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i bought you somethin luv! sorry its not much, i dont have many amazon gift credits...

OMG thank you so much I needed lashes so badly please come off anon 😭😭 so I can thank you properly I love you so much

A super shmoopy Bagginshield (what are backgrounds?!)

After the Battle of Five Armies, Thorin takes up the throne and begins to rebuild Erebor. Bilbo thinks to stay there awhile, till he receives word that his relatives Drogo and Primula have died, leaving their son Frodo an orphan. So Bilbo moves back into Bag End to raise the faunt, and as years go by his neighbors begin to accept that he will likely remain a rich old bachelor they can’t partner up with their eligible daughters.
It takes well over a decade for Thorin to get his affairs in order and abdicate the throne (dwarves are slow to change their ways and these political matters do not go into effect quickly). It takes him another year to travel to the Shire on his own (truly his sense of direction is remarkably terrible). He knocks on the bright round door, and for the first time feels nervous. Before he can think twice about his decision making skills, the door opens, and Thorin does a double take. Bilbo is far greyer and a bit wider than he remembers, but he is Bilbo all the same.
And then the hobbit catapults himself into a hug, and the dwarf is almost knocked over before he wraps his arms around Bilbo and breathes in the smell of home.
He had been worried he wouldn’t be well-received.


july 24/26/27 - some pages from the past few days!!!!

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(NSFW REQUEST) So I am an absolute Joshua Graham sinner so could I have a smutty situation with him and the courier. (rough maybe, im a sinner help pls) thanks for reading and ily and ur blog <3

 I’ve been reading game of Thrones so maybe it might help me with my smut skills? XDD I sometimes feel a bit embarrass writing stuff like this (even though I enjoy it) it just might take me a bit longer. 

He was wondering what he did that made God give him this lovely creature that lied naked on his bed. Maybe now he could sneak a tiny prayer of thanking his God for giving him such a blessing. But he didn’t want to wake her up with his muttering, so he just sat there, adjusting his belt.  

“You’re so quiet…” Courier whispered, turning onto her side just to wrap her arms around his waist. “You thinking about that bibi thingy?” 

“It’s called a bible. There might be a reason why the Legion isn’t so keen on having women in their outfit.” 

“Oh haha…You know how to treat a girl right at least.” 

His Legion view was always shifting when he was with Ceaser, from feeling pity for the slaves, to wondering if it was right to take baby boys from their screaming and begging mothers. Was it right? 

And of course it wasn’t, when he gazed at Courier, and thought about children with her, he couldn’t even grit his teeth hard enough if some bastard took his child away. It was their way of life though, he shouldn’t feel even a nudge from that. So why did he sudden when Courier talked about the Legion.  

She was independent, hated both the NCR and the Legion, and used Ulysses’s last message to burn them both to the ground. Now they were no more. A sense of pride rushed through him as he groped Courier’s firm breasts. He used to only wished to kiss her without feeling the agonizing pain to unwrap his bandages. Now with being treated by her, there was no more pain. No more fear of his wounds being infected. His skin was bumpy like that of a ghoul’s but the courier didn’t even care. She reaches for his crotch lazily then gives his groin a good, tight, squeeze. 
She sat up, kissing his rough but smooth skin. “You done just sitting there? “ She licked his earlobe as she took off his belt, and slid her hand down his pants. Then grabbing his hard member. “I love you…” She whispered.  

Her teasing stopped when Joshua pinned her down on the bed. His teeth biting deep into Courier’s neck to cause her to moan out loud. They didn’t care if the tribals heard them, they could listen in just for the show.  

“Is your umm..God fine with this?” 

“I’m pretty sure as long as I am not hurting you, I have a free pass on this-” 

Joshua gripped onto Courier’s hips then penetrated her, letting her scream of pleasure echo the room. He prepared himself, thrusting without any mercy, just the way courier likes it.  

Then, filling up Courier with his seed, they were both drenched with sweat, and panting like dogs. Courier smiled to herself, reaching for Joshua for another kiss. He lend towards her, pressed his lips against hers, then started to get himself dressed. 

It was was the time for the Zion.  

Sorry I had to speed it up towards the end because I promised today! So I hoped you liked it. And of course. NSFW!!!


Jason Isaacs’ Lucius cane gets caught on Daniel’s robe in CoS 

“Sorry, luv" 

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Hello! I love your blog and was wondering how you make your gifs? They are really good and i was hopingbto learn your secrets :)

Eeeep Thank you so much luv!

You must promise not to tell anyone :) The secret to making gifs is an incantation you chant every full moon 

How do you say gif?





That is how you gif

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Karamatsu: Ah I seem to have a Karamatsu girl, how wonderful! *takes your hand and leaves a small kiss on it* Knowing that brings even more joy into my heart! Thank you my lovely (ask-the-matsuneets, I really love your work! Enjoy this nerd!)

Karamatsu is a plague onto my life…jk this is super cute and thank you so much!

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yeah, been there *shivers* just remember that if they didn’t do what they are doing- you wouldn’t be here. maybe get into a really good fic or book, put on some headphones, and do anything to distract you from thinking about the reality. push it out of your mind- you’ll get over this. *hugs*