Stranded (Natasha Romanoff Award)


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: So here is the third award request! I feel that this one is really awful so I’m really sorry! Bit of a change for the next one which will be a Peter Parker imagine, so look out for that! Anyway, enjoy, and as always feedback is always appreciated!

Missions like these were always a breeze. You went in, kicked some HYDRA ass, and got out. However, this time things didn’t quite go according to plan. The original line up was meant to be you, Natasha and Steve, but then Natasha got injured during training, pretty much shattering her ankle, and Steve got called off to some big meeting about the future of the team. The only other member available at such short notice was Bucky, the two of you got on perfectly well so it was of no problem to you. Then as soon as the two of you touched down in the mission location, your quinjet got ambushed, pretty much rendering it useless and leaving you with no way home. Luckily for you the mission itself went perfectly and you were done in no time. You just had one problem, how the hell were you going to make your way back to New York.

“No, I refuse to take any part in this.” You huffed, turning your back on the brunette and crossing your arms across your chest. “Y/N, do you want to get home or not?” Bucky grunted in reply, clearly deep in concentration. “…yes.” You sighed, turning to look at Bucky bent over the front seat of a car fiddling with the wires. “Well then, you’re just gonna have to get over the whole stealing thing.” He smirked triumphantly as he sat up and turned the bobby pin he’d used as a makeshift key, the car starting with a rumble. “Fine, but we’re finding out who it belongs to and bringing it back as soon as possible.” You conceded, walking over to the passenger seat and sliding in. “Of course Doll, whatever you want.” He chuckled before shutting his door and pulling off.

After a couple of hours of driving, you slipping in and out of sleep as you went, the car began to make spluttering sounds, signalling its imminent death. “That doesn’t sound too good…” You mused, looking over at Bucky, a frown etched in his forehead.  “You’re tellin’ me. So much for returning it to its owner.” He murmured, coasting the car to the side of the road as it finally gave up. “Now what?” You sighed, scrubbing your hands over your dirt stained face. “I guess we’re walking to the nearest town…” Bucky groaned, pretty much kicking open his door and slamming it behind him. Muttering about shitty modern day technology, Bucky strode ahead, leaving you to trudge behind him.

“Buck, how much farther?” You whined, dragging your feet along through the dirt. “How the hell would I know.” He huffed, stripping off the heavy duty leather jacket he had been wearing and slinging it over one shoulder. “My feet hurt.” You pouted, tugging on the sleeve of his Henley he wore as an undershirt. Sighing, Bucky ducked his head before crouching down. “Get on.” He muttered, helping you up onto his back and hooking his arms underneath your thighs. “Thanks Buck.” You smiled, planting a kiss on his cheek before burying your face in his neck, missing the light crimson blush that spread across his face. “No problem.” He mumbled, keeping his gaze trained on the ground.

“So I told Steve, there’s no point in having the garbage disposal if I didn’t test out what it could destroy.” You laughed, still clinging on to Bucky’s neck as he walked the two of towards a small town you’d spotted about 20 minutes ago. Chuckling Bucky just readjusted his grip on your legs before shaking his head in bewilderment. “In my defence, I didn’t know that’s what would happen when you put metal in.” You shrugged with a smile, curling your fingers into Bucky’s shirt. “I swear you’re a detriment to your own health Doll.” Bucky sighed with a quirk to his lips. “hey, there’s what looks like a hotel just up there.” You pointed to a rundown looking building, with a crooked hotel sign hanging above the doorway. “Finally.” Bucky huffed, letting you down to the ground as you looked around with a frown. “This place gives me the creeps.” You whispered, inching closer to Bucky’s side as you walked up to the hotel. Grunting, Bucky just pushed open the door and walked up to the counter, ringing the dusty bell. “How can I help?” An elderly man popped up, almost causing you to let out a squeal. Bucky just stood there silently, eyeing the man suspiciously. “Um, can we have a room please?” You asked, knowing Bucky wasn’t going to start speaking anytime soon. “Of course my dear, follow me.” The man gestured, pushing his way through a pair of double doors before ascending a large staircase. Tugging Bucky behind you, you listened to the man inform you about the places facilities, the pool and the café on the floor below. Finally reaching room 16, the man took out a large key and unlocked the room, ushering the two of you inside. “If there’s anything you need; reception is number 1 on the speed dial.” He smiled, gesturing to the phone before dropping the key on the table. “Enjoy your stay.” He murmured before shutting the door. “Well he was weird.” You chuckled, flopping down on the double bed with a sigh. “I need a shower.” You mused, stretching your aching joints before heading for the small bathroom. “I’ll call Steve and let him know what’s going on.” Bucky sighed, back tensed as he walked towards the phone. “‘Kay.” You replied, shutting the bathroom door behind you.

After a hot shower, you stepped out of the bathroom wrapped in one the towels. “You wouldn’t believe how nice that was.” You sighed, noticing Bucky still sat ridged on the bed. “Call Steve?” You asked, sitting beside him. “Yeah, their sending a qunjet tomorrow morning and are sending this place the money for our stay.” He grumbled, running his hand through his sweaty hair. “That’s good.” You smiled, leaning into his side. “You need to relax Barnes, we’re gonna be here all night, might as well enjoy it.” You smiled slightly, jabbing him in the side. “I know what’ll get you to relax!” You exclaimed, jumping up and running back into the bathroom, pulling on your underwear and bra. “We’re gonna go swimming.” You exclaimed, walking back in and smirking slightly as Bucky’s eyes flickered up and down your body. “Doll it’s, 2 in the morning.” Bucky sighed, checking the clock. “So, live a little Barnes!” You smiled, dragging him up from the bed as he draped his jacket over your shoulders. “Didn’t think you’d want to walk through the hotel in your underwear…” He mumbled, letting you pull him along. “What a gentleman.” You giggled, pulling the jacket around you before grabbing the key and leading Bucky in the direction of the pool.

“Wow.” You gasped, standing in front of the clear water of the pool. “Didn’t think this place would have that nice of a pool…” You murmured, before smiling and stripping out of the jacket Bucky had lent you. “Cannonball!” You yelled before bombing into the pool with a splash, “Come on Barnes!” You smiled as you bobbed up to the service. Sighing, Bucky just stripped down to his boxers before diving in. “Wooo!” You laughed, swimming towards him. “See, nice right?” You grinned, treading water as you neared him. “Hmmm.” He murmured, a smile tugging at his lips as he got even closer, your chests almost touching. “You know, it wouldn’t be so fun, if I didn’t have this view.” He smirked as you splashed water in his face, commencing a splash war between the two of you. Only ending when Bucky tackled you and pinned you against the one side of the pool. “Buck?” You whispered as his face neared yours. “You know I was real glad Steve wanted me to go on this mission with you, I’m sorry I was so grumpy, I’m still not that great with strangers. But it was worth it for the chance to do this.” He murmured, fingers pressing into the skin of your hips. “The chance to do what?” You whispered, eyes flickering down to his lips. Smiling, Bucky crashed his lips onto yours as your eyes fluttered shut. “That.” He smiled against your lips. “Well I’m very glad I got stranded with you.” You smiled, pressing your lips back together as your arms circled his neck.

How I finally end up getting ready for bed and deciding to sleep:

*Sees Colin Morgan on my Dash for the millionth time*
*Immediately stops scrolling again and stares blankly with wide eyes*

Ah! Look at him! Again! He’s just so - He’s so pretty. Ah. I just. I can’t!

*stands up and gestures wildly at computer*

How? How? I can’t. He’s - I don’t - He’s just - I can’t.

*looks at my bearded dragon who is trying to live his life and ignore me*
*nods to him grimly*

You know? He’s so… You know.

*sighs and sits back down helplessly*

He’s just. I can’t. I can’t. I just can’t.


HEAVEN (reluctantly) takes the stage!!

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message me a letter and I’ll recommend a blog I love starting with that letter. || not accepting ( wtf courtney how could you. i made you a promo & you pull this shit )

n : @needlcd , @neverxsnow , @notfoul
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p : @podstye , @polybutterscotch , @pureironking
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x : already done 
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x: already done

! New Admin !

Hello! I’m Admin Ryu from @hallyudean. I’m extremely excited to join this amazing blog with @chimchimxjams. So, shall I introduce myself?

I’m a writer of almost nine years. From the day I learned the alphabet, I’ve been writing. I am mainly a horror and angst writer, but I’m happy to do fluff and smut as well!

I am a huge history geek, Hoseok is my bias (help me lord) and I stan a plethora of other groups also. I love bunnies and cats. I am Native American/German, speak English (my mother language) fluently, and conversational German and Korean. I’m learning several different languages at the moment and tying to balance school and writing equally. I am very ambitious in my future goals, so I apologize ahead of time if I am lacking on filling requests. I will work my hardest!

Because I am an angst writer, writing that genre will come a lot easier for me, however I will work hard to write equally good fluff, smut, and anything else you guys can throw at me.

You might have noticed Admin Blxnktae referred to me as ‘them’ (I don’t think I ever really mentioned my gender to her, now that I think it over) but to clear the air I will come out and say that I am bigender. Pronouns do not matter to me, you can flip flop between him/her at anytime you want (I mainly stick with he, however.)

On the topic of the admins, congratulations to Admin Chimie! I look foward to working with you, Yoonie, Cheroo and Blxnktae!

So, that’s me? 🐰

(this introduction was so formal i pRomise i’m so geeked rn)

- admin ryu

Day By Day (Alexander Hamilton x reader)

Note: there’s some platonic! Hercules x reader in here. Also, the ending is awful, sorry.

Being married to Alexander Hamilton was a joy. He didn’t have much money, at all for that matter, and you were from a middle class family. In your opinion, you two were the lucky ones. You were married for love. Girls from upper lads families had to marry for family status and their love for their husband had to grow through marriage. Your courtship and marriage with Alexander was founded on love. It didn’t have to grow. You two fell in love like everyone should, when it’s meant to happen. Some girls had to search for a suitor. You didn’t have that responsibility. You knew you would need to be married, but your parents always expressed how much they wanted love to find you, not for you to go searching for love. Before you met Alexander you lived in New York City. It was a magical place to live. Everyday you would go to the market and pick things up for your mother. One day it was apples. You and your mother would always bake together, it was just one of the many things you would do together. Your father was a tailor. The job title doesn’t sound very impressive to most, but your father did beautiful work and you always took pride in what he did. You and your mother would bring something you two would have made to your father for lunch. You enjoyed these times, because your father was busy and time with him was valuable to you. He had recently, at the time, got a tailors apprentice. Hercules, was his name. Your father was a big fan of Hercules’ progress on being a better tailor. “You’re more magnificent every day, my boy. Soon you won’t be an apprentice, I’m sure of it.” Was something your father had said to him one day while clapping his arm around Hercules’ shoulder. You and Hercules became were great friends. You were sure your parents would have been beyond happy if you would have took more of a liking to Hercules, but some relationships are purely platonic. Your parents were different. They gave you independence, unlike what most daughters were given. You were taught how to cook, clean, the wife’s duties, but you were also taught how to be your own person. Your mother taught your older brother, who was now in, college, and took time to educate you as well. You knew not to flaunt your knowledge. “A women must always be educated, but the time of the world isn’t prepared for equality.” Your mother often told you this. She always told you women’s day would come. God, you hoped she was right. You were an independent and clued in woman. You knew what was happening around you. Because of this you were well aware of Hercules’ and your father’s secret activities. You chuckled at the their whole scheme, although, you recognized how clever it was. As you grew into your friendship with Hercules, you eventually met this group of friends. Your father wouldn’t have usually let you go to the whole ‘bar scene’, but he trusted Hercules and because Hercules was the one to invite you, you could go. Hercules had warned you his friends were already rowdy, but when they were drunk, it was a whole different story. He told you the one was French. He didn’t need to elaborate, you knew the French way. You remember walking into the noisy bar, men cheering and oddly arguing. A very clear voice speaking. Well, not speaking, arguing, very loudly. The site was interesting, to put it one way. A short man, pointing his finger and yelling at a man that easily had 5 inches on him. He was no doubt handsome, but the other man’s height made you ignore his good looks and it got a giggle out of you. You had hit Hercules arm lightly, looked up at him with a laugh and grin and said, “that wouldn’t happen to be one of your friends, would it?” You said pointing at who you would later know as Alexander. Hercules has let out a loud laugh. “It wouldn’t be a night out for us if he didn’t do that.” He had told you. You remember that night at the bar laughing, so much laughter. You remember John Laurens and Marquis de Lafayette. John was cheering Alexander on while pumping his fist into the air and Lafayette with a loose grin and he jokingly shouted, “Take it easy on him Alexander!” You remember when Alexander was still yelling at the man when he walked away from Alexander. You remember how mad he has when he took his spot on the stool. You remember how his anger slowly faded away. You remember his voice soft, but passionate when he first talked to you about the revolution to you. You loved how he was so much like you. He was outspoken, you always had loved that. He never talked down on women. He loved that you were independent. You remember that night at the bar.

You remember when he asked to court you. How could you have said no? Love had found you, why push it away? You two had sent letters back in fourth. He told you your beauty was impeccable. He told you your intelligence was ageless. He meant it. You didn’t need to believe him, because you felt the love between the two of you.

You two married and he was busy, but you weren’t a simple housewife. You stayed at home reading, going out to the market. You still lived in New York. Your old father still was a tailor. Hercules wasn’t a tailors apprentice anymore. Alexander was busy, but doing magnificently. He was the Secretary of State. But, he was busy indeed. You two have been married for about a year. You two wanted children, but you weren’t fast to try for one, because your relationship was more than that. But you had important news: you were with child, pregnant. You wanted to tell him in some special way, but you didn’t know how. You didn’t want to barge in on his work, but you needed to tell him desperately.

Today was like every other day more recently. He walked in, ate dinner, then went to his office to work on the papers he was writing. He didn’t have time for you. You were growing agitated. Maybe it was you being pregnant or him ignoring and not making time for you. You felt like a ticking time bomb. You couldn’t help, but get mad at him. An argument was unleashed by a single sentence from him. He was tired and overworked, you were pregnant and feeling neglected from your husband.

“Alexander, why don’t we spend some time together.” You had said softly, trying to sound reasonable.
“Can’t you see I’m busy?” He said annoyed not even looking up from his ink and paper.
You could feel yourself fuming. You couldn’t help it, you were mad. “You can’t keep on ignoring me like this, Alexander!” you yelled at him.
“My work is important!” He shouted looking up from his papers.
“Oh?” You let out a sarcastic laugh, “but your wife isn’t your first priority?” You said getting louder by the minute.
He stood up from his chair, “Y/N, you know damn well that isn’t true.” Now he was upset.
“You know you ignore me!” You shouted at him, “you do it every night!”
His mouth was open ajar before he shouted something at you, and you shouted something at him. You could only take so much more of this. You don’t know what word make you tick, but it happened.
“I’M PREGNANT!” You shouted. His expression was shocked, blank, then joy. You choked on a sob at some point. Before you knew it you were in his arms and he was whispering “I love you” and “I’m sorry” in your ears. You felt his tears of joy roll off of his face on your cheeks. Being with Alexander one thing was always certain– your love was always true.

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hey there seems to be some HUGE gaps in posts I can't tell if it's just mobile, if you mean for it to be like that, or if they got deleted?? help????

((as far as I know everything is still up? maybe try using the browser instead of the app? aw man i’m sorry))

one thing that frustrates me about the whole “bernie or bust” is how selfish and unrealistic it is. like im sorry bernie lost but we are facing donald trump a sexist, homophobic, racist, just awful person and you guys are acting like hillary is the devil? she’s done shady things but jesus most politicians have. politics isn’t about getting someone who’s perfect and whom you agree with on everything into office, its compromising. a vote for bernie in the general election is a vote for trump. it isn’t prideful or brave, it’s ignorant and stupid 

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It's so important to keep saying that Bob/ Bellamy is of Filipino descent, but it's also just as important that he's mixed race (I see some people only mentioning Filipino and it makes my heart hurt as a mixed race person)

aw bb im sorry ur right it is important bc bob/bell isn’t just filipino rep he’s also biracial rep and that’s important too

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Ok I've been searching through your library for ages and I can't find this fic and it's driving me crazy..Phil was like an angel or something and he had to go to certain parts of the world and then suddenly have to be somewhere else (that's an awful description sorry) but then he went to where Dan was and Dan was all sad and Phil like helped him get better and they fell in love but then suddenly Phil was relocated and it was super sad. I remember in the end Dan found someone new and Phil met-

Can anyone help find this fic?

- Tori

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One time, my sister lent one of her friends all of my The Clique books and all of her Vladimir Todd books and the girl moved like two weeks late and "lost" them. I know it sounds lame, but the Clique was the first series that made me love reading.

Aw I’m sorry :(( 


I try to draw Brat and Cotton candy from Genderfell and Genderswap… It’s not good and my hands are still a potatos… But i really do try…. And (like me) i can’t stop myself to do one more…

Miki and Brat…. Yeh, yeah i know… it’s awful… But i try…

Brat and Cotton Candy belong to @weezy-pup

Miki belong to me

Carycature of art me

I’m sorry i know it’s awful, bad, ugly and everythink like that 

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Now I don't feel as bad about not showing support I still feel guilty though because that post worried me like really worried me but i'm glad you're ok. -i'm true undertale trash (just call me trash though that's the nickname my friend gave me so i'm sticking with it)

Aw, sorry for worrying you dear,

Took a quick selfie. Sorry my skin looks awful. Think it’s lack of sleep and is making itself known in the way of spots. Just feeling a bit run down with the constant travelling back and forth and long hours. My hair looks huge; just had it cut again.