Spell On You // Kim Taehyung


the prompt: and the 2nd on “I put a spell on you” by Nina Simone for Taehyung.

words: 1247

category: song fic + fluff

author note: i don’t actually know what this is but the first two lines I used were for the pov of the secondary character, Ann?? enjoy, anyway?

- destinee

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If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands
If you’re happy and you know that you’re totally kind of sort of ready for little Mix to tour the UK and Australia and no where else and you’re ready to watch all their performances on YouTube filmed by a girl who’s seen them ten million times and met them 3 million times because they’re lucky enough to live in England and you cry because you’re an American mixer and their promo team is shite clap your hands

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Wait you want to see Hook working for Pan? When he was at his most miserable? Kinda weird.

Errrrrmmmmmmmmmmm no it’s not.

I fell in love with this fucker when he was at his broodiest, his most broken and miserable. I love that part of him just as much as the rest. And I am curious as fuck about his adventures in Neverland.

Not to mention, seeing his history only paints a clearer picture of just how far he’s come, just how far he’s evolved. How he’s really every inch the hero now.

TL;DR: if it involves Killian Jones, I want to know every. single. detail.

April 1, 2014

We thought we’d share some of our working ideas with you:

Meet Anne Shirley, Vampire Whisperer. Our Anne doesn’t slay vampires (but she’ll stake you if you insult her hair.) She retrains vampires to be polite, non-human-blood drinking, tidy members of any household. “They have poetry in their souls,” says Ms. Shirley. “Once you get them to stop smashing furniture and nesting in it, the rest falls easily into place."  ANNE OF GREEN FATALS will follow our feckless red-haired heroine as she tackles all manners of undead, quasi-dead, and straight-up dead fantastical creatures. With verve and a wicked wooden ax (fashioned by her retainer, Matthew Cuthbert, in his wood shop) Anne hopes to redeem all the creatures the world has declared dastardly and dark. "Her methods are unorthodox, but she’s our Anne,” Marilla Cuthbert muses from the front porch of her farm Green Fatals, where she grows organic, sustainable belladonna for all your poisoning needs.  Even Avonlea’s sharpest tongue, Rachel Lynde, can’t help but admit Anne’s skills. “She found a great way to use slow moving zombies. They make fabulous mobile vases as they stumble around your home clutching posies like drunken flower girls.” Watch Anne tackle her greatest challenge yet: housebreaking werewolves. “It can be done,” she says, while donning a huge padded sumo wrestling suit and goalie’s mask. “They’re just really angry dogs. I’ve sprayed this suit with extra strength capsaicin. They’ll only bite it once.” It’s dangerous work, but Anne will do anything to heal the heart of her best friend Diana Barry, whose fiance Fred Wright was dragged into the Haunted Wood by a pack werewolves during the last full moon. Bigger problem? The Haunted Wood is exactly that - haunted. Ghosts and poltergeists can’t be reasoned with and must be exorcised. Ms. Shirley commented, “Of all the undead, they are least capable of making a human connection. Even zombies have better table manners."  How far is Anne willing to go to help her bosom friend? And is her own heart safe with the enigmatic ghost!Gilbert Blythe trying to spook her at every turn?