Can’t stop laughing :’(

Tia: I-I… I don’t understand…

(MOD: It has been a very long time, my old friends…)

(Perhaps, it is time I finally aimed to finish the story I once began spinning those three years ago. But I cannot do it alone; upon logging in to find the heart-wrenching requests for this blogs return, I couldn’t say no. I couldn’t forsake the community that helped me grow my art and animation skills any longer. I needed to come home. However I cannot do it alone…)

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anonymous asked:

psst when drawing Asian garments, you always want to draw them left over right. right over left is reserved for corpses. and easy way to remember is to make sure it looks like a y

Thank you so much :””) I’ve already been told on twitter :____________D I always mess up this thing, so thank you for giving me an easy way how to remember it! ;;; (i struggle a LOT orz)


i regret nothing (insp.)

holy smokes !! first of all: THANK YOU GUYS ! i’m so happy to have reached this number in the short-ish time i’ve been around ! i know 200 may not be that much, but i’m still SUPER HYPED and thankful to each and every one of you ( even the pjorn blogs, you go guys ) and i wanted to take a moment to let my appreciation be known !! when i got here, i barely knew anyone, so i was super nervous, but you were all so so so KIND and WELCOMING ! my friend mentioned she thought i received an incredibly warm welcome and i agree ! you guys made me feel right at home with your shenanigans and your games and your EVERYTHING. i love being on my dash, i love talking and interacting with all of you, i love the threads i have and the plotting i do and the answers my asks receive… ! the dgm rp community is one of the warmest and kindest communities i’ve ever been apart of, you guys have been so GOOD to me, and i am so so thankful. i hope, one day, i’ll be able to repay the KINDNESS this rp community has given me !! once again, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU, for the good times, the bad and the endless love i feel when scrolling through my dash !

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(Please read in a friendly tone that is not trying to make you feel bad) That Grainger post you tagged as Molly on the Shore was definitely 100% Lincolnshire Posy

(Lol thank you for specifying tone cuz honestly I always take things the wrong way online thank you)

Ok ok I see where you’re coming from, but




a reason why

I said

Molly on the Shore

in the first place


catchbluestars  asked:

your fanfics are amazing, i finished all of them so fast, they are all so good with great writing and a adorable and emotional story line (in heartwrecker i literally had a fangirl attack and then it stoped and then it happen again and then again and again lol) cant ait for the update and thank you for everything!

Oh my gosh this is honestly the nicest thing you can ever say to someone how could you say this to someone as lowly as me ;-;

Thank you thank you thank you for sitting through the run-on sentences and derpy grammar and rant-like style of writing and ALL THE CRACK and finally even able to shower it with lovely comments as this like geeeeez I never could even imagine ToT

You have my best wishes. I hope your life is wonderful <3


Love hurts like a bullet shot right through the heart, burning all the hopes, bleeding my whole soul. They say it won’t kill me, they say it will make me stronger, but I wonder if they are wrong…

somebody please stop mE

More ow here ♥