Pt. 2 Oneshot(Request) Traveling w/ tc to tlm & Smaug is interested in u. He trades u for tlm & Thorin agrees bc he's mad.(U r a skin changer u just don't know)(Thorin doesn't realise what he's done till after and tc is furious) This might be long.

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Once your screams stopped echoing through the great halls of Erebor, silence was all that was heard from the dwarfs. Kill and Fili looked at each other in shock. Was their best friend really gone forever? Fill gripped sword tight and walked over to the king Under the Mountain.

“You cannot expect me to just stand here uncle! She wasn’t just a girl to me! Do not expect me to stand here and do nothing.”, he said, as he tried to match his eyes with Thorin’s. He felt a hand grip his shoulder.

“Aye, count me in.”, Before said to Fili. 

“Aye!”, the rest of the Company roared. Fili sighed in relief.

 Thorin looked around at the group of men in shock. They didn’t show fear or ager, but instead showed bravery and concern. He looked down at the stone, as your echoed screams filled his mind. He felt angry, but didn’t know why. All his life he had been waiting for the moment when he Arkenstone was his, but once he gained it, he wasn’t happy. Instead he felt clouds fill his mind, he couldn’t think straight. As he looked closer at the stone, he could see his refection. Only, it wasn’t his, it was his grandfathers. The reflection of a sick man. He saw a tear fall from his eyes, he knew he wouldn’t suffer the same fate of his grandfather. Thorin walked over to the edge of the stairs from which he stood and held out the stone.

“I am not my grandfather!”, he let go of the Arkenstone and watched it tumble along the glittering gold. 

He turned back at his brothers and smiled. Balin stood up and grabbed Thorin’s shoulders. Balin smiled and nodded his head. 

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go kill a dragon and save y/n.”, he slightly commanded. Fill and Kili smiled wide and hugged their uncle. Soon enough, the  Company of Thorin Oakensheild has set off on the journey to save y/n. 


You could hear the hurricane of Smaug’s wings on either side of you, as you two soared higher into the air. You couldn’t feel the tears on your face, all you could feel was the pain of knowing Thorin had given you up for a rock. You felt tired and slowly began to lead against the giant beast. You could feel every muscle of Smaug move, as he flew through the air. You became hypnotized by his shimmering scales. You placed your hands gently onto a few of the red rocks and softly slid your fingers across them. Suddenly, you heard a purr like sound come from the dragon. You jerked back in surprised, and began to laugh. You didn’t know why you were laughing, there was nothing to smile about at this point time time, but that purr broke down that wall. You felt a sudden shift in direction and the clouds of which he was sailing upon, were gone, All you could see was green land and a few small mountains. You could feel the fresh green air fill your lungs, it was like a drug. You hadn’t see so much green in your life. Then the another shift in the course. You saw Smaug head to the biggest one of the mountains you had seen earlier. You knew this was going to be your knew home, your new life,….your new roommate. Once you got closed enough to the mountain, Smaug pushed back with his wings and tilted enough that you began to fall off of him. You tried to hold on, but their was no chance of safety with this snake. Once you couldn’t feel his leathery skin, you couldn’t feel anything, just air. Suddenly something caught you from your fall. You made a small oof sound, as your legs and arms dangled from you. You placed your hands on the catcher and felt the fimilar claw of Smaug. He’d caught you, no, he’d saved you. You heard a low growl come from him. He slowly drifted over to the opening to a big cave, and gently placed you on the ground. You wobbled a bit, being you having’t walked in a few hours. Then walked into the cave. You felt a loud and hard landing from Smaug. You were confused on why he had brought you here, he could never fit in a cave, even if it was big. It wasn’t that big. You grabbed a stick and motioned Smaug to light it, he took a small waft of air and spewed a fire big enough to light the new torch. You looked up at him and smiled, there is no way he can get to me inside, you thought. Then, unexpectedly you felt a gust of wind take hold of you. You stepped back from the pressure, then immediately the movement of air stopped. You turned to Smaug, but in surprise their wasn’t a dragon, but a tall man. You gasped at the sight, you began to back away, but stopped once you saw the skin to the man. He was tan, but had tattoo like scars on his back. You stepped closer to him, he turned around and looked at you. You saw the eyes, dragons eyes, his eyes.


The dwarves’ physical state in the Halls of the Maker corresponding to their mental state though- 

  • It takes decades for Thorin’s wounds to heal and they break open at the most unexpected moments. The worst was when he saw Kíli in the Halls for the first time. He is never fully whole again, although it does a lot for him to finally receive his sister’s forgiveness. The moment the last of his wounds, the one on his forehead, is completely gone is the moment when Dwalin, the last of the Company to die, finally joins them and feigns a punch in his face and then hugs him so hard he thinks his bones will break. (It is then that Balin’s wounds finally heal too, he who had sat in the Halls for hours with Thorin, talking about how they had both let go of their lives when there would have been so much more to live for)
  • Thrór’s throat kept bleeding for so long that he took to wearing clothes with high collars in the Halls. It takes his family a long time to bring him back to where he was - and only when both Thráin and his three grandchildren arrive and tell him just how much he meant to them despite everything that had happened does he dare to wear more open clothes again.
  • Everybody thinks Fíli is okay. He puts on a brave face, spends a lot of time with his brother, his family and tries to comfort his uncle. Nobody sees when he withdraws to his chambers from time to time, hand coming away bloody when he presses it to his chest under the clothes because he still thinks he failed them all. It is Frerin who finally picks up on it first (apart from Kíli of course, but Kíli knows everything anyway) and takes him aside for a talk, a small patch of blood blossoming on his own chest where the arrow had hit home so long ago for a moment.
  • Kíli always laughs, looks unharmed and brightens everyone’s mood. He is everywhere at once, meets family members from all branches long dead that he is never known - he seems as alive in death as he ever was. Only sometimes, when he looks at his brother and his uncle, who shouldn’t be here, who he thinks he should have protected because he is the spare, it should have been him who died, not them- he flinches slightly, hand rubbing over his chest where Bolg’s weapon had found its mark.
  • Dáin has tumbled in the Halls with a curse on his lips, but his wounds that still oozed blood for hours after he has woken up - he left them alone in the midst of battle, selfishly withdrew and died when nothing was safe yet - close up quickly when he hears a quiet grunt and a giant boar throws him to the ground, rubbing his enormous face on his clothes and he sees the smiling faces of those who await him.
  • Dís follows him not long after, fallen, too, defending the mountain her kin died for. She lightly punches Thorin only moments after Dáin did and her brother carries a brighter smile than he has worn in decades when she’s finally there. Her wounds had closed the moment she had woken up - she knows she has given everything she had for the mountain and her people and could go in peace, to finally be reunited with her family and friends again.

Fallen Soldier All Alone
Fallen Soldier Far From Home
Lying Motionless On The Ground,
The Battle Raging All Around.
For Now He Is Not All Alone.
This Fallen Soldier Is Welcomed Home.

Fallen Soldier by  Branden Hidalgo

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