i think the main reason skam has become so internationally popular is bc it’s such a universal story. like it’s about teens. it’s about drama. it’s about relationships. and it’s so real.

and i think it’s telling when they reference gossip girl or w/e when something dramatic happens. bc those, usually american, shows are so unreal in their presentation of youth.

in skam, we don’t see young people who are entirely in control of their own lives. we see teenagers reacting believably to the situations they’re in. and even though it’s universal, it’s so different from what we as consumers of primarily american media are used to. because it has girls without makeup. because it has “perfect” relationships that end up broken up. bc it is based on the writers’ talking to actual teenagers, talking to the actors, and not just casting big-name 28 y/os for the roles of teens.

and it promotes so many positive things. body image. sexuality. friendship. feminism. standing up against discrimination. it’s a show that has listened to what the youth wants in a show about them and given it exactly that. and i’m so, so happy it exists.

Have We Met Before?

((A/N: I’m not even SORRY for Hospital Beds, but I am making up for it with today’s challenge. Decided to go with humor and fluff because it seemed the most natural for this. And because nothing says humor like Garth, I’m bringing my favorite side character back into business. Continuing with the one-week challenge by @deanxkatherine-af and initially tagged by @aprofoundbondwithdean!

Prompt: “We Met In A Dating App”

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Allusion to sex. Language. Fluff. ))

“Garth’s a good dude, Y/N. Helped me out back when Sam was getting married to Becky.” Dean smiled widely at the younger brother in the front seat of the Impala. Sam rolled his eyes. He’d tried very hard to forget that, so of course Dean wasn’t going to let it go. In fact, when you’d joined up with them about six months ago it was one of the first stories you heard. Mostly because Dean was trying to win you over. Also because it was funny.

“Are you always going to mention that?” Dean considered this as Sam looked over.

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