folks wanted to see the botw Gladstone horse so here’s all of them (sorry for awful pictures I took on my phone ‘cause I ain’t got a nintendo account) :’D

Magica and Gladstone are the fastest shit alive istg, also if I ever catch that Royal white horse I’m calling it Donald but Donaldo was the first I caught so it’s gonna hurt to let him go…

“Nae-chan, w-when did you wear t-this?” o///o
“Yesterday! I think maybe you had too much to drink, silly. You should cut back a bit, you know.” :D
“Oh. Hmm, you’re probably right.” :<
“Don’t worry though, they weren’t on for long.” >:D
“O-oh.” >///<

So sorry for the awful setup dialog. November sketch #4 is more shameless ReiSana shipping.

I really struggle with drawing the same face more than once; Reimu looks nothing like my other renditions of her. Sanae’s not that far off from previous images but still. It’s so difficult. :c

I have been like this my entire life. People gush to me about how attractive someone is and I’m just like “?????”

Mindreader Sex

summary: Imagine Phil could suddenly read Dan’s mind whilst they’re in bed together…

genre: humour, kinda-smut, fluff
wc: 5.6k (ish)
warnings: none

I think this is the best thing I’ve ever written (so far)

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