sorry but writers are no longer allowed to use the “jerk with a heart of gold” trope on men. women? fuck yeah i’ll eat that shit up. men who are douches most of the time but soften around like baby animals or whatever are OUT, theyre ILLEGAL. its boring and im tired. give me hard tough ladies who secretly care deeply abt EVERYTHING. gimme my tough lady shedding a single tear then straightening and acting like it didnt happen. gimme all that trope shit but leave the dudebros out of it thank u

  • Hunter: Djura, why do you sound so tired? Does your past haunt you? Are you so devoted to this duty that you refuse to sleep? Do you not eat anything other than rats? Are you just fucking old-
  • Djura: Shhh. Listen. I'll tell you.
  • Hunter: ...Thank you.
  • Djura: Earlier this hunt, I saw a hunter that was completely green. His skin was green. He wore no shirt nor trousers, bore no hair, yet wore a bonnet similar to the one worn by the Doll of the Dream. He would not stop roaring at the beasts below. Eventually, he confronted me. I stood my ground, hunter, and I killed him. His dying words to me were, "so it was your swamp all along"
  • Hunter:
  • Djura:
  • Hunter:
  • Djura: This neverending night has been a fucking nightmare

His light shines as bright and brief as the setting sun.

Commitment has always been scary for me. The thought of devoting myself to one person seemed impossible. I get bored too easily for that. But with you it was different. I could spend eternity listening to your voice, your laugh, and all your stupid little jokes.
You were losing
  • Alexander Hamilton: Wait, I thought you were still in France? *Actually being polite, a bit confused as to why Jefferson showed up and started the hate*
  • Thomas Jefferson: Ah, I was. But now I'm back and you have to deal with alL OF /THIS/ *Hand flutters from face down to hip, leg sticking out sassily*
  • James Madison: *In background* Ohhhhhhhh buuuuuurn
  • Eliza Hamilton: *At home, but suddenly, a Demonic smile comes to her face* buRN.
  • George Washington: *Already tired of Jefferson's shit, he uses a bored tone* Secretary Hamilton.. your response?
  • Alexander Hamilton: *Stands up, looking at Jeffer and pointing* Go fuck yourself.
  • James Madison: Ohhhhhhh daaaaamn..
  • Thomas Jefferson: james you arE ON MY SIDE
  • James Madison: ..
  • James Madison: Mister president, may I switch sides..?
  • George Washington: Do what you want.
  • James Madison: Score!
  • Thomas Jefferson: James what the hell!?
  • James Madison: You were losing!
  • Alexander Hamilton: Get wrecked Jeffershit.

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I'd like to learn more about your synesthesia if you wouldn't mind sharing!! Any information you could provide would be amazing! Your own personal experiences, how it works for /you/, etc etc explain it how you like!

ok so this is probably gonna get a bit long and boring so im gonna put it under a read more!! also sorry this is the last ask im answeing today bc im ssuper tired ~ o ~ ill try to answer the rest of the asks tomorrow tho!

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I was tagged to do 10 facts about myself by @jihoomie ( lol i took 20 years to do this im such a lazy being)


2- I can live off of ice cream tbh !!

3- I’m majoring in architecture

4- I love pastel colors so much

5- I love watching kdramas and animes at night its sO cOSY skkjSKVSN

6- I’m a night person ( i think ?? )

7- my voice is so tiny .. ( and like im tired of it xD )


9- I’m trying to learn korean shdbSKSND 

10- I’m such a boring person sorry for those boring facts as well skdnsks

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How I See Phan Over The Years

2009: Endless flirting ,giggling ,spending time together and slowly falling in love with one another. 2010 : Spending more time together, being in love and going through the honey moon stage . 2011: Phan getting slowly more famous and both feeling more overwhelmed and honey moon faze slowly coming to a halt . 2012: Screaming,crying,break ups, heart ache,Dan going no homo Howell,more crying ,arguing ,but loving each other still unconditionally. 2013: Slowly getting more comfortable with each other again but isn’t the same . 2014: Both happy ,both more comfortable with each other again and getting along better. 2015: Dans Phil number one trash,both are extremely happy with the life they have created together,are very successful,this year Is giving 2009 a run for its money. 2016: Dan and Phil on tour for their book and living up life happily. 2017: Dan and Phil end tour and go home,focusing more on their YouTube channels and things. 2018: Dan and Phil finally get a house and a dog or two . 2019: Dan and Phil have their own show ,living in their nice house with their dogs. 2020: Dan finally hits 10 million subscribers and Phil has the same amount or at least 9 million. 2021: Their show soon ends and both go back to all their focus on YouTube. 2022: Dan and Phil get married and Dan posts a video with Phil called ’ goodbye internet ’ where they explain they are leaving YouTube to adopt a few kids and start a family. Both thanking their fans who supported them all the way before Dan says ’ this is the most fun I’ve ever had ’ and Phil ends with ’ don’t cry craft ’ then the video would come to a end .

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wow I just read the square numbers and they're boring so do prime numbers too

2: already done wow it’s not a square what am i doing im tired sorry loooool

3: Do you have a favorite clothing style?
not really, jeans and a jumper and the occasional skinny jeans

5: What three things/people do you think of most each day:
things- football, work/gcse’s, memes
people- grace, alanna, sophie

7: What is your opinion on [insert person/thing here]?
i think that [insert person/thing here] is really problematic, but people are entitled to their own interpretations i guess :/

11: What’s your sexuality?
PANsexual (and demi)

13: Are you a cat or dog person?
kind of neither because i don’t really want pets, but if i had to choose cats because i had them before and they require less effort

17: If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
if i was forced to i’d change it to milly instead of millicent looool

19: Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?
nah limh

23: Would you rather be nocturnal or diurnal [opposite of nocturnal]?
diurnal, it’s just easier plus vitamin d

29: Do you believe in reincarnation?
nope, i believe in the void

31: Do you get scared easily?
as much as i used to try to deny it, yes i really do, and by everything

37: What is your eye color?
brown :(

41: Who is someone you would like to see/visit right now?
if we’re talking anybody, then matt bellamy, if not then my friends and grace especially lol

43: Any piercings you want?
not really lol

47: What is a sound you really hate?
my sister singing in the car

53: How are you feeling right now?
gay, excited, tired

59: What three words describe you the most?

61: What makes you unfollow a blog?
things like being sexist or homophobic or if i don’t like their content anymore

67: Favorite meme:
i used to love the run meme, but now the ‘bon appetite’

71: What outfit out of all your clothes do you like to wear the most?
my blue jeans, fireproof jumper, random top and ravenclaw scarf

73: Do you have platform shoes?

79: Something you wish didn’t exist:
mental health problems :/

83: Favorite person to talk to:
grace, unless im in a terrible very very bad mood, then alanna

89: What are your birthstones?
diamond and rock crystal

97: How long can you hold your breath for?
i dont know, maybe a minute or two?

101: Favorite type of shoes

103: Are you a vegetarian or vegan? If so, why?
NOOO but my sister is so i have to eat a load of quorn anyway lol

107: Do you like spiders?
no, but i don’t hate them so much i run away from them

109: Can you draw?
kind of yeah, not without references though!

113: Do you like the sound of waves at the beach?
um, i guess so!

127: Something you love about Tumblr:
the people who i’ve met here!

131: What is something you love but also hate about yourself?
my mind- love it for being clever etc, hate it when it doesn’t let me be happy limh

137: Do you believe in karma?
slightly, but more that i like to believe in it to give me a good incentive to be nice

139: What nicknames do you have/have had?
mills, mill-mill, mimbey, mimmy, big-one (from my little-one sister)

149: Favorite thing about your personality:
my logical thinking and natural memory #thanksbrain

151: If you could go back into time and live in one era, which would you choose?
i like this era tbh, maybe ancient greece to be all philosophical lol

157: Something that makes you nervous/anxious:
parents, tests, public speaking, talking to people other than good friends

163: Last time you cried and why:
a couple of weeks ago on a friday lunch time because i just found my friend in the bathroom and she had hurt herself really bad and wasn’t ok and i got really scared for her and worried and we kinda cried together rip

167: Do you really care how the universe and world was created?
it’d be interesting to know, but not vital to how i live my life unless there’s some god, i would prefer to expand our knowledge of the now to help us in our lives rn instead!

thanks once again anon, you’re ever so kind even if you don’t reply to my message >:(

people who i would rather have for the legion intro quests instead of khadgar:

- jaina
- lorna
- wrathion where he at
- that dragon lady in razorfen whatsitcalled
- chromie bc i miss her
- asric and jadaar because nothing would get done there’d just be lots of alcohol involved
- there was an npc in dalaran i liked but i forget her name
- khadgar’s elemental servant
- rhonin’s ghost but all he says is the citizens speech
- no one. quests just appear in your log and you like a fool accept them and journey forth

i tried human peridot lol

her hands are bright-ass green because that looks Fukin Wicked and her feet are just kind of the same boring shade of her skin because theyre not seen as often. shes never seen the sun except maybe once but shes pretty sure that was a dream probably. she sleeps for like 2 hours a week so shes never in a good mood. shes aromantic except when it comes to vriska who is her fictional girlfriend (she likes vriska a lot because shes a ~Badass with robot arms Just Like Peridot Herself), she doesnt have time or energy for dating anyone irl.

shes about 2 years younger than most of her classmates because shes one of those people thats Too Smart so she got bumped up a few classes. shes constantly getting in arguments with people because she has literally 0 chill and is a little immature. some people find it hilarious and charming and are drawn to her much to her irritation but most people just stay away from her because shes literally constantly seconds away from tearing them five new arseholes either physically or verbally or both. shes the tiniest terror.

Spider - Hidekane

Established relationship.

I am tired and bored so I am sorry for this.

Kaneki had killed ghouls and humans. He had fought investigators, S-rated ghouls and done plenty of dangerous activities since his ghoul days started. However no matter who or what he fought, nothing could get him to overcome his fear of spiders. 

The white haired boy stood up on a couch with his kagune out and aimed towards the spider, the size of his hand sitting on the floor. 

Kaneki glared down at the creature willing it to scurry away in his mind. “Go” he ordered to the creature hoping he could somehow make it leave through talking. 

“Kaneki~” his boyfriend’s voice chorused into the house. Kaneki looked up as his boyfriend stepped through the door with his arms full of groceries. He took one glance towards Kaneki and the spider before snickering to himself. 

“Stop laughing!” snapped the flushing latter. Beaming at the half ghoul Hide sent a mischievous smirk to Kaneki “you know what it means if I have to get rid of it.” Hide said, he continued his walk to the kitchen with the groceries.

Kaneki groaned straight away at Hide’s words, he knew exactly what it meant if he got Hide to get rid of the spider. Taking the job onto himself, Kaneki made the first move. He retracted his kagune a bit and slammed it into the floor completely missing the spider as it (almost arrogantly) dodged the limb. 

“Gross” whined the ghoul as the spider brushed against his kagune and scurried towards him. “Shit, shit, shit” Kaneki rushed out as it crawled onto the couch. He quickly leapt off the couch landing on the floor with a ‘thud’ to death stare the creature.

“You need help yet?” called Hide in a smug tone of voice; Kaneki scowled at the tone of voice and stubbornly replied with a ‘no’.

Kaneki watched with wide eyes when the spider lunged off the couch and headed towards him once again “shit, fuck. Stay away!” shouted the boy, he ran out of the room to where Hide sat at the kitchen counter drinking a glass of milk with an amused smirk on his face.

“Do it” Kaneki mumbled to his boyfriend. Smiling brightly at Kaneki Hide slipped off the stool and grabbed the nearest cup; he sauntered into the lounge where the demon was.  

“Got him!”

Kaneki cautiously stalked into the lounge room to see Hide holding up a glass and a book with the spider trapped inside. He placed it on the coffee table and turned to Kaneki, “before i get rid of it. You have to do your part.”

The half ghoul retracted his kagune as Hide moved towards him and swept him off his feet to hold him bridal style, “you’ve gotta say it”

“Do I have to?” Kaneki queried feeling incredibly embarassed. Looking down at Kaneki innocently, Hide glanced towards the trapped spider “I guess I should let him out.”

“You’re my hero!” Kaneki rushed out, “what was that?”

Burying his burning face into Hide’s chest Kaneki spoke again “you’re my hero.“ He pulled away from Hide’s chest and leaned up to kiss Hide like he had done many times in the same position. Grinning at his embarrassed boyfriend, Hide placed him down. 

Kaneki watched as the blond left the room with the spider. Hating the fact that he had to feed Hide’s weird hero fetish every time there was spider in the exact same way.

10 different ways to destroy the object that you are conserving

I’m sorry in advance.  Maybe I shouldn’t post this here, but…

1. The scalpel is your friend. Imagine you’re a serial killer and go for it.

2. One word. Dremel. Find the hardest cleaning wire brush and start the attack.

3. Simply immerse a lovely dry object in water.

4. There must be a f***ing hammer somewhere in the laboratory. Find it.

5. Adhesives. Just pour and spread over the object.

6. Dance on it. (This might need your colleague’s assistance) 

7.  Have you watched the movie ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’? If so, then you know what you have to do.

8. Let one of the first year students to conserve it without supervision. They don’t even know how to change a scalpel blade. They are bound to do something wrong. (I didn’t know how to change a scalpel blade. I imagine it was the same for others too.)

9. Put whatever chemical solutions you might find on it. Who knows, you might create a supermegafoxyawesomehot explosion.

10. If none of the above does the trick, you can always throw the damn thing out the window.

why u should elect me for prez
  • I’m a baller (like obama) 
  • free fucking college bc everyone needs their goddamn education if they’re gonna be a bad bitch 
  • dogs! everywhere! 
  • instead of wars we’ll just have staring contests and water balloon fights 
  • no more standardized tests down with the corrupt testing industry !!
  • healthcare for all! everyone gon have a hot n smart doc no worries fam
  • green energy and green everything we gonna be so damn green you’ll forget every other color 
  • did i mention dogs 
  • movie night every friday on the white house lawn I’ll bring snacks 
  • destruction of the gender roles!!!
  • so many equal rights donald trump will have a heart attack when he see the constitution 2.0
  • d o g s