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lost & found // josh dun

request ;  Hi! Maybe you could do one with Josh finding Y/N ’s missing cat and have them meet and it be all fluffy and stuff :)

pairing ; josh dun x reader

type ; FlUfF

word count ; 756

a/n ; holy fuck im so sorry this took so long ive been so busy and havent had any time to write ufhdsjjdgd well here you go gah

It had been a few days since your cat skippy had gone missing. You had put missing pet signs on every door of your apartment building but no one seemed to have seen him. You were about to lose all your hope at finding him which was pretty hard to do.

You woke up to your alarm clock blaring its annoying beeping sound into your ears. You groggily walked to the shower and got in. After half an hour of just standing in it, you got out and got dressed. You put on black skinnies, a burgundy t-shirt and a black cardigan with green toms. You grabbed your bag and went to the record store your worked in.

Once your workday was done you checked your email to see if you got any emails about skippy. Your heart stopped when you opened your computer to see this.

subject : I’ve found your kitty!

hello! i believe ive found your kitten skippy? i will take care of him for now until you come to take him back. please email me back asap!

-josh d

you instantly emailed him back.

subject: thank you !!!!!!

hi josh! thank you so much for taking care of him! i live in the pinegood apartment complex so maybe you could meet me in the lobby at around 12:00pm tomorrow? thank you sososo much <3!


The next morning you woke up and ran to get ready. You put on a white skirt and a red fall out boy tshirt with white hot top converse. You decided to apply a little makeup to make yourself look a lil cuter than you already are (bc ur a hottie). By the time you were finished getting ready it was around 11:30 so you decided to go downstairs into the lobby to wait.

Ten minutes had passed when you saw an unfamiliar car pull up in front of the building. You guessed that was  Josh.  You saw him come out of the car with a cat carrier in hand. A smile rose to your face as he walked into the building.

“Hi! Uh (y/n)?” Josh asked while trying to get the cat carrier through the door. He looked up at you with a slight smile.

Damn was he adorable.

He has a sleeve of tattoos which surprised you because of how nice and sweet he seemed. You could see he had red hair stuffed underneath his hat. You could not get over how fricking cute he was.

Once he successfully got the crate inside the building  you ran right over to him to see your missed pet. Once you got him out of the crate you held onto him for dear life.

“Is he alright?” You asked him standing up walking over to the couch in your lobby.

“Yea yea yea! I gave him  a bath an stuff he’s all fed and everything. He even became friends with my cat which was pretty cute.” He said with an adorable giggle.

“Aw you have cats? You don’t seem like the type of guy to have cute little animals like that. All tough lookin and stuff?”

“Eh, I’ve got a soft spot for animals.” He said with a side smile.

“Well I really appreciate you doing this, Jesus Christ I don’t know what I would do if I lost him.”  you said, giving yourself to look at his face directly.

His eyes were beautiful and he was so handsome you couldn’t believe he was an actual living human being. You could tell he was staring at your face the same way you were to him.

After almost a minute of complete silence he finally got himself together and broke the silence.

“So uh, is there any way I can get your, uh, your number?” He said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck.

This caught you off slightly by surprise since you didn’t really think he was interested in you.

“Oh uh, yea yea it’s (insert your phone number here).” you told him as a smile rose to his face.

“So I’ll maybe call you later?” He asked walking out of the building.

“Uh yea but shouldn’t you take the cat carrier?” you asked confused.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll just get a new one. Nice shirt by the way.” He said as he confidently walked out.

“Well.” You whispered to your cat. “You may have just found my new crush.

You put him into the cat carrier bringing him back up into your apartment .