So you guys know what this means, I’ve actually hit 10'000 followers which is fucking crazy since it seems like i started this blog yesterday. You know I love all of you beyond belief and as a little thank you I’ve made a follow forever, complete with its own shitty edit.

Stay beautiful,

Liv x

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And a super big shout out all of my amazing queens: chels, donna, esmi, jess, juliet, leanne, linda, malin, mariana, miina,  sani, sara, tamara, toty & tuuli.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any other blogs?

DO I!!!! NSFW also theme needs some work but ya is like my “personal” blog (although i started posting shit on this one too so) it’s really random & all over the place my “æsthętįcś” blog kawaii af blog is actually my friends old url (she committed suicide) & it’s deticated to her so yeah its sad sorry