Your Favourite Wine: Part 2 [Part 1]

My writing contains a lot a fluff, I’m super sorry but also kind of not.

This is a non-sinful imagine, so if you are uncomfortable with smut you can totally read this. This is super short, but it’s just a follow-up/ending to Part 1. 

I hope you enjoy!

Context: You and your friend, Audrey Jensen, have planned a movie night, but you aren’t prepared for what else she had in store.

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‘’This pizza is so good! Why don’t we order from this place more often?’’ You asked Michael as you two had one of your classic friday nights with watching movies and eating junk food. ‘’Yeah, it’s pretty good and I’m actually gonna pay for it unlike that asshole you have datedfor the past few months.’’ You just looked at him and threw a pillow at his face. ‘’That was not funny.’’ you said and took a sip of your drink. ‘’I am so done with guys for a while. There is not one guy who treated me right in our relationship, I’m over, I don’t know a guy who would be good to me.’’ Michael looked at you with that dissapointed look of his and said “Have you ever thought about… like… us?” You looked at him suprised and started talking as if he heard all of the things you thought. ‘’You always say you know and can read guys so well but in five years you never realised how madly I am inlove with you and how good I would treat you if we were together.’’ He got up and went to bring himself another beer and left you thinking how you might finally have everything you ever wanted.

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What am I doing here? Wylan wondered again. He found himself gnawing on his thumb and forced himself to stop. He was here for Inej. She’d saved their lives more than once, and he wasn’t going to forget that. He was here because he desperately needed the money. And if there was another reason, a tall, lanky reason with a too-strong taste for games of chance, he wasn’t going to think about that right now.

A Jesper x Wylan Playlist

from @lbardugo ’s six of crows and crooked kingdom

  • A Heartbreak – Angus & Julia Stone
  • Shiver Shiver – WALK THE MOON
  • Explosion – Seafret
  • There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
  • Pull Me Closer – Static Waves
  • Play with Guns – Seafret
  • Heirloom – Sleeping At Last
  • Moscow – Autoheart
  • Brass in Pocket – Pretenders
  • Dead Sea – The Lumineers
  • Renegades – X Ambassadors
  • You for Me – Eliza Shaddad

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omg its storming and I hate storms can you write a thing where you're scared of storms and one of the guys calms you down??

Awe I’m sorry nugget.
I did Ash because I’m all worked up because he’S SO UNDER APPRECIATED.

Warnings: Thunderstorms, minor to major anxiety, it depends on who you are.

Another crash of thunder shakes through the house as you let out a squeak, hiding under a blanket.

What you wouldn’t do to be in Ashton’s arms right now, but he was thousands of miles away, a whole damn continent.

You press your face into the comforter as the power goes out, begging you heart to stop racing and your mind to stop buzzing.

But it doesn’t.

What if the lightning strikes you house and it catches on fire? What if the thunder makes you deaf? What if the power never comes back on?

Your mind told you to call Ash, but you couldn’t remember for the life of you if he had a show or not tonight.

You feel the house rumble beneath you as you begin to let out soft cries.

The door flies open and you nearly poop your pants as you hear footsteps.

You- despite the thunder- tear the blanket away from your body, grabbing the nearest utensil, which happens to be a pan from the stove in the next room.

I mean- it worked for Rapunzel right?

You tip toe across the floor as you hear the foot steps in the hall.

You see a hooded figure and charge towards it- with a shakier than you’d like to admit battle cry.

“Whoa! Whoa! Y/N, it’s me! It’s me! Chill.”

The figuring takes the pan and chucks it to the nearest soft object.

“That’s right, put down the frying pan.” Ashton mumbles, taking off his soaked hoodie and wrapping his arms around you.

You wrap your arms around Ashton and breath shakily into his black cotton t-shirt

“You’re okay baby girl.” He says, kissing you temple, “I’m right here, you’re okay baby.”

He wraps his arms tightly around you, gently rubbing your back as the thundering grows more and more distant.

He gently sways you from side to side.

You can’t remember exactly how long you stood there but when you finally pulled away, the lights had finally flickered on.

You gently rested your hands on Ashton’s shoulders.

“I thought you had a show?”

“No, we have the week off the right, but I heard there were severe storms this week here, so I came home to make sure you were alright baby.” He says softly, “I would have been here before the storm came in, but the storm came from where we were and the flight got delayed, but I’m here now.”

You stand on your tip toes, pressing your lips to his, feeling his scruff against your cheeks.

“Sorry about the scruff, I kind of slept the whole way here.”

You giggle shaking your head.

“You’re hear, scruff and all. That’s all that matters now Ash.”

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I'm going to high school in Germany for a year and a lot of students become fluent in like 7 months even if they came with no experience but I'm really nervous because a LOT of people have nailed me for "not having any respect for the language" because I don't speak it yet and my accent is god awful. I'm sorry I can't help it?? I'm trying?? I honestly kind of want to back out of this entire opportunity sometimes

wait, who is saying those things about you? other american students or the german ones? either way, it is a dick thing to say. it takes way more than 7 months to become fluent in a language. just ignore the haters and keep up your best!


You are all cordially invited to laugh at and shame me for my sins. These are really awful, I’m so sorry.

This is literally the only way you’re gonna get Oso anywhere near this game.
I don’t know why I like to think Kara and Choro play Yugioh sometimes. (Choro likes the strategy and Kara plays it because he asked and no one else would do it). It’s not a party until the trash gets here~ Get him away from those cards.


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Fuck I just posted my opinion on why I thought Jasper/Lapis was mutually abusive on Facebook and a friend of mine told me to go fuck myself because I was an abuse apologist even though I've had an abuser who acted very similarly to Lapis and it's honestly freaking me out. She knows this too and I fucking hate it.

Wow dude I’m sorry that must’ve been awful, especially coming from a friend :( I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to accept that malachite is mutually abusive, especially when Lapis literally said it and spelled it out for them.

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sorry, your blog is pretty populated with posts by people who are awful to trans women so i figured you also did

That’s..dumb and cultish, sorry. What compels people to be this creepy and weird on the Internet? Is this a dyke witch hunt? Like what do you want dude. Can you just read your last message and understand how weird that sounds? Do you just go on the blogs of people you don’t follow and send them messages like this? Have you considered doing literally anything else?

One time I was like “I’m feeling very blue today” and someone was like “aw I’m sorry <3” and I was confused as to why they said that. I later found out feeling blue means like you’re depressed/sad etc but i go through periods where I really like a type of hue like yellow hue is one of my favs so that day I was just feeling that blue cold sort of hue lmao

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Hello I'm Lapis kin too (lmao original I know) and like I am so upset like instead of calling it "mutual abuse" at least ppl could call it toxic bc seeing "Lapis abused Jasper too" is so upsetting and Bad like wtf idk how to deal w this but also its hard not to believe it bc I hate myself and I feel like I'm probably abusive bc I'm not a Good Survivor and have a lot of messy emotions anyway sorry just needed to scream

lapis is Good im happy for there bein so many lapiskins tbh (better than a million jaspers…am i right)

but ye im so sorry this is rly awful. tbh accusations of mutual abuse always fuck me up bc to survive w my abuser i Had to be violent and she always painted me as the bad one so its like. idk the discourse on this is bad. but being a Bad Survivor™ by other ppls standards doesnt make u abusive and im sry this is hurting u too :( take care of urself ok

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thank you so much for writting that big post about jasper and lapis. I was in a similar situation as lapis when i was a child and reading your post gave me really good closure about the new episode.

you’re very welcome, and i’m sorry to hear that you were in such an awful situation. i’m so happy i could help you - this episode was made to inspire abuse survivors, not demean them. hang in there, and stay strong!! :D

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Hi. I have depression and a cry a lot. I wanted to get something to cut myself, but I thought in my boyfriend and how he feels when I have a depression problem. That showed me how true love is. (Sorry if my english is awful)

That’s cute. I’m glad the thought of your boyfriend makes you stop

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hope this isn't annoying, but I wanted to ask I guess? My romantic orientation is all over the board. I'm not completely sure if I really have a definition between platonic and romantic (theres an overlap), im extremely romance repulsed, and im not even sure if I experience romantic attraction because it's hard for me to define/pinpoint. Like, in ur opinion, could quoiromantic be a term that fits? I'm asking mostly bcs i'm sort of confused about the term. Thx u and im sorry if this is annoying.

aw anon. you are not annoying, no worries.  tumblr deleting my whole long response is tho.  here’s some thoughts and feel free to follow up okay?

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hi um i was the one who told to acephobia-is-real how minors weren't only 12 year old folks and yes 17 year old people do experience sexual attraction. I've seen your addition to the post and just uh. i hope i didn't trigger you or made you remember awful memories. I'm sorry i don't really know how to express this but i just don't want to cause you harm in any way.

Oh no, you are fine.  Please don’t feel bad.  I’m actually finally in a stable place to be able to talk about what happened to me.

I agree with your message.  Minors (CSA survivors or not) absolutely feel and experiment with sex and sexuality. 

My main point was that Tumblr needs to learn how to separate “minors experimenting with sexuality” from “adults coercively putting minors in sexual situations.”

Because a LOT of the discourse rhetoric claiming that minors cannot be sexual in any way or be taught about asexuality as valid is REALLY harmful to CSA survivors.