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Ahh you make amazing art and you like Voltron too?! 💙 You are that much awesomer! Your post about 80s Pidge makes me laugh bc now I imagine an episode of the New Voltron where something affects their voices (like a translator or something?) and their voices all sound like they did from the 80s voltron. Like poor Pidge and Shiro.

IFJEOSKJLASKL THANKS BUD <33333 And oh my goooood *slips Dreamworks 20 dollars* PLS make this happen, I would di e 

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  • N - Never Ending Story (Ken Feat. Sangyeob)
  • X - Xi Shua Shua (VIXX The Remix)
  • N - Secret Night (VIXX)
  • I - I Love It (DΞΔN Feat. DOK2)
  • G - Good Night & Good Morning (VIXX)
  • H - Hot Enough ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • T - Thank You For Being Born (VIXX)

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Falsettos aesthetic

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i agree omg i think nct is really close with each other?? especially the dream members... idk why that anon thinks that theyre not close

+ i think that anon is just trying to start something within the fandom, maybe its traumatic experience too

yeah we were kind of surprised because we assumed it was an obvious fact?? nct is pretty touchy with each other compared to other groups LOL and just overtly affectionate in general ;;; whenever anyone looks at nct it’s honestly so clear that they’re really close and care about each other so much!! 


Okay but this is the first time someone has called Yurio something “masculine”/”strong” and it clearly means a lot to him. People usually use terms like fairy or princess when describing him (JJ even goes as far as calling him a girl and Lilia uses prima ballerina which is a female only term). Throughout the show, Yurio struggles a lot with people calling him “feminine” terms and is constantly trying to push his bad boy image in an attempt to make himself seem more tough/manly. To have Otabek read him “correctly” so to speak obviously makes him visibly happy and I think this is one of the reasons he’s so quick to accept the friendship invitation.