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it’s terrifying. jack had seen dead animals, plenty at that. dogs even. but never a human. it was probably a blessing to him considering all the people he hung around before living with mia. though he’d already been kicked out for lying to her. of all things. mia was kind to him, nurturing even. but she did not seem to be one to tolerate his behavior—no matter how hard he attempted to fight her. 

one day, two day, three day. he didn’t care. or he pretended not to. his ego was too big to go running back to the assassin for warmth and comfort. forgiveness.

he appeared in front of her apartment door, probably dirtier than the day she’d found him due to the added spots of red. ‘s not my blood. ‘s not my blood.

and so he knocks, small, bruised knuckles hitting against the door in the early morning. “ Mia! ” 

Surprise Visit-Confession PRT 2


Words: 1,144

Warnings: None

Notes: Sorry I took so long! Ive been busy with school and since I have to write an essay for my English Teacher I got inspiration so here you go! Hope you Enjoy! Let me know if you want a PRT 3!

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“Crowley what did you come here for?” That was the last thing you asked the demon before he got up suddenly with a frightened expression explaining that he was late for meeting and had to go to hell immediately.

He apologized for waking you and teleported to what you assumed was hell. “What the hell is wrong with him?” You quietly mumbled to yourself.

Since Crowley’s surprise visit you couldn’t go back to sleep. Just imagining him watching you sleep made you oddly feel special and safe. Him dedicating his own free time to watching over you.

Since Crowley had woke you up and you were unable to fall back asleep, you decided to grab (ironically) a book on demons from the small shelf you had located in your bedroom. You grabbed the book off the shelf and hopped on your bed and started reading. Quickly becoming engrossed with the factual text within and forgetting everything around you.

~Crowley’s POV~

Y/N asked me why I had payed her a visit and no matter how many times I had rehearsed it before, I couldn’t form my words.

I apologized for waking her, gave her an excuse, and left. Once I had arrived in hell, I couldn’t stop pacing in the throne room.

“What if she thinks I’m creepy now? What if she doesn’t feel the same way?” All these thoughts keep circling my head and I don’t know what to do.

These feelings are new to me and for the first time since I became a demon I’m scared. Anxiety tearing me apart.

I continue with the negative thoughts and start pouring me a drink when I’m interrupted by something far worse than the paranoid thoughts.

“Fergus! You’ve returned! Oh, how I’ve missed you.” “Go away mother. I’m not in the mood for your tricks. Especially not today. Don’t you have any of your bitchy, excuse me, witchy things to do? Instead of bothering me.” Snapped the king at the witch who he calls mother as he walks over to his throne with his alcoholic beverage in hand, sitting down, and glaring daggers at her. Annoyed with her already.

“That time of the month again isn’t dearie? I completely understand darling. Certain emotions can arise during this time. I’ll let the unnecessary attitude slide this time.” Rowena wasn’t going to let Crowley get away with having an attitude and she could tell right away that something was bothering him. Something big. And she was going to find out what.

If looks could kill, Rowena would’ve been dead right away. Crowley knew he had made it obvious that something was bothering him and he also knew his mother would want to know what but he wasn’t going to give her what she wanted. Especially when it involved Y/N.

Rowena finally left her son alone with his thoughts in the throne room after trying to pick at what was bothering him for a while, but when she kept failing, finally, she gave up.

“If I really love Y/N then I’ll just tell her how I feel. Whatever she decides I will respect it. I hate feelings.”

Crowley downed his drink as he mentally rehearsed what he was going to tell Y/N when he saw her again. His rehearsing was interrupted when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He checked the ID. It was Y/N.

‘Crowley I was wondering if you could meet me at the bunker. I want to talk to you about something’

Crowley looked at his phone in a panic. What could she want to talk about? The demon king quickly typed his response, anxiously waiting.

‘Um…Sure Y/N. I could meet with you. What time? Will moose and squirrel be there too?’

‘In like an hour. Sam and Dean will be gone by then so you won’t have to worry about them. I’ll be alone.’

Crowley sighed in relief. At least he’ll be able to talk to her alone without the boys yelling at him for every word he says. That’s one less thing to worry about.

‘Sounds good love, see you then’

Crowley turned his phone off and started contemplating what she would want to talk to him about. Every passing minute making him more anxious than the last.

~Back to Y/N’s POV~

Crowley had agreed to meeting me and I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared. I’ve faced monsters, ghosts, angels, demons, and even freaking Death himself. But the one thing I was never taught. Never told to fear. Was what I feared the most…Feelings.

Being a hunter, you really didn’t have time to worry about your “feelings”. Unless you were of course a Winchester because when is there not time for that?

An hour had finally past pasted and the time had come. You felt your stomach turning in anticipation but little did you know Crowley was feeling the same way right now.

You heard a knock at the bunker door and you quickly walked over and opened the door. You were greeted by a warm smile from the demon you were oh so in love with, little to his knowledge. You welcomed him inside and gestured for him to sit down on the couch.

“So. Darling, what is it you want to talk about?”

‘Well he seems to get right with it so I may as well be straight forward’

“Crowley you’ve been acting differently lately and I was wondering if I did anything. Anything at all that may had made you uncomfortable in anyway. I f I did I want you to just tell. I won’t get mad at you and I won’t get upset. I just want to know the truth.”

The question was not what Crowley was expecting at all and he hadn’t rehearsed the answer for this. He was panicking on the inside but kept his cool exterior.

“Y/N, I can completely reassure you that you did nothing wrong. But I do have something to ask of you…” Crowley had to take a deep breath before saying what he had been rehearsing for a while now. And he’s never been more nervous in his whole entire life. As a demon and a human.

“Y/N I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me.” It took you a moment or two, to register what h said considering he said it quite quickly. And his thick accent didn’t make it easier. But once you did realize what you said you were the happiest you had ever been in a long long time.

As you were mentally screaming from happiness, Crowley on the other hand was not. You hadn’t realized how anxious he was which meant while you were screaming from happiness, Crowley was screaming from all the stress, anxiety, and anticipation that you were (unknowingly) building up.

“Crowley. I’d love to”

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