“You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

@lesetoilesfous requested Moulin Rouge!Kuroken and I died a thousand deaths of happiness. 

Happy birthday AQUANUTART ! I’m so LATE. Of course I had to draw Lucius! I’m sorry about the boring pose OTL but I had fun shading in those robes.

You are such an amazing artist and you never ever fail to impress me with your skills whenever you post something new. Your work is always so creative and I love your colours and wow the way you can set up an atmosphere is seriously incredible !! ;u;

hi this is the most OOC Fionna I’ve ever drawn but I really wanted to put her in a fancy dress today I’m sorry

(also I REALLY don’t know if and how I should tag this and future Finn or Fionna art bc of their arms so please let me know if you need me to put a special tag on those!)

idk i relaly like her… i just kept doolding her today. i kinda always wanted a cheetah oc. i might call her talia. sorry for boring pose, it was kinda a ref thing


I present you the RG 1/144 Gundam GP01Fb “Moon Ops.”!

This time I opted for a more clean look with less chipping and a subtle moon dusting. Speaking of the Moon, I’ve also tryed to build my first custom action base/diorama! I know it’s nothing special but I’ll improve, I promise!

Anyway building and painting this beast was a mix of emotion; I started with great excitement because it was my first RG, and in fact  was very fun to build and paint but I needed to be very precise and meticolous, trying to take less risks possibile because is extremely fragile! I dont know why, maybe the fault is mine or the paint is too aggressive but there are some points, expecially on the armor, that shows some little cracks, really frustrating… expecially if you think that I spent more than three months to finish it!

Anyway I’m really proud of my work and I’m pretty sure that the next time I’ll do better!

Sorry for the boring pose but I’m afraid to move it too much ^^’’

Thanks for your attention and keep building gunpla!