I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I met this extraordinary man. I’ll never forget how kind and sincere he looked when we talked or how happy and overwhelmed I was when he held my hand and hugged me. I don’t know how to express how much he means to me or how much joy and happiness looking at these photos brings me, no matter how bad things get. I will forever be grateful I got the chance to meet him and thank him for all the good things he brought to my life.

Theon x Sansa shippers tonight

How do you tell someone “aw honey, I’m sorry, it’s ok, we’ve all had ships that didn’t work out” while at the same time thinking “your ship was fucking stupid, what did you think was going to happen??”

  • me:what a cute dog!!!! you're so adorable!
  • dog owner:haha aw thanks
  • me:im sorry was i complimenting you or the dog?

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So I was at 97x backyard bbq and I just wanted to share my experience Robert delongs set was cut short due to rain but panic was next so a shit ton of us in the crowd waited in the pouring rain for panic and it was so worth it the energy was fucking amazing I hope brendon and the rest of panic appreciate that we waited in a thunderstorm for an hour just to see them even when 97x told us to find shelter and then left us to stand in the rain with no hint of if what we were doing would be worth it

Aw that sucks I’m sorry they didn’t let you guys know for sure, but I’m happy you got to see panic! They’re a really dedicated and resilient band, they’ll play the show so long as the radio station/venue lets them. That’s what I love about them. Brendon on the periscope today had only good things to say about the show and how awesome the fans were yesterday so I’m sure they appreciate you all for sticking around. I’m so glad you had fun and thanks for sharing :)

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Hi cutie!! I was just looking through your icons page and honestly they're so gorgeous! I don't know if you're still taking requests at the moment but if you are, would you mind making a few of Malia Tate in 4x01 (specifically the dance scene and the big fight scene where she pushes the guy to the ground) in blue and/or purple? If not, it's totally cool, but thanks for your time anyways <3

I managed to make some from the dance scene but they’re not the exact caps you wanted, I’m sorry! :( unfortunately that first episode of teen wolf s4 was absolutely awful for colouring so I did what I could, a lot of these are indirect ones of her face

Here are (7) Malia Icons! go here for more / details

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sareena help i have post-exam stress (idk if such thing exists) bc of a huge national exams that i took at the beginning of may. i prepared like hell but i don't think i did well enough. like in the first week after the exams i was kind of disoriented (not anymore) but now it's impacted my physical health like even though i'm out of school already my eye has been swelling and my skin condition is acting up and my allergies are at their worst... do you have any advice besides seeing a doctor?

aw no im sorry u gotta deal with that!!

feel better! xoxo

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Oh my gosh I didn't read the thing were you said you were going to finish the secret things later and that you could barely move because of your anxiety I'm so sorry I shouldn't have sent that anon about my secret about maybe being depressed I'm really sorry if I made things worse I feel so awful I'm shaking I feel so bad I'm really sorry

Shhh, no. Please, please, please, please don’t think that inconvenienced me at all. You were not out of line in the slightest , okay? I’m pretty sure you messaged me after I made that post anyway. You did nothing wrong okay? Nothing. I’m just feeling a little bit off rn so I’m just taking a little break to get myself in a better mindset. You are beautiful and sweet and amazing and you did nothing wrong. I’ll answer your messages once I feel a little bit better, yeah? I like to help. And I’ll help you. I just need to take a break. ilysm and you are a beautiful lil flower. Never apologize for asking for help x