The signs as I've known them
  • Aries:STUBBORN! has to have their way and varies between being someone who notices nothing or being the very best friend you could ever want.
  • Taurus:So self involved. in the worst and best ways. One taurus i know is in theater and he is so self confident and awesome but then this other taurus i know is very conceited and loves to rub it in how much better she is than you..
  • Gemini:omg you cannot choose ever and then you have a desire for permanent things like tattoos even though thats probably the worst idea considering your indecisive nature. But also every single gemini i have ever known has been so open minded and tries so hard to get along with everyone even if its hard.
  • Cancer:clueless. straight up clueless. and kind of unstoppable at the same time. but so clueless always, pays no attention to detail or red flags or anything else of that nature also you always seem very sad even if you try to hide it i always feel like youre sad about something
  • Leo:just like a stereotypical cool person on the outside but so funny and such a people pleaser. You are too good for this world everyone wants to be a leo
  • Virgo:lil bit crazy tbh but in the nicest way. feels things intensely and fully. will watch children's movies for six hours and will get mad at you for getting upset with them
  • Libra:two sides to libras. one side is the sweetest most innocent (or seemingly innocent) angel too pure for the earth. other side is the jerk that thinks theyre all that and everyone should love them and want to sleep with them...
  • Scorpio:you're just kind of ehh tbh mostly. Like you either dont exist or you exist AND YOURE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MUSICALLY TALENTED PERSON EVER??? like i either love scorpios and their talents or they just have no input on my life at all, which is kinda sad.
  • Sagittarius:youre kind of obnoxious, you think youre all that. half the sags i know are nerdy people who have done nothing with their life so far but are super nice. but then the rest of you think youre the most special thing to grace the earth
  • Capricorn:i hate capricorns. Everyone puts gemini as the worst of the signs but have you ever MET a capricorn?? Capricorns in my experience are ALWAYS full of themself in the worst way and always has to be the center of attention. Always rude to everyone even your closest friends and will say the meanest things and do the meanest things to people. DANGEROUS when angry because they will try to destroy your reputation and all of your friendships and embarrass you in front of people you dont even know. I have so many horror stories with caps idt ive ever met one that i got along with also many of them seem to have problems with alcohol
  • Aquarius:you guys are the sweetest. every single one of you. some of you are a little like... weird but its a cute weird. so much fun to hang out with IF they decide to not flake because most of the time they will flake.
  • Pisces:Im obsessed with pisces. the sweetest most angelic misunderstood angels ive ever known. youre always gorgeous and youre all so smart tbh. I really mean that on you being misunderstood, you just seem to need someone who will listen to you and work with you to work things out. you guys are so understanding still though like you love everyone i think and youre so friendly to everyone and you all have the most stellar eyes even if theyre a beautiful brown or the prettiest watery blue eyes i will ever witness in my entire life.
  • this is a:(gemini's perspective)

okay, so here it goes, as promised…

yesterday was my last day at the nursery school… i came home for my lunch break and i texted my boss asking if she had my money because tomorrow i have a dentist consultation and she said yes. so i went there with all my self esteem extra high and told her it was all a lie and i wanted my money because i wanted to leave and was really unhappy with the job. and she got mad at me??? and even took some of my extra hours money… but my parents told me to not go there because i’ll get extra stressed and everything will be back and now that i’m okay with the anxiety attacks i should just leave it. but please, that bitch took money from me? why should i stay quiet? ugh i’m so so so mad….

and actually she told me to don’t talk about it with the parents but since i’m a bad bitch, when she left me alone with them i told every parent i was leaving and why (because i was supposed to work 3 hours but i worked more than that and didn’t get my extra hours money) and some mums actually cried and told me to add them on facebook and i felt so appreciated and loved. one even gave me her phone number and told me that if i need anything i should talk to her and gave me so many advises (she was actually one of my favourite mum’s). that was the only thing that made me happy… seeing some mums, grandparents and fathers worried about me leaving because they trusted me a lot…

but life goes on and i’m finally happy with my decision and being free from it and it seems like my anxiety attacks stopped and i’m so happy about it. plus i’m going to look for some curses today. and tomorrow i’ll be back to the gym (an excuse to lose some weight and get out of the house too)


Jason Isaacs’ Lucius cane gets caught on Daniel’s robe in CoS 

“Sorry, luv" 

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Hello! I love your blog and was wondering how you make your gifs? They are really good and i was hopingbto learn your secrets :)

Eeeep Thank you so much luv!

You must promise not to tell anyone :) The secret to making gifs is an incantation you chant every full moon 

How do you say gif?





That is how you gif

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yeah, been there *shivers* just remember that if they didn’t do what they are doing- you wouldn’t be here. maybe get into a really good fic or book, put on some headphones, and do anything to distract you from thinking about the reality. push it out of your mind- you’ll get over this. *hugs*

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If it helps, my aunt told me that we would go out to get my presents today (I have no self control, AND I am pretty good at deducing) but when I called her to asked what happened she said "What? You thought I was serious?!" then she laughed. Basically I got nothing today.

Teasing like that is not cool!

At least there’s a bunch of us getting crap for Christmas! We are not alone

Here take all these virtual *hugs* and real positive thoughts for a wonderful 2014. :)

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Carlino or Riley?

… ahhm—

You grey folk go right for the ffroat, don’t you?

… Hmph! I dunno! They’re both me best mate, yer makin’ me choose b’tween me first friend an’ me very own mentor!

Ah, Fluky, prob’ly. I ffink we’re more alike, an’ I’d be ‘onest wiv ‘im more.

—Unless I’m choosin’ because it’s dang’rous, since he can ‘andle hisself jus’ fine!