i’m dead

“have you ever seen a vocal rap like me” no seungkwan no

“vernon does this provoke you / just wait i’ll catch up” (so he’s just purposefully adding vernon’s name into the lyrics not much change other than that)

boonon lives

“Despite the vigorous fight going on in his legal arena, despite Carole Ann Boone, Ted did not forget Meg that September. He called me on September 20th and asked that I send a single red rose to Meg, to arrive on the 26th. “It’s the eighth anniversary of the night I met her. I want just one rose and I want the Card to read, ‘My heart valves need adjusting. Love Ted.’”- Even though Ted was no longer in a relationship with his long time girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, often referred to as Meg Anders in novels, he phoned and asked friend and author Ann Rule from prison to send her a single red rose in memory of the eighth year of the day they met. The phrase ‘My heart valves need adjusting.’ is in reference to when Elizabeth first met Ted she told him she worked at the University of Washington making heart valves in the instrument department. When in fact, she was just the secretary in the medical school. It was something Ted often teased her about during their 6 year relationship.

Source- Ann Rule The stranger beside me

okay I’m sorry if this has already been posted but now that Half Life 2: Episode 3′s summary has been released (look it up–I can’t link to it or this post won’t show up in the tags, thanks Tumblr), WE NOW HAVE A MORE PRECISE LOCATION FOR APERTURE!!!

Okay, so, we have the Borealis’s drydock here:

[screenshot of the Borealis’s dry dock in Old Aperture in Portal 2, courtesy of the Half-Life Wiki]

We also know that Aperture is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (or UP):

[image of a newspaper clipping found in Old Aperture, reading “THE UP PIONEER PRESS: LOCAL ENTREPRENEUR BUYS SALT MINE – Cave Johnson to Bring Science, Industry to Upper Michigan,” courtesy of the Half-Life wiki]

(Upper Michigan always refers to the Upper Peninsula)

But… the UP is a big place, and there’s no known salt mines up there (personal headcanon: the salt mine was wiped off the map when Cave Johnson bought it). So where is Aperture?

We never knew… until now.

[screenshot from the official summary of Half Life 2: Episode 3, emphasizing “a dry-docked liner situated at the Aperture Science Research Base in Lake Huron,” courtesy of the valvetime forums]

The summary states that the Borealis was originally in a dry dock in Aperture’s research base in Lake Huron. Now, this could imply there was a separate research base, except…

[screenshot from the official summary of Half Life 2: Episode 3, emphasizing “the ship … would then travel instantaneously to any chosen destination … Unfortunately, the device had never been tested,” courtesy of the valvetime forums]

The Borealis’s transportation mechanism had never before been tested. Meaning that, yes, the aforementioned dry dock is indeed the one we see in Portal 2. Which means…

[map showing Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas, with the southeast coast of the UP circled, courtesy of Google Maps]

Aperture is somewhere along the southeast coast of the UP.

Now the question is… anyone know if there’s a wheat field around there?