A love that consumes

It had been almost an hour since they’d gone to bed. Both lying there side by side, staring at the ceiling, her fingers intertwined with his, but for the seemingly first time, it didn’t seem to bring her any comfort. Eventually Tom gave up and rolled on his side to face her, freeing her hand for a second only to quickly replace it with the other.

“Can’t sleep?” he whispered, running his fingers up and down her arm. Taylor sighed and turned to him as well. He knew she was under immense stress due to social media and the public’s opinion of her because earlier that day before she broke down and let him in to see all her insecurities, she had tried to break them up. And almost succeeded due to her sheer will and stubborn determination.

“Yeah.” She caught his hand and brought it up to her face and kissed his palm before turning her face into his hand. “But you’re tired, you have an early morning tomorrow. I don’t wanna keep you up.” He offered a look that suggested her idea was ridiculous, as if he would go to sleep knowing she couldn’t.

“Are you still worried?” he asked and she sighed before responding. “I’m not worried. I’m-” The words never left her lips and it made Tom’s heart ache because she admitted to everything but fear. But she trusted him with it, too. “I can’t lose you,” she said in a strained voice.

Tom turned to hold her, eliminating any and all distance between them, until his lips were against hers, her arms around his neck and his hands running up and down her sides.

“You won’t,” he promised ardently as he puncuated his sentence with a short, forceful kiss. He meant it with his whole heart, because she was Taylor Swift and he would never let go of her and neither would she. “Taylor listen, I don’t care what the universe tries or what the world says about you or us,” he says, hoping she would feel how certain he was. “Against all odds and all obstacles, I fell in love with this girl. No games or egos or headlines. Just us. And she has made me happier than I ever believed I would be.” Her eyes tear up as he finishes his loving declaration by snaking his arms around her waist and pressing her closer to him.

“Do I know her?”

He laughed and kissed her- slowly, languidly. “Not as well as I do.”

“Really?” Taylor feigned curiosity. “What’s she like?”

“She’s incredible,” he said quietly, tracing her lips with his. “She’s brave…” He kisses her. “Loyal..” A kiss. “Kind..” Another kiss. “She loves me much more than I deserve…” She bit his lip to express disagreement, but he continued. “And I love her so much. I’ve never felt anything to compare to what I feel for her.”

His next kiss was anything but innocent, and Taylor succumbed happily as did Tom because maybe, just maybe, he managed to convince him that no magazine headline or rumour could scare him away so easily or held any power over their relationship.

“She loves you more,” said Taylor, drawing back. “He just doesn’t know how much I love him.” She stroked his cheek tenderly and she asked:


“Why what?”

“Why do you love her?”

Tom’s breath caught in his throat. This was Taylor at her most honest,, vulnerable, handing him her heart and trusting him not to make a careless move and break it.

He rolled them over so he was on top of her, and kissed her lips and moved to kiss her jaw then her neck. “There are hundreds of reasons, and then there are none. I can explain why I like you.” He dropped the game. “ Why I respect you. Why I admire you. But not why I love you. I just…got everything I was looking for.” He smiled down at her and clarified” “A love that consumes all of me.”

She looked at him for what seemed a long time, without saying a word, pulled him closer to her and closed the gap between their lips, rolling them over.

They didn’t need to say anything else except each other’s names for the rest of the night.


There is a post straight from Ngozi herself in which (although it’s an au or is it oooh) Hilary Knight is Shitty’s sister.

With a simple Google search, you see that Hilary Knight does, in fact, have brothers:

William, James, and Remington. My first thought was Remington because, oh my god, how pretentious does that sound, right? But that wouldn’t work because we know Shitty’s name starts with a B.

This led me to William.

William, which can be shortened to Bill.







Keith, we just got back!

I’ve seen a lot of cute head cannons and fanfics about Lance taking Keith to me his family, and I wanted to add this to the bunch. I love the idea of Lance coming from a religious family (his grandmother mostly) and this happening. 

I actually have a whole story to go along with this that I may write. I’ll see the response to this and maybe post it. Maybe. 

anonymous asked:

How good of an older brother is Ichimatsu?

Ichi: …I’m okay… Jyushimatsu- and Todomatsu-nii-san are much better at this kind of stuff.

((I was gonna do one with Choro too but I’m super drained rn so just know that Ichi is the one to do all of Choro’s weeb shit with him like go to conventions and idol concerts)) 


but you get it deep down, don’t you? you punks lost to this guy.