@tarokin Happy Birthday!
Sorry if thus was late or early, drawing multiple characters takes a while!
I tried to draw your persona with the characters I knew you were familiar with. Papy, Spring, Mary.
I know you arent really in the Ib fandom anymore, but I met you when you were Mary, so she’s kinda just signifgent as “you” to me. Sorry ^^“.
I know, it’s shitty. I’m trying to get better in Medibang. It WOULD have been colored, but alot of stuff happened between the time I drew this, and the time of your birthday (not bad stuff, just stuff.), so it went uncolored. I really wish this was better, but it didnt turn out well. IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS WE’LL GO WITH THAT.
I’ll try to redo this on paper, since I’m better at paper drawings, but I’m an impacient little *boop* and wanted you to see this anyways!
Happy B-day!
And sorry if I tagged the wrong account, too–

I drew and inked this on the plane (any costume fuck-ups and shaky inking I’m going to blame on lack of refs and turbulence. yup.) and threw a bit of color on today. I’ve been wanting to do Angelica in ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet’ for awhile, but I hadn’t found a composition that I was satisfied with, so I just gave up and went ahead with it anyways, even though this isn’t really up to my usual standards.

previously: Eliza - Alexander - Washington - Burr

‘I’m here… sweetheart…’

‘so…come back…..please…’

‘sweet heart…..’

Decide to color the doodle of this beautiful AU Flowerfell

thank to these amazing people @underfart-snas @siviosanei​ for creating such a wonderful AU

and you  @leviticusarts for make me cry for every time i read your beautiful fic..

it’s my first time drawing Underfell!Sans ….so…. ugh… sorry ; __ ;

sorry if it kinda suck OTL


I’m so sorry for the shitty quality of this picture, but I had to take them with my phone because my scanner died. (Ahh, the joy of life!)

Anyway, even if you can’t really see the colours decently, I drew Harry & Louis on a bike, going downhill at full speed, and Louis isn’t really having fun! ;)
I tend to draw happy things ATM to kind of avoid all the drama that has been going on recently… ;))

Hope you like this, despite the quality of the pictures!

Alu. xx



Alright guys, Im now opening drawing commissions since I am having extreme difficulty finding a job with severe anxiety/depression/ and no money to start with to get me to and from a job at all.

I need money for groceries and food for my animals, also for heat since our family’s shitty house gets freezing when it gets cold outside.

I will NOT do :

.Anything sexual/fetishes


.Animals ( Furries could be an acceptance)

.I will do nudity. ( I can’t draw dicks so they would be covered by other body parts, sorry)


Sketches w/one color and/or shading.

Bust - $7

Full Body - $10

Full Simple Color

Bust - $12

Full Body - $15

Extra Characters - $5 each

Detailed shading - + $5

I only accept paypal payments, but please message or email me first so you can go through without fees

If you can’t help please spread this around!

Love you guys!  - Noodle


For the anon who wanted to know what happens when my shitty 5 minute art gets inked and colored.  I found some watercolor pencils, top is prior to me dipping a brush in my coffee to find out what happens when ‘watercolor’ feature is activated.

I’ve tried doing digital coloring and it’s even worse.  I am a lost cause friend, but I have no shame and will continue to keep posting this crap with pride.

Roy is blushing out of embarrassment for me.  I forgot to color the back of his hair, so he’s going gray back there and someone pointed it out…that’s why he looks constipated.  


-I got in my first fight at 12
-…got pretty scuffed up…but it was worth it. I won a dog. She was starved…Suzie.
-I guess that’s when I started purposefully hurting myself.
-She was my friend. And when they killed her, then I figured I wouldn’t be missed by anyone or anything. Her face when I came home was what kept me going.

I don’t know why I made this so sad. I’m so sorry. And the coloring is so shitty. Ugggg.

But anyway, little!will in my head canon has lighter hair. Usually hair darkens with age and blond-brown is a pretty common hair color in the south.

Just a picture from behind, don’t ever get to see these beauties. My tiger and cobra were of the first of my bodysuit, right after my dragon was completed. Love them, so here they are💕💕. (Sorry for such shitty lighting, doesn’t do justice for the color and brightness of my legs). #japanese #colorful #heavyink #bodysuit #backpiece #legsleeves #tiger #cobra #kitsune #dragon #koi #dragonkoi #chrysanthemumtattoo #skull #blackandgrey #girlswithtattoos #KayleeLong by kayleelonggggg

So tomorrow is kind of my New Years because I did nothing in January
I’m actually gonna start the 100 Days of Productivity thing, kicking it off with this: new colored notecards that I’m way too excited about (like its a little unnatural), I redid my bullet journal set up (I stole it from someone’s whose picture showed up on my dash, sorry), new pens, and I finally used that Starbucks gift card I got two months ago. Let’s do this *punches air violently* *falls*

Taggy things

Tagged by: @ultravioletutopian
Name: Shantel/Sean
Nickname: shanty, strawberry, lil shack/shaq, tel
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Gender: Nonbinary
Height: 5'2" maybe?
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual/panromantic
Favourite Color: Maroon/muted greens
Time Right Now: 6:45 as of the time I typed this
Current Location: US
Average Hours of Sleep: 0-6 hours
Lucky Number: 26/16
Last Thing I Googled: Valentine’s Day 2016
Number of Blankets I sleep under: all of the blankets, it grows and depletes constantly
Favorite Fictional Characters: Peach and Link
Favorite Book: Please Ignore Vera Dietz
Favorite artists/bands: Miniature Tigers, Young the Giant, TØP, Walk the Moon
Dream job: I’m too fickle with careers
What I’m wearing: colorguard shirt and gym shorts
Random fact: I have these series of reoccurring dreams and they’re like premonitions, except people in my dream are always replaced with random people. They’re the exact same scenarios, though I would mistake it for déjà vu
When did you create your blog?: July 21, 2013 (thanks to @ultravioletutopian you can check yours at
Do you have any other blogs?: @shanteljust which is just a pastel/pink aesthetic blog
Who is your most active?: @spoetacular
What made you decide to get a tumblr?: i was at a sleep over and they convinced me to get one because I didn’t even use my old one
Do you get asks on a daily basis?: one-two a week is the average as of the past few months.
Why did you choose your URL?: it’s my nickname and I like it very much

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youreaspecialflower asked:


2: Age

i’m 18!

3: 3 Fears

heights, spiders, rejection

5: 4 turns on

similar interests, has a similar humor or likes mine, being nice to me at all, caring or at least humoring any of my creative projects

7: My best friend

i don’t really have a single best friend as much as a core group of friends. id find it hard to pick one over another

11: What do I miss

i kind of miss some of my younger wonderment by things, and a few other small things

13: Favourite color


15: Favourite quote

i have a lot so here’s a few

“pick a god and pray”

“you deserved better from me than one sword and a world of troubles”

“a night wind across the football practice field carried the smell of thawed winter earth, the great sorrow world smell of being alive beneath a sky.”

“im sorry, this isnt the happiness you desired”

i feel like this is a shitty assortment but those are some i found in my notebook

17: Favourite food

honestly????? i have super poor taste in food half the time i just shovel pasta in my mouth

19: What am I listening to right now

I Don’t Dance - High School Musical 2

23: Hair color


29: Favourite song

again no idea, theres a lot. recently i’ve been a big fan of “somebody that i used to know” and the palace theme from zelda II

31: How I feel right now

actually pretty good

37: Tattoos and piercing i want

im not particularly interested in either, but i’ve always conceptually liked the idea of a triforce on the back of my hand

41: Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?


43: How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?

about 10-15 mins to wake up, about 25 to get completely dressed/backpack ready, and around 10-15 mins to eat in the morning

so around an hour or so, usually a little under.

47: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?


53: What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?

like, i’d be uncomfortable in the sense that im not a fan of pda and that feels like it’d be an awkward position, but i don’t really have qualms with it other than that

people are allowed to do as they want, yo, as long as they don’t infringe on other people’s comfortability

59: Do I have any strange phobias?

none of mine seem super strange to me.

61: What was the last lie I told?

i wrote the date on the rough draft to make it look like i didnt write it today

67: What was the last book I’ve read?

cat and mouse, tho i’m working through i, robot rn

71: Do I spend money or save it?

spend. im a consumer

73: Is there anything pink in 10 feets from me?

ye, a peach amiibo

79: What would I want to be written on my tombstone?

“galidor was alright”

83: Do I have any relatives in jail?


89: Gotten pregnant?


97: Had sex in public?

dude sometimes i cant even talk in front of people

101: Smoked cigarettes?

im actually really really disinterested in smoking, so hopefully never

103: Am I a vegetarian/vegan?


107: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?

most days

109: Been outside my home country?

not yet

113: Cut myself?

as in self harm, no. accidentally? yes

127: Met someone famous?

i think

131: Helped with charity?

a few times

137: Do I like my handwriting?

its cute

139: Favourite Tv Show?

code lyoko, galidor, or steven universe

149: What my greatest achievments are

i own most of the galidor sets sealed and apparently i’m a half way decent writer and artist

151: What I’d do if I won in a lottery

i’d likely give a lot of money to my parents, set a bunch aside for college and living, and then buy the shit out of a bunch of things i’d want

I was tagged by @autiegotmoves

Rules: Answer in a new post and tag 20 followers (people in this case) you’d like to get to know better

Name: Nidia
Nickname: Neenee, flaca
Star sign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Favorite color: All except for yellow
Time right now: 12:45
Average hours of sleep: 7
Last thing I Googled: trials of apollo
Number of blankets: 0 in the summer, 2 in the winter
Favorite fictional character: Literally every Hetalia character, ETHAN FOME, Shitty and Bitty and Jack, Tsukishima Kei, Makoto Tachibana and Rin, Deryn Sharp, Raphael and Anthea from SaM, Miyamura Izumi, Juls and Landon, Dylan and Todd and Petunia and Meredith, Will and Nico di Angelo, uhhh…
Favorite books: Oh, if I had to choose…. Midwinterblood, HP, PJO, Leviathan series, ETHAN FROME, Born of Night, Mexican Village….. Theres more, I assure you
Favorite musical artists/bands: Umm…. I dont really have a favorite band but I really like Sleeping at Last, Daughter, Il Volo, ahh…
Dream job: Something where I can travel and see the world
What I am wearing right now: Shorts and a jacket cuz its a bit breezy outside
When did you create your blog: September 2013
Current number of followers: 421 Thank you! (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

What do you mainly post about: Hetalia, other anime, other fandoms, important stuff, funny stuff
Do you have any other blogs: Yea, little-aph-reminders which is where I just put hetalia pictures and add sarcastic not-funny comments
When your blog hit its peak: What does this mean? Like the most notes on a post? I think like ~1,425
Who is your most active follower: ehhhh…. I dont think Im okay with giving that information but whoever you are, ILY
Why did you join Tumblr: I found an Ichiruki blog I really liked
Do you get asks daily: no. That’d be nice
Why did you choose your URL: Ichiruki was my OTP and I was obsessed

And now I tag: @aph-ice @princessmariedeathberry @notinterestingthingsatall @blazed-memories @sarisama @beingalphalemurislonely @iwasrightaboutthesun @thelostdoitsu and uhh…
Thanks autiegotmoves!!!!

well this took too long… (like two months but thats just cause i stopped working on it for like a month and a half…)

at any rate, i feel like it turned out pretty well… minus those shitty shadows i did at the end cause i was lazy

but anyways. i promise this isnt supposed to be any creepy fetish thing! i just felt the need to draw poor sei… my poor, unlucky, abused, bitch-baby daeva…