Just remember that you will come out strong, no matter what the outcome may be. Only you can make the path to your happiness once more. So live on, dear friend, find those things that make you happy, no matter how small they can be.

The smallest little bits of happiness are all part of something great, you know.

(( OOC: Blegh, talk about coming back with an awful start. I’m really sorry for the quality of this one, as I can’t seem to get into the grip of inspiration right now.
You have to know that I’m not the quickest answerer. I have to think of something witty and fun with every single one, since I do not want to give you a bunch of low quality posts because you all deserve better than that.

But besides the point, I have had a pretty rough summer and I’m still nervous over a few family issues. I started this blog because people’s happiness gives me happiness when I’m trying to get my spirits up, and it has kept me on a good note. I wish you luck to all of you who follow me!

I’ll try to get back to some really good quality posts as the school year starts! ))