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ok but what if tony was trying to help bucky catch up with things and he takes steve and him to play laser tag and things get out of hand between all three of them really really quickly


like it starts out as just tony and steve and bucky and then one day natasha and clint appear out of nowhere and are positively ruthless in their victory. and bucky just shakes his head at steve and tony and says, “screw you guys i’m going to team up with the sniper.”

(tony just screams TRAITOR while clint sticks his tongue out at him. what babies.)

but it turns into a massive thing, okay, because natasha and clint and bucky together are lethal, so tony reels pepper in and steve gets sam in, and natasha bribes darcy with delicious cookies and darcy drags thor in (who tony kicks out after he break two guns, so thor helps bruce officiate)

the game moves past the arena into the tower and then into the city. it continues off and on for years, but it all comes to a head just after SHIELD is properly reestablished.

the new shield headquarters are sprawling and it becomes the ideal playing ground. soon every agent is playing on one team or another, and no one objects because it’s good tactical training-

that is, until fury rides through the doors on a motorcycle with two laser guns the size of small cannons to mow down everyone in sight. (bucky, watching everything go down with director coulson in his office, is laughing so hard tears are leaking.)

and that’s the end of that.

Kale? Kale. Come here. What do you think of these apples?

white woman, in Boulder, at Whole Foods, addressing her daughter

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