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Aedion Ashryver, Wolf of the North

Handsome was a light way of describing what Aedion was. Overwhelming was more like it. 

Towering and heavily muscled, Aedion was every inch the warrior rumor claimed him to be.



Day Five: The Moment You Think Is Most Underrated

2x03- Girl Meets Secret of Life

The thing I love the most about this scene is how sassy they both are, like yes! I need more of that! Also the way Lucas says the last line, how his tone changes and that little smirk. Seriously this scenes is one of my favorites.

sagittarius is the most shitty sign bc we’re forgetful and hate commitment and jealous as fuck but we’re also the best sign bc we’re funny and we don’t fear death or god it’s a hard life


nct dream, chewing gum (2016)

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Toni no pressure but I hope you write the sequel to the thunderstorm drabble! I need to know what happens in Rio! The Drabble was lovely thank you for sharing your writing with us!

Hi nonnie,

Thank you so much - well here you are.  I’ve always wanted to write a ‘Ziam and the rest go travelling’ story so I was thrilled to bits to get this from you. 

Hope you enjoy.  First part is here  (this next part contains OT5 and its pure fluff once more and lots of shameless references to big moments in 1d history, its in Rio so there’s a hint for you, but translated to this story and this AU and I’ve put some under the cut as its a bit over 3.3k in total, sorry).  


Having Zayn right next to him becomes routine and normal before Liam realises it. The gap when he’s gone, when Liam heads out somewhere on his own shouldn’t be so noticeable to him and yet it is.

They’ve been in Rio for 4 days now, 4 days of jetlag, getting lost multiple times and getting acclimatised to their surroundings.

They’re sat in the lounge of the hostel now, it’s not the biggest hostel in the city, sleeps about 30 people and it’s not full at the moment, there’s a red gate which you have to press an intercom to get through, and when you do there’s a few sun loungers and then a small pool, large enough for 2 or 3 people to be in at the same time.

You walk right into the lounge then, and there’s a kitchen and small dining area to the right and then up the stairs are several rooms with bunk beds in each. 

It felt like home the moment they set foot in it. Liam thinks they’re in danger of staying here for the whole 12 months if they’re not careful.

It’s just gone midnight, and he and Zayn are on settee, and there’s a few of the girls from Australia sat on the floor on bean bags playing a loud and animated game of 21s. 

A few lads from Northern Ireland are in the kitchen preparing nachos and cocktails, singing songs as they do.

Then across from them on the other settee sit Harry and Niall.  Harry’s leaning back, playing with the loose thread at the bottom of Niall’s shorts while Niall holds the guitar, strumming a few chords.

They’re a communal singing of Revolution by Bob Marley or Blowing in the Wind from Bob Dylan away from all the clichés in the backpacker’s handbook.

Liam doesn’t care, and as Niall shouts out “Any requests?” and people call out various song choices, he doesn’t think he ever will.

Harry pipes up then, in that drawl that Liam’s just about getting used to now, though when they’d first met, the way he spoke, the slow, taking about 20 minutes to say something that would take Liam 5 minutes had meant Liam thought he was stoned, but he’s not, it’s just Harry and Liam wonders where his old reserve went, the reserve that saw him take a good 6 months to stomach even 5 minutes in Louis’ company, whereas now he falls into step, feels like he’s known Niall and Harry forever to the point where they talk of where they’re all going next and if they don’t spend the next 10 years here, he may just spend it with them.

He doesn’t care, just as long as he has the lad next to him with him, he can do anything.

Two weeks ago, he’d have laughed at the thought that finding someone like Zayn was fate, now he’s not so sure.

Since he met him, since that day they’ve scarcely been apart, and he’s still not sure what this is, what it’s leading to though Louis seemed pretty certain after just an hour with them both.

He doesn’t want to over complicate anything anyway, this is meant to be fun, all about finding himself, it doesn’t need anything extra.  It’s just he wonders if it’s going to happen anyway, even if he doesn’t think he needs it.

“Penny for ‘em,“ comes the voice from next to him and he glances to meet Zayn’s eyes.

“Don’t you mean a real, Zed?“  he says it with a smile and yes, Zed which is Liam’s name for him that apparently no one else has called him and that’s certainly true here as Niall calls him “ZAYNO!“ while Harry calls him “Oh Zayn”.

He gets a poke in his side as the response to his words and a middle finger to follow and they smile at each other.

This is how they roll, yes they’re discovering things about each other still, but a 12 hour flight pretty much ensured they know all there is to know, and the things he doesn’t know yet, there’s this thrill when he discovers them, one by one because so far each time, he learns something new, it’s scary how like Zayn he really is.

Hours pass, and the singing gets more raucous, the Caipirinha’s that Aiden’s a dab hand at making get stronger the more drunk they get, and this feeling, it’s just all Liam’s ever dreamt of.

At some point, Zayn’s yawns decrease till he’s asleep and when he isn’t looking, when he thinks no one will care, Liam finds himself smiling. This feels like more, much more than he wanted. This lad, all eyelashes, sarcasm that chimes with Liam's and deep conversations about anything from music to Batman to anything that takes their fancy and at this time of day, when it’s still dark out just before it starts to light, it feels okay to admit that.

He does daft things when he’s drunk, when he’s happy and so he starts to type out a tweet, he even goes back and corrects it several times, and then once he’s typed it, he nods, smiles and puts his head back against the cushion and falls asleep.

He’s doesn’t notice the responses, doesn’t see 35 messages of Louis laughing and saying “I told you so, you’re in lurve,” till the morning.


When he wakes at just after 11 the next morning and sees all the messages before reading them, he thinks something awful’s happened.

When he opens them and glances through them rolling his eyes but finding himself grinning at Louis’ creative use of emoji’s, he thinks for a moment he may have gone out and married Zayn or something, such is Louis’ amusement.

But when he checks his tweets, he’s a bit confused, all his last tweet says is:

“Zayn’s asleep on my shoulder aww bless lol" 

Which is the truth, Zayn fell asleep on his shoulder, and he’s still next to him, fast asleep, curled into himself but with a hand on Liam’s thigh which Liam doesn’t even think to move.

He could just reply, but it’ll turn into the longest running WhatsApp exchange in history, so he searches for Louis in his contacts and dials the number and never mind how much it costs.

Louis answers within seconds.  “Oh you’ve finally deigned to answer the phone have you?  Has your boyfriend left your side for 5 minutes, so you come running back to your best mate in the world, honestly you think you know someone,” he finishes his words with a world weary sigh and Liam finds himself smirking.

“Morning to you too Tommo, and for the millionth time, he’s not my boyfriend,”

Louis snorts “Yeah yeah, you keep telling yourself that, and its afternoon actually Payno,”

Liam ignores his words because if he doesn’t, it could go on forever.  “How’s home?”  

“Pissing down, and boring, no one entertains me like you do Payno, haven’t got anyone as well trained as you are to laugh at my jokes, oh and work are laying us all of,”

“Well you know what to do then, seriously Lou, what’s stopping you?”

There’s a sigh on the other end. “Fear of flying, and then when I get there fear of spending all my time vomiting because you two will be so loved up and stupid,”

Once again Liam ignores the last part of the comment.  “They had Grease on the choices of in-flight movies when we flew over, you can just watch that to distract you, and come on Tommo, you’ve talked about this forever, and you can just give Rio a go, and then just decide from there, you got that money left for you by your Nan, its doing no good sat there in your bank account,”  

Louis makes a non-committal sound, clearly still unconvinced, and Liam’s about to give up when Harry comes into view, right in front of him, grinning and waving the croissants at him and he mouths “Do you want one?” and well Harry, there’s his secret weapon.  Him and his dimples, him and his curly hair.   

“Well okay then, maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the Irish lad who’s like the little brother I never had, and you’d love him Louis or maybe I definitely shouldn’t tell you about Harry who’s actually your ideal man and cooks better than our 2 mums put together, yeah no, I’ll shut up,”.

“Curly hair?” comes the response back, trying desperately not to sound interested and failing miserably. 

“Yeah, anyway, you’re not interested, you hate flying so I’ll go no-,”

Liam swears even someone buried in a crevasse on the North or South Pole could hear Louis as he speaks, no shouts, no make that shrieks down the line. 


The smug grin on his face is lost on everyone and would be, even if they were all awake, but he knows he’s won.

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Rules: Just answer these questions and try to have fun!

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Picture(s) of me (Ignore my hair i took these pics quickly and had no time)

Bias (up to 3 only):

Taeyong, Yugyeom and V

Do you watch K-dramas, if so, what is your favorite one:

I don’t really watch Kdramas but i’m planning to get into it again. BUT!!! i did watch boys over flowers and i fell in Love with Kim Hyunjoong’s character and i loved him… til i found out he beat his wife so yeet!!!

What is your favorite word in Korean:

idk maybe 우유, which means milk but i’m indecisive so it will change soon

What is the first kpop song you ever heard:

Fantastic Baby but i got into kpop in 2014 because of War of Hormone 

Was your blog originally a kpop blog:

Naw, it was a random blog

Do you get made fun of for liking kpop:

eh not really but there is people questioning me for liking it since it’s an “asian thing” but whatever

Do your parents accept you liking kpop:

Ya they’re pretty cool with it. My dad thought some of BTS and EXO songs r cool and my mom thinks Winwin is the cutest 

Do you have someone who you talk to that shares your Kpop interests:

Ya I usually talk to my cousin about it cuz most Kpop fans in my school aren’t lit and at most talk about BTS

Describe Kpop in ONE word:


Do you make kpop gifs, if yes show 2:

I don’t I suck. I only made one but it was shitty so i’m not showing that

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me: is an asshole and probably made someone feel just as bad as i feel because i said something rude without filtering it first

Okay so since I uploaded it onto YouTube and it says that it isn’t “available in our country,” I decided to post it here on my Tumblr for those who do want to watch. I felt like shit when I wasn’t able to watch it on my other account—I’m really sorry for those who aren’t able to. I want people to enjoy it but YouTube is cock blocking us. I honestly just need to find the audio then maybe YouTube would let me upload it again (?)

I own nothing but making of this video.

D. Gray-man Hallow OP Lyrics
Key -bring it on, my Destiny- by Lenny Code Fiction

I ost definitely could post this on my main but one, too many people i know in real are there and i don’t really wanna share w/ ppl i just need to let out frustrations

and two probably this affects how active i am?/ whatever else okay ok but not rly i just need to write this out but this does play into kinda what i do on this blog a bit ok

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Name: Eden

Nickname: I don’t have one

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Height: 1.5m

Favorite color: Blue

Time: 00:27am

Lucky Numbers: 8, 25

Last thing I googled: “Italy prefix”

Number of blankets I sleep with: One, two in winter

Favorite fictional character: Castiel

Favorite Book: ehhh I don’t read much

Favorite Band/Artists: Il Volo, Daughtry, Imagine Dragons, Marco Mengoni, Christina Perri, Sleeping at Last, Twenty One Pilots

Dream Jobs: something related to maths/accounts

What am I wearing right now: shorts and a tank top

When did you create your blog: September 2014

Current amount of followers: 1,064 thank you all sm

What do you post about: Mostly football but some memes, text posts, wwe, studyblr and my life too sometimes lmao

Do you have any other blogs: Yep 3 other, I’m too lazy to link them now but they’re all in my bio!!

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I don’t know?? Maybe 1-3 months ago

What do you get asked on the daily: I don’t get asked daily but when I get asked it’s never about the same topic so idk

Why did you choose your URL: Just because I love Basti and Thiago