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I had a really awful night and morning and that Engie doodle totally turned it around. Never stop doing art :)

Aah gosh, I’m so sorry to hear you had an awful night and morning D:
I’m really glad to hear my Engie doodle helped bring some happiness your way ♥
And don’t worry, I have no plans on stopping~ c’:

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Who are your favorite blogs?

jfc i have so many??? i don’t follow many blogs because i unfollowed a heap when i moved from t100 to GoT, but my all-time favourites would have to include:

@qveensvnsa @mynameisravenreyes @sassamyblake @westyros @octanakin @meredithvgrey @maisiewilliaims @ravenbellclarke @fleabottom @coramalia @geckohoe @sansastar @deadallisonargent and so many more that i’ve definitely forgotten to tag. you can find my blogroll here, all of the blogs i follow are amazing.

Luviana for @ice-bringer 

Cuddling was nice sometimes. Lucy liked it, getting to rest by her girlfriends, knowing that no matter how far Cana kicked the blankets off, she’d still be warm through the night.

Cuddling in the Summer however, was far less pleasant. It was all well and good to do it in the Winter, when it was always cold, but doing it when it was hot and sticky was a pain. Especially when Lucy had a job to get to and she was stuck in a tangle of limbs, with Juvia at her back and Cana throwing her arms over them both. Lucy didn’t even want to know how their legs all ended up so tangled, but she suspected it was Cana’s fault. Tricks like this were usually hers.

“Hey Juvia? Are you awake?”

There was a mumble and a shifting behind her. Lucy took that as a ‘sort of’.

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Sick sleepy Harry who refuses to go to sleep and angst and fluff because I'm sick as hell

“Harry, go to bed.”

Harry responded by coughing loudly and letting out a guttural moan that you could feel in your toes.

“I’m serious, Harry. Go to bed!”

“Can’t,” Harry answered, voice gruff from coughing and nasally, “Can’t breathe if I lay down.”

“Then I’ll set you up with some pillows or something. But baby, you need to sleep; you look awful.”


“I’m sorry, I’m not saying it to be mean,” you sighed, “but you’ve been sick for days now and you’ve barely slept. I know because I can always hear you up and coughing at 4 a.m.”

“Hurts,” he grunted, “Everything is stuffed up or plugged or full of mucus.”

You wrinkled your nose. “Gross.”

“Can you come lay with me for a bit?” he asked, “Might help me doze off.”

You knew that it would probably not help and Harry was just aching for cuddles because he always got extra cuddly when he wasn’t feeling well and was just too proud to come out and ask for them. But, who were you to deny him?

“You promise you’ll try to sleep?”

Harry nodded and then coughed again.

“Alright, go upstairs and get into pajamas or something. I’ll set up the bed and bring you a hot water bottle for your chest.”

“Thanks, love.”

He slowly made his way upstairs and you could hear him hacking and coughing as you filled the water bottle. You brought it into the bedroom and fluffed his pillows so he would be upright a bit. He laid down and instantly opened his arms for you, motioning that he wanted you to lay down with him.

You obliged, positioning the water bottle on his chest and your head on his shoulder. His arm wrapped around you and he let out a nasally breath as he closed his eyes.

“Thanks for takin’ care of me, love.”


Within minutes, he was asleep; the first real sleep he had experienced in days.

Maybe you being in his arms did help. Truthfully though, you would have stayed there even if they hadn’t. 

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Just curious -- was Liam's injured arm ever properly explained? Why do you think zayn had something to do with it? In what way?

Hi nonie!!!!!!!!!!

so you read my tags :) i knew i will be asked about this .

alright , so according to the mouthpiece of 1DHQ 

that came in 16 sep 2014 

and liam in iheart radio interview (20 sep 2014)  gave hesitated no-answer answer here. but i hear him saying ( wished it was a gym thing) so that contradicts the representative says.

(even if he did answer, we know it wouldn’t  be 100% true ,because narrative is always put to be followed, sooo..)

so why i think of this,that zayn has something to do with the injury ?! it simply a headcanon actually but let me show you why i think this..

first of all this is totally from ilysm .  

this was in 16 sep ,liam and his “friends” in vegas, this was the first pic we got and got us shocked about liam’s arm.

so apparently they were in the same hotel but zayn was reported to be ‘somewhere in the city’ (not specified) .

four concerts later, in 23 sep ,Tulsa concert  happens ..

(go watch the video because there were tons of it and my life isnt that long …its at 42:10 and up)

all this harry teasing zayn got me suspicious …. and zayn’s reactions to all these …. i can’t NOT link the arm indecent with zayn .

like i said its a headcanon but well supported

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I'm so sorry you've had and have witnessed such awful experiences. It shouldn't be what the community stands for at all, but we're all people, and unfortunately people just love to take it out on others who don't deserve it in order to feel better about themselves. Your identity is valid and I stand with the community that will accept you with open arms because it isn't a discrimination competition and you deserve support like any of us. Don't let anybody tell you that you deserve less.

“it isn’t a discrimination competition and you deserve support like any of us. Don’t let anybody tell you that you deserve less.“

so many people need to hear this. @ all my ace, aro, demi and whoever else feels like the community erases them or has been discriminated against, redirecting this out to you guys because so many need it more than me.

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I just found out my grandad has developed lung cancer and only has days to live :( he doesn't want us to cry because he has no regrets but I'm still sad :(

I am so sorry to hear this!! I know you feel awful but spend some time with him and try not to feel so bad. It’s not your fault. Sending you hugs and positive vibes.

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I used to be a fan fic writer but, I was getting shat on every signal time I would release a chapter, (it wasint even lemon or something totally bad) but my in box would be either nothing or something about me going to hell. And it got pregessivly harder to write so I quit. Maybe not a good idea, but it's been years now. I'm telling you this cause I might try again ( like the departure song tells me to do) because of fanfic writers like you.

i’m really so touched that i could help motivate you to consider trying again! ♡ i really am sorry that you got those kinds of messages and feedback before, that’s awful..though those people who sent you those messages are 100% wrong and wrong for doing so, i know how it must’ve felt and understand why you’d quit. it really is good for your mental health to take breaks from things like that and from putting yourself out there on the internet when it starts hurting you. and i think, after a little bit, it’s also good to reassess,  build yourself back up and try again! but i really don’t want you to ever let negative people and their selfish, awful thoughts/words take away from you something that makes you happy. they don’t deserve that kind of power over you. and you deserve to be happy and to do things that make you happy, remember that!

so i commend you for wanting to pick it back up! that’s amazing! you are strong and awesome, i wish success for you and i would love to support your works and read them if you’d let me! 

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I know you're busy, but being Darry's female twin? Idk this just popped into my head haha.

Aw yee okie x3 Sorry I’m taking so long on thESE JFC–

And they’re not even good so like– .-. ahEM–

-m8 he treats you like you aren’t the same age as him sometimes

-Meaning he treats you like a little kid .-.


-You help him with the bills a lot

-And he insisted that you continued going to college after your parents died, but you dropped out like him

-He’s sad that you dropped out, but at the same time he’s super thankful

-He just doesn’t say anything

-You two are so close, like nothing can break your bond with him

-You’re sometimes right in the middle with Soda whenever Darry and Pony fight

-You tend to tell him jokes a lot in the morning

-So you can lift his spirits up for a majority of the day x3

-You always make dinner and do the laundry with him

-Like teamwork right there m8

-Whenever the two of you have free time, you make him go out and do random things with you :3

-So– the two of you can feel like kids again

X3 I hope these are alright! :D Thanks for the ask! xD And once again, sorry I took so long– ;-;

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I'm a recent fan and I've experienced things in the past where the fandom has made me hate the thing in question. I really don't want that to happen ever again especially with Voltron. So when I saw the fandom isn't rly all that great I died inside...

Aw man, I’m sorry to hear that *hugs* I really like our little bubble over here in the friendly side of the fandom though - I promise you it’s nice here as long as you’re following the right blogs. Block the people who are causing trouble and hopefully you’ll have a nice experience. There’s no real escape from the discourse, unfortunately, but there are a whole bunch of us who are anti-bullying rather than anti-ship and it sounds like you’ll fit in really well with us

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I have a stomach condition that can leave me in a lot of pain if I eat the wrong thing, and recently it's been acting up a lot... Sometimes I'll just curl up into a ball and cry. Do you mind writing a little thing with Lance providing some comfort and hugs?

Aw I’m sorry, I hope this is what you were after! ✧

“It’s the food,” With arms tucked in tight to your stomach, your eyes scrunched up at the sudden pain growing seeming from nowhere. Sat forward on your bed, legs folded beneath you, a pair of arms snaked their way over yours. Trapping you between his legs, Lance breathed into your hair.

“Again?” He sighed, thumbing the skin of your wrist gently. Not feeling up for answering, you hummed groggily, leaning backward and into his shoulder. “I’m sorry you have to deal with this.” His voice was low and a little bitty, the sincerity of his words showing through in the gravelly texture to his voice. You could practically see the pout he had on his face as he nuzzled his way into your hair.

“I- I need to eat,” You whispered, mostly to yourself more than anything. “But…” A wave of emotion passed over you, mixing furiously with the now crippling pain in your stomach causing tears to prick dangerously at your eyes. “It hurts, Lance.”

In the break in silence, your stifled and wet breathing filled his ears. Desperate to conceal the pain, you slipped a little and gritting your teeth no longer dealt with the pain. A single sniff shook your body, causing you to wince at the tensing of your stomach muscles. That, however, was enough to force you to let go. Tears began relentlessly streaming down your cheeks, even with the effort to hold them back, it still shook your entire body. Lance wormed his hands under your legs to swing you around, bringing you onto his lap and into his chest. Your hands immediately clung to the flimsy material of his top, gripping at it in a desperate attempt to control yourself. Tears stained spots as you pressed up against him, any comfort was enough.

Throughout it all, even once the pain began to ebb and your breathing calmed to a more normal pace, he stayed beside you.

“We’ll figure something out.” He sighed, kissing your temple. “I promise.”

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Saw that you were talking about Europe so I'll say that when I went by myself pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong but I still had a great time and learnt to be more independent. It wasn't how I imagined it but I still think it was a good experience. Make sure you've saved a lot of money too. Places like UK, Switzerland etc are expensive. Eastern Europe is cheap.

awe man im sorry to hear about your mishaps! yeah, i’ll for sure be going when im like not broke lmao it’s just a dream….my mom hasnt been out of the country all her life and she’s doing just fine. travel is a luxury not a necessity you know