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Milestone Media is a company known for creating and securing an unheard of publishing and distribution deal with DC Comics and the Static Shock cartoon series.

Founded in 93’ by African-American artists and writers: Dwyane McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle. They believed minorities were severely underrepresented in American Comics. Milestone Media was their attempt to correct this imbalance.

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Voráček has spoken for the first time, he is going to be a dad.

+ sorry for any kind of grammar errors, this interview was published on May 26, 2016

Jakub Voráček doesn’t want to tell details about an early birth of his child but he made an exception for the Czech magazine called “Blesk”. Hockey player Jakub Voráček (26) spoke yesterday at a press conference for his foundation on his future role as a father. Right after he travels back to overseas, Jake and his girlfriend Nicole are going to work on a kid’s room…

How are you looking forward to being a dad?
„It’s going to be a big life change, but I’m looking forward to it. Everything is going fine, which is the most important thing.“

You are the leader on the ice, but who fulfill that role at home?
„Me and Nicole have it kind of balanced. Of course I will have to refrain from things I did, that used to pass with Nicole before, but life is like that. I’m not the youngest anymore.“ (laughs)

In the NHL, you’re always on the road, you’ll see your family only briefly. Did you talk to your teammates about how they handle it?
„I didn’t go to boys for any advice. I’m not the only player who is going to have a little kid at home. I think that we are going to be fine. Our families are very supporting, we are fine.“

Can you imagine what is it like to be a dad?
„Change diapers… But I’m lucky, Nicole is understanding. She told me when I will have a big game and I will need to rest, I can go to a different room to sleep. That’s important to me.“

How is your girlfriend dealing with pregnancy?
„She is excited, everything is on the right track.“

When the baby is born, is it the end of the traditional trips with friends? I refer to Macháč… (Jake, Ondřej Pavelec and Radek Smoleňák party there and they get drunk af lmao relaxes at the beach of the Macha Lake every year before the season starts.)
„No! Macháč still is and will be allowed!“

Have you arranged the kid’s room yet?
„Not yet. It’s still early, but when I come back (to Philly), we are going to work on it.“