in which Nick gets upset at the idea of Tina's favourite one d boy being Niall and digs a grave of his own making
  • Nick: We love 'aving Niall on the show don't we? Tina don't mime that say it out loud!
  • Tina: I won't mime it, I love him!
  • Nick: Oh wow! Great!
  • Tina: No just that he's my favorite member of One Direction.
  • Nick: *Takes a moment to process and tries to move on but can't*
  • Nick: Favourite member wow that's awkward.
  • Tina: Why?
  • Nick: Well they are just always in and out of here, you shouldn't have a favourite one.
  • Fiona: You've got a favourite one.
  • Nick: I haven't got a favourite one!
  • Fiona: You've got a favourite one
  • Tina: Yeah please!
  • Fiona: Trust us.
  • Nick: I have not.
  • (Fiona and Tina scoffing in background as Nick talks over them)
  • Nick (petulant as fuc): I like them all equally.
  • Fiona and Tina in sync (disbelieving as fuc): Yeah right!

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I used to send anon hate to you, and I wanted to say that I’m very sorry for what I did. I didn’t realize how it could affect other people, and when I did realize that I finally knew how horribly I acted towards you.

well hey, thank you for takin the time to apologize 0^: that’s rly kind & mature of you.

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I think I sent you an ask yesterday asking if you could do asra as a spouse and I think I forgot to specify I would like it to be headcanons! I'm sorry!

Hi friend! I did get it sorry I couldn’t write about it until now so here you go (n˘v˘•)¬

Asra as a spouse headcanons:

  • Asra is constantly giving his partner good morning kisses in his sleep-deprived state. Even when he doesn’t have to do anything until late in the afternoon, Asra wants to look at his spouse and give them his kisses and love~
  • On days that he is wide awake, he will make his partner breakfast before they wake up. He is a tremendous cook and wants to treat them like the king/queen they are.
  • When Asra and S/O go out to the market, Asra likes to hold his partner’s hands and show off their wedding ring. Honestly, this guy is just so happy to be married to the love of his life.
  • Asra was always affectionate towards his partner when he knew he could but being married allowed him to constantly be teasing them and always telling them how much he loves them.
  • Home is wherever his partner is and therefore gets a bit lonely when he stays at the shop and patiently waits for them to get back home. They insist that he can’t come with them everywhere they go.
  • Loves to wrap his arms around his partner’s waist and follow them around the house. Sometimes it’s cute and they get a good laugh at his puppy eye look and other times they insist that Asra let’s go as they are trying to clean the place, but Asra doesn’t budge and just kisses their neck over and over.
  • He is definitely the guy who brings his partner into a spontaneous dance. There doesn’t have to be any music for Asra to start the flow of their movement. 
  • Sometimes when the couple is cooking dinner Asra will purpose throw a piece of food in their direction, instantly starting a food fight.
  • Once it reaches nighttime, Asra and his S/O like to relax by having a relaxing bath. This usually involves relaxing candles and sweet scents.

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PB finally responded by saying they would only give diamonds to people who messaged them DURING the glitch...

WHAT?!? No!!! I’m so sorry that seriously sucks! 😭 I did message them during the glitch just to let them know I was having problems too but as far as I know everyone had problems to some degree. I don’t know why they’re being stupid about it cuz it’s not like they have a limited amount of diamonds. So why not just give some to everyone???? So sorry to hear that tho :( that’s super annoying

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Hey. Love your work. Could you make a younger Alfred one? Maybe before he worked for the Wayne's? Can you make it be gold?

Alfred Pennyworth, Gold

I am so so sorry this took so long. I did some research and found out Alfred was a secret agent before he worked with the Wayne’s? I thought that was really cool. Anyways! Thank you for being patient and I hope it’s okay ^^

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a pretty woman?

I’m a little too old and weary now for the how-dare-yous. Of course those ingrained jealousies bubble up from time to time–but I’m not the ugly girl in middle school anymore. I know too many pretty women to hate them. (I’m truly sorry I ever did.) Unlearning hostility is hard, especially when there aren’t any happy feelings to put in its place.

This is not the same as wondering what it would be like to live a blissful life. Being a more valuable commodity, a more sought-after object in the eyes of men…the thinking, feeling part of me doesn’t want to trade places. (The watchtower at my back craves it.)

Pretty women’s reality may not be so different from mine, after all. They hate themselves, too. They cringe when they get tagged in a Facebook photo. They feel like a bag of meat in their clothes. They pick their face, they brush their hair.

I think men yell different things at them on the street than they do at me. I think they have more followers on Instagram. Small things.

Why, then, am I so convinced that they experience the world differently? Why do I sense this gulf between us?

(I worry that someone will stop and tell me that I am a pretty women. I’m not fishing for assurances. Please don’t.)

I have never been a pretty woman. I don’t think I’ll ever be a pretty woman. Operationally I am OK with that.

But oh! How I long to see what they see! Feel what they feel! Be what they are! And oh, how I wish I did not!

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on a scale of 1 to 10, how much my life will be screwed if i start watching voltron?

HAHAHHA Depends if you’re the type to get so into a show and obsess over it like I do. Either I watch it casually and reblog stuff or I draw stuff for it all the time it consumes my soul + buying merch—sadly there is no in between. XD I mean, the story itself is pretty good so far and we’re in Season 4. So most likely around 7-10 to be safe. :)))) 

I’m absolutely the worst person to ask about this because my blog is a mix of everything like a dumb ugly salad dsfalsdjkf

Rush // Christian Yu feat. William Singe

My Aussie babes tbh.I’m sorry I did Will dirty lol but if you don’t know who he is check out his music.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who’s been supporting so far y’all are amazing and I really do appreciate the feedback.

Fluff // Kinda based of Will’s song Rush but with a twist.


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He said it was the last time.

So why was he here?

Getting home from work the last thing I expected was to find a very drunk Christian outside my door.How the hell did he even get inside the building?

“Baby you’re h-homeeee,” Christian hiccups smiling lopsidedly at me. “I-I miszed youuuuuu.”  

“Christian what are you doing here and drunk off your ass for that matter?”

“I told youuu I miszed you duhhhh.”

He looked up at me,eyes glassy and slightly hooded.Christian and I weren’t a couple.We were best friends,keyword being were.You see everyone has their vices and it just so happened that we were each others.

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Girls having fun~

👏 You’re 👏 not 👏 a 👏 real 👏 Dear 👏 Evan 👏 Hansen 👏 fan 👏 unless 👏👏 you 👏 slam 👏 on 👏 the 👏 break👏 before 👏 you 👏 even 👏 turn 👏 the 👏 key 👏 before 👏 you 👏 make 👏 the 👏 mistake 👏 before👏 you 👏 lead 👏 with 👏 the 👏 worst 👏 of 👏 you 👏