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Saw photos of Rose in Belfast today. Could this mean she's making a cameo in GoT, maybe showing up in one of Bran's FB? I haven't seen her hanging out in Belfast before, not even last year when kit spent a month there shooting the battle. So this could totally mean she's in town for filming, right?

I would absolutely love that and considering how D&D loved Rose I don’t think that’s totally impossible that they bring her back for a few seconds (especially considering Jason Momoa is also in Belfast, but he’s good friend with D&D so he might just visit too - edit: I’ve been told he was there doing things for Guiness) but I wouldn’t be too hopeful about it to avoid disappointment. She could also be there for several reasons, maybe just to have the chance to see Kit and her friends from the cast, we can’t know for sure. Fingers crossed that she’ll make a cameo before the show ends though !! :D

However I woke up to so many asks ranting about Rose’s private life because she’s in Belfast and as much as I’m grateful for the interest you have in the blog or my opinion, I hope you’ll understand that I won’t answer them as I said before. Just one last rant because this is honestly getting insane : we can’t know what is happening in actor’s lives and it’s their business anyway. I know that it’s hard to wait for news and so the focus is on her private life right now and what is she doing here or there and why isn’t she doing this and blah blah blah, but I don’t wish to know what is happening during her private life and do not care. I love her as an actress and she seems lovely as a person but I don’t enjoy speculating on her every moves. It’s her life, she’s a grown-up, she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants without being judged 24/24. As to people who blame her for all the gossip articles showing up when you google her name, I tried to google a few actresses and let’s see which article comes up first : “Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes move in together after secretly dating for a year while shooting Victoria” , “Game Of Thrones’ Carice van Houten shares kiss with boyfriend Guy…”, “War And Peace’s Tuppence Middleton shows off boyfriend at event”. This is a fucked up world where there are more articles about actors’ private life than their talent, you just have to accept it and ignore it. And if you want to stop following her career or don’t want to be a fan just because stupid gossip sites write about her private’s life or because she doesn’t seem to work enough for your taste when you actually know 1% of what she’s doing in her everyday life, no one’s stopping you. No one’s telling you how to live your life so I don’t get why so many people tell Rose’s how she should live hers especially through this blog. I’m just here to share my love for her/her talent and bring news and even though it always makes me happy to see other fans supporting her I won’t sleep less because some others don’t want to be fans anymore or whatever. There are honestly worse things in the world and I don’t have time for negativity. I don’t know about you but I have enough with taking care of my own life to care about someone’s I don’t even know personnally and I always said that I want to respect her privacy. Thank you for understanding. :)

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I am always ready for more Woody/Mikey! Because I'm dying for more, would it be possible to ask for Woody/Mikey in your selkie au? If you feel like it, please and thank you (sorry, I have nothing more specific)

( @wardenofthenorth i wrote more of our au)

The bell above the door jingled merrily. Woody glanced up from his half-hearted reading and grinned.

“Hey, you two,” he said cheerfully, tossing the magazine aside. “What brings you in today?”

“Hi, Woody!” Mike chirped back, round eyes shining. He was a year younger than Woody and larger than life. His dark curls looked particularly unruly, as though he got caught in a windstorm on his way inside, while Don’s long hair fell in a neat curtain over his shoulders. “We’re going fishing today! Dad rented a boat, so we just need fishing stuff.”

“Fishing stuff it is,” Woody replied sagely, and hopped off the stool to make his way around the counter. His uncle ran the only grocery store on the island, and Woody helped out as much as he could; it was the least he could do after Uncle Rupert took him in.

And as he dug through Styrofoam containers of nightcrawlers in the bait fridge, looking for the very best for his best buddy, Woody thought, I’d rather be here than anywhere else, and he meant it.

“Okay, one order of juicy worms, coming right up,” he announced, handing the winning container over. Mike wrinkled his nose as he took it, and Woody had to fight to keep a straight face. “You’ll eat raw fish, but worms are gross?”

Thumping footsteps on the stairs curbed whatever retort the kid might have come up with. He settled for sticking out his tongue, and Woody returned the gesture playfully. The door behind the counter swung open, Uncle Rupert coming down from the apartment above the store.

Rupert was a big man, tall and broad-shouldered and solid from head to toe. He was dressed in the usual faded denim and tired flannel, the knit cap on his head spilling blond curls identical to Woody’s.

“The Hamatos are going fishing,” Woody explained as his uncle lumbered over. “The twins here are on a supply run.”

“Hi, Mr. Dirkins,” Don said politely, and Mike waved with the hand that wasn’t carefully clutching the container of worms. “There are poles in the boat we rented, but we still need a tackle box.”

“And all the stuff that goes in a tackle box,” Mike added helpfully. Rupert snorted, adopting a sideways smile.

“I’ll get you boys sorted. Woody, ring ‘em up with the family discount.”

“Aye aye, sir. C'mon, amigos,” he said, nudging Don’s shoulder. It was the work of a few minutes to cash them out, and then Woody ducked out back to root through the cardboard for a sturdy box.

By the time he came back inside, Rupert was patiently teaching Don how to tie a fishing knot, and Mike was leaning over the counter, grinning ear to ear.

“Hey, Woody! Mr. Dirkins says you can go fishing with us! Which means you get to hook the gross worms.”

Woody passed over the box, and glanced sidelong at his uncle. “But I thought we had to do inventory tonight.”

“You let me worry about that,” Rupert said gruffly, packing up the tackle box and shutting it with a decisive snap. “Take a ten out of the register for dinner, and be back tomorrow afternoon to help with the delivery truck.”

Mike’s enthusiasm was catching, and Woody found himself rushing eagerly to do as he was told. He stuffed the wrinkled bill in his pocket, and grabbed his jacket off the hook by the stairway door, and lingered just long enough to throw an arm around his uncle’s shoulders.

“Thanks,” he said, and laughed out loud when Rupert ruffled his hair and gave him a shove toward the door.

“Don’t drown,” the man replied fondly, by way of goodbye.

Three years ago, Woody’s absentee parents sent him to Turtle Cove to live with a relative he had never met. It was meant to be a punishment, but it hadn’t turned out that way.

Mike wrapped a brown hand around Woody’s tanned one, and Woody folded his fingers around Mike’s right back. Don was griping about being stuck carrying the supplies, but he was happy when Mike was happy – And so am I, Woody thought, and he meant it.

He would miss this town, if he ever had to leave it. He would miss his uncle, and their comfortable apartment, and the way dawn looked spread out across the water when it was time to open the store in the morning.

And he would miss Mike, and Mike’s infectious laughter, and the ocean magic that made his eyes shine blue when he was so happy he couldn’t help it.

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Hi, uhm, I'm sorry for bothering you. I know you have a lot of questions all the time. But, I just wanted to tell you that I love all your dubs, I always feel eager to see what will you do next. Specially the PJ daycare one. And all the other shipping ones XD Sorry for bothering you, please have an excellent day c;

Thank you!!!


for the Sterek Valentines Meme

anonymous requested: ♥ Don’t go, and i decided to turn it into the goodbye we didn’t get.


Matsuoka Rin for @oikawahtoorus
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Kim had been working with Ean Thames for a while now and she had developed a little bit of a crush on him. She didn’t exactly know how to tell him so one day when they were locking up the day care center it just kind of came out, “I really like you..” she blurted out then she quickly shut her mouth.

When their self proclaimed leader goes missing, the remaining Blue Team goes to Red Team’s base asking for their help. Agreeing, both Red and Blue team head towards The City to find Blue Team’s missing friend in hopes of finding some sort of clue of where he could be…

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Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.

In her first official action as our new captain, she admitted that we were totally lost, which everyone knew but the previous captain had been unwilling to admit, and she said that our new destination was home, wherever that might be, and we all agreed that it was as mysterious and noble a pursuit as any, and we all set our sights that way, hoping it would still be there if and when we found it.
—  Charles Yu, from “Yeoman” in Sorry Please Thank You