was he supposed to say goodbye?

Carefully, he tucked the strand of hair out of your face and placed a little kiss on your hand that was tucked down under your chin.

“You look so beautiful, Y/N.. I must be stupid for letting you go.. But I can’t stand it anymore, Y/N-ah.. Seeing you with Taehyung breaks my heart. I feel like suffocating. I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done to you. I’m sorry for breaking your heart over and over again. I don’t deserve you, Y/N. I don’t deserve this family. There is no need for you to move out to another country. I’ll make everything easier for all of you. I’m leaving, Y/N.. I won’t hurt you anymore. Take care of Hana and please never forget that I love you both more than you can imagine..”

Wiping his tears away, Jimin leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on your forehead for the last time. “Goodbye, Y/N..”

Standing up, he walked towards the door of the house with heavy steps, carrying his bags and dragging himself silently out the door.

Without turning around, Jimin started running the minute he stepped out of the house, scared that he might change his decision when stops running.

Just when he thought he had made it, he heard a voice.

“Don’t go.”

Author’s Note: To all those who said that the OC should stay with Jimin; please don’t hate me.. I don’t know why, but I feel really sorry for Jimin.. My poor baby.. Anyway, I hope you like it and let me know what you think about it ~

Heart Wrecker

Here it is, the second part to Heartbreak Hotel. I hope you like it, I’ll be up in the morning to edit and revise. Goodnight from me! -S

She was lounging on the bed with her eyes closed when Harry quietly returned home and forced himself upstairs, despite the heartache he knew he would feel, as a wave of familiarity punched his guts upon entering the house. He had longingly stared at the exact place he had left the girl he’d once dreamt of marrying; he had chewed and spat her heart out as if he never cared for her in such a burning manner. 

It was far earlier than usual, only a couple minutes before midnight and the house seemed emptier than usual, as if someone had lost their will and reason.

He climbed the stairs with hooded eyes and opened his bedroom door, expecting it to be empty, having strict thoughts of opening the closet doors and crying himself to sleep, not because he missed her, but because it was impossible to love her like he used to.

She opened her eyes, his heart lurching painfully when her glossy orbs met his stunned ones. A small glow of happiness planted itself inside him as he closed the door behind him and took a couple steps in while maintaining eye contact. Abruptly, she turned away from him, on her side of the bed, and laid an arm over her eyes. Her lamp was turned off, and it seemed like the dark aura only revolved around her presence.

“You’re still here,” he whispered.

She had to turn back around, narrowing her eyes angrily at him. Who was this person in his bed? She wasn’t the girl he’d left crying at the door, and she certainly wasn’t the one he’d been in love with to the point he was willing to toss his heart to her. She scoffed coldly.

“Did you expect me to just leave? We might be broken up, but last I checked, I’m still paying half the rent. So please, Harry, turn your light off and go to sleep. I’ll be gone in the morning. Got nowhere to go anyways.” The last part was mumbled so discreetly, it was almost inaudible to his pink ears.

He shredded his shirt and changed into pajamas when she maneuvered herself away again. Her cheeks glistened even from the angle her body was in. It was a peculiar feeling: having sympathy for someone you’d ignored for weeks. As his pajamas were half way up his thighs, he tilted his head to get a proper look at her trembling figure under the covers and he swore he caught a tear red handed dripping off her already moist face.

He was almost reluctant to sleep besides her but while running a hand over his face, he quietly climbed into bed and shut off his lamp.

As if in sync, his leg shifted underneath to seek her warmth, as if the past weeks where he learned to isolate himself had never occurred. There was a rumbling in his chest of sorrow, and heart strings being tugged when he glanced over at her now motionless body with wide, awake eyes. Harry raised a hand, hovering over her hair, desperate to feel her soft tendrils in between his fingers while she snuggled into his cold body.

Why was this so difficult? This is what he wanted: to lose her, to get rid of her. He did it. So why was accepting his loneliness so damn hard? He let his hand drop.

He cleared his throat. “Do y’want to sleep in the guest room?”

“Why?” she immediately snapped. “I paid for this bed, didn’t I? If anything, it’s mine and not yours. You should sleep in the guest room.”

“Yes, but I figured y’would want to on account of-”

“Well, stop acting as if you know everything about me. You don’t! And if you have such a problem sleeping besides your ex girlfriend, then get out and sleep somewhere else.” Her tone sent shivers into his spine.

It was unfair but his somber attitude towards her was suddenly washed away as he furrowed his brows and stood from the mattress. 

Her back was still to him, better than nothing, and he began to shout angrily, something he regretted profusely since that day. It was her fault she wasn’t alluring, her fault she wasn’t enough for him, her fault she couldn’t amount the other girls. Suddenly, all his anger was rushing back to him at such a speed, he nearly fell off balance when he properly stood up to glare at her.

“Y’don’t have to be such a bitch about it. This is why I don’t love y’anymore.”

There were two things he wouldn’t forget. First, her face when she found out he didn’t love her and second, just now, when he told her the reason why he didn’t reciprocate the feelings. Her eyes had gone wide and watery under the moonlight, jaw slack and eyebrows raised. She looked successfully broken.

He trudged out of the room before she could stutter a reply. As the door slammed, there were no motions of sympathy for herself. She deserved this…all of it. The lack of love, the incompatibility, it was all on her.

He had slept well that night. Better than he had in a long time.

The next morning was quiet and a part of Harry still hoped she had left before he had gotten up for work. He couldn’t risk barging into his room where she had slept the night before going to the bathroom for a quick shower, so he only brushed his teeth and traveled downstairs to make himself breakfast. Seeing her wrapped up in the blankets, if she was still here, would only force his heart to clench and shrivel like it had when he spied her last night. He could wait until after breakfast to shower with the slightest amount of peace in his mind.

While the bagel was in the toaster and coffee brewing still, there were footsteps behind him and he nearly vomited from the anticipation of seeing her face so early in the morning. Her tired eyes would be tattooed into his head all day and ruin his mood to bury himself in his work.

It wasn’t only her footsteps.

There was another object with her, gliding across the hardwood floor smoothly as if on wheels. He swallowed the little pride he had left and face her. She stood in the threshold of the kitchen, eyes casted down and clearly irritated with redness with her hand wrapped around a suitcase.

“I’m leaving. You’re paying all of this month’s rent.”

It was weird seeing her around the house in her own clothing considering she never let herself miss him while engulfed in his massive shirts and occasionally his sweaters. She even wore her own socks this morning, paired with boots and jeans. She still hadn’t lifted her head to stare at Harry with proper pissed off eyes and that mouth in a hard line. He hadn’t seen her upset too many times during the span of their relationship thankfully, but knew she wouldn’t release her inner demons at him.

“Okay,” he replied quietly, swallowing with a great deal of difficulty. “Do y’need, erm, help with your-”

“No,” she muttered nasally. “You’ve done enough.” She blinked at the Espresso machine that had ceased its dripping. 

This was it. Here she was, finally walking out of his life as if the past three years had meant absolutely nothing to her. She was crumbling with every step she took and he could see that as she slunk through the kitchen and past him. Every step she took was another hammer to his chest, knocking the breath out of him.

They had feverishly made out against that wall after his first show. They had confessed their love for eachother the first time when he had her pinned against the front door. She had met his parents right on that sofa, the one she had just brushed her hand over as if she remembered the same. The memories were piling on him and he could barely see with the water in his eyes, drowning him in guilt.

Damnit, he was hers.

When her hand touched the handle of the front door, he stomped his foot.

“If you fucking think-” he growled, “that I never loved you, you’re wrong.”

She froze, door half open. Harry didn’t care, now wasn’t a time to anyways. If he was breaking her heart, might as well break it some more and implant some fresh fingerprints of himself all over.

“You didn’t as much as I did,” she whispered back, feeling a wave of sadness wash over her body as she continued to open the door and roll her suitcase out.

“That’s not true,” he protested loudly. “I loved you so much. It hurt to love you, do you hear me? It hurt!”

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“It does matter!” he shouted, aggressively wiping his eyes. “It matters because I’m fucking sorry okay? I’m sorry I don’t love you anymore and I’m sorry for breaking your heart! But don’t you ever think I-”

She whirled around and slammed the door shut. “Sorry doesn’t mean anything to me! You mean nothing to me, Harry. The minute you stopped loving me, you should have told me! But no, you fucking kept it from me, making me think all this was my fault. As if you didn’t come home at night because you didn’t want to see me because I didn’t reply to your text as soon as I could! It was never me. It was always your fault!” She was fully screaming now with tears gushing down her cheeks without hesitation.

Harry fell quiet as his head dropped into his hands, shaking excessively as if somebody had lowered the temperature to below freezing. “I’m sorry, damnit. I’m sorry.” he kept repeating and sniffling. “Never wanted t’hurt you.”

She watched him cry into his palms as a whole set of fresh tears slipped down her skin. She stood straight, wiping the new tears with her sleeve. 

“Good bye Harry,” she said as she made a motion to head towards the door again.

Before she could open the door, a hand had knocked against the wood and forced it shut. Arms were around her waist and her head neatly pressed up against his chest as his own head fell to her shoulder, body wracking with sobs when his grip tightened.

“Harry what are you-”

“I’m sorry,” he cried, pressing quick kisses to her bare shoulder. “I didn’t want you t’blame yourself or hurt you so I never told you. I-I thought I was just going through a rough patch or something. It was all my fault.”

She nervously grabbed his shoulders with a pounding heart and attempted to pry him off. “Harry c’mon.”

“But I did love you,” he insisted tearfully. “I truly did. More than you’ll ever know.”

“Harry please let go-”

His mouth traveled up to her ear and then neck, leaving kisses upon kisses on her bruised skin, shaking his head so his curls tickled her cheeks. She had made a sound of protest before he initiated the contact but allowed his mouth on hers with such a pressure, her own tears mixed with his. He sucked in her lower lip and suddenly his warm hands had cupped her cheeks, mimicking the hotness she’d felt when they shared their first kiss in this very spot in this very position. That night, years ago, she had felt him pour his love into her body until he was drained, and now he was pouring his apologies into her.

He released her lower lip with a smack and then kissed her upper lip with a soft whine and the pad of his thumb began to draw circles into her cheeks. Eventually, she relaxed into his arms and pressed a few kisses back before pulling away, resting her head on the door. 

They were silent, except for the labored breathing and after a few seconds, Harry broke the silence. “I never meant to hurt you. I only hope you find a guy better than me.”

Her heart dropped. “That was my good bye?”

Harry moved away, taking a step back and crossed his arms behind his back. 

Y/N opened the door quietly and grasped her suitcase again, sighing deeply at the bright blue sky. She laughed humorlessly.

“It doesn’t get better than you,” she mumbled, shaking her head, reaching into her pocket, jiggling her car keys as she finally shut the door. “It doesn’t get better than you Harry.”

plannbee  asked:

So just curious how are you differentiating jealous tae and rbf tae? He's called blank tae for a reason right, so can you elaborate a little?? He seems to have a blank/neutral face so I can't tell haha

Hello there Plannbee (are you secretly Brad Pitt? cause that’s almost the name of his film company!)!!!

Well I think I differentiate Jealous Tae from Blank Tae by the body language analysis and the psychological understanding of the situation mainly. Also cause he is never jealous of other members, his behaviour gravitates just Jin. 

We all know Blank Tae, that amusing phenomenon consist of our boy’s facial expression being neutral or totally lost in his own dream world. Here are some examples:

On the other hand Jealous Tae gives those indisputable micro expressions and unconscious body behaviours that are scientifically related to possessiveness on people who are in a romantic relationship with the object of affection. There are many actions that our body expresses when we feel jealousy for a romantic partner like uneasiness, touching the ear, eyes, mouth, frowning, trying to call the attention for yourself, staying between your lover and the “rival”, blocking the rival with your body, the death stare, puffing the chest. Basically we see him doing a long list of all those behaviours combined every time someone comes near Jin these days. 

Here we have some combos of Jin with each member and Taehyung’s extremely possessive reaction:

Jin + Rapmon = Jealous V

As we all know by now V really can’t with he highly popular ship of Nam’jin. When it comes to Nam’jin he just cannot even hide his discomfort and possessiveness towards his boy, it’s so obvious even I feel uncomfortable for him. But for the purpose of our analysis we will see his Nam’jin kiss reaction. He looks like he is in physical pain, poor baby. Here Taehyung examines the situation, his body moves in discomfort like he wants to run away from there and take Jin with him, he watches Jin’s reaction over the monitor, glances at RM’s happy reaction, has a gloomy droopy mouth, places his hand on his temples like he’s got the worst love migraine, hides his eyes, he looks away, gives a frustrated sign. He legit looks desperate and it’s painful to watch the entire segment. 

Jin + Jimin = Jealous V

He might be his bestie, but DO NOT MESS WITH HIS JINNIE being Jimin or not it doesn’t matter, V will turn into this possessive beast. Here we see the same pattern, examines the situation, V moving uncomfortably, looking straight at the Jin’min interaction, giving them the death stare, coughing to call the attention for himself, the very obvious jealous sigh of the ear touch, gloomy droopy mouth and looking away, very annoyed. I guess Jimin Third Wheeling is not always so welcomed…

Jin + Kookie = Jealous V

Here is the classic one that this confused fandom still believe as being a V’kook moment. Sorry but it’s Tae vs Jinkook moment. The same typical Taehyung jealous moves happen here. He tries to be subtle (epic fail) in examine the situation, after noticing how Jin’s entire body is spooning Kookie he gives the most annoyed sigh, presses his lips like he is mad as F, his body moves as if he could not control his actions and then he acts. We all know what happens next so yeah, sorry to break your hearts V’kookies but this nothing special, this is just another day of V being extremely territorial with his Jinnie. Also that ISAC day was too much to poor Taehyung’s heart since we saw moments of him following KenJin like he was about to combust in a jealous pit and Taejin having olympic lovers quarrels.  

Jin + J-Hope = Jealous V

Who would have wondered that even the sunshine rainbow duo of 2seok would troubled our Tae Tae that much??? Taehyung is sooooo done with Jin and J-Hope’s audacity of doing, well NOTHING AT ALL hahaha. As usual our V looks around to analyse the situation, then he cannot believe the audacity of Hoseok taking pictures of Seokjin’s luscious lips without his permission, in a deep dragon sigh he follows his actions with his best death stare hoping in earnest that they can read his behaviour and just stop this disrespect, right now! Mad as F pressed lips and hands on pockets to prove his masculinity just in case a medieval joust is needed to save his Jinnie’s honour from this green villain. HAHA Seriously V, I know Jin is the most precious gem of the universe but they are just taking pics babe, relax ok!  

Jin + Suga = Jealous V

Here is a combo of breathing on their necks, displeased face, following Yoongi’s action like a hawk, wanting to do the same and more to Jin and the death stare. Notice that this was waaaay before the love conquered phase and we are already seeing some signs of super possessive V. Also cause Yoongi knows better, we will hardly see him caught in a situation like that now a days. Our Suga has a strong survival instinct! 

These are just a few examples of the countless times V was extremely proprietorial of his Jinnie. What is most amusing is the fact this happens only with Jin, he never acts like that with anyone else or when the other boys interact. There is this sense in Taehyung that Jin’s affections needs to be exclusively his, even when nobody is watching (like on Jimin’s example, he prob had no idea he was being filmed) so his jealous nature extends beyond the fan service ships. Let’s say he is the jealous type.

Seeing those moments you can see he gets very annoyed with anyone that approaches or is approached by Jin in a touchy or more intimate way. It doesn’t really matter if it is Namjoon for the Nam’jin push, his bestie getting along to his boyfriend Jinnie, Kookie who is Jin’s golden baby being cuddly, J-Hope who is a harmless rainbow just taking pics or Suga treating Jin like he deserves to be treated. If they get too near Jin, there will be consequence! Of course Taehyung will never confront the boys, it’s not in his nature to be aggressive but he punishes Jin by ignoring him quite often (remember bon voyage, remember isac, remember before 2016). Being Jin the affectionate love cloud he is, V’s crescent possessive volcano behaviour, it is safe to say these two headstrong boys probably tend to have some epic fights that end in Jin being V’s little spoon LOL. 

I hope that now you can have a guideline to see the difference a little better and spot Jealous Tae moments more often. Sorry for the late reply darling, I wasn’t planning a MASTERPOST so soon but you deserved it, tkx for your patience!

Lots of love

Sacrifice | Hanahaki! Ong Seongwoo - Soulmate Series

genre: angst

member: Ong Seongwoo (ft. Park Woojin & Kang Daniel)

requested: no

summary: you’d been housemates with Seongwoo for years and you didn’t know that he’d been suffering from hiding his feelings for you.

a/n: sorry, I just wanted to break your heart a little and I’ve always wanted to write a hanahaki au fic. Hope it’s angsty enough and hope you like it! Feel free to request!

hanahaki disease: an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

soulmate series: Kang Daniel | Park Jihoon | Lee Daehwi | Kim Jaehwan | Ong Seongwoo | Park Woojin | Lai Guanlin | Yoon Jisung | Hwang Minhyun | Bae Jinyoung | Ha Sungwoon

Sacrifice | Reminiscence

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Daryl & Jesus -> “Don’t you ever run off like that again. I can’t lose you too.”

But that’s what he does. Running away when he can’t handle his feelings anymore. Because that’s what he’s so afraid of. Feelings.
He fell in love with Paul Rovia and that’s the most terrifying thing that could’ve ever happened to Daryl Dixon.

(big thanks to @edenmo122 for allowing me to use her edit as a lil reference. And I’m rlly sorry for breaking your hearts.)

No Humanity

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 5 231
summary : Reader turns off her humanity and acts like she doesn’t care about Kai.
it got a wee-bit longer than i expected😅🙈 apologies for the delay
* gif by me

Two whole weeks without his Y/N and every moment without her in his arms hurt more than the last. He felt as if he was in Hell, unable to breath or think or do anything but feed on innocent people and drink alcohol in a veil attempt to drown the sorrow of what he had done.
Kai never imagined someone would look at him without judgement in their eyes, but with love and understanding. He never thought he’d find someone who loves him and accepts him with all his flaws, someone he’d do anything for. He never thought he’d kill the girl he loves and that both of them would become vampires either, but that had also happened. Emotions had never been easy for him and after his transition when they got heightened, things got complicated. There were moments when it scared him how much he loved her and what he was capable of when it comes to her. What scared him even more was that maybe her friends were right and he’d end up hurting her or worse – killing her again, during one of his violent episodes and on a whim he broke up with her.
Now every time he closed his eyes, he could see her face – tears streaming down her cheeks when he told her they weren’t a good match, that it had all been a lie and he had never loved her, just to get her to go and protect her. Nothing hurt him like the memory of watching her walk through the door with her jaw clenched tightly while she fought back the tears.
It hadn’t taken him long to realise his mistake and he had tried to fix what he had broken, but Y/N avoided him and the only time he had actually seen her since their break up, she had been full on wreck – her eyes had been redder and puffier than he had ever seen them and she resembled a ghost. He wanted to talk to her, to tell her how big of an idiot he had been to ever say any of those words, break her heart and let her go. To tell her how much every moment without her in his arms felt like torture and how his life without her had no meaning anymore, but every time he tried to reach out to her everything ended up in failure. So in the end he was left with only one option – going to her best friend.
    “Have you seen her ?” asked Kai, sitting on the bar next to Damon. “She is not answering her phone.”
    “Hello to you too. Have I seen who ?” wondered the vampire and Kai glared at him. “Oh, her? No. Not since I saw her like two days ago.”
    “You really haven’t seen her ? Or are you just lying to me because if you are lying –”
    “Not lying and I’d rather not see you either.” replied the vampire with a smug smirk. “You broke her heart and if she hadn’t made me promise not to break you, I would’ve already killed you. Twice. And of course she won’t answer the phone if its you calling.”
    “What’s that supposed to mean ?”
    “You broke up with her.” said Damon as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “You told her and I quote ’I can’t do this anymore. This was a mistake. You and I – we are not a good match. We never were. You’ll be happier without me in your life. I have caused you so much pain and suffering, I should’ve let you go a long time ago. I don’t love you. I never have.’ ” said the vampire taking a sip from his bourbon. “Hey, what do you think you are doing twirp ?!”
Kai grabbed Damon’s phone from the bar and dialled Y/N’s number. “I can’t believe you memorised our break up. No, wait. I can.”
    “It’s the little things in life. Now, give me back my phone.” said the vampire, gripping Kai’s wrist only the heretic wouldn’t let go. “What are you even doing right now ?!”
    “Calling her. She might be avoiding me but she surely won’t ignore her best friend.” he said, pushing the vampire an arms length while waiting for her to pick up. When that didn’t happen he dialled again. “Why isn’t she answering ?”
    "Damon, hi !” said a female voice from behind him and a moment later Y/N popped up before his eyes. Her arms wrapped around her best friend, as if Kai wasn’t even standing there.
    “What’s up trouble?” asked her friend, giving her an awkward one arm hug.
    “Oh nothing, just stopping for a drink and a quick bite.”
Kai’s eyes widened. There she was, his girl, looking nothing like the girl he had seen a few days ago. In fact she didn’t look much like herself either. Y/N was wearing a black leather jacket with a short black dress and knee high boots and her hair made in waves. She looked more stunning than ever in that moment but what caught his attention was the fact there was no trace of tears in her eyes. For a billionth time she stole his breath away and just seeing her there was enough for him to feel able to breathe again. Only there was something different about her and the aura around her, it wasn’t just her clothes. He just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Damon glanced between her and Kai. “I’m going to need another glass.”
    “Hey.” smiled Kai. “Wow…  you look stunning. H-how are you ?”
Y/N turned towards him as if she just noticed he was there and ran her fingers roughly through her hair, a blue strand catching his attention. Their eyes met but there wasn’t warmth in her eyes like he had expected. There wasn’t hatred or pain either. Her eyes were just … empty.
    “Oh… you are here.” she sat on the bar stool on Damon’s other side and took his glass, gulping it almost at once. “I didn’t even see you there.”
Kai looked at her suspiciously. Something was seriously off about her but he didn’t plan on wasting time trying to figure out what it was in that exact second and miss his opportunity to finally talk to her and apologise. Quickly he sat on the stool next to her and gripped her wrist just as she was about to snatch a bottle from across the bar.
    “Can we talk ?” he asked, ignoring her death stare. He let go of her wrist and decided to take her silence as a yes. “I um… I know I hurt you and –”
Damon groaned in frustration. “Ugh, that will be my cue.”
Y/N poured herself another glass, her fingers trailing the lid while she watched the amber coloured liquid inside move as sheeplayed with the glass and Kai continued talking. Her eyes stalked the bartender, looking everywhere but at Kai and he wondered if she was even listening to what he was saying.
    “– I wanted to say I am sorry.” he said softly, moving a little closer to her. “I am sorry for breaking your heart. I never wanted to hurt you in any way and in my attempt to protect you, that’s exactly what I did. I didn’t mean any of the things I said to you and I was the biggest idiot to let you go. You are what’s good about me, the best thing I know and I can’t be without you. I need you in my life. Please, I – I need you to give me another chance. I promise not to screw it up and fill every moment of your life with joy. Please,Y/ …”
A few long moments passed and she took a sip from her glass, turning towards him with a small smile on her face. “I appreciate the apology. I really do, but I don’t care what you want or need and I’d appreciate it if you leave me alone from now on, okay ?”
Kai felt his heart sink, watching her get up and slip behind the bar with the bartender. He should’ve known after everything she wouldn’t jump into his arms and say ’I forgive you for putting me through Hell.’ even though, he hoped that would be her reaction. But he didn’t plan on giving up that easily. His eyes followed her every move as she hooked her hands around the bartender’s neck, glancing at himfor a split second and then what he least expected happened and she kissed the guy as if her life depended on it. Rage burned in Kai’s veins as he watched the guy pull her towards him for a long moment and then take her hand, both of them disappearing into the storage room. He glanced at Damon at the pool table and went after her.
There had been many scenarios running through his mind for the past few seconds, but actually seeing it felt as if she had shoved her hand in his rib cage and had just pulled out his heart. The guy held her up against the wall, kissing her so hard as if he was trying to suck the air out of her lungs. His hands were all over her body and so were hers. Purple/black veins flashed under Kai’s eyes, watching the guy’s lips moved down to her neck while she moaned in pleasure and gripped on his hair, tilting his head enough for her fangs to sink in his carotid artery. The guy tried to fight her off but didn’t make a sound and Kai listened to his heartbeat, noticing how soon he’d be dead. There it was again, the feeling something was off about her. His girl would’ve never drank right from the vein, she always went for a blood bag, not wanting to hurt anyone.
    “That’s about enough of that.” muttered Kai. A split second the guy fell on the ground and Y/N screamed out in pain, her hands holding her head.
    “Mala–chai –” she hissed, her eyes flashing with warning.
    “Can’t believe you are making me say this – show some restrain.” he bit his wrist, healed and compelled the guy to forget about all of this and leave them alone. As soon as there was no one else in sight, he turned towards his girl. “What is wrong with you ?! How can you kiss that guy ? How can you kiss him like…  that ?!”
Like you used to kiss me and only me. he finished in his mind.
    “Awwh were you jealous ?” she wiped her chin, her vampirism showing. A split second later Kai was pinned on the wall, her arm pressing against his neck. “That’s funny. You broke up with me because you never cared about me or loved me and now … you are jealous.” Y/N laughed, let go off him and took a step back, bending over to get her jacket. “Do me a favour and stay out of my way. I’d hate for my hand to accidentally run into your chest.”
What ?! he thought, frozen in place. Had she really just said that? His eyes followed her as she walked outside and he went after her, flashing before her just as she was about to go through the exit.
    “Why are you acting like this?!” he asked. “There is something different about you and it’s not just your outfit or your new eating habits. Since when do you dress like that or dye your hair ?! You were always a ponytail - jeans - converse girl and now it’s tight short dresses and knee black boots.”
    “None of your business.” she pushed him off her way but he gripped her wrist. “What !”
    “What are you doing ?” he asked serious.
    “Going to my car, as if its not obvious.” she fixed her hair and placed her hands on his chest. “I can’t run in a dress. Duhh–” Y/N tapped his nose, smiled and bumped into his shoulder on her way out of the Grill, not even saying ‘Hello’ to Stefan.
    "What’s wrong with her ?” asked Kai.
    “Who ? Y/N ?” asked the vampire, folding his arms on his chest. “Maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning –”
    “Ha.Ha. This is serious Steven.” said Kai, following him to the pool table. “We broke up. She said she doesn’t want to see me ever again and when I accidentally ran into her like a week ago, she broke into tears instantly and almost got herself impaled in her hurry to get away from me. Y/N never wore boots or short dresses, not even on our dates and now she is all … dolled up. Like so dolled up I just –”
    “Don’t you dare say it.” said Damon, leaving a bottle with bourbon on the pool table. “If you do, I will have have to stake you.”
Kai sighed. “Do you know if um … if there is someone else ? Is she seeing someone ?”
    “Awh you are jealous.” smirked Damon. “No, as far as I know she isn’t unless you count Katherine who somehow became her new bestie. Those two together are not to be messed with, trust me.”
    "Katherine ? Elena’s doppelganger ? That makes no sense. Y/N can’t stand Katherine.” he thought out loud. None of it made sense. Y/N couldn’t stand even the mention of Katherine’s name because they had lots of bad blood between them. Why would she gravitate towards the doppelganger and not her friends, unless… she shut off her humanity. “I gotta go.”
Kai vamped outside, looking around for her or more like listen for her because he knew there was no way she’d use a car. Her humanity might be off but that didn’t mean she’d decide to help the pollution problem. He closed his eyes and then he heard it, a sound he could never mistake – a vampire feeding, and he ran in the direction of the sound about two blocks away.
    ”Motus.” he muttered without any hesitation, sending her off yet another guy. He couldn’t help but notice how both guys kind of resembled him and he knew why she was acting like that. “When did you turn it off ?”
Y/N grinned at him. “Awwwh you got caught up on recent events. Good for you.” she said amused, purple/black veins flashing under her eyes as she tried to run towards him but he raised her hand and she dropped on the ground, screaming in pain. “S-stop – you ar-e hurtin-g me.”
Kai knelt down next to her. “Sorry, sweet cheeks but you are off the rails…and its my fault.” he cooed, brushing his fingers against her cheek. “Which makes you my responsibility and I promise, I will fix you –”
    “I don’t need fixing.” she groaned.
    ”–and then I will find a way and fix us.” he pressed his lips onto hers and dropped her unconscious on the ground. “Whatever it takes.”

Y/N cracked her neck, feeling a sharp pain in it. Her wrists were tied together behind her back and the cold floor touched her bare skin. She tried to get herself free but as soon as she pulled on the ropes, a stinging feeling and a sharp pain shot through her body. “What the Hell ?!
    "Oh hello.” grinned Kai, sitting cross legged on the floor in front of her with a can with cola in his hand. “Lets see – strawberry or raspberry ? Which shake you want ? I could never remember. It was the pink one, that I know –”
    "Hilarious.” she tried pulling on the ropes, groaning in pain again as a sharp stinging feeling shot through them. “You are so charming in your attempt to get me back. What’s next ? You will link yourself to me because you are terrified of being all alone for the rest of your existence ?”
    "Ouch.” he took a sip from one of his shake. “If I recall correctly, you were the one saying and I quote ‘As long as I am alive, you will never know what its like being alone ever again.’ French fries ? I got your favourite curly ones from the Grill.”
    "No, thanks.” she pulled on the ropes again. "Need I remind you I am technically dead. Thanks to you, I might add. Why are we at my old high school ?”
    “Because this is exactly where we met for the first time. Remember ?” he scooted over closer to her. “It was Christmas, I had just siphoned the spell keeping your annoying friends out of Mystic Falls and had kidnapped Elena to practice magic with her, or rather on her. You were the last thing I saw before I got shot with that crossbow and went into coma for a few days. Yet after only one look you somehow kept sneaking into my comatose dreams. Also everyone is on break and this is the last place anyone would look for us.”
    "Us ? There is no ‘us’. We broke up.” she leaned in towards him, pulling on the ropes again. “Correction. You broke up with me because and I quote ’You will be happier without me in your life.’ … and you were right. Look at my happy face.” she grinned at him. “Now, let me go before things get ugly.”
    “If you keep pulling on the ropes, you will only hurt yourself.” he pointed out.
Y/N rolled her eyes. “Save your concern for someone who actually cares.”
Kai scooted over next to her, holding the french fries and a milk shake. “Curly fries and raspberry milk shake. Your favourite combination. I still don’t get it though. Sweet and salty. Anyways, there is also a burger and I told them not to put any pickles in it because I know you hate them.”
Y/N glared at him and pulled on the ropes again. How it was possible that the knot got tighter the more she struggled ?! “Why am I here Malachai?”
    “I told you. I wanted us to talk.” he said as if it’s obvious. “I miss you. I miss waking up next to you in the morning, going to bed with you every night. I miss feeling your head on my chest while you fall asleep … and I am going to fix my mistake and get you back.”
    “Funny. I don’t miss any of those things.” she rolles her eyes and smirked. “Also the person you are looking for can’t come to the phone right now. Cuz she’s dead. You killed her. Twice. ”
Kai brushed his fingers against her cheek, gently touching her lips afterwards. “No. You are still in there.” he thought back of the flicker he had seen in her eyes when he had kissed her earlier. “My Y/N is still in there and I really hope after all this is over you will forgive me for everything I did to hurt you and everything I am about to do, because I know I will never forgive myself unless you do.”
    “Hope ?” she snorted. “You are pathetic. Why would I take you back and/or forgive you ? You are a monster. An irredeemable piece of trash. Even your own family didn’t want you.”
Kai swallowed, reminding himself at every word she said that this wasn’t her. Whoever was standing before him only had her face, her voice but wasn’t her. Y/N had never thought any of those things about him. She had always supported him and defended him. Even after the wedding fiasco … when she had showed up instead of staying home and he had accidentally killed her when the windows shattered. Luckily for him, he had thought ahead, knowing how stubborn she was, and had slipped some vampire blood in her coffee earlier in the day. Other ways he wasn’t sure what he would’ve done or how he would’ve continued living. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t have been able to.
    “You are right. They didn’t.” he said quietly. “But you did. Even after my actions at the wedding cost you your life. And you forgave me for that, you will forgive me for this too –” he flicked his wrist, breaking her leg while casually taking a sip from his shake. Y/N screamed out in pain, thrashing on the floor. “Flip the switch.
    “No.” she groaned in pain and he flicked his wrist again, breaking her leg on another spot.
    “Turn it on.” he demanded.
Y/N laughed, watching his eyes flutter closed for a split second every time she screamed out in pain. “Let me guess.” she flinched again when her leg broke on another spot. “This is hurting you a lot less than it’s hurting me.”
    “Your attitude blows.” he stated, taking a sip from his shake before breaking her other leg in two places at once. “Turn it back on –”
    “You know what else blows?” she hissed. “Being in love with you. Carrying for a psychopath with no redeeming qualities, pushing away all my friends every time they tried to open my eyes–” she screamed in pain again. “This is kind of fun. Come on, break my arms next. Better yet – rip my heart out.”
Kai clenched his jaw. He tried it the nice way, now he was going to have to push further. “Is this fun too ?” he smirked at her, pulling the air out of her lungs with magic. “You know, maybe you are right. Maybe I should kill you, shut off my humanity –” he smirked at her, pulling at her heart with magic. “It will be so much fun ruining your friends’ lives for all eternity–”
    “You are n-not goin-g to k-kill me.” she gasped for air, struggling at every syllable. “I am t-the girl t-that yo-u love.”
    “Right again.” he leaned in, gently brushing his palm against her cheek. Her eyes lit up for a split second and he suppressed a smile. “I love you, which is why I am willing to go to extreme lengths to get you back.” he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her deeply. For a second she felt a flicker of emotion, just like every time he touched her. Didn’t take her long to shove that flicker away before it had turned into a fire. All of the sudden someone yanked Kai away. Y/N blinked fast a few times seeing her best friend here and struggled to get herself free, knowing either way they will try to get her to flip the switch back and with both of them teamed up things would not end well for her, or for any of them.
    “You kidnapped her ?! Have you lost your damn mind ?!” said Damon. “Do you plan on burning up the school too? She is not going to flip the switch back ! I am taking her to the cellar. We will weaken her, torture some sense into her.” Her best friend pushed Kai off him, heading towards her.  She yanked on the ropes again, trying to get herself free when Kai grabbed the vampire’s arm. “What?” snapped Damon.
    “Let me do this my way.” asked Kai. “Don’t you get it ? I am the only one who can reach her. I kissed her and there was a flicker of emotion there. I saw it in her eyes. I felt it. I can get her back without your help.”
    “The Hell you can !” snapped the vampire. “I have more experience with this than you can imagine. You have no idea what it’s like to deal with a vampire with no emotions. You look at her and you see your girl but its not he–”
    “Do you think I don’t know that ?!” Kai raised his voice. “I am her emotional trigger, only I can do this. You might hate me for what I did to Elena, and at times I wonder why I went with your mother’s insane idea when there were so many other ways to get back at you and Bonnie for ditching me in 1903 –”
A split second later Kai few right out the door, smacking against the locker with a loud bang. “Don’t bring up what you did to Elena. I am this close to ripping your head off and one day soon I actually will. I am taking her with me. She is my best friend. We do this my way.”
Kai got up, clenching his jaw. A second later Damon attacked him again, slamming his body in the lockers with his hand around his neck. ‘Motus.’ muttered the heretic and the eldest Salvatore flew off him. Neither of them seemed to notice Y/N had almost gotten herself free and was getting ready to make a run for it.
    “You two are pathetic. Can someone stake me or throw me a deck with cards? I’m bored…and hungry.”
    “I’m a little busy right now, sweet cheeks. Be with you in a jiffy.” grinned Kai and launched towards Damon again. They fought, each of them almost to equal advantage. Kai sent Damon flying through the hallway and she heard him slam against the lockers and judging by the sounds of spilled coins – the vending machine too. The eldest Salvatore growled and launched against Kai who raised his hand causing him a witchy migraine and the vampire dropped on the ground. A groan left her lips and her interest shifted to the flickering flourescent lights overhead until Kai stood in front of the door, fixing the collar of his shirt. “Now that this is dealt with, we can go back to our fun time. What are you craving – AB or B or O positive ? I think I have some of each in my car outsid–”
Y/N’s eyes widened and before she had had time to think or blink or say a single syllable, her best friend flashed behind Kai, raised his hand and in a swift motion beheaded him. His head rolled into the cafeteria right past her and her heart stopped, all the air getting pulled out of her lungs at once.
A piercing scream left her lips and she yanked on the ropes with every ounce of strength she had, not carrying how the vervain ropes dug in her skin almost to the bone, and freed herself. As if from underwater she heard Damon’s footsteps nearing her. Not that it mattered, there was nothing that mattered to her anymore. All she could think about was how she had just lost the man she loved. She had really lost him and there was no way to get him back. There was no longer ‘Other side’, there was nothing. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she kept crying out his name, crawling over to his head muttering  'No, no … this can’t be happening.’ Every emotion she had suppressed for the past week and a half flooded her mind at once seeing his blue eyes wide open, starring at her while the lower half of his body bled out a few metres away in the hallway. Everything she had said to him, everything he said to her… and now he was gone and she couldn’t make it right.
    “No, no… this is not real. You are not gone ! You can’t be gone!” she sobbed. “I can’t be without you. Oh my God –” she cried, cupping his face. A moment later someone’s arms wrapped around her from behind. Y/N clenched her jaw and closed her eyes. “Get away from me Damon or I swear I will tear you limp from limp –”
    “I never thought I’d be happy to see tears in your eyes.” said Kai and a moment later her hands were empty, there was no blood on them or on her clothes. She turned around and her eyes widened instantly. Her hands wrapped around the man she loved, tears still streaming down her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I – I didn’t want to put you through this but you didn’t leave me a choice.” Y/N pulled away and cupped his face tracing every inch of his face with her fingertips and then his lips, smiling through tears. Then all of the sudden she pulled away much to Kai’s confusion and kept backing away from him until she was almost on the other end of the cafeteria. “Y/N? I’m alive. This is real. I used a spell –”
    “N-no.” she muttered unable to even look at him. “A-all the things I did. All the people I killed. What I s-said to you… I – I am so sorry. I d-didn’t mean a word –” she sobbed. “Y-you probably h-hate me right n-now. I – I deserve it.”
    “Oh Y/N…” he smiled, cupping her face and pulled her into his arms. “I know you didn’t mean any of it. I don’t hate you. I could never hate you even if I wanted to. It wasn’t you. I know that.” he stroked her hair, while his shirt soaked up her tears. “I am sorry. I am so sorry for breaking your heart, for everything I did to you – killing you at the wedding, for kidnapping you today and for torturing you, making you think I was dead –”
    “Y-you don’t hate me ?” she looked at him through tears. Kai shook his head smiling.
    “Y/N, I am in love with you.” he said softly. “All those things I said to you…  I don’t even know who this person was. It took me less than a day to realise what a huge mistake I’ve made. I can’t live without you. I need you in my life more than I need to breath. My feelings for you are the most real, strongest thing I have ever felt in my life and I got so terrified I’d hurt you, I decided to let you go… and broke both our hearts. I can’t imagine you’d want me back after everything I did today but I will spend the rest of my existence trying to make up fo–”
Y/N’s lips crashed against his, her hands tangling in his hair as he slowly backed her against the wall when she tripped him and they fell on the ground,laughing. Nothing Kai did during the past few hours mattered to her, not the physical not the emotional pain. All that mattered was they were in each other’s arms again and nothing was ever going to stand in their way again.
    “I will always want you.” she played with his scruff, smiling through tears. “Y-you love me ?”
    “Yes !” he smiled, cupping her face. “More than anything. I love you with every cell in my body, with all my heart. I love you and I – ”
    “I love you too.” she pressed her lips against his. “I never stopped.”
    “I need you to give me another chance. I meant what I said earlier. If you do, I promise not to screw it up. I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of my life… and even after, wherever I end up. I need you. Just — why are you looking at me like that ?”
    “You look so cute right now.” she tapped his nose. “I love you. I want to be with you, more than anything but –” she paused, watching him sweat for a few moments. “– if you ever do that again –”
    “Never again.” he rolled on top of her, his lips smashing against hers. “I will never let you go.”