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Name In Vain

Title: Name In Vain (One Shot)
Author: hood-rhink
Rating: M/Explicit/PROFANE
Warning: Sacrilegious sex, references toward Christianity and the devil, Rhett is basically the embodiment of something godless and pulls Link down under
Word Count: 3881
Summary: Link is a preacher at the local parish. Rhett, his thrill-seeking boyfriend, leads Link into a confessional to commit sins instead of confessing them.

Disclaimer: hi, potential reader! i’d want for you to know that I am indeed Catholic and i’m in no way praising any devil or disrespecting a religion. this is simply for guilty pleasure fulfillment. if religion is a sensitive topic for you, i don’t recommend. PS: i’m also bad at writing smut, holla.

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But since simon didn’t lose his tail and wings, wouldn’t he be losing too much warmth ? (since his body surface is so much bigger) (like how elephants have big ears to lose warmth)

Imagine simon wearing four sweaters on top of each other and still not feeling as warm as he did when he had his magic but no tail or wings

Imagine him being always cold and baz having no idea how to help him (it’s not like he’s very hot himself, being a vampire and all) (scratch that, he is actually very hot, just not in that way) and feeling insecure about it
(But since baz is a pro with heating spells he’ll figure something out )

Or just charm the blankets and cuddle together because they are boyfriends (and i’m snowbaz trash)