The HP celebrity gossip article! *___* Also Burdge did some wonderful Teddy and Victoire drawings, and oh man, it was all too much, I started imagining the VIP section breakfast table and so here’s a quick drawing

Just an FYI: I was going through my flashdrive and found these so if anyone wants some comics sent to them let me know. The Captain America/Winter Soldier ones include the complete stories (multiple issues) while the Batman/Red Hood is the only one issue (rather than volume) story I have. Sorry if these all aren’t the greatest quality.


YES! My 11x17 prints came in the mail today! (Sorry about the color quality- my phone camera isn’t the greatest)

Some Wind Waker Links, Menika from my upcoming webcomic Sell Spell, Ciri from Witcher 3, and Voran from Sell Spell. Plus- Zelda, Final Fantasy, Odin Sphere, Pokemon, Miyazaki, owl, and Pluto buttons! 

So excited (and mildly nervous) for my first Artist Alley! Now to figure out how I’m displaying all this…