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What the heck, that open prompt you wrote is so adorable! The imagery! You captured such a charming point of him and set the stage so nicely! Lovely writing, yes yes! ))

When you’re having a horrible day and the bae knows exactly what to say at the exact moment and you sob real tears a little in real life.


Mystic Falls, Virginia. The Winchester brothers knew nothing of the town as it was their first time visiting the area. To think, in the many years the brothers had been hunting, one would think they would have visited almost all cities and towns in the United States; unfortunately that was wrong. Though they had been to very many places – far too many for Dean to count, the Winchester’s hadn’t made their mark just yet. And with a four month hiatus due to unfortunate circumstances, Dean was ready to make that mark.

Stepping out from his baby - a ‘67 Impala, Dean looked over to his brother and huffed. The sky seemed like it was going to rain as the clouds covered the once blue and sunny sky. “Either we find a diner or a motel; either or, we need to hurry before we get caught in the downpour,” Dean suggested, his eyes squinting as they began walking through the town’s square. Even entering the ‘mystic’ town, Dean could tell this wasn’t any ordinary small town; there was something special about the people, maybe even just the place itself. Whatever it was that sort of drew Dean into it, the man chose to shrug it off as they walked into a building called the Mystic Grill.

When they entered the building, many of the residents looked their way with questionable gazes. The Winchester brothers were used to the looks and stares whenever they would enter a new town. Since they weren’t going to be going straight to the Sheriff’s office, the brothers figure they didn’t need to pull out their fake FBI badges. Choosing to sit at a booth, the brother waited until a waiter or waitress approached them. As they waited, Dean inspected their surroundings, checking to see if anything out of the ordinary popped out.

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Okay sorry idk who else to rant to about this but I'm so fucking pissed because I just saw (on tumblr) someone describe POCD to a pedophile (an actual fucking pedophile) as "not admitting to being a pedophile" it really fucking hurts and is incredibly fucking ableist (Sorry for all the cursing I'm mad)

anon i’m sorry you had to read that :\

people can be super shitty about what they don’t understand (and not understanding is no excuse for their behavior).


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15 Day Challenge 

Day 1: Normal Boots or Hidden Block ?

I have a really hard time choosing between these two 

so both ? i mean I can do that right ? 

(btw sorry for the super shitty edit , I just wanted something in the background)