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Dark imagine: Damien and Celine have consolidated into one entity, but occasionally they start to separate (especially in high stress situations) and Dark pops his neck as sort of a reminder of when we fell. The reminder of the broken neck is usually enough to snap him back together. (This is so stupid I'm sorry I'm night blogging xD)

It’s not stupid, I like it :D


Very soon, I hope. We have about 30 headcanons to answer. After that is done, we’ll open the askbox again. But, real life has taken a hold of all the admins and we are a bit slow.  Personally, I re-entered to school and I’m currently trying to find time to write academic papers, my own fanfic and headcanons. So just wait for a bit, okay? ~Admin Night

School starts soon for me, fam. Gotta get them books, gotta sharpen those pencils. Plus-plus I got work. Gotta get the cash, gotta get the dough! - Admin Marx 

The saddest thing with Sasuke is that he has absolutely no idea of what is a healthy relationship, neither friendly, familial nor romantic.  I love Itachi with all my heart, but I think we can all agree he screwed Sasuke up pretty badly; and when he realized, he was dead and there wasn’t much to do.  Naruto doesn’t seem to care about Sasuke but about the idealized version he created, the same with Sakura. No one thinks is important to acknowledge all the awful stuff Konoha did -not only Danzo, Sarutobi ignored the whole tension and Massacre-. No one cares about justice or closure. I already started to digress, lol.  He NEEDS a healthy relationship, a person that would help him grow and would notice his feelings and wants instead of beating him numb. So yeah, I think he needs someone that will love him unconditionally but will also respect his boundaries and demand respect for theirs.
Anon, I feel exactly the same. Poor baby Sasuke needs a protection squad. ~Admin Night

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I’m sorry :( I know these rules aren’t the best, but following them makes everything easier for both the readers and the admins, having the asks open all the time will be nice but will kill us. But when open the askbox again you can send your request! Thank you for your support! We love you too <3 ~Admin Night

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A theory of the Yogscast variety (Includes Tekkit, Volts, Yoglabs and Shadow of Israphel)

So “YogLabs” has been confirmed to have a link with “The Shadow of Israphel.” Theories have arisen from the minds of many Yognau(gh)ts. So I thought that I might as well put in my own as well. Right now it is 1:50 AM. So it is definitely late enough to put all my ideas into a few unintelligible paragraphs.

We have been given info that “YogLabs” is definitely a Pre-History to the “Shadow if Israphel” series. This sparks my first theory. “Tekkit”, and “Volts” are also in the Pre-History of SoI. I’m going to make my theories into a timeline. Lets see how this goes. 

[Warning: Long read ahead! But it’s worth it]

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Just a random what if...

Ladybug and Chat Noir have to deliver Christmas presents using a magic bag (obtained using lucky charm). When you reach in, it’s a pre-wrapped gift that varies depending on what the person wanted. They go to Marinette’s house last. After placing Tom and Sabine’s gifts under the tree, she reaches in for hers when, all of a sudden, Chat dissapears. Screaming is heard from inside the bag, so she empties it to find a huge box addressed to herself. Ladybug is confused, Chat is both flattered and amused. “I would make a paw-some purr-esent”

People are so quick to eat eggs for protein, eat fish for omega3s, drink milk for calcium, eat chicken for B12, and eat honey for antioxidants. So, my questions is: If you don’t mind earrings chicken periods, bee vomit, and animal corpses and secretions then why the fuck are none of you out there eating your girl’s placentas???? I think this is a valid fucking question tbh because those nasty suckers are chock full of nutrients.


Okay, the other day a guy asked me out on a date, and i didn’t say yes or no, but he just called me asking if i want to go to the movies with him tomorrow. I’m not sure if i should because i barely know him, besides, this would be the second guy i “date”…. He’s a nice guy, he plays piano, he’s a really good brother… ugh, idk.

And now i realised i don’t know what “going on a date” means. Is it too formal? does it means you like the guy if you accept going on a date with him?