The HP celebrity gossip article! *___* Also Burdge did some wonderful Teddy and Victoire drawings, and oh man, it was all too much, I started imagining the VIP section breakfast table and so here’s a quick drawing

💚Bog Garden💚

So, I decided to make my own carnivorous bog garden, which can be a challenge especially in Michigan. Here are the first day pics (sorry they aren’t the greatest quality). So in order of photos we have:

Sarracenia Scarlet Belle
Sarracenia Diana’s Delight
Sarracenia purpurea subsp. Venosa
Sarracenia Fat Chance
Sarracenia purpurea

I was supposed to receive drosera filiformis as well, but there was a mix up. So, the gangs almost all here. And I’m going to add some VFT’s as well. Wish me luck! Updates to follow. 🌱

anonymous asked:

RFA reaction when MC recieves a gift box (those boxes that you see a lot on FB) and at first they think it's from a guy and they're jealous because MC is gushing about it, but actually it's from MC's female bestfriend for her birthday. Thank you :)

Haha I don’t go on Facebook so I don’t know what gift box you’re talking about. So just a random gift it is then! I’m sorry if this isn’t the greatest quality. I started getting tired like halfway through.


  • you have some errands to run in the morning while Yoosung’s classes don’t start until the afternoon
  • while he’s at home a package was delivered
    • can’t recall if he ordered anything?
  • he looks at the info sticker
  • it’s from someone else???
    • it’s most likely a gender neutral name
  • he immediately assumes a guy sent it to you
    • gets level 1 jealous
    • no need to panic it maybe a realative with a different surname
  • 20 minutes later you call him and ask if a package came for you
    • “Oh my friend sent it to me and I’ve been dying to open it!”
    • (((( ;°Д°))))
  • when you come home Yoosung bought a box of your favorite candy and a bouquet of roses with promises of a fancy home cooked meal
  • during dinner you get a phone call from your friend and you put it on speaker
  • “Hey MC, did you open your gift yet!?”
  • when Yoosung hears her voice, he gets so embarrassed he went all out because he thought it was from a guy
  • “Oh no I haven’t. Yoosung why is your face all red?”
  • (//・_・//)


  • you got a call from your friend this morning that you should be expecting, “the best gift of your life”
  • you’re so excited, you tell Jaehee
    • but unconsciously avoids pronouns 
  • “Uh, Jaehee you’re bending your spoon lol”
  • And it doesn’t help you constantly bring up the gift
  • Jaehee pictures a man (not as handsome as Zen of course) sending you gifts upon gifts
    • some loser with a cheetah print jacket
  • omg she broke her spoon
  • becomes the “i’M NOT JEALOUS” girlfriend
  • pouts and crosses her arms defensively
  • to earn some brownie points she gets you lunch, dinner and has a spa day planned for the weekend
  • after dinner your friend comes over with the gift
  • at first Jaehee is so relieved your friend was a girl
  • but then she noticed the gift had holes on the side
  • oh no
  • low and behold it’s a cat
  • (;⌣̀_⌣́)
  • learns to grow on it though
  • it’s a handsome calico cat that actually doesn’t shed a lot
    • “no MC we’re not taking him on our spa day”
    • o(TヘTo )
    • “alright fine”
    • (=^-ω-^=)


  • you come home with a box that needed two hands to carry
  • Zen thinks it’s a gift from one of his fans
  • you say it’s yours
    • but you make the mistake of JOKING that it must be from a male fan
  • oh yeah that’s not a great idea to joke about that
  • becomes CRAZY JEALOUS
  • he’s just glaring at the gift
    • he’s imagining that box crushed to bits
    • no Zen that’s rude
  • “MC we’re going out, get your coat”
  • but the gift ;_;
  • takes you a night on the town to get his mind off of that gift
  • when you two get back, he’s glaring at the present as you’re opening it
  • it’s a freaking dress and he’s going insane
  • steam is coming out of the marshmallow’s ears
  • that’s when you finally referred to your friend as SHE
  • cools down almost immediately
  • he’s still a little heated but nothing a long cuddle session couldn’t solve ^^


  • listen
  • if you get a gift from ANYONE that isn’t the RFA
  • he will try to top it 
  • you came home with a gift from a friend that you’re super excited to open
    • you avoid pronouns
    • and it doesn’t help when your friend has a gender neutral name either
  • Donut Jealousy activate
  • gets so flustered every time you bring it up
  • to the point he tosses the gift on the couch and takes you out
  • buys you so much shit
  • there are so many boxes and bags when you get home
  • when you try to open the gift he’s just staring at you
  • it’s a tiny plushie cat!
  • oh boy he looks like he’s about to crush the glass in his hand
  • ???
  • you go on to tell him about the gift
  • and when you say SHE
  • he looks way less tense
  • kind of mentally kicks himself for letting it get to him
  • and that cat plushie kind of looks like Elizabeth 3rd


  • it’s your birthday so of course his gift would mean more to you
  • he makes plans to make a day out of it
    • since this jellybean doesn’t go out as often
    • he thought you would love a nice date with him :3
  • he’s about to tell you his plans when you say you were expecting a present today from one of your friends
  • friends? 
  • by the way you talked about the gift
    • you go into detail how your friend knows EXACTLY what to get someone
    • you didn’t use pronouns so this confused him
  • all he could picture was a handsome guy…hands on you…LAUGHING AT HIM
    • ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
  • he honestly doesn’t know what to do 
  • oh yeah he’s a hacker
  • he sends an anonymous email to your friend filled with viruses
  • he’s silently patting himself on the back
  • until you get a call from your friend
  • “Saeyoung, _____ needs help with her laptop. She said she opened an email and got a nasty virus.”
  • (⊙_⊙)
  • laughs it off but doesn’t admit what he did
    • no one has to be the wiser 

I got my iwatobi jacket today! ;u; So in celebration, I wanted to do a costest of this dork and welp I ended up making some gifs

and of course this was the result of me finding out there was a zoom feature on my tablet