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Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I've been here. Only me. You are mine. A playlist dedicated to my never ending thirst for Namjoon.

A playlist dedicated to my never ending thirst for Namjoon.

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All of your characters look so distinct so consistently, do you have any tips for avoiding same face syndrome? I'm sorry for bothering you I'm just really stuck at the moment. It's fine if you're busy you can ignore this I get it :)

not bothering at all! uh. i’m not sure how much help i’ll be, considering i do tend to draw faces far too similar (the boys especially) but you could always try………………??? playing about with the face shapes??? make noses pointier or rounder, alter the bottom half of the face (cheekbones, jaw, chin etc), make it narrower or squarer etc. generally if i think two drawings look too similar then i tweak things here and there til i can tell they’re different :( that was probably no help but, practising drawing faces from real life is also an idea, most artists will also tell you that. you’ll get the hang of it

+ if you’re worried 2 things in a digital drawing look the same: lower the layer transparency on both drawings, then place them over each other and see if the faces match up too much. if that makes sense??? you’ll be able to see them through each other and if the features are almost duplicates then you know where to start if you want to change things up!!

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Sorry for messaging you this but I need to talk to someone! The boy I like has a girlfriend and I really want to be happy for him but it's so hard. I really like him but he doesn't know who I am so I don't know what I was hoping for :/

Aw, man. I’m sorry, anon. I’ve been there before and I know how much that sucks. :/ If I were a DJ, I’d play you a song on this Monday morning to let you know you’re not alone in that feeling. But I am a simple Kazzy…who is going to pretend to be a DJ on this Monday morning and give you a link to a song instead. 

*DJ voice*: I listened to this one a lot back in college when I was crushing on a guy who didn’t see me that way. Man oh man, the singing of this song I would do in my car. The conviction. Belt it out, anon. ;)

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Hello! You mentioned in the comment about your heartbreaking Stan comic "the page in Journal 3 where Ford drew the Stan ‘o War", but I don't remember seeing anything like this. Can you please tell me which scene in which episode it was shown? Sorry to bother you, I love your art!

Hi :) Aw, you’re not bothering me at all :D and thanks. :)

You can see this page when Dipper is flipping through the journal in “Society of the Blind Eye”. Almost in the end, when they’re looking at McGucket’s memories.  We see 3 pages in total: the page about the Society, then the page with the Stan o War, and then the page containing a part of the portal. 

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MG: *Just stares in absolute awe* Sorry for gushing, but I think it's absolutely awesome that you can shoot with the guns on your high heels.

‘☽’ - “My my…I didn’t realize I had an audience watching my training session.” The witch blows a playful kiss to the one watching her.

“Like what you see?~”

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WOW okay ill admit; i started to cry. it was just like "okay, this is sad but im not crying!" and then the whole "im sorry im not real" and the waterwork was opened and aaaaa youre so aweful please dont stop also when did i stop following this side blog???? fixing that now

Beta: I don’t think anyone got through it without crying anon. It got them at different points, but it got everyone.

Lang: And since both of us also cried, don’t feel bad about it. We crafted the last thousand words as a very special sucker punch.

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I'm v sad bc my sis is moving out soon (we have parent issues) and since I'm under 18 we're scared that our parents won't let me go with her.

aw man i’m sorry i’m moving up to college soon so i’m leaving my sister too it sucks i hope you get to go with her

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ay sans.....i have been really upset lately..i have to change my math class because my math level is too low....-a tear rolled down her face- i wanted to know if i chold have a hug

aw, i’m sorry, hon. sure you can have a hug! *embraces*

ya know, this may not be a bad thing. if you can understand the math better, that’s less work to do, and ya might be a lot less stressed! you’re no less amazing for not bein’ so great at math. it’s just one thing.

but if you do want to get your level up, i’ll help ya! just go over the material from the higher class and see if you can understand it on your own time. hey, maybe ya just need to catch up!

for now, i think you need some rest. we can hug for as long as you want.