talk to me about polyamorous bbterraven though

  • beast boy and terra falling asleep on raven’s lap while she’s reading
  • raven smiling @ her dorky bf and gf when they’re joking around with each other and playing video games
  • beast boy, terra and raven putting their heads together while trying to figure out how to cook an edible dinner and failing miserably
  • “raise your hand if you don’t want tofu for lunch" “oH C’MON GUYS” “sorry bb you’ve been outvoted”
  • beast boy and terra having sleepy playfights across raven’s body when they’re cuddling and raven’s just “calm down children”
  • cuddling each other on the sofa and watching dumb tv movies when one of them has nightmares (mostly because of slade. honestly. fuck slade)
  • raven and terra catching onto the trick of scratching beast boy behind his ears whenever they want him to calm down and on the one hand it’s a little annoying to him but on the other hand that feels really nice and he emits little purring noises when they do
  • beast boy learning guitar from jericho who also helps him to write a song and serenade raven and terra and it’s just so dorky and charming
  • raven and beast boy can’t help but find themselves playing with terra’s hair like it’s just so nice and soft
  • raven and beast boy wearing “#terradefensesquad” shirts in public and being the first two people to aggressively come to their gf’s defense when people talk shit about her
  • raven teaches terra to meditate to deal with her nightmares (again: fuck slade) and improve her control over her geokinesis and beast boy sitting in on their meditation sessions and trying it out himself but he just ends up falling asleep on raven’s carpet
  • no love triangles
  • no jealousy
  • only cuddles and love

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Like I'm not even a Sterek shipper and I think it's disgusting how Davis and PR treated you guys. I don't watch the show because I think it is shitty and boring and had terrible writers and PR people and has coyote bitch. Why people are blaming this solely on you and Sterek shippers is beyond me. I'm sorry Cole that you have to deal with these desperate idiots who can't admit that this show is on its deathbed three times over and are taking it out on you.

People are just angry that the show is failing and we are celebrating the failure. 


girlsos!luke cant help but try out her new toy girlsos!calum gave for her birthday as a gag gift  

made by me | original audio | audio download

fanart is by mareflares


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Exo Reactions To You Doing Aegyo & Being Affectionate

Here you guys go~ I’m sorry it’s kind of shitty, I was in a rush. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *tries really hard to resist your aegyo & the kisses you place over the high points of his face but he fails miserably & ends up caving, becoming a squishy mess of a man*

Chanyeol: *falls for it immediately, laughing & letting you kiss all over him*

Chen: *laughs in your face at your attempt to break him but he hugs you & kisses you because he thought it was kind of adorable that you tried*

D.O.: *gets shy & blushes when you start kissing on him & doing aegyo in his face*

Kai: *gives you a big smile, not saying or doing anything until you start kissing on him then he melts into a big gooey puddle*

Kris: *looks at you like you’re crazy because he doesn’t understand the aegyo at first, he just rolls his eyes & smirks when you get annoyed*

Lay: *turns into a giggly little baby right away*

Luhan: *pushes you away playfully, acting like he’s not phased by your attempt to kill him with cuteness but on the inside, he’s dying to kiss you*

Sehun: *acts like he’s not even paying attention at first but then he starts smiling when you start to kiss on him*

Suho: *falls for it instantly, smiling big while watching you*

Tao: *laughing like a little girl as soon as you break out the aegyo*

Xiumin: *it takes a little while before he actually gives in & hugs you back, kissing the tip of your nose*

EXO reactions to discovering your secret talent

This one was kind of hard, but I love challenges!

So enough chat (at least for me) and more reactions :3 I’m sorry we love our followers ^^ You guys are supporting us a lot and we are very thankful (Yes, I like smut and talk too much T^T) Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: You show him how good you are at playing the guitar, you were pretty shy about it because he is so good with music, but he just starts playing the drums making great music with you.

Kris: “Well I can do that too” *Tries to be cool but totally fails*

Sehun: You show him how incredibly you are with languages. He starts to think about how they say that if you are good with languages then you are good using your tongue…

Tao: *You two are having some intimate time*
You: “You know Tao-ssi, I’m actually good with wild activities”
*He doesn’t get what you are talking about and starts doing some martial arts movements*

Kai: When he suddenly finds the videos of you pole dancing, he can’t even think properly and only wants to test this knew discovery.

Xiumin: He discovers you painting some nudes, you were really good at it, art was definitely your thing. “So why not trying to portrait me?”

Baekhyun: “Are you trying to tell me you can do eyeliner better than me? Are you a professional or what?” *Actually pissed*

Luhan: He sees you playing soccer and finds himself astonished. You never told him that you were this good. Immediately he starts playing with you, because he always wished for a girlfriend that would share his passion for soccer.

Chen: He finds how good you are in photography so he kinda starts modeling for you all the time, even when you weren’t taking pictures

Kyungsoo: He is watching you from the distance and observes how good you are at stretching. *Insert dirty thoughts here*

Lay: He find out how great you are in.. you know.. smutty things but you can hide it so well. He feels identified and actually shows you his true nature *Sexy unicors*

Suho: You whisper into his ear some dirty stuff and he kinda shuts down because he didn’t know you knew that stuff.

Unrequited Love for Beginners

Setting: modern, over a span of time (Minewt)

Rating: not M

Trigger-warning: none needed, apart from my own heart breaking

There are 15 steps to falling in love with your best friend, and there is a price that Newt had to pay for the irredeemable choice he made towards Minho. Through time, he learned how to adapt to the tragedy that is his love life, and the cost of it was nothing short of painful. Based on this beautiful, beautiful post.

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I'm not black, so I cannot and will NEVER know the fear that is going through your communities right now. I can only imagine what this all must feel like. I'm so sincerely sorry that this country has failed you all so horribly. I'm native, so even though I get racism thrown at me, it's nowhere near what you guys go through. I hope that bomb threat isn't real, and I wish you and your community safety and well being.

Thank you so much! I appreciate that so much. It’s so hard for most white people to sympathize/empathize because they don’t know what racism feels like because they’ve been under the umbrella of white privilege for so long. Its nice to get a positive anon. I hope you have a wonderful night. Don’t hesitate to talk to me off anon as well. :)

Scenes from Dissertation



Also me: Stop being such a drama queen already.

Me: …

Me: I literally don’t know what a non-drama queen would be saying right now.


Encouraging thought. My dissertation =

-a fair amount of sweat


-not a lot of blood, though…

 At least there hasn’t been much blood.


*driving home completely knackered in the dead of night*

*pulls key out of ignition while car is still in motion 30 feet from parking space*


could you do an imagine where y/n is a nerdy girl and she has the biggest crush on Jack and Jack does also. She gets a complete makeover for prom.

AN Yo guys, sorry for not writing last night, I had to pick up my very drunk mom from the bar with her friend and that took like an hour so oops, and then I got tired because well it was like 4 in the morning. Which it currently is now. And I’m tired as fuck, but I will not fail my followers! Especially not people who are so understanding and loving and such. Also my heart goes out to the 5SOS fam today. After hearing what happened to Michael Clifford, I am extremely sorry. I consider myself to be in it, although not as much as a Hustler, but I still love those four guys to death. If you don’t like them then skip over cuz I’m gonna rant.

Literally anyone who is rude or an asshole to Michael, I will not hesitate to fight verbally and physically. I may not win, but I will defend him. What happened was an accident, and the fact that he didn’t continue, even though it was an encore, isn’t the issue. His face and his hair, his magnificent hair, was burned. And we’re all deeply saddened by that. We’re all super worried for his well-being and even though he’s assured us he’s okay, I’m still nervous, and I hope he rests up and takes it easy. Because that’s not fun nor is it fair. But he’ll pull through cause he’s punk rock af. We’ll hang in there friends. If he can, then we can too.

Alright, rant over, sorry ‘bout that, but the amount of people being assholes about it makes me want to kill a bitch. Alrighty on to Jack Barakat and you guys. Convo between you and Jack :] sorry it’s so long, just felt like it needed a lot of background, I have no idea why. You ready to go to prom?

Your POV

I couldn’t help but stare at Jack as he walked by. Every time he ever did something, it made me want to flinch. He was so beautiful that I thought I couldn’t even look at him for too long, it’d be considered a sin. Just a little adorkable me, staring at Jack Barakat should be a felony in most countries.

I’m not ugly. I hope. A lot of the times I feel that way. Just because I wear glasses and not the most fashionable clothes. And no I don’t wear cool glasses. As in hipster glasses. Or punch out the lenses in 3D glasses and wear those. No, I have an eyesight problem, and thick rims for my protection along with thick lenses. No, it’s not fun.

Despite noticing everyone and being consciously aware of all the people surrounding me, no one else seems to notice the annoying gnat flying over them. I mean, sure, I have friends. Who doesn’t have friends in a school this big? But do I consider them close? Not in the slightest bit. They don’t ask about my weekend, they don’t ask about my life at all actually. All they really do is invite me to go to get togethers, which is actually a lot for me.

The one person that has made this highschool life bearable is Jack. Jesus, I have the biggest crush on him. It’d be my very own Cinderella story if I could go to prom with him. Prom’s coming up in a couple weeks. I don’t have a date. I don’t ever have a date. But I wanted my senior year to be something special. I wanted to at least talk to him, maybe get him to notice me a little bit. We had the same classes, sure. But did he ever really look at me?

One of the worst classes of my high school career is gym and I am fortunate enough to have Jack in it. I say that with the most sarcasm I can ever achieve. I am the clumsiest person on this planet, and if it was an olympic sport then just maybe I’d be in the running.

Nevertheless, I am still here, I’m still clumsy, I still have these asshole glasses on my face, and I still want Jack to throw me up against a wall and hardcore make out with me. So I throw on these sweaty baggy gym clothes and head out to the soccer field.

The sport that requires the most coordination, and has the most attention on you when you fail is the one I’m playing. Right here. Right now. And here I am. Playing it against my crush. Not even with where I could hide from him, no, I have to play defense while he’s offense, and it does not help my heart any matters when he looks so fucking good doing it.

So I stand awkwardly in my position. And in this sport you have six players on a team. I don’t know what I hate most, the fact that everyone has to watch me play and fail, or that I have to actually try to defend Jack if I want to get a decent grade in this class. Whoever invented gym class was one sadistic prick.

While shuffling my feet, I glance awkwardly at the scene beforehand. Jack’s running all over the place, earning high fives from his little chubby buddy Rian, and I’m glancing at the ground. But now, Jack’s got the ball, and he’s dribbling towards me, and I don’t know what to do.

“Defend, Y/N!” my teacher calls out. “Don’t be afraid of the ball.”

I have to do what she says if I want to get a good grade, so I rush at Jack, hoping my presence will be enough to throw him off. It’s not. Jack instead punts the ball and it hits me square in the face. I hear a snap and I hope to God that it wasn’t my nose. Please do not let it be my nose.

I hear the teacher blow the whistle, and everyone who was on the field rushes to see the damage. I’m more embarrassed that I let it hit my face than anything else. I hope I don’t have a stupid mark on my face. So instead I hide my face in the grass to try and save myself.

“Don’t crowd around her!” The teacher comes up to me and places a hand on my shoulder sympathetically. “Come on, Y/N, turn around so I can see the damage.”

I turned around to look at the crowd and felt blood come down my face. Oh this is beautiful. Bleeding out of the nostrils in front of my crush. How on earth can this day get any better.

“Sheesh. That’s gotta hurt. Alright, Barakat, since you did the damage, take her in and get her cleaned up, it’s the least you can do for breaking her glasses.”

“What?” I cry out. He broke my glasses? How the hell am I supposed to see? Goddammit. I jinxed it, I fucking jinxed it.

“Sorry about that, by the way,” Jack mumbles sheepishly to me as he takes me toward the bench with the others. There’s a first aid kit over there.

Despite that this is the first thing that Jack has ever said to me in my life, I’m surprisingly calm. Maybe it’s the fact that my nose is bleeding, or the fact that I can’t see anything including his face so I can disillusion myself.

“Don’t worry about it, you just gotta guide me back to the benches ‘cause I can’t see for shit.” He laughed, and I want more than anything to hear it again. What else can I say that’s funny for him to laugh at.

We sit down and he starts to clean me up. He’s so close to me. So close that I can make out the features on his face. So this is what it feels like to be this close to him. I can’t help but to crave more.

We sit in a silence for a while as he cleans my face. He’s cleaning my face. H’s touching my face. What I would give for his lips to be on mine right now.

“So do you have a date for prom?” Jack asks casually.

His question caught me off guard and I manage to mumble out a confused “what?”

“You know, prom. That thing where people dance and drink and take unnecessary amount of pictures for? Corsages, tuxes, all that jazz?”

“Right. That.”

“Do you have a date for it?”


He shrugged casually. “I don’t know, making conversation.” He continues to do what he’s doing and I mentally slap myself. What if he was going to ask me. Don’t be silly, of course he wasn’t, he wouldn’t ask me, right? He just met me. I’m no one to him.

“Alright, well you’re all cleaned up. You should probably sit out for the time being, but I’m gonna see if they’ll let me back in. I’ll try to keep my balls out of your way?” He laughs at his own lame joke and runs back in to join the game. That boy, I swear. I’m not even mad at him for breaking my glasses.

Jack’s POV

“I swear, she’s gorgeous, you have to meet her,” I rave, telling my friends about the beautiful girl I have in gym. I suddenly realized after that day that she was in some of my other classes. And I could not have been happier. I developed this huge crush on her since that day and it hasn’t gone away.

“Jack, you haven’t even met her,” my best friend Alex tells me. “You had one conversation with her after you broke her glasses. And that was it. By the way, have you found a date to prom? It’s next week.”

“Did I tell you that she got the same glasses I broke after it happened?” I inquired, ignoring his previous statement. I didn’t want to think about prom, I wanted to think about her. I thought that she could like me, with the way she was looking at me at the field. And I’ve caught her looking at me on several other occasions. She’s just too cute to pass up. The word I could use to describe her is adorkable. Don’t know if it’s one, but it is now, and it is her.

“Yes, about a million times. If you like her so much then just ask her to prom.”

“Why are you so hell bent on prom, Alex?”

“Jack, it’s our senior year, we gotta go out with a bang.”

“We are, at graduation, when we play for everyone. But I don’t see what the big problem is about prom.”

“Just ask your little crush to go to prom with us, and if she says yes, then go, and if she says no then stay home. It’s either a win-win or a lose-lose. Your gamble.

“Ugh fine, but only ‘cause I want to see her in a dress. This has nothing to do with you.”

It had been days since that conversation with Alex. I don’t even know where to start. Should I make the ask out big? Should I make it stupid? Should I make it funny? I literally know nothing about her except when she speaks up in class. And for someone like her, you’d think she’d do that a lot. But apparently she’s shy.

It’s after school, Alex and Rian left me to go pick up Zack, and I’m walking alone to my locker. I see Y/N at her locker stuffing books. This is my chance, there’s no one around. I’m so glad I paid enough attention to get her name.

“Y/N,” I cough, standing behind her locker door, waiting for her to see me.

She jumped a little and let out the cutest shriek. “Holy shit, Jack. What’re you doing here?”

I smiled when I realized she knew my name. “Can’t a fellow student engage in some friendly student talk?”

“I guess so?” She’s looking at me, puzzled that I’m here. I see her cheeks are a visible rose color and I can’t help but to let out a question from my mouth.

“So do you have a date to prom?” I ask her. She didn’t answer before, so I was curious.

“You keep asking that question. Why?” She cocked her head to the side, and I swear to god I could kiss her. Right here. Right now.

“Because I don’t, and my friend won’t stop pressuring me to get one.”

“Sounds rough.”

“Sure. So do you have one?”

She sighs and closes her locker finally, clutching her bag to her chest. She doesn’t look at me, instead she looks away, lost in thought or something. “No, I don’t.”

“Good! Want to be my date?”

“What? Uh- no- umm - no that’s okay, you don’t have to-” she’s now staring at the ground, flabbergasted by my proposal.

“Why not? I want to.”

“Oh, okay. If you insist, I guess.”

“Good! Oh, and I’ll need your number if we’re going to be prom date buddies.”

“Okay,” she hands me her cell and I take her number to put in my phone. I give her a smile and a wave.

“See you then Y/N!” I call before I walk off.

“Yeah? Bye,” I hear her words. I break out smiling like an idiot, knowing what I had just landed. Hell yeah.

Your POV

It was the day of prom, and I had to get ready. My mom had this entire day planned out for me. I’d finally get to see what it’d be like to wear contacts, my hair and makeup was going to be done professionally. Thankfully it won’t be succumbed to my attempts of trying. I’m actually excited.

My stomach wouldn’t stop churning all day. Jack was on my mind constantly. I didn’t want him to leave it either. I liked knowing that I would most likely be on his mind all day. Now if he was taking me to prom just because he needed a date or because he actually liked me, I could care less. But damn, I was fucking ready for this night. I had to be.

I felt like a supermodel getting pampered and ready for this day. Finally something was going my way. Now it would be too soon to say as to whether or not I’d fuck up, but eh, one never knows ‘til one tries.

When the time finally came, and Jack was waiting downstairs, it took everything I had not to pass out. I didn’t want to fuck this up. Do not trip. Do not trip.

I started my descent down the stairs, and even though my stairs aren’t very tall, the look on Jack’s face was enough to make it heavenly. If I tripped right now, I wouldn’t even be mad. I made my way down to Jack, who was in a white tux.

“I thought you said you were going to match,” I whispered to Jack.

“I do,” he smiled proudly. “The middle part.” I laughed. Of course he would, he’s Jack. This is what he does. My stomach doesn’t stop doing somersaults as I look up at him. He notices my glasses lying on the coffee table. “You’re not gonna wear your glasses?”

“Nope, contacts.”

“Shame, I really love your glasses.” He gives me a smirk, and I blushed. He has me under some spell, and I can’t shake it. He’s everything I thought he was and more. “But that’s okay, we’ll leave them here. It’ll be easier to kiss you that way.” He gives me his most cheeky grin before ushering me out of the house and on to a night I surely won’t forget for god knows how long.

(Reaction) Minho, Jonghyun, Bobby, and Mino acting lame to get your attention

Hello anon, I’m sorry but I’ve never been interested in Big Bang, therefore I’ll let Seungri out because it’d be a very poor reaction (since I don’t really know the guy). Sorry, I hope you’ll enjoy the rest though! 

I’m so excited that you chose SHINee members! SHINee was the reason to why I got into kpop, and is still my favorite group! ^-^



Originally posted by shinee-smile

*Tries to be sexy but fails miserably*

Minho being sexy and handsome is nothing new. But who could ever resist his funny/lame site? Nobody - therefore, he’d probably act like a total moron, which would end up with him getting your attention, because you can’t help but laugh at the idiot. And maybe reconsider your relationship status, because he’s kind of ruining your image

Originally posted by froggie-mushroom

(So sexy, right?)


Originally posted by fuckingyixingg

“I’m adorable and you love me”

Jonghyun would definitely pull the aegyo card - combined with his dazzling smile, nobody could possibly ignore that boy. Jonghyun is pretty confident as well, and wouldn’t stop bugging you until you’ll acknowledge his presence. Maybe, you’d wonder how the fuck it is the man in your relationship who’s the aegyo master. 


Originally posted by ygdomination

*Pulls off a derp face* “Yah, cherish your sexy boyfriend!”

Bobby is absolutely not scared of showing off an ugly unattractive facial expression - especially not to his girlfriend. If you’re in a relationship with Bobby, you’re signed up for dealing with his idiotic behavior. Ignoring Bobby would be hard, despite his touchiness, it’s impossible not to let out a grin when he pulls off such a pathetic expression - but it’s a huge part of his charm, isn’t it?   


Originally posted by namsnf

(^Do I need to say anything more?)

Oh Mino - he wouldn’t even try to act lamely (purposely). Instead, he’d start telling you all the reasons to why you should cherish him as your boyfriend and give him your attention. However, due to lacking skills when expressing himself, his reasonings would be so idiotic that you couldn’t stop laughing at his stupidness.  



Originally posted by iamathatgirl

“You’re the lame one dear, bye bye” *Walks off like a total idiot diva*

You’re not giving him your attention? Whatever, Key knows he’s better than that. However, his diva-ish actions afterwards (like walking off looking like a moron) would be so stupid and hilarious that you wouldn’t be able to resist his obvious charm. What can I say - Key knows when he’s lame but he’s owning it, though. 

I’m so sorry to do this to you guys because I know I said I’d be back when I got home and I’m home now but, for personal reasons, I’m a hell of a lot more emotionally taxed that I expected I’d be and I can’t really bring myself to do a lot of things I need to do, let alone come up with quality writing.

I’m so so sorry about the delay and I’ll try to come back as soon as I can. I love you guys a hell of a lot. The messages in my inbox are so wonderful and supportive and never fail to make me smile. I hope I can get myself in a place to respond to them quickly.

People come out to their parents like a suicide note
Hearts pounding eyes shifting insides spilling out as they share their secret
They don’t know what’s going to happen but they take that first step out onto the ledge of “I’m gay”
Knowing that if their support fails they’ll fall into a pit of being disowned and bullied into submission of being straight
Those pray away the gay camps have nothing on high school
The hallways echoing with words of endearment turned weapon
Relationships toxic
And truth shackles
It’s sooo hard to find someone to date! Scream the straight girls as the lesbians sigh because I’m sorry that you’re struggling with finding the perfect guy but we’re struggling to remove the lines left from bible verses on our wrists
Our friends are our security blankets and I will stay your 3am please help me I’m drowning call even after your mother drives to my house screaming obscenities outside my window because
I am gay.
And I want to be able to perform a love poem without having to change her to him
People come out like suicide notes
A mixture of help I’m dying and I swear to god I’m trying
I need you to love me for me