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Can I see some brogane(keith and Shiro being bros) headcanon. No angst please, sorry. Thank you.

Of course! I love the broganes, I’d love to add more but I honestly can’t think of many right now. Keep an eye out for an additional post soon!

  • Keith will never let Shiro forget the fact that he has a leap year birthday. Never.
    • Lance: How old are you Shiro? Keith: He’s actually going to turn seven soon.
    • “Have you seen my little brother? He’s only six years old and I’m worried about him.”
    • It is the bane of Shiro’s existence.
  • When Shiro first heard Keith use Texan slang he had to walk out of the room he was so shaken. Now Keith isn’t allowed to say anything remotely Southern if Shiro’s around.
  • Shiro is the older brother that steals his food and then proceeds to hold it as high up as he can. He’ll literally take anything that Keith’s eating there are no limits.
    • This started because Keith once stole Shiro’s ice cream cone and Shiro threatened revenge if he didn’t give it back and Keith ate it in, like, two seconds.
      • “Keith what the fuck you’re lactose intolerant?!”
    • Now Keith knows to keep his food out of Shiro’s reach at all costs.
    • Except for black licorice, that’s Shiro’s one limit.
  • The minute Shiro found out that Keith was trans he immediately offered to pay for anything and everything Keith needed to feel as comfortable with himself as possible. This is one of the few times he’s ever seen Keith cry our of sheer happiness.
  • They are both pining for their crushes incessantly and they’re always teasing each other as a result.
    • Shiro and Allura are always conspiring to send Keith and Lance on missions together and it’s only in part because they make such a great team.
      • One time Keith (with Lance’s help) managed to convince everyone to ditch Shiro and Allura behind during a reconnaissance mission in an attempt to take revenge but when they came back they found that the two of them had taken down an entire fleet of Galra on their own. They’re the most badass couple.

Up next-ish on my to-read list is Sorry Please Thank You from Charles Yu. I LOVED How to Live Safely In a Science Fictional Universe, and the back of this book compares him to the likes of Douglas Adams and Kurt Vonnegut so I know his short stories will be weird and smart and just as good as his previous novel. Woohoo. 

From the New York Times review of the book

“The useful but terrible thing about growing up with geek culture is that it teaches you very early on that everything is fake. Science-fiction stories and computer games and fantasy movies build blatantly imaginary worlds that can be mapped onto the real one. But spend enough time with them and you start wondering what’s “real,” anyway, and how many of your own experiences and desires are actually a sham.

This is the central anxiety in Charles Yu’s second collection, “Sorry Please Thank You.” The stories approximate the form of science fiction but are mostly an excuse to grapple with the question of what, if anything, can still have meaning when our world seems indistinguishable from science fiction.”

[imagine] being seventeen’s manager & gf - jihoon [1/13]

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  • Initially the company doesn’t think it’s a good idea bc personal life & work should be separate 
  • But one day they just can’t get jihoon out of his hell hole and Seungkwan suggests calling you 
  • You get there and it only takes u 5 mins to convince him to come out and he comes out VOLUNTARILY
  • The company is in awe bc holy hell lee jihoon LISTENED TO SOMEBODy

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for the drabble game: 2, 7 & 8 for nct's mark, please! i hope it's not too much, hehe. thanks a lot ♡

“ oh oh, for the mark drabble request i just sent- a lot of fluff is preferred, please! sorry i forgot;; thank you again :-) “

#2: “I want to show you something.”
#7: “Kiss Me.”
#8: Music Studio

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“Where are we going?” You laugh as Mark holds your hand, taking you down the studio hall before taking you to a empty studio.

“I want to show you something,” Mark says with a smile as you look around the studio.

Once he finished talking, you looked over at him curiously, “and what would that be?”

He smiled and sat down in one of the chairs before you joined him. He typed a few things on the computer in front of you before looking at you and smiling. With the click of a button, a beat started to play through the speakers, it was soft but still pretty cool. That’s when his voice started, Mark started rapping in the song. The lyrics were deep, talking about love and other things.

When the chorus came, Taeil’s and Doyoung’s voices started singing, Mark’s voice going away. The two of you stayed silent, listening to the lyrics of the song. When it was over, you stayed quiet and Mark looked at you nervously.

“What’s the name of it?” you asked, looking up at me.

The boy in front of you blushed, “Kiss me.”

Chuckling, you leaned in and gently pressed your lips onto his. His eyes widened for a moment, surprised at your actions before he stopped and kissed you back. After a few moments, you pulled away and smiled at him.

“I like it.”


Ahhhh I finally have the time to make a post and thank you all for following and supporting my account ♥ I made a tumblr years ago but I started to use it only once I found out about these two above, Gruvia is the heart that kept me there!

I’d like to give a special mention to some of my followers, I hope not to forget anyone ><

@erzawesome and @theseventhstar thank you for always listening to my complaints and being part of my constant saltiness~ Aleena, I cound’t have had a better gruvia soulmate *w* we always agree on everything and it’s so nice telling you my silly headcanons and thoughts, not to count everything that isn’t ft related :) ♥ Karin you always find a way to cheer me up, you’re so logical, salty and loyal to Gerard and Jerza which you made me like! More people should be like you tbh. THANK YOU, out of everything, for supporting my colourings. You both gave me the inispiration to go on :)

@skay@wiinterliebend: I love you both and I’m so grateful we have that little chat to let go of our saltiness regarding a certain ship and someone haha and thanks Evy for helping me with Sai, I’ll never stop to tell you how much everything has improved since then :)

@pennytf , @oldfriend7876 colorist corner~ I’ve known Penny the longest but you both are amazing and I look forward to collabing with you more in the future! It’s always so fun with you! Haylely I love your livestreams ♥

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Even if I forgot someone, please sorry… I just thank you all :)


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Can I request a cute tickle war scenario with RFA+Saeran? Like maybe they're goofing off or they're asking questions to get to know MC and they notice her reaction even though she claims that she's not. And who would win the war between the members and MC? I love all the cuteness and fluffiness that goes on in MM 🙊🙈

I’m not the best at fluff, but I hope this is as fluffy as you wanted it to be!


  • You asked him to teach you how to play LOLOL a week ago. 
  • Now you two are on the couch playing against the other. 
  • He frowns when your guild beats his for the second time that afternoon, bringing your victories to a tie. 
  • “How’d you get so good so quickly? You’re a noob…”
  • “Hmph. You’ll be the bigger noob when you end up losing to a beginner.” 
  • “…” 
  • You’re on to round three, and the battle is getting close. He doesn’t want to lose. He can’t lose! His pride as a video game addict is on the line. 
  • Yoosung reaches over and pokes your side, causing you to flinch. Still, you refuse to take your eyes off of the screen. 
  • When you don’t respond, he reaches over and pokes you a second time, then a third. 
  • “Yah! Don’t even bother, Yoosung. My focus is impenetrable. Brace yourself for defeat!” 
  • He would have stopped had he not caught the small smile that had appeared on your lips that last time he reached out for you. 
  • He begins poking you repeatedly, making it more and more difficult for you to concentrate. Eventually Yoosung puts down his controller, tickling your neck and laughing as he watches you try to keep a straight face. He finds your stubbornness pretty hilarious. 
  • “You *giggle* can’t beat *giggle* me!” 
  • Finally, you put your controller down and begin tickling his shoulders. Every time he pokes your ribs, he earns a nudge to the stomach in return. 
  • Unfortunately, he’s even more ticklish than you are.
  • “MC s-stop, please I-I’ll throw up!” 
  • Soon, the two of you are on the ground, one on top of the other, breathless with laughter. 
  • Thanks to that distraction, you end up losing the game. 
  • 2-1 to Yoosung. 


  • You’re standing in the kitchen with a spatula in your hand, testing two new cupcake recipes for the cafe.
  • Jaehee comes up next to you and tests the batter out of one of the bowls. “This one is too bland. I think we should go with vanilla instead of carrot cake, don’t you?”
  • “But vanilla is so overrated…” You complain. “Besides, shouldn’t we wait until these are finished before we judge?” 
  • She thinks for a moment, then nods. She’s about to make her way back to the register when you call out to her. 
  • “Jaehee? Could you tie my hair up, please? My hands aren’t exactly clean right now…” 
  • She smiles a little at the sight of you in your rumpled apron, dutifully mixing the batter with your flour-stained hands. You were so cute to watch! The downside was that you never failed to make a mess when you were cooking; Jaehee could always tell when you’d been in the kitchen by the chaos your left in your wake -.-
  • She stands behind you and begins to lace your hair into a braid, taking notice of your slight recoil when she brushes the back of your ear.  
  • Hmm… Out of curiosity, she begins tickling your neck and your arms, causing you to shriek with laughter. “Jaehee- I’m- cooking!”
  • The sudden motion results in a vanilla extract stain on your shirt. 
  • But It’s so rare to see Jaehee being this playful that you don’t really want her to stop. You turn around to get back at her, chasing her around the counter and tickling her stomach. “Okay! I’m sorry- MC!- I’m- sorry, please-hahaha!” Thank God you didn’t have any customers right now, or they’d be wondering what sort of commotion was causing the maniacal laughter coming from the kitchen.  
  • You’re both giddy and covered in flour by the time you stop to catch your breaths. You have grated carrot in your hair, and Jaehee has a swipe of vanilla batter on her cheek. 
  • How could she have started this? T - T Jaehee realizes that the kitchen is an even bigger mess than it would have been had you remained there alone, testing out recipes by yourself. Now you’re both going to have to clean this up…
  • You test the batter on her cheek with your finger. “Not bad! I think we should go with vanilla, after all, Jaehee!” She reaches up and does the same, sighing. “I told you so!”  
  • I think MC wins this round. 


  • He’s watching you play the piano, well, trying to play the piano. 
  • You could dance and sing without a hitch. But instruments? Definitely not your strong suit. You’d taken classes as a child, but you’d always found it difficult. There were notes and there were keys and your fingers had to be in different places at just the right time - it was overwhelming! How does Zen do this? 
  • He flinches when you play yet another wrong note. “You need help, MC?”
  • You give him a dismal look. “Is that even a question? I’m awful.” 
  • Zen smirks. “Well, aren’t you lucky to have such a talented boyfriend here to teach you?” You roll your eyes. 
  • He sits next to you. “Alright, play this key, then this one. That’s right! Now follow me for this next part-” 
  • He follows the movements of your hands as you slowly, but surely, make it through the first page and a half of “Clair de Lune.” Zen can’t help but smile. The sound of the notes as well as the way you’re playing with equal parts caution and eagerness reminds him of when he himself first learned how to play. 
  • Of course, “Clair de Lune” isn’t exactly a beginner’s piece. You ask Zen how the next part is supposed to sound. 
  • He scoots over and reaches an arm behind your waist to reach the other side of the piano. You can feel his chest against your back as he places his hands on top of yours. “Like this.” 
  • Zen notices you biting back a grin when he begins to play. He initially thinks it’s because you’re enjoying yourself, but he soon becomes aware that his bangs are brushing against your cheek. Right! She’s ticklish. 
  • Zen finishes the next stanza before resting his chin against your shoulder and letting go of the keys. Before you can grasp what’s happening, he traps you in an embrace and pokes your waist. You let out a yelp. “Zen- please!” 
  • You get him back by turning around and tickling his arm. Zen erupts into a fit of giggles. He tries to flee to the living room, but you catch up to him, pinning him down on the couch and grazing his collarbone with your finger. Now it’s his turn to beg for mercy. “No- hey!- MC- I’ll finish the song!” 
  • Zen looks like he’s about to cry from laughter, so you decide to stop. “It seems that my ‘talented boyfriend’ isn’t a very good teacher. Can’t you concentrate for at least that long?” You ask teasingly.
  • He narrows his eyes, then sighs wearily. Zen gives you a soft smile. “Lord knows I can’t concentrate when you’re around.” 


  • You were surprised at his enthusiasm when you suggested having ‘commoner’ food for dinner for a change. 
  • “Well, why not? I’ve always wanted to try it. You don’t think I’m that much of a snob, do you, MC?”
  • His curiosity for experiences you considered so ordinary is always endearing, if not amusing. 
  • You take him to a small, local restaurant on the outskirts of the city. It’s not exactly Michelin-Star, but it’s quiet and tasteful. Jumin is sitting across from you, adjusting the sleeves of his sweater. It’s unusual to see him go a day without a blazer, but you’re grateful for it. Something about “matching the mood” of wherever you were taking him. As a result, the stately aura Jumin has about him seems diminished somewhat, replaced by something lighter and more mellow. 
  • Jumin’s eyes light up when he bites into a soup dumpling. What is this flavor? He isn’t sure about the nutritional content, but it’s certainly not what he had expected. What a pleasant surprise! “MC! You must try this!” 
  • You melt at his excitement - his enthusiasm is almost childlike. He leans forward to feed you, but you nearly spit your food out in the process. 
  • He gives you a concerned look. “What’s wrong, MC?”
  • You continue to chew the soup dumpling, making a waving motion with your hand. “Nothing, nothing.” You respond, a slight smile playing on your lips. 
  • Jumin blinks at you before observing that his foot had been grazing your ankle. I wonder… He moves his foot up toward your calf, causing you to clench your jaw. Ah-ha! 
  • Jumin tilts his head. “Something the matter?” He begins nudging you with his foot again, and soon you have to put your chopsticks down. “N-Nothing- nothing’s- wrong!” Of course, this only makes him want to tease you further. 
  • Finally, you burst into laughter and kick him back. Jumin shoots you a dangerous glare, but you keep going, anyway. He’s much better at concealing his laughter than you are, but he can’t seem to maintain his composure - Jumin is smiling and snickering more candidly than he’d normally allow himself to.  
  • Everyone wonders about the good-looking couple in back of the restaurant who seem to be getting along so well. 
  • You both stop when you realize just how many people are glancing in your direction. Jumin clears his throat. “They must think we’re having a good time.” 
  • “Aren’t we, Mr. Han?” You reply, tracing his calf with the tip of your shoe one last time. 
  • He bites back a grin before giving you a playful look.“I don’t know if you’re a good time, but the food here certainly is.” 

707/ Saeyoung

  • He’s trying to make a Honey Buddha Chip ring. 
  • You were simply observing him at first, but it soon turns into a contest. Saeyoung gets so shaky at the last few chips that he keeps having to start over again. Because of this, you’re able to catch up quickly. 
  • “How have you already gotten that far?!”
  • You click your tongue. “Look babe. I can’t help that I’m gifted.” He eyes your creation with envy - you’re only a couple of chips away from a perfect circle. You really did seem to have a knack for these things. 
  • Both in need of another chip, you simultaneously reach out for the bag lying on the table. Saeyoung’s elbow brushes against your hip, making you wince. “Oh. Sorry, MC.”
  • You purse your lips tightly before a laugh can escape, knowing that you’ll never finish this exercise in fundamental physics if Saeyoung’s playfulness is to be unleashed.“It’s okay.” 
  • Oh… That must have actually hurt. I’ll try to be careful now. Unfortunately, Saeyoung backs up to get a better view of his structure, managing to collide with you for a second time. Shit. “Sorry!” 
  • You’re a bit to slow to hide that smile. Was that…? Bag of chips in hand, Saeyoung slides over and nudges your side with his elbow once more. You manage to resist it for all of ten seconds before a series of chuckles escape your lips. 
  • “Sae- young! Please- I only have- four chips- left!” 
  • He manages to corner you by the kitchen counter, but you retaliate by tickling his stomach. “Wait- no! My precious- chips!” Sure enough, the chips in Saeyoung’s hand are now scattered on the floor. However, you don’t give him time to mourn. 
  • You run around like children, shrieking and doubling over with laughter every time you come into contact. Saeyoung is panting, and your face is beginning to feel warm from the sudden burst of activity. You lunge for Saeyoung’s neck, but he dodges you and bumps into the table. 
  • You both shout, “NO!” As your Honey Buddha rings collapse. All your hard work - gone! Saeyoung hangs his head and sighs. “We had that coming, didn’t we?”
  • You look at him, frowning. “What do we do now?”
  • “The only thing we can do.” 
  • Needless to say, the rest of the afternoon is spent consuming the remains of your Honey Buddha creations. 


  • You’ve just returned from the grocery store. Saeran is diligently organizing cereals while you arrange the flowers you had selected together.  
  • Saeran finishes before you. He comes around the counter and rests his chin on the palm of his hand, watching you decide between chrysanthemums and peonies. 
  • You bite your lip. “Which flower do you think best suits this color scheme?” You were always so particular about these things. That’s my girlfriend. Meticulous as ever. 
  • Saeran thinks for a moment before pointing to the chrysanthemums. “These are more like you.” You smile and replace the peonies, arranging them in a separate vase. A strand of hair escapes your ponytail and brushes against your cheek. 
  • Before Saeran can stop himself, he reaches a hand out to tuck the strand behind your ear. He thought his touch would cause you would stop and stare at him with that innocent, wide-eyed expression he’d grown so fond of, but you didn’t. What is this? 
  • He reaches out and and touches your chin, this time tracing his fingers down toward your collarbone. You on the other hand, are stunned by this action. You keep your eyes trained on the flowers, but you feel electricity dancing across your skin - being so bold isn’t like Saeran. However, you quickly dismiss any suspicion of vulgarity once you become aware of how intently he’s studying your expression. 
  • Why weren’t you responding? Hmm…? He repeats the motion, this time catching a glimpse of a smile on your face. I wonder… 
  • Saeran tickles your chin, and this time you erupt into a peal of laughter. You laugh is so bright and playful that he can’t resist. He walks around the counter and begins tickling behind your ears. “Saeran- I’m not- done!”
  • You would have fought to get away had Saeran’s expression not looked so lively. You reached up and tickled his neck. Surprise flashed across his face for a moment before being replaced by a stream of giggles. You loved it when his eyes lit up like that - he was having fun. It wasn’t often that he allowed himself to be this vulnerable. 
  • “MC- wait- I might- cry!” 
  • In the midst of all the laughter, you had nearly knock one of the vases down. Thankfully Saeran catches you in time, wrapping you in his arms to prevent you from making contact with the kitchen counter. 
  • You both blush once you realize just how close you are. You look away bashfully, each of you thinking: “Now there’s the timid person I know so well.” 
  • You decide to break the silence. “You said chrysanthemums were ‘more like me’. What did you mean?”
  • Saeran sighs. “You’re never going to let me live this down,” he begins. “But chrysanthemums signify happiness.” 
Of mental health, and cleaning.

If I’m so happy to spend fourteen hours cleaning my house today, instead of being in tumblr, working on my book, or even going to the party I was supposed to go, it’s because cleanliness is closely tied to mental health.

I don’t mean in a general way. I mean in a very personal way.

Two years and a half ago, I was suffering from a severe depression and my pills weren’t helping that much. I was living with my sis and my dad, things were hard for everyone, we were constantly bitchy, and the house was a mess all the time.

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Last Words
Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote these last words just before he died in Mexico City in April of 2014.

(Translated from the original in Spanish by Andrés Berger-Kiss)

If for an instant God would forget I’m a rag puppet and would give me a bit more life, I would take advantage of that time as much as I could.

Possibly I would not tell everything I think, but I would definitely think about everything I say.

I would value things, not for what they’re worth, but for what they signify.

I would sleep a little, I would dream more. I understand that for every minute we spend with our eyes closed, we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would walk when others stop, awaken when others sleep.

If God would give me a bit more life, I would dress simply, would throw myself downward on my stomach under the sun, leaving uncovered not only my body but my soul.

I would tell men how wrong they are thinking they can’t fall in love when they are old, not knowing that they grow old when they stop loving.

To a child I would give wings, but would leave him or her alone to learn to fly.

To the old ones I would teach them that death doesn’t arrive when one is old, but when one forgets how to live.

So many things I have learned from you, humanity……I have learned that the whole world wants to live at the top of the mountain, not knowing that true happiness is found upon climbing the rugged hill.

I have learned that when the newborn squeezes with its small fist the first time, the father’s trapped finger will be forever his.

I have learned that a man has the right to look down upon another only when he wants to help him get up.

So many are the things I have learned from you, but they will not serve me much, because when they will keep me in that bag, unhappily, I will be dying.

Try to always say what you feel and always do what you think in the profoundest part of your hear.

If I knew that today is the last time I will see you asleep, I would give you a strong embrace and pray to God to let me be the guardian of your soul.

If I knew that these are the last moments I can see you, I would say to you “I love you” and not foolishly assume you already know that.

There is always a tomorrow and life always gives us another opportunity to do things well, but if I’m mistaken and today is all that remains for us, I’d like to tell you how much I love you, and that I never will forget you.

Tomorrow is not assured for anyone, young or old. Today may be the last time you’ll see those you love. That’s why you should not wait any longer, do it today, so that if tomorrow never arrives, surely you’ll lament the day when you didn’t take the time for a smile, an embrace, a kiss because you were too busy to bestow one last wish.

Keep those you love close to you, whisper in their ears how much you need them, love them, and treat them well, take time to say to them, “I’m sorry”, “forgive me”, “please”, “thank you” and all the loving words you know.

No one will remember you for your secret thoughts. Ask the Lord for the strength and knowledge to express them.

Finally, show your friends and loved ones how much you care for them.

—  Gabriel García Marquez
Responses to {Part 28} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

(I have also included asks that I received before this IWSY chapter was posted ^^)

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Fake texts BTS: V and Jhope getting excited when they saw a boy/girl with the most beautiful e/c eyes telling them, "Hi." They tell the other members but refuse to tell them where they are (But tells Suga to make Other member mad?) (The last part is to make me laugh, sorry. Lol. Please and thank you.)

Hello, anon!  I changed it up a bit..also I had to divide it into parts because tumblr only lets you do 10 per post…also in each part there is a short story. I hope you like it!… Here they are: 

Ps: Please let me know if you want me to continue with the series and if you do…which of the guys do you want to end up with? 

For Love & Money Pt.3


Words: 3838

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Casual writing, (eventual smut), Arranged/Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

Originally posted by bwibelle

Sleep won’t take you, so you find yourself tossing, turning and groaning. Staring at the ceiling, your mind recalls the earlier events.

“My mother…she….” Jin swallows. “She has cancer.”

“What?” You scrunch your brows. Though you didn’t know Mrs.Kim well - you did care. She was sweet, kind, someone who adored you and someone who treated you well.  

Jin sighs deeply, a sob threatening his voice and you can only look on with the deepest sympathy. “It’s still early and we might be able to cure it. But she doesn’t want to go under therapy.” He pauses, swallowing hard. “At best, doctors say she has about 2 years.”

“I’m sorry. Please send my condolences.”

“Thank you.” He manages a small smile on his lips. “But I came here to ask you for a…favour.”

You raise your brows. “You want to marry me?”

He nibbles on his lower lip and you have to divert your eyes elsewhere. “Yes.”

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What would the boys do if they found out you use to be in a relationship full of abuse and r***, (I blurred it because I am really sensitive about that word >.< sorry. Gif reaction please) Thank you~

I’ve off put this because i wasn’t sure how some people might feel about this topic.. but in the end, I realized that i didn’t want to ignore this follower’s request– especially when she asked this type of question. It must’ve not been easy for her either. So, here it goes…


Initially, Jin might be taken back a bit. But he wouldn’t run away or anything like that. He would pretend to be accepting and just finish hanging out—as if nothing is wrong. When he gets home though, he seeks some help—asking others what they would do if they were in this particular situation (your name disclosed, of course). Then, next time you meet, Jin would decide that if he really loves you—he’ll love all of you. All your perfections and imperfects, happiness and sadness—everything about you. He wouldn’t destroy a realtionship because of just one thing. He’ll ask how you’re doing and if you say that you’re not doing so well, he’ll seek a therapies that the two of you can attend. Whatever you’re going through, Jin would try his best to be with you every step of the way so you don’t have to suffer by yourself anymore.


After you mention your secret, Suga would gentle pull you into a hug and brush his lips against the top of your head. It’s so unlike him. He’d caress the back of your head and just stay like that for a few minutes. After you two pull away, you can see him giving you a sad smile but he’ll treat you exactly the same as before. But when he sees you acting a certain way because of a trigger (or something), he’d find himself becoming more cautious although he doesn’t want you to notice him being any different. Late at night, after seeing you home, he’ll struggle by himself thinking of how much you’ve gone through. In the end, you’ll be able to see it on his face and the two of you will have to talk it out because it’s necessary and you two know it is needed.


J-Hope would go crazy. At first, he wouldn’t believe that you’re telling the truth. He’d tease you and tell you that it’s a gruesome joke to joke about something like that. But when he sees the tears form in your eyes and hears the way your voice cracks in between, he’ll start hyperventilating and get up. Unable to make sense of it all, he’ll try to call the police and report the culprit but when all is done, he’ll realize that the damage has already been done. He’ll just see you, vulnerable and hurt, and wouldn’t know what to do except to cry together in each other’s embrace. When he asks you all the places your ex has abused you, J-Hope would kiss them all away, promising that there’s always hope for the future—not because of his name but because there simply is.


Anger. He can’t believe how something like that could’ve happened to a girl like you. He’d question endlessly asking who the guy was, why you dated a guy like him, how he got away, where the fuckin* hell he is– Rapmon wouldn’t be able to calm himself down. He’ll feel angry and disgusted at how a person can take advantage of you like that—any girl at this case. He’d try to call the police and get that guy arrested and sentenced to jail. You’ll have to settle him down and tell him that what’s done is done. At this fact, it’d depressed the heck out of Rapmon even more. He’d be angry for the next couple of days but you just need to give him his space. It’s not because of you—but because of how he feels about justice in the world.


Although it’s not Jimin’s responsibility, he would do all that he can to make up for your broken past. He would buy you all your favorite meals, spend as much time he can with you (allowing how his schedule is) and even surprise you with small letters and gifts to tell you how much he appreciates, cares, and loves you. He’ll make sure that you know how much you are loved by him and make it his goal to see you smile again, truly. He won’t ever make you forget.


V would be flustered. There’d be a part of him that wants to protect you as if you’re the most fragile thing on Earth but at the same time, he’ll feel conflicted that you’d had such a past. He’ll try to set you down and talk about everything in the open. He’ll need your assurance and understanding that you’re okay. If not, he’ll try to find a way to make sure you’re okay though he may not be as level headed as Jin. It’s either that—or V might go bat sh* crazy and kill a guy like in “I Need U” video. x.x


Jungkook wouldn’t know what to do. He’d be in initial shock and can’t believe that stuff like this actually happens—especially to people close to him. He wouldn’t be able to look at you the same because he’s scared that you’ll hate him; scared that you might break. All of a sudden, you’ll appear all very fragile but strong to him… in a way he’d never thought he could see in you. He’ll need some time to comprehend this but he definitely won’t shun you. His crazy goofy actions might just be more subdued (like when you first met him) and he’ll be more cautious not to act too brash. He just needs some time to comprehend what you’ve told him but in the end, everything will go back to being normal.

anonymous asked:

I hope are there going to be any appearances of nothlit people who used to be yeerks in the Eleutherophobia? Are they getting killed too?

Dear Anon, you are the fourth or fifth person to ask me this question or something similar, so I feel like I need to give a full explanation here to anyone else who is confused.  In the Animorphs fics that I write, the yeerks have all become nothlits as whales, dolphins, and other cetaceans.  

I honest-to-Bob had no idea that it was a fanon convention in the Animorphs fandom to write the yeerks as having become human after the war until I started publishing stories that did not follow that convention and ran smack into many people’s confusion on the subject.  I confess that I’ve read maybe 5 works of Animorphs fan fiction in my entire life, since I tend to be super-picky about what I read (usually for arbitrary reasons), and therefore I just hadn’t encountered that fanon before I started writing.  That said, even if I had been aware of that fanon in advance, I probably wouldn’t have written it into my stories.  

To clarify: there is no canon evidence that the yeerks become human after the war (just like there’s no canon evidence they become whales).  When talking about the arrangement for the yeerks after the war, Jake says to Sub-Visser Seventy-Four: “You’ll accept permanent morphing and relocation?” (#54).  The fact that it is “permanent” suggests to me that there will be no monkeying around with making new faces or identities for the yeerks, and the fact that it entails “relocation” suggests to me that they’re not going to be just dropped back into the area of Southern California where they were living before.  

Jake later specifies to Prince Asculan that he’s talking about one deal for the yeerks and the taxxons.  Later, Marco tells us that the taxxons “permanently morphed to anaconda and various other way-too-big snakes” (#54).  That, to me, suggests that the yeerks are getting a similar deal as the taxxons: they will be offered forms similar to their original shape and the chance to live on Earth outside of human society.  After all, even the hork-bajir end up shipped off to Yellowstone, under constant threat against their rights, and they were allied with the humans during the war.

Anyway, based on that scant canon evidence I headcanoned that the yeerks mostly followed Aftran’s example by becoming whales (and various other way-too-big aquatic mammals).  We don’t know for sure, but there are a handful of reasons this idea felt like it made sense to me.

A couple of reasons that I went with this idea:

  • Whales and other cetaceans are extremely endangered, meaning that the population of many species could probably explode to ten times its current level without straining the environment
  • Human overpopulation is the single greatest threat to the planet’s environment, human rights, and continued life on the planet, meaning that adding (hypothetically) 100,000 new humans would be a very bad idea
  • The U.S. government has this nasty history of not wanting to let new civilians in no matter what, but especially if they’re from nations that went to war with them in the past
  • Humans kill more humans than any other mammal species on the planet, including twenty times as many as the next most deadly predator (the domesticated dog); cetaceans have less than a dozen recorded instances of going Heart of the Sea on human boats in all of history
  • It can take years, decades, or a lifetime to set up an identity as a human; if whales have this level of bureaucracy then marine biologists have found no evidence of it
  • Many of the yeerks are kidnappers, murderers, or war criminals; almost all of them are slave-owners.  If the U.S. allowed the yeerks to become humans, they would need to place almost all of the new nothlits in prison immediately.

All of that information together leads me to believe that some combination of anti-yeerk prejudice, desire to save money, fear of a civil war, and desire to protect the planet would lead the U.S. government to decide that it makes way more sense to have the yeerks become cetaceans rather than humans.  Not only would that solution dodge the issue that, as Marco puts it, “Your average suburbanite ain’t gonna tolerate a seven-foot-tall bladed alien for a neighbor,” (#45) but it also would allow the yeerks the chance to make some choice about who they become post-morph.  

The yeerks who were interested would presumably have the option to remain yeerks (although it’s not clear why they would, given that such a large proportion of them will take advantage of hosts at any cost).  However, as whales the ones who did change would have the option to keep some integrity with their original forms.  Like the taxxons remaining giant-worm-shaped, the yeerks could remain aquatic finned animals with (according to K.A. Applegate, at least) sentient societal structures.  

There’s nothing particularly special about being human, and in fact there are a lot of disadvantages to being a brand-new human that are not there when one becomes a brand-new whale.  Again, I’m not saying this would be the most ideal solution, just the most realistic one.  (For instance, the existing whales might not love the idea of so many new ones showing up, but the U.S. government has a long and illustrious history of making its issues Somebody Else’s Problem, so from their point of view I’m sure it would work out just fine.)


Request – “Scenario where you and tae get into a really bad fight and he storms out but as he’s walkin back to the dorms he just sees you in his head smiled and laughing and he starts crying b/c he feels bad so he runs back to your house and says sorry? Happy ending please? And thank you 😘”

Word Count: 368

“Screw off!” Taehyung yells, before slamming the front door.

You sit still on the sofa, pissed but astonished that he walked out over something so trivial.

“Whatever, I don’t need you.”

As Taehyung starts walking back to the dorm, the cool January weather helps him calm down and gather his thoughts. He hated being wrong and that’s exactly what had happened, he argued despite knowing he wasn’t right.


He sighs and feels bad for hurting you. Suddenly he hears your laugh and turns, hoping to see you but there was no one is sight.


That was weird, why would he hear your laugh? Your wonderful laugh that he absolutely adores. As he continues to walk, he starts seeing images of you playing in his head. The image of you laughing and smiling, ingrained deep within in his memories, play repeatedly.

He stops, tears streaming down his face, then turns around and races back towards your home.

As soon as he reaches your front door his starts knocking and calling your name, “Y/N!”

You open the door, irritated, “What do you want now-“

He quickly pulls you into a hug, “Tae!”

You try to push yourself away, only to have him hold on tighter, “No, wait, just give me a minute.”

You sigh and stand awkwardly, engulfed in his arms.

He pulls away and you notice his face is completely stained with tears, “Did you cry?”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean any of those things. Like an asshole, I wanted to be right so bad that I ended up acting stupid.”

You stand there with your arms crossed and nod, “You’re right, you did act stupid, but you aren’t an asshole, not all the time anyways.”

“Can you forgive me for all that?”

You scowl at the look he’s giving you, not wanting to give in so easily but nod anyways, “It better not happen again.”

“It won’t, I swear!”


“I know you don’t want to completely forgive me but how about I take you out for some cake and ice-cream?”

“Sold! Food is my weakness.”

Before you turn to go and get your jacket, Taehyung pulls you back into another hug, “Thank you, Y/N.”

{Thank you for requesting, I hope it turned out the way you wanted >.< }

A Message From Me To All Writers

Dear Writers,

      Having been through several of the following situations myself, I understand what it’s like and feel that they should be addressed a tad more, so here’s my personal take on them. Also, I tried to make this as neutral as possible to leave it open for whatever type or genre of writing you do.

This is a slightly longer post, but I put a lot of time and effort into it, and had every writer’s best interests at heart, so it would mean a lot to me if you read the entire thing. Thanks in advance.

      1. Learn the meaning of followers.
When people follow you, it’s because they like your writing, and most likely you’re entire blog in general, and they would like to see you show up on their dash.

You have the following you have because you earned it.

If someone tells you that they liked something you wrote, it’s because it’s true. When people send you messages of encouragement, it’s because they want you to know that they care about you. Don’t dismiss these things as anything other than support and encouragement. It’s not pity, it’s not false kindness, they’re not being forced to do it. No, they like your writing and enjoy seeing it. And they took the time to let you know that.

Your followers follow you because they like what you post. They’re people who care, genuinely care, about your writing. Be grateful to them and for them, and never forget them. Love your followers as they love you.

      2. You are not a robot.
Let’s talk about requests. Alright, this is your blog. You decide what it’s about, how it looks, and what is posted on it. Nobody else can tell you what to do on your personal account.

If someone sends you a request that you are not comfortable with, for any reason, you do not have to accept it. You are not a machine that takes orders. Yes, you care about your followers, and you don’t want to let someone down, or turn someone down, but you don’t have to sacrifice your standards, emotional stability, or anything else that might make you hesitant to write that request, just to please someone.

Again, this is your blog. This is your writing. You’re the one putting in the work, so you get to decide what you work on.

It doesn’t matter if the person criticizes you, or hates on you, or says or does anything negative aimed at you. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re happy with your writing. And if that person does take negative action against you, then that shows that they are not worth you’re time and effort anyway.

      3. It’s okay to take your time.
Don’t feel like you’re pressured to post new works frequently. This is something I struggle with quite a bit. I always feel like I’m taking too long on a request or I haven’t posted anything new in way too long, but I’ve realized that I shouldn’t feel like that.

I always want to post the best works I can, I’m sure every writer does, and if that takes a bit of time, then that’s okay.

It’s completely okay to take your time in order to reach the quality of writing you want to attain.

In other words, if you want to spend a little extra time on that piece, making sure it’s the best that it can be, that’s okay. And I’m sure your followers will appreciate the effort. I don’t know about you, but if I was given the choice to either get a mediocre fic right now, or get a great fic a little later, I’d for sure choose the second option.

Now, whenever someone sends me a request, I immediately get this feeling that they’re sitting there, waiting on me to finish. Just sitting and waiting on a request, not doing anything else besides constantly checking my blog for any news on my progress. Although this is most likely not true.

While there may be times when you feel like you’re taking too long, aren’t posting new writing often enough, or in general just feeling a need to hurry, there’s something you need to remind yourself of:

People are not constantly waiting on you.

Whenever I send in a request, I click ask/send and move on. I don’t dwell on it, in fact, there are times when I forget I even sent in the request until it’s posted. Odds are most people do the same. Listen, you aren’t a servant. You aren’t working for these people. You aren’t getting paid by the hour. Just take your time. It’s not that big of a deal as it seems. Besides, all that time and hard work you put in will be worth it when you can proudly click ‘Publish’.

      4. There’s nothing wrong with having a little help.
If you want to google “How to write better stories”, then that’s fine! I’ve done that, too! I have and currently do frequently search “synonyms for _______” when I’m writing. Yes, it’s true. Because I want to make my fics the best they best be, and there’s nothing wrong with that, even if I have a little assistance from the internet.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from your friends, either. I’ve shown fics to my friends and asked for brutally honest feedback, I’ve asked friends for writing advice. Even though I’ve been publishing works for over a year, I’ve received positive feedback for many of my fics, and I’m proud of my work so far, I still ask for tips. Because I want to get better. And wanting to get better is a fantastic goal.

      5. Don’t worry about haters.
I understand this can be difficult at times, but it comes with the territory. There are going to be people who: disagree with something you wrote, don’t like or even hate something you wrote, correct you on what you wrote (from grammar to a misportrayal of a character/act/etc.), and criticize you for something you wrote. And some people will do it more graphically, bluntly, or hurtfully, than others.

The main thing to keep in mind when someone hates on something you published is that all that matters is your happiness. If you’re happy with your writing, then that’s all that’s needed. If someone hates on your writing, brush it off. That only reflects badly on them. Anyone that treats you or talks to you like that is not worth your precious breath or attention.

Now, there is a different between constructive criticism and hate, and all I can really say about that since every thing is a case-by-case situation, is to watch the language. Most people, when giving constructive criticism, will use words such as please, sorry, and thank you. And the tone of the message will be polite or professional. Haters, on the other hand, whose goal is to make you feel bad about yourself or what you wrote, their language will be crude, insulting, hurtful, harsh, cruel, hateful, or rude. Sometimes all of the above. But it doesn’t matter. That makes them a bad person, that makes you a good writer. Because they’re jealous of you and they use hate and intimidation as a weapon. Please don't dwell on unnecessary hate by a pathetic and cruel person. If they’re on anon, then that’s even worse for them because it announces that they’re a coward who couldn’t even own up to their own comments (which should be kept to themselves).

      6. You don’t need to cater to everyone.
If you want to, then that’s fine, go ahead, but if you don’t, then by no means are you required or obligated to.

Write what you want. Write whatever you want to write about. When branching out, try not to take into consideration others’ opinions.

Examples: “My followers are used to me posting this.”
“I’ve never written something like this before, it might shock people.”
“One person said I’m good at writing _______, maybe I shouldn’t stray from that if that’s what everyone thinks I’m best at.”
“My followers might not like this, maybe I shouldn’t post it.”

And by the way, a couple of these thoughts have occurred to me as well. Don’t be afraid to stray from the path. If you usually write fluff, and want to try your hand at writing angst, then do it. If you’re a smut writer who wrote a non-sexual fic and wants to post it, then do it. Now, I can understand being concerned about how certain fics will be received, but that’s a different issue. The topic here is that this is your blog, your writing, your time, your effort, your ideas, your work, your talent, your decisions. You and only you get to decide what you want to write about and what you do with your writing. Nobody else. And challenging yourself, or experimenting with other genres is nothing to be concerned about/afraid of. It’s great, in fact. By doing that, you’re expanding your map of potential writing subjects. And it can open your mind up to so many new thoughts and ideas and inspirations. So go ahead and experiment! Do whatever you want; do *you*.

Nobody can tell you that you should or shouldn’t write about _______. And if you’re happy writing _______, then don’t let anybody shame you for that. Don’t let anyone shame you for writing anything. As I said before, this is your blog and you can do whatever you want on it. Please don’t be ashamed, embarrassed, nervous, etc., about enforcing or embracing that rule.

      7. Persevere!
This is a huge part of being an author. Don’t put yourself down! Don’t criticize yourself or your writing all the time! You will get better with practice! I used to be pretty bad at writing, but I studied other people's writing style and practiced a lot, and now I’m pretty proud of the quality of my work.

It’s cheesy, but, “Practice makes perfect” and “Never give up” are phrases that you should live by while you’re writing.

Don’t give up! Just like with a lot of things in life, you’ll start out small and poorly, but the more you try, the more you’ll progress. And everything you write counts! Public or not, you still tried and it adds to your log of practice.

I really wanted you guys to know these things. Keep your dignity, don’t apologize for running your blog how you want, never sacrifice your own happiness to appease others, and write what you want to write.

Thank you~

anonymous asked:

Hello! If you are still doing the meme thing can you do it for Aomine please? ( if you are not, sorry and please ignore this) thank you!

/cracks knuckles/ Let’s do this

Also, thank you dear, I’m a little better now <3

(Sorry this took so long orz)

☾ - sleep headcanon: Aomine’s a very deep sleeper, and he snores a bit. His fav position to fall asleep in is the freefaller. He’s the kind of person that hits the snooze button like 10 times, which annoy his parents to no end. When he sleeps with his s/o, he clings to them tightly and his partner has to literally hit him to wake him up.

★ - sad headcanon: he gets angry at himself when he’s sad. He doesn’t like worrying about things and feeling sad, so whenever he’s sad he’s automatically in a bad mood. He snaps at everything and everyone, but regrets is almost immediately after. He’s too proud to apologize, though, so he ends up getting even more angry at himself. Normally, he’ll just play some basketball by himself to let some steam off, and it usually works.

☆ - happy headcanon: he’s in a neutral/bored mood most of the time, so there are very few situations when he’s truly happy, which include, but aren’t limited to: playing basketball and spending time with his s/o. When he’s happy, he’ll grin and smile at almost everything, and have that certain spark in his eyes.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon: it goes without saying that it doesn’t take much to get him angry. Rather, depending on his mood, even the smallest things make him snap, and he might even unintentionally snap at his partner. Whenever he’s in a bad mood, it’s best to just leave him alone until he sorts out his thoughts himself.

✿ - Sex headcanon: Aomine’s usually rough in bed, and he has a very high stamina. As seen by the way he plays basketball, he’s very flexible and is always willing to try out new positions with his partner. He’s pretty open to try new things, but I don’t think he’d be much into using toys and stuff like that. He’s very into morning sex, and he actually likes shower sex a lot.

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon: his room’s a mess. It’s to the point where people seriously wonder if a rat is going to come out from under the huge pile of clothes on the corner of his room. In contrast, his porn magazines are very organized by preference order, as are his basketball ones. He tries to clean it whenever he knows his partner is coming or if his mom nags him enough.

♡ - romantic headcanon: he’s clearly not the best at being romantic, and his partner has to understand that he just isn’t the type to serenade them or take them stargazing. Aomine is a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kind of guy, so whatever his gut tells him to do, he does. Sometimes, though, he does try to do nice things to his partner, because he knows that they appreciate it, and he loves seeing the surprised smile on their face. He shows much more affection alone than in public.

♥ - family headcanon: according to Kurofes, he’s an only child and lives with both his parents. I like to think his father is really laid-back and his mom is the one that’s constantly nagging at them both. He’s a total mama’s boy, though; I can see him gruffily handing her Mother’s Day’s gifts and hugging her back when she does. He almost doesn’t talk with his father because they’re so in sync that they mostly communicate through nods and grunts.

☮ - friendship headcanon: he’s that one friend that either takes 3 hours to answer your message or doesn’t answer at all. Your hang out spots will mostly consist of the street ball place. However, as seen with Momoi, he can be persuaded to do things he isn’t quite up to doing. Being his friend means that you have to be patient and understand that he’s not an easy person to deal with. He does have his ups and downs moments, and just because he pushed you away doesn’t mean he wants you to go; quite the contrary, actually.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon: his hobby is looking at gravure magazines, which he does quite unabashedly. There’s also basketball (obviously) and watching the sports channel. He has the habit of clicking his tongue when he’s annoyed, and tends to tap his feet repeatedly on the ground if he’s bored. I do think that his favorie thing to do, aside from playing basketball, is sleeping.

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon: he likes teriyaki burgers and his mom’s cooking, but he hates tomatoes. He likes meat and the fruit water his partner makes sometimes. He likes horror films and sports games, though he also likes action games. He likes going to the mountains and catching cicadas in summer. He likes the natural smell of his partner and the way they lightly run their nails up and down his back after sex. He doesn’t like people who nag and hover over him too much, and who expect a lot from him. He doesn’t like people who talk shit about his friends and who don’t play basketball seriously. He doesn’t like getting wet from the rain and prefers sunny days over cold ones. 

▼ - childhood headcanon: he was a very bright and sunny child who had a lot of energy. He could never stay still, and was always getting into mischief - and getting hurt in the process. He often caught insects and used to run after Momoi, teasing her to the point of tears. The only person that could really scold him and make him listen was his father, who despite being easy-going, knew where to draw the line.

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon: I really like to think that his laid-back nature progressively disappears as he grows older. He’s going to nag at his kids and encourage them to do things right and properly because he doesn’t want them to end up like him. He’ll often grumble to himself, especially when he’s in his 70′s or so, and it’ll usually be about how there aren’t decent basketball players nowadays. He’ll be a lot calmer as he ages, and will dismiss things that used to bug him as unimportant.

♒ - cooking/food headcanon: he’s a disaster in the kitchen. He barely knows how to make instant ramen, and that’s only so he doesn’t starve himself to death. Couple that with his laziness, it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever be a chef. Despite this, he knows that he can’t survive off burgers and instant ramen, and usually eats proper meals, with rice, meat and vegetables. He isn’t too picky with food, and will eat just about anything that doesn’t have tomatoes in it. Doesn’t care too much for sweets, but that doesn’t mean he won’t eat them.

☼ - appearance headcanon: on most days, he just wears whatever clean clothes he can find first, especially on early mornings. He takes about 20-30 minutes to get up from bed, but once he does he’s ready in 15 min max. When he has a date or has to look a little more decent for whatever reason, he tries a bit harder to wear decent clothes. Despite this, his basketball shoes collection is quite impressive, and he’s very proud of it. They’re (not so) secretly his babies.

ൠ - random headcanon: he’s a walking furnace. In winter, he’s often seen with the bare minimum and his partner spoil themselves in cuddles because he’s always warm. He pretends to be annoyed whenever his s/o snuggles up to him but he secretly loves it and always holds them a bit tighter than strictly necessary.

◉ - Any other question of your choosing: it’s all about patience and truthfulness with him but once you get through that he’s hooked on you. Please protect this child.

About the Kacchan/Deku ship

Now, I know many people think of this particular ship as very abusive, and I think so to.

But as the series progresses, we see Kacchan’s character development. He has toned down his bullying of Deku to angry insults and is picking on him less and less.

I just want a scene where Kacchan finally swallows his ego and learns how to say ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and 'thank you’ to Deku.

I want Kacchan to say something among the lines of: “Deku, I…am sorry. I’m sorry for being such an arrogant prick and hurting you all those years. Thank you for always watching my back. Will you please still let me be your friend?”

Then, Deku would just burst out sobbing and surprises the whole classroom. He’ll probably be like: “Kacchan… This is the first time you’ve ever apologized to me, thank me, and even said please to me!”

This gets Kacchan accusing looks from the rest of the class. It gets even more awkward for the blond when Deku asks to hug him.

Kacchan couldn’t refuse because the whole class was pressuring him, so he relents and lets Deku cry into his uniform. Eventually, Kacchan threatens to blast Deku off when he leaves a icky stain on the front of his uniform.