The Hobbit: Inception AU

Ten years after the alleged suicide of his grandfather Thrór and the ruin of the family enterprise, former extraction specialist Thorin Oakenshield is approached by Gandalf Greybeard. The Chemist has come into possession of an encrypted file that might prove that Smaug Urmûn is responsible for the tragedy that all but destroyed Thorin’s family. All they need to break the code is the Arkenstone algorithm. Unfortunately only Smaug himself knows it and guards it fiercely. Together with his nephews, Oakenshield assembles a ragtag team of old friends and employees for one final heist to bring Smaug to justice. But with his younger brother lost, Thorin’s Company is in need of a skilled Extractor. And so unsuspecting Bilbo Baggins finds himself thrown headfirst into an adventure filled with deception, betrayal, ghosts from the past that still haunt the subconscious of the living and maybe, if he gets out of this alive, he’ll find something worth keeping along the way.