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In conclusion: Ew.


Request for pumpkinetics of these three taking a selfie together. Progress shots. (Never even seen the show tbh so forgive for any mistakes)


*:・゚✧*:・゚✧  The sun was too bright for the pureblood’s eyes. Coming out during the morning was not her idea, however she had to do an errand before her brother was to return home. 

Holding her parasol to block the sun rays, and feeling tired, she trudged on slowly and carefully through the streets. However, having the parasol in the way of her eyes, was hard for her to navigate where she was going, so unexpectedly, she found herself on the edge of the pier. Being too slow to react, her body followed the rules of physics and the pureblood fell into the sea.

“ H-Help– “ She did not know how to swim.

The Heat - A poem about Britain at 30+ degrees

I’m dead,
I’m actually dead,
I survived but I’m dead.

This is not living,
This is being cooked until golden brown,
Crunchy on the outside,
Soft on the inside.

This is being fried like chicken,
Sizzled like sausages.
Or perhaps boiled like potatoes,
And poached like breakfast eggs.

I am roasted like various veggies,
And steamed like pork buns.
I am egg fried like rice,
Oh so hot with Asian spice.

As I am simmered like minestrone soup,
And baked like a red velvet cake,
I look up to the sky and say:
Please…throw me into a motherfucking lake.

- By Alexis & Alana
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