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I saw an ask about your florist Karamatsu and now I'm so happy?? I kept thinking that being a florist suits him and I'm glad someone is thinking the same AND is making such cute and amazing art of him ♡

I’m happy you have the same idea XD I find that I don’t make him as painful as he ought to be honestly. Sorry that this took awhile, I really wanted to reply with a sketch. Thank you so much for liking my stuff! Oh and kinda interesting how the Hydrangea can represent grace and beauty, sometimes taken to an extreme of vanity and narcissism. It fits ovo 

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Do you have recommendations for good pagan folk music? (sorry if you've answered this before)

Hello! Sorry this took awhile to respond, but here’s a few bands that might interest you! There’s many different types of pagan folk music out there, so my list could go on. Hope you enjoy!

  • Omnia 
  • Faun
  • Eivør Pálsdóttir
  • L.E.A.F
  • Gjallarhorn
  • Arcana
  • Virelai

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Adam was so concentrated to leaf the books that he didn’t even notice it at first. The low tingling just under his skin didn’t got his attention until it almost made him to scratch.Nonono, not now. He quickly closed the books and grabbed his back. Why can’t the angels leave me alone?
  • that otp ask meme for @ipickedupapen
  • which one sexts like a straight white boy?
  • John. Alex always texts huge paragraph love letters while John likes to keep it simple and very much fuckboy-esque
  • which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
  • Both of them but at different times. Alex always cries at the beginning when the parents die while John cries at the end when everything is going 0 to 100
  • who put a goddamn fork in the microwave?
  • Alex because it was 3 am and he was up for a good 42 hours straight and he put a goddamn fork in the microwave
  • who does the hands over the eyes guess who thing?
  • John!! 100% he does all the cheesy romantic public stuff while Alex waits until their alone to pull out his cheesy romance
  • who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
  • Alex. He doesn’t even mean to sometimes because he just really wants to touch John because he’s always warm but other times he does it because he’s a giant asshole
  • who had that embarrassing Reality TV Marathon?
  • Alex. He got really into Dance Moms for awhile and very nearly adopted a kid just to put her into the school. (John obviously prevented this)
  • who laughs more during sex?
  • John because Alex often goes on long romantic rants while John has his dick in his mouth and the fact that Alex is attempting to say something like ‘The stars pale in comparison to your beauty’ while he’s sucking him off sets him off
  • who is the little spoon?
  • Alex. He’s perfect spooning size for John and there’s just something about being the little spoon that makes him feel whole and protected
An Awkward Discussion || Shane & Cat

Shane was in the commons, cleaning up the mess everyone made last night. The truth or dare game seemed to cause the whole room to become a mess and, being the gentleman he is, Shane decided to clean it all up since no one else was going to. He already took the cup that looked like beer out to the sink (which he’ll have to clean later), scraped the duct tape off the walls, and was no mopping up the soaked floor and couch. He was scrubbing it and scrubbing it, getting lost in his thoughts as he did. Last night, Cat was dared to give him a lap dance and even the thought of it made him blush. Of course he looked away as she did it, he didn’t wanna come off pervy. But once he was dared to do the same to her, he felt totally embarrassed thinking about that as well. Plus the ending result afterward, with them kissing. He felt the heat go to his face, and scrubbed harder. ‘She was the first girl you kissed that wasn’t Lisa..’. He shook the thought off and continued to scrub, not paying attention to the footsteps that were coming closer.

855. When one student bullied another student, the bully would find themselves more prone to accidents involving dodgy staircases or floorboards, particularly in front of large crowds, because the castle doesn't put up with bullying.

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@Xingeseroyalty | Visiting hours

Shirong placed the phone down on the receiver and let out a heavy sigh. He hadn’t had any luck with reaching anyone last night, but he got a returning call this morning and after answering some questions and dodging others he’d been given the okay to take Ling into the mental ward later this afternoon. Because of Ling’s circumstances he couldn’t be visited like an ordinary prisoner or hospital patient without getting permission first; Shirong himself was one of a very select few who were allowed to visit regularly with no questions asked, but the same couldn’t be said of any guests he brought.

Part of Shirong wondered why he tried so hard- he still wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of letting the two versions of the same person meet. Things would’ve been alot easier if they’d just said no. He turned to look at Ling who had been eating breakfast at the table while Shirong had done his business.

“We’ve been given the green light. He’s apparently been doing okay this morning, so I can take you down to the hospital later today. But….” He made it a point to reach Ling’s eyes to know he was being serious “There are some things I need to discuss with you first.”

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Riley's delivery job had gone smoothly, but he'd had a bad day regardless. As he exited the store, he suddenly got a headache. He started crossing the street, and his headache got worse. Closing his eyes from the pain, he barely felt anything as he ran straight into a boy with sky blue hair, and didn't even bother stopping to see who he'd just body checked.

Sora was coming back from his solo mission. Thankfully it was over with quickly and he could return to Beacon. He yawned lightly as he waited to cross the street. With his eyes closed he didn’t see the person that ran into him. He quickly glared up at the man’s fearsome face as he landed hard on his butt.

“Can’t you watch where you are going barbarian?” He snapped as he got up from the asphalt.

Xeria groans opening her eyes, “damn what the hell happened?” She mutters to herself glancing around. The last thing she remembers is heading to Vexen’s lab for the usual monthly check up when there was some kind of explosion and she blacked out. Taking in her surroundings she recognizes the door to the grey area not far from her. The familiar sound of a sitar is coming from the door. She stands wincing as her ankle protests the action and carefully makes her way to the grey area.

Still not quite right. It was a fairly quiet day in the Grey Area, and Demyx had the whole room to himself for a change. He was composing a new song, but he was stuck on one of the stanzas. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t seem to get it to flow right. Maybe he needed to skip off to a nearby world and hope for some inspiration. The sound of approaching footsteps reach his ear and he wondered who in the Organization was coming to intrude on his muse time. 

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// OHMYGOSH-im screaming/crying at your Origins + First and Last Lines gif set cause with Adrien's lines it's almost like he's finishing his sentence, "But this is what I want. . .a friend."

AHHH, thank you! I never noticed that but I’m glad that’s how it turned out!! :) It’s so true and super cute. Adrienette kills me, man.

here’s a screenshot of the gifset so I can freeze this moment forever :)

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25 damimaps (:P V spooky blog theme, love it btw)

 send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Damian hissed at Maps, as the two of them approached the house; he’d fought villains, faced monsters and even died, but still his heart felt like it was going to pound out of his chest at the thought of a Halloween party. 

Maps didn’t seem to share any of his hesitation though, she was practically jumping up and down with excitement beside him.

“Relax Damian, it’ll be fun. There’s no need to be nervous.” Damian had to bite his tongue to keep from claiming he wasn’t nervous, there would be no point to it after all, she’d gotten pretty good at telling when he was lying.

“I’ve never been to this kind of party before.” he quietly admitted, “I’m not sure how to act.” His experience with parties was limited to Wayne Galas full of stuffy adults with fake smiles on their faces. 

Maps placed a reassuring hand on his arm, 

“Hey, it’ll be fine. Just be yourself…your real self, not the asshole facade you try to pretend is you.” Damian met her eyes for a moment, vulnerability showing on his face, it disappeared quickly though.

“TT, I don’t know what you’re talking about. There’s no facade.” Maps rolled her eyes before linking her arm with his,

“Whatever you say. Now come on, we have a party to get to.”

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hello! do you know any more good blogs that post BTS? it can be gifs or pastel graphics. i don't mind :) i just wanted to be updated with cool posts

btw your blog is great!!

hello! thank you so much! ; u ; I’ve been telling myself to make a page for blog recs but i never do orz so im just going to go through my followings and list the blogs that post graphics/edits/gifs of bangtan 

*note; some of these blogs may not be 100% bangtan biased

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Deep Space||The Doctor and Rose

“What?” The Doctor kicked the console of the TARDIS. An annoyed hand ran through his hair. This wasn’t good news. The Doctor frowned and looked up. This wasn’t good. This was just a pile of things that just had to go wrong that night. 

The Doctor looked at the keyboard, pressing a button over and over again. That wasn’t doing anything and he knew it but there was no harm in trying, just to get it going. At that moment the TARDIS grew darker like someone had turned out the lights. Well, wasn’t that just peachy. “Rose!” He called, hoping that the blonde would come and he could explain the current events to her. 

Down the Rabbit Hole (( Rp with alwaysfullcount))

Sam had been given a game recently from an unknown source that was labeled simply ‘OFF’
The sniper didn’t know who it was from but found it one day on the door step of her camper van during a break in work, looking around briefly she shrugged walked back into her camper van with the game in hand and a small sigh escaping her, grabbing her laptop and  sitting down on her disheveled bed  and turning her laptop on she decided  to check out this weird game and stared at the screen as it poped up.
The screen flashed black quickly and the word OFF appeared in orange with only one option to click on.
Thinking nothing of it she quickly clicked on the button and it all went black once again. Sighing and finding it odd she saw another box pop up asking what the players name was, again with out thinking her fingers  flew to her key board and she typed in “Sam”
At that instant  the screen buzzed like static as a loud whispering began and a cold shiver went threw her spine and the feeling of being incredibly dizzy smashed into her but within the next quick second the screen on her computer seamed to vanish and a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders tightly and pulled her forward threw the computer.
A scream erupted threw her lips but was silenced as the rush of wind and the feeling of falling washed over her small frame before she  landed gently on the ground in a pitch black room.

“Where the hell am I?..” She asked out loud breathing heavily and standing up on shaky legs as her blue eyes scanned the place quickly taken back by the suddenness of everything and wondering what the hell had just happened.

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When Julia enteres the war room she didn't expect to find Esmeralda sitting on the war table, holding one of the many map markers. Esmeralda must have heard her come in because the Qunari turns smiles, puts the marker down, and turns toward her. "I was wondering when you'd show up, Inquisitor. We need to talk."

“I’m here, yes, but let’s get on with it. I’ve got to go beat Sera’s ass at Wicked Grace again.” She cracks her neck, still sore from yesterday’s activities. “What’s the topic?” She leans on the war table next to the Qunari woman.

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Jock Minewt

Newt and Minho being the true alpha males on their track team. Together, they hype everyone up for track meets and motivate everyone to be the best they can be in the extensive workouts they all have to do. It’s needless to say that they’re people the others look up to even outside of running and will come to either Newt or Minho for advice or help with school or personal issues.

Screeching tires and shattered glass is the sound of the world breaking. The doctors say it’s likely Newt will never be able to walk again, and it’s when Minho hears Newt crying alone behind the closed door of his hospital room that he challenges fate. Minho—along with a few other boys from their little team: Alby, Gally, Ben—help Newt through the physical therapy. Minho—although too scared and guilt-ridden to drive him to the facility—makes sure Newt’s doing the exercises he’s supposed to be doing at home. Everyone pitches in to try to help in any way they can because this time it’s their turn to inspire Newt.

It’s because of their support that Newt doesn’t give up, and it’s just short of a miracle when Newt walks for the first time without the crutch.

Track and cross country are still things of the past, but Newt shows up one day the next school year to watch them practice. There’s tension at first, but by the end of the week, it’s like Newt never left. Although he doesn’t run, he shows up to all of their meets and helps out with the coaches when he can spare the time.

Chuck, a freshman on the team, asks Minho who Newt really is when he witnesses Newt break up a squabble between the boys in a way Chuck thought only Minho was capable of when the coaches were gone.

Minho smiles and looks over at Newt scolding a boy who now had his head ducked in shame. He laughs because it’s was weird to think of someone who doesn’t already know Newt because how could you not know him? It feels like both common knowledge and a revelation when Minho tells him, “He’s a smartass. He’s not afraid to tell you to your face that you’re an idiot, and he’s the strongest man you’ll ever meet.”

Send me a word with either a character or pairing and I’ll make a head canon for it!