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How to Play a Player: Step One- Ignore him (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)


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Song- I definitely have an entire playlist I listen to while writing so If you wanna listen to that it’s here: Fuck Fuckbois

(It’s also just a very good pump up/confidence playlist in general)


When you woke up, you had another two texts, but only one was from Alex.

Hey it’s Gilbert. I didn’t want you to think I didn’t like you or something so I texted you, but I’m not really interested in getting involved with one of Alex’s exs. He’s a good friend

You sighed and typed a reply.

I totally understand no hard feelings :)

The message from Alex was just


Sorry I was doing something You typed as if you hadn’t spent fifteen minutes thinking of that reply.

You sighed and rubbed a hand over your face, not having fully woken up yet. Your mind wandered to all the things you had to do today. You didn’t have to go into work, but there was some paperwork that you needed to do at home, not to mention laundry, and this apartment definitely needed cleaning.

You were going to need some coffee from you favorite shop today. You rolled out of bed and did the bare minimum to looks presentable before grabbing your purse and walking out the door.

This cafe was your favorite for a lot of reasons, but a big one was how close it was to your apartment. You could walk there even, which was nice because the coffee nearly paid for itself with how much you saved on gas now.

Bells chimed as you open the sleek glass door. The barista recognized you and instantly started to make your regular. You smiled and sat back on  your favorite couch, scrolling through your phone and only looking up when someone in front of you cleared their throat.

“Isn’t this crazy? Two days in a row!” Alex said.

You were so shocked you forgot to speak. Had he really come to what he knew was you favorite cafe just to “bump into you”? 

“Yeah that is strange…” you said skeptically. Of all times, why did he have to see you when you weren’t wearing any makeup and practically still in your pajamas? All you had wanted was some coffee.

“Hangover cure?” He gestured around the shop.

“No, I’m actually feeling pretty good.” You tapped your head. “Why? Are you having issues?”

Alex laughed. “No…I’m pretty tough.” He sat down on the couch next to you.

I took everything in you not to gag. At the perfect moment, your phone rang. It was Gilbert.

Haha alright good

It was a basic text that normally you wouldn’t bother replying to, but if you wanted to use your phone as a tool to ignore Alex, you were about to type the longest text in the world.

It only took a few seconds of tapping before Alex was butting in again.

“Who are you talking to?”

“Your friend, Gilbert.” you said without looking over to him.

“Gilbert…? Oh, you mean Lafayette!”

“Yeah sure.” you shrugged. The barista called your name. You quickly grabbed your purse and paid for your coffee. You looked over to Alex. He seemed to be expecting you to walk back towards him.

“Bye Lex!” You smiled and waved before briskly walking out the door. You could definitely get used to this feeling. Anything to piss Alex off was a good thing. There was a definite spring in your step on the way home.

A new sense of motivation filled you. You ended up getting a lot done that day, while also intermittently texted Gilbert, or Lafayette, or whatever. He actually seemed pretty cool. He even invented you to a party that he was having at his house in few days. You told him you’d come if you weren’t working late that night. It was an excuse you usually used when you wanted to get out of something, but you actually wanted to go to this party. There was also a slight chance that Alex was going to be there, which we be the perfect opportunity to blatantly ignore him.

So when that night came around, you were more than eager to get out of the office. Peggy met you at your house and started to raid your closet while you told her all about your plan.

“I’d be careful, Y/N. Don’t forget how charming that boy can be.”

“Don’t worry.” You shook your head at the dress she held up. “I’m not gonna fall for him. I’m smarter now. I just wanna have a little fun and make him break a little.”

Peggy laughed sweetly. “It does sound fun I’ll give you that.” She held up a simple black romper.

You nodded. “That’s perfect.” It was loose enough to be comfortable, but small enough to make you look good.

“You sure you don’t wanna come, Pegs?” you asked while applying lipstick.

“Yeah…” she sighed. “I have breakfast with my parents tomorrow, and I don’t need a lecture.” You nodded understandingly and hugged her before she walked out.

When you were all ready and Gilbert had texted you his address, you hopped in your car and drove there.

The house looked crowded. It wasn’t necessarily loud, but there were people everywhere, even in his front yard. You had to squeeze between a lot of bodies just to get inside. Fun songs were playing and chatter filled the whole building.

Gilbert spotted you from across the room and waved you over with a big smile on his face. When you reached him, he pulled you into a bear hug. Gilbert smelled like alcohol. Definitely wasted.

“I am so ‘appy you are ‘ere!” His accent definitely got stronger the more he drank.

“So am I!”

“I am sure Alex will be too.” he said, looking around. “He likes to talk about you.”

“Alex is here?” you asked. Gilbert nodded and drank some more, handing you a glass of amber liquid. You smiled and took a sip. This was perfect. All you had to was pretend Alex didn’t exist, but make sure he knew that you do.

You finished your drink and decided explore. When you found what looked like the kitchen, you walked in to fill up your drink again. Alex was there, talking to a girl with straight red hair and curvy hips. You headed straight for the alcohol.

“Y/N, you’re here?” he asked.

“Yep!” you sipped your now full cup and walked out of the kitchen with a wave.

Alex practically stared at you the whole night. He kept his distance, but as the alcohol flowed through you, he seemed to be getting closer. And when you almost fell over with dizziness, his arms quickly caught you.

“Oh…thanks.” you mumbled, pulling away quickly.

“I should get you home. You can’t drive. Where are your keys?”

“I don’t wanna go home. I wanna dance.”

Alex gave you a look. “You definitely need to go. I’m getting your purse.”

Alex only disappeared for a few seconds before he was back at your side, pulling you towards the door of the house.

“How did you know which one was mine?”

Alex laughed lightly. “You haven’t switched purses for a least a year and we broke up seven months ago.”

You kept your mouth quiet on the ride home. Alex helped you out of the car and you took your purse from him.

“How are you gonna get home?” you asked.

He shrugged. “I’ll have one of the guys come pick me up.”

You were shocked. You’d definitely expected to him to try and come inside. “Okay…well, thanks for the ride.” You turned walk away.


There it was.

“Do you wanna get coffee together next week? If you’re not busy?”

You turned around slowly. Your mind was saying no, but something about his dark brown eyes, and the way he stood there awkwardly with his hands shoved in his pockets was confusing your mind and your mouth.

“Yeah I guess.” you said. Alex smiled and nodded.

“Okay cool. I’ll text you.”

“Goodnight.” you said quickly. You sped-walked to your apartment.

That could complicate things.