when monsta x is sick and u take care of them


• insists that he doesn’t need to be taken care of but he won’t turn down a night of cuddling he won’t kiss u tho bc he doesn’t want u catching his germs
• has the LOUDEST sneezes
• u can hear him in the room next door
• gets really shy and smiley when u come in with a bowl of soup and hold the spoon to his mouth to feed him
• lays flat on his back and goes into a dead sleep
• u have to shake him a couple times to make sure he’s not actually in a coma


• gets really clingy and grabs ur wrist whenever u try to leave the bed
• “i don’t need blankets i only need u”
• “hoseok pls u have a fever of 102 let me get u medication”
• nuzzles his head into ur shoulder
• he falls asleep with u in his arms and when u try to wriggle out he whines and hugs u even tighter
• sniffles every 2 minutes
• he wakes up and claims he feels better then falls into a coughing fit
• u make him stay in bed while u make tea


• he moves less but continues to chatter away even with a sore throat
• “(y/n), don’t u think my voice is sexier when it’s raspy like this?”
• “minhyuk u sound like a chainsaw please lay down”
• lays in bed with his nintendo ds
• wears like, 5 sweaters and holds his arms open as a cue for u to get in and snuggle with him
• gives u this pitiful puppy face that makes u wanna baby him
• which is exactly what he wants


• knows what medicine to take and when to take them
• brushes off his sickness then turns around and sneezes
• tries not to make a big show about being sick but sometimes he stumbles into u just to freak u out
• he likes it when u cook for him tho since usually he takes on the kitchen duties
• jokingly says the soup u made him tasted like poison but he’ll slurp it all up in 10 minutes
• likes it when u sing him to sleep


• does not want anyone to see him in such a pathetic state; also, he doesn’t like taking medication
• hides underneath the covers
• “baby u need to take medication c'mon”
• *muffled* “memes don’t need medication”
• peeps his head out occasionally when he thinks ur not looking and u catch his cheeks inbetween ur hands and smoosh his face
• is incredibly childish and clamps his mouth shut when u hand him pills and a glass of water


• jooheon thinks the best way to recover from a cold is to sleep it off
• when he finally wakes up he can’t open his eyes and he is 100% needy for cheek kisses and hair ruffles
• super clingy, wraps his arms around ur waist so u can’t leave
• “stay here with me i’m sick and lonely”
• sometimes he grabs his notepad and tries to write lyrics to get his mind off his pounding headache
• then u have to physically swipe the notebook from his hands and shush his protests while u feel his forehead


• gets really quiet and prefers to lay in bed on his phone
• does appreciate u coming in once in a while to check up on him and to bring him food or water or medication
• gets flustered when u offer to feed him, tries to convince u he doesn’t need u to feed him
• “(y/n) i’m sick not paralyzed i can feed myself”
• “say aah”
• begrudgingly lets u feed him he’s so embarrassed what a cutie

Saudade (7)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 2k+


Warnings: swearing, angst, violence



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Tony didn’t expect anyone at the Avengers doorstep anytime soon. So, when an elderly woman sat in one of the empty conference rooms, it stunned him.

“You’re Howard Stark’s kid, right?” she asks as he steps inside the conference room.

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Would you consider drawing an extremely powerful borzoi dog

of course!

(sorry i took so long with this, ive been super busy with senior project stuff and i only just finished yesterday)

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"Just stay with me" Marichat please!

sorry this took so long, ive been rather busy lately

“Just stay with me.”

Marinette buries her face into the crook of Chat’s neck. Her arms are tightly wrapped around him as if he could disappear at any moment. She doesn’t even seem to care that she’s sitting on his lap in a random dark alley. 

“Princess, you need to get off me. I need to go.”

“Every time you go you get hurt.”

He didn’t have a response for her. He couldn’t deny it, he would always get hurt one way or another during a fight but in the end Ladybug patched him up along with all the damage done to Paris. 

It didn’t erase the pain he would feel.

“Just this once, please don’t go out there and get hurt,” she whispers.

There was so much Chat would do for Marinette, but this was not one of them.

“I’m sorry.” 

Chat gently tugs on her arms until they hang loose around him. He places a soft kiss on her forehead before shifting her off of his lap and onto the ground next to him. 

“I’ll be back before you know it.”

Marinette watch him leave the alley, ready to save Paris, before following after him. 

Baekhyun: the fight was probably like you saw him with his ex girlfriend and you got anxious about it and he notices that you’re being distant and when you won’t tell him why, he gets angry. In the moment of yelling, he goes to hit you but the moment you flinch, he stops. “O-Oh my god, Y/N, I’m so sorry- baby-” before he could finish though you were running up the stairs and packing. “Jagi!” He’d try to stop you but it didn’t work and you left quickly. You came back the next night though to get something and you just found him curled up shivering because his house was absolutely freezing and you decided to hear him out

Chanyeol: Chanyeol saw you with another guy downtown. He was getting you an anniversary present when he saw you with one of his old friends in a café. He didn’t get the present and rushed home. All the things that went through his mind just made him angrier and angrier at you and so when you came home, you were greeted by yelling. He was furious. He thought you were cheating. “WITH ONE OF MY FRIENDS TOO?! HOW COULD YOU STOOP SO LOW!” and he’d sound so heartbroken yet so angry. When you say something like “Chanyeol stop being so fucking stupid!” He’d slap you, in the moment. You looked up at him and his eyes were so big but he didn’t apologize. So all you did was back away and run out of the house. After a couple minutes, it started raining and you found cover. He ran out and tried to find you and when he finally did, he was sopping wet and shivering. “J-Jagi!” He called out to you. You couldn’t bring yourself to move. He ran to you and apologized and explained everything

Chen: Chen would have made some really stupid mistake and refuse to believe he did anything wrong. So you guys yell at each other and he turns around and pushes you slight and you fall. He freaks out immediately but before he can stop you, you’re running out of the house. He chases you down and tells you that he realizes that he was wrong and that he’s stupid for pushing you but he loves you

D.O: Kyungsoo would have been obnoxiously stubborn about something and refused to believe anything that wasn’t what he said. Doing this causes you two to get in a fight because he won’t listen to you at all. “Aish, you’re so annoying!” He turned around and accidentally hit you, knocking you over because of the force. You just laid there, hurt by his actions, thinking he did it on purpose. “J-Jagi, get up please…” he said, scared, thinking he had knocked you out. Before he can shake you or anything, you get up and run out of the house. He can’t bring himself to run after you because he knows that he messed up. So he sits there for a while before getting a phone call from Suho and being yelled at. He comes to Suho’s place and he manages to talk to her and explaining that he was just being stubborn and it was all an accident

Kai: He was messing around with the guys, thinking you weren’t around and accidentally said something really mean about you. Like “I love her but she needs to lose some weight if she expects me to give her piggy back rides” and you drop what you were holding and they all hear you and turn to look and Kai immediately freaks out. “Jagi- I-I can explain!” but before he can, you walk over to him, slap him, and run out, ignoring all the guys’ “oh shit”s behind you. You ran to your favorite café and sat down and just curled up and cried. You suddenly felt a tap on your shoulder “I’m sorry- I’ll go-” you say, thinking its a worker but you look up to see Kai. He was crying now. “Jagi I’m so so sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please. Please forgive me. I can’t lose you” He pleads. He keeps going until you forgive him. He gives you a piggy back ride back to the dorm

Kris: Like Kai, he said that you needed to lose weight and you heard it but you didn’t let him know you heard it. Because of the comment he made, you start skimping out on meals and one night, he spends hours making your favorite foods and gets insulted when you don’t want to eat them. He stupidly calls you something like “a fat pig” or something super super mean and you start crying and he notices suddenly that you were actually really thin. “J-Jagi..” he’d start but you couldn’t do it. You tried to leave but he grabbed your arm. “Answer me” when you refused, he got angrier and angrier and turned you around and slapped you. You stared at him with wide eyes before breaking free and running out and to Chen’s place, since he’s your best friend. You tell him the whole story and as you break down, there’s a knock on the door. Kris comes in and he tells you he’s an idiot and that he never meant anything he said and he just wants you to eat and that he deserves for you to break up with him but you can’t help but forgive him

Lay: Lay wouldn’t even realize he said something bad. Like he was thinking out loud and said something really rude and you got upset so you two start fight but he keeps trying to apologize but he ends up getting so angry and he looks like he’s about to hit you so you flinch but he realizes too late because you’re already out the door. He freaks out and runs after you and manages to get to you and he apologizes and he’s crying and he just wants you to come home and cuddle with him because he’s sorry

Luhan: You two were just going at it, yelling terrible things when he suddenly insulted you and immediately is like “nonono i dont mean that-” but you push him away and start walking out but he stops you. He keep pushing him away so in the moment, he pushes you back and you fall. He freaks out and lets you go but you come back the next day to see a small little luhan curled up on the couch sobbing his eyes out

Sehun: Sehun would have been a total brat and he was gonna walk away but he pushed you and he did it too hard and you fell and hit your head. You look at him terrified and he looks terrified as well but you run out quickly and you go to Chanyeol’s place and he takes you to the hospital but Sehun’s your emergency contact so he gets called in and he apologizes for anything and he’s literally in tears and he just holds your hand and you forgive him

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Suho: Suho would have just been worried about you because you seemed ill and you got annoyed of it so you started yelling at him and you pushed him and he hit a wall and he looked so hurt. “J-Jagi why’d you do that…” You couldn’t believe you did that to him and so you ran out quickly and he chased after you. He found you crying in the rain in front of your favorite store, which was currently closed.. You talked and apologized

Tao: Tao would have overreacted because he saw you hanging out with one of the guys and you didn’t tell him. So you came and he was crying and he accused you of cheating which you weren’t. And while he yelled, he swung and barely missed you. You stared at him in disbelief. You quickly ran out and ran to Lay’s place, in tears. He just kinda held you because he’s your closest friend. When Tao came over, he got in a fight with Lay but he eventually got in and talked to you and explained the whole thing and apologized and you two went home

Xiumin: You thought he was cheating so when you confront him, he gets super super annoyed and he yells at you and pushes you and you hit a wall and you fall over in pain. He freaks out and rushes to your side “Jagi I-” you were gone before he could continue. He chased after you but you passed out and he took you to the hospital and when you woke up, he started sobbing and apologized so many times you couldn’t count and you forgave him


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idk if you responded to this...but how to keep track of ocs?like i have ttooooo mannyy and sometimes i just forget them but i really wanna know what their role was in the story but i just can't remember

This is a bit of a late answer sorry, but you really just need to make a list/bracket system/chart/etc and divide them into any necessary groups just to make sure you don’t forget any if you really have that much (I know that feel). Also it helps to pick an oc or an oc group and listen to music that fits them and just makes stories, world build, create backstories, or just put them in cool fights. Go through all of them and create cheat-sheets for all of them and keep them somewhere. If you’re an artist, draw them! If you’re a writer, write stories! Or just daydream! And make sure you’re keeping your references handy if you need it. Just making a list of key parts like backstory, height, gender, sexuality, race, species, eye/hair color, affiliations and friends, etc etc etc really helps keep them all together.