“You know it really hasn’t been all fun and games like this on this movie. Don’t think everyday I just sit in here and… glam it on up. Usually I have to be in a complete state of misery.” - mariah, not being at all hyperbolic, behind the scenes of the movie Glitter. (x)


[get to know me meme] 7 Actresses (1/7): Vanessa Hudgens


im so sorry

dear ellington,

happy birthday. i can’t believe your 22! you need to stay young like peter pan.

i’m not going to get all mushy, but when i was going through a hard time with school, drama, and life, you (along with r5) helped me. i would watch interviews, r5tvs, and random videos of you guys and laugh at your silliness.

so pakkratt, i hope you have the best 22nd birthday, and live to be 100.



BLOGGER: Hindi ako nagkulang. Hindi ka lang nakuntento. (Gitarista ng The Ethereal Band)

BLOG: Kambal kami ng theme. Ang linis bi-ep-ep ha? Mga reblogs nasa blog nya tas sabi nya next month daw sya magsusulat na sya. Haha. Ganda ng bgm nya puro opm. Wala kadudaduda na maganda ang blogger kitang-kita naman sa sidebar diba? 

MESSAGE: Hoy Dos! FS ko bukas please medyo special ha? hahaha. Gagawin ko sana tong extra special eh. Mas special pa sana sa special someone mo. Lol. Kaso tinatamad ako kaya sorry na. Ayun, LQ ata kayo ni poreber ko? hahahaha. Tae basta miss you na see you sa TC virtually lol tas TSAMU personally. HAHAHAHA. U make libre me ha? Gusto ko pang pahabain to at ang dami ko pang gustong sabihin kaso walang lumalabas. Ano dw. Labyu dos poohtanginamo! 

helenhamiltonwrites asked:

[text] Night, I love you. || [text] Open the door, I’m here. || [text] SOS!!! I’m in trouble!! || [text] Remind me, why are we still friends? || [text] Can’t stop thinking about you. || [text] Are you still up? I can’t sleep. || [text] Have you finished your homework? I need a hand. || [text] Missing you. Call me? || [text] Sweet dreams!

[text] Night, I love you. (ROADTRIP!SAMCHEL)

[text] Night, Rach, I love you too. 
[unsent] Is super hard to keep my visit secret, but I really can’t wait to see that smile of yours again. That roadtrip really changed my life, how was I supposed to know I was gonna find love? 

[text] Open the door, I’m here. (STUMBLIN’ IN!BRAM)

[text] You’re gonna have to sneak from the backyard, some reporters are in front on my door and I don’t want them to know about you. 
[text] … it sounded pretty rude but trust me, you don’t wanna end up answering their questions. 

[text] SOS!!! I’m in trouble!! (LQ!FABLYNN)

[text] Weren’t you going to the Prom with that guy? I think you should ask him for help, not me. Wrong number, Q. 

[text] Remind me, why are we still friends? (LQ!FABLYNN)

[text] Because my awesome letters and e-mails make you laugh so much I can hear you from another country. 
[text] Also because you wouldn’t have a place to go for a vacation next summer (this isn’t an invitation, it’s an actual BRING YOUR ASS HERE BECAUSE I MISS YOU). 

[text] Can’t stop thinking about you. (TROUBLEMAKERS!FABLYNN)

[text] Me neither. I don’t know about you, but it didn’t feel like a one time thing to me. Maybe we should meet again and talk about it? 
[text] Let me know, I’d be more than happy to see you again, Quinn.
[text] Are you still up? I can’t sleep. 

[text] Have you finished your homework? I need a hand. (LQ!FABLYNN)

[text] You must hate Math to need help from /ME/. WHat if I tell you that the one you need a hand from NEEDS a hand too?
[text] We could always try getting this stuff done together, what about it?

[text] Missing you. Call me? (LQ!FABLYNN)

[text] Q., you know I would, but Bree and I are going to a restaurant. Next time, I promise?
[text] I miss you too, a lot. 
[unsent] Well, actually “I miss you” is an understatement, but I won’t tell you about it with a text. 

[text] Sweet dreams! (WICKED GAMES!FABREVANS)

[text] It was a nice second date. I’ll be in time for a morning kiss before lessons start. 
[unsent] It’s getting harder and harder pretending to be your boyfriend. Still don’t understand why are you convinced that Finn is gonna make you happy. Whatever. 


**aggressively cries because i miss vlogs** (btw sorry about the quality- her vlogs were always really lq) #taylorswift

Damn nostalgia