What if that is the legit final problem? What if what we see on screen, Sherlock having to choose between his brother and John, and he says I love you, then he is about to make his choice, but before we find out who did it, the screen cuts to black. Then you hear a gunshot and the episode ends….

I’m sorry, I’ll lock myself in the basement now.


mastersofring  asked:

I hope it is okay to ask this in such a hard time but I was wondering: isn't Harry working with dawbell too? That would be interesting if they both end there. Please ignore me if I make you uncomfortable and I'm really sorry! Have a nice day.

Hi love! Hey, no, you’re not a bother here.

The answer is yes, he is. Both of them. :)

And as Sheena said this isn’t a coincidence, and Steve 100% already had his UK representation and for some reason they chose Dawbell for this. ^^

Okay, so I think this is very interesting…

Gunner here - who we believe was born in a shelter, not adopted until about 6ish months, returned after being too rambunctious, and then adopted by us at 10 months - took maybe two tries of a combination of shaping & luring to get into that box.

Asher, on the other hand, is hesitant to interact with the box whatsoever, to the point that he is almost fearful. He’s like this with objects kind of in general, which has prevented me from doing any shaping at all, but is probably also why he only ever chewed up a sock as a puppy and nothing else. Asher never saw the inside of a shelter. He was left on a doorstep and then immediately taken into a foster home.

We wager Gunner is part boxer (which may help with overall exuberance and confidence), part houndy something, and then maybe some more of some other bully breed or some other altogether mutty mutt business. Asher is certainly part ACD, the rest is a mystery at the moment.

@herebelife, was Thistle fearful or hesitant with interacting with various objects or boxes when you went about the how! small! can! we! go! exercises? I’m curious about your take on this.

Here’s how I went about getting them to interact with the box. (This is kind of long. Oops. But if you have the time, I’d appreciate it if you - whoever you may be! - gave it a read and gave me some feedback.)

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Panic Attacks (Newt x Reader)

Request:I had a panic attack today and I’m still feeling embarrassed and really down from it, I was wondering if you have time after finals if you could maybe write about how newt would help with one?

a/n: here you go :) I hope it’s alright :/

Word count: 770 (I’m terribly sorry about the length. Its so short :( )

I hope you’re feeling better. A good trick I use to regulate my breathing is make a fist, hold it to my mouth (the part where my index finger is curled), and breathe in through that. It makes you breathe longer and deeper to get air, so it helps prevent hyperventilating. Tighter the fist, harder you have to breathe in to get air.


You couldn’t breathe.

You couldn’t fucking breathe.

You felt as if your heart was about to explode and you just couldn’t breathe.

You sat on the ground, head between your knees as you’d been taught, and gasped for air, tears streaming down your face. Dougal, the gentle Demiguise, sat beside you, lightly leaning onto you. It helped to ground you, but you couldn’t seem to stop the tears or pandemonium in your head.

“I-I’m— I’m s-s— sorry Doug—al,” you forced out between hyperventilating gasps. Dimly, you heard low thumps in the back of your mind, though you were much more focused on trying, and failing, to calm down.

Dougal ran off and everything came back at full force, overwhelming you and the tightening of your chest got worse. Black spots began swimming across your vision as the Demiguise came back, holding someone’s hand and leading them to you. Through tear-blurred vision and black spots, you recognized the familiar unkept hair and brown vest. Knowing Newt saw you like this made you feel infinitely worse. You hadn’t meant to have a panic attack, you hasn’t meant for him to see you, you hadn’t meant to worry Dougal.

You almost toppled over, swaying dangerously from loss of air when Newt rushed to you, kneeling down and calling your name. The dots spun faster and his voice got fainter. His hands grasped your face, long fingers on either side of your jaw.

“Y/N? Y/N, a-answer me. What’s wrong? Hey hey hey, love, look at me,” he rushed, using a hand to sweep the hair out of your face and tuck it behind your ear. You forced your eyes up, meeting his intensely worried gaze and the salty sadness kept dripping down your cheeks.

He slowly came into focus, your hard, ragged breathing suddenly sounding very loud.

“Hey, look at me. Love, focus on me. Focus on me. Look, I’m right here, you’re alright. Breathe, Y/N, breathe. In, hold it Y/N, hold it,” he spoke softly, gaze flickering back and forth between your eyes that still shined from tears. “Okay, good good. Now out, slowly. Slowly release, like you’re blowing bubbles. A small, steady stream of air so as not to pop them or make them too big. Good.”

The black dots started fading away as you focused solely on Newt’s green eyes. He slipped a hand up, softly sliding it through the hair at your temple.

“Okay, now in, through your nose. Breathe in, deeply. Like Queenie just made you hot cocoa and you’re savoring the smell. Deeply, Y/N, deeply,” though still worried, some of the tension faded away after your breathing started to regulate. “Now out. Remember, the bubbles. You want as many as possible, so steady stream of air, not too hard. Remember how the Bowtruckles love them. Because they’re so shiny and they got the rainbow color.”

He slid a thumb under your eyes, wiping away the tears and laying a gentle kiss against your forehead.

“Now in, slowly,” he whispered against your skin, grabbing your hand and placing it over his heart. “Focus on my heartbeat. Slow and steady. You’re alright, I’m right here.“

You stayed there for a few minutes, your heartbeat falling in sync with his.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He pulled you closer, rubbing circles into your back as you sighed against him, feeling moronic and embarrassed.

“I just.. I started thinking about when this is over,” you started, glancing up at him and catching his gaze. “And I started to get really sad because this is the most fun I’ve had in my entire life. And you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met. And I just— I’m scared about what happens when this is over.”

He held you closer, a hand coming up to stroke your hair.

“It’s alright, love. I understand that. It, uh.. I-it doesn’t have to end. You c-can stay. I m-mean, there’s always new information to f-find. And you been quite a marvelous partner in all this,” he looked down at you, a timid smile on his lips. “Besides, I’m positive the creatures would miss you dreadfully if you left.”

He looked away shyly as you sat up, eyes shining.

I would miss you,” he murmured hesitantly, glancing at you.

“You’re serious? I can, I can come with you? I can stay with you?” You hugged him, the force almost pushing you two over. “Thank you. Merlin, thank you Newt Scamander.”

You smiled widely, extraordinarily happy, and leaned forward, placing a chaste, brief kiss onto his lips before hugging him again.

“Thank you.”

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And that's how we know that HT really had an obsession with GS's lips and he couldn't HELP HIMSELF TO STIFFLE HIS DESIRE TO KIIIIISSSSS HIIIIIIIMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!


because now we have the irrefutable proof (if we ever needed one after everything that happened with she li) that what he tian feels for guan shan goes far beyond the simple physical attraction or a passing crush: he tian has deep romantic feelings for guan shan, he clearly said so himself in this chapter, albeit indirectly, and there’s no denying that

the words he uses are incredibly meaningful, especially if we think that just a moment before jian yi asks him if he doesn’t feel lonely living in a huge place like that and he tian replies that he is used to it: that distance between people he talks about, we’ve seen it many times before in the way he seems to be so popular at school and yet so lonely, in how all the girls want his attention and yet don’t know him at all, he knows this distance and always respected it, he never tried to close it with anyone, not even with jian yi (he made the gap smaller with him, yes, but it was still there, which is how we know that he tian never had feelings for him), but then guan shan came along, and for the first time he tian wanted to make that distance disappear, to close that gap

i love that we also got the confirmation that he kissed guan shan on the spur of the moment, because he couldn’t control himself, it really speaks volumes on he tian’s feelings, considering how we’ve always seen him being calm and collected

and now i can understand why he tian asked guan shan if he really found him that disgusting after the kiss: that was he tian’s heart looking for an answer, for a hope. it didn’t get it back then, because the way he tian went at closing that distance between them was wrong, but it got one now, after he let guan shan see that he cares about him and guan shan chose to shorten that distance, and next time, guan shan is going to be the one to close it


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hello, im moving houses soon, i was wondering if you had any hufflepuff themed room ideas ? sorry if you have already answered this question before haha : ) but thanks in advanced!

  • light coloured walls to make it feel more open
  • cute house plants
  • scented candles that remind you of good memories
  • photos of friends and family
  • I feel like hufflepuffs are the type of people to have a gazillion pillows on their beds
  • fairy lights
  • get a nice snuggly blanket for winter
  • also a beanbag is great for chilling
  • if you want to make it super hufflepuff then add some dashes of yellow in there (probably minus the black. yellow and brown maybe?)
Is that a Bowtruckle?

Another Request! I’m really bad at these introductions so um. yeah. sorry 

Editing by @winter-patrick

Pulling your coat tighter, you begin to make your way over to your sisters’ apartment. You haven’t seen Queenie or Tina in so long, and were very excited to see them. Unfortunately, you had zoned out, and ended up crashing into a very tall man. 

“I’m so so sorry Mister!” you apologize quickly. “

”No, no it was my fault! I wasn’t looking where I was going.” 

You pick up the notebook he had dropped and started to look at it. 

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? That sounds interesting.” You hand him the book and meet his gorgeous green eyes. 

“I’m y/n, and is that a Bowtruckle?” you ask, seeing a green stick-like thing peer out from his coat. 

“I was searching for one in Scandinavia, but I couldn’t find any, where did you find them?” 

He looked shocked that someone actually knew about Bowtruckles, let alone seem interested. 

“I’m Newt and I found him southern Germany.” 

“Well, Newt, do you have any more kinds of creatures?” you ask excitedly. “Um, I do, but we should probably um go somewhere private. Would you like to accompany me to where I was going?” 

You want to say yes so badly, but you promised Queenie and Tina you would be there. 

“I’m so sorry Newt, I would love to, but I have to go somewhere. Maybe another time?” He looks down disappointedly 

“Oh, it’s okay, y-yeah I’ll see you around sometime.” He walks away, leaving you continue on your way to your sisters’ house. Entering the apartment, you place your coat and hat on a chair. 

“Queenie! Teenie! I want to tell you about this really cute guy I bumped into on the way here, he likes magical creatures too!” 

You turn around and are met with the very red face of the man you just met only a couple of minutes ago. Tina hugs you and ushers you to sit down. 

Right. Next. To. Newt. 

“Y/N! So great to see you” Queenie comments, 

“I see you already know our guest Newt,” she laughs. Both you and Newt sit awkwardly next to each other. 

“So, y/n, tell me about this cute guy you bumped into.” Tina asks you smirking. It’s almost like she could read minds too. 

“U-Um, I, uh-ran into this guy who, uh had a Bowtruckle, and um was writing a book and uh was named Newt…” It was exceedingly embarrassing to say this when he was right next to you, but he looked almost as embarrassed as you felt. 

Queenie smirks at you then Newt  “You know, y/n, Newt was just telling us about this beautiful girl he bumped into with an interest in his Bowtruckle, and the prettiest eyes he’s ever seen.” You look over at Newt and his face is a crimson red. 

“Newt, I believe you promised me you’d show me your other animals.” 

“O-of course, only if you’d like to y/n.” 

“I’d love to, Newt.” 

I’m so bad a titling omg but i hope y’all like this

The year Alexander’s father left, his mother and him couldn’t afford basic necessities let alone Christmas presents. So Rachel made the decision let her 10 year old son down easy by telling him that there was going to be no presents that year but that the holiday spirit would still remain nonetheless. Alex was saddened but didn’t say anything against it as he knew that hard times were upon them. Flash forward to Christmas Eve and there’s a knock at the door. Rachel is surprised to see that several people from their town had pitched in to make sure Rachel and Alexander had a good holiday together by bringing them dinner as well as a few presents.

(I’m sorry that was long)


Originally posted by emmareader

Request:If you have time, please post a oneshot for all BTS boys about robbers breaking into your home.

Author’s Note: FINALLY. Thanks anon for the request, although I’m sorry it took me so long to finish them all. I hope you all like this!

Genre: Suspense & Angst (Warning⇒ slight Violence & blood)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 3.9k

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I'm not really complaining. I know we'll get lots of Flint when the season comes, but I'm curious why he's barely present in the promos (esp. for a main character)? In the newest promo there is literally one shot of him (and an old one at that). Are they keeping his storyline a secret or something? Or his bulk of the story is mostly in the second half of the season and that's why they are not using it as much?

!! I KNOW, I’ve been wondering about it too. It’s not exactly that he’s lacking scenes, it’s that they sort of got drowned out by everything else. We got used to him being the centerpiece and now he’s sharing that screentime with Silver. So far I’ve come to similar conclusions as you, but mostly I think it’s because all the hype is on Silver’s development and there’s only so much u can fit next to Silver in 2 minutes worth of footage. He’s on the rise now, whereas Flint sort of hit his development peak in S3 and now it’s all about wrapping up that last stage and focusing on his relationship with Silver which is gonna be central in S4. (The past 3 seasons were about Flint’s character development with a side of his and Silver’s relationship development. Now the roles have switched, i guess.) 

That being said, the trailer is all about the main theme - the war - and the upcoming action, so it’s understandable that the only footage of Flint we got was him fighting or standing by Silver’s side (other, complex issues will remain secret simply bc u cant convey them within such a short timeframe). Not to forget that all the other characters get their fair share of screentime, especially with this being the final season and all of them being equally relevant to the storyline. With Silver and like 10 other main characters, there’s simply no time to make it about Flint anymore. 

As for the interviews, the creators talked about Silver and Flint’s relationship in great detail, but it was mostly from Silver’s POV which is KILLING me because I desperately need to know Flint’s thoughts on it. Could be that there’s no information bc there are no interviews with Toby yet, or it could be that they’re keeping Flint’s feelings secret. As for Flint’s personal arc, the creators were as vague as those promos. They’ve mentioned Flint will be working from the dark in S4 (whatever that means) and that’s honestly all I can remember was said. (my memory is shit tho). We’re just gonna have to wait a bit longer. There’s a new interview with the creators coming up soon. Maybe they’ll give us more information (if not footage) before the season airs.


Tiny’s Custom Pokemon Commissions [XYORAS & SuMo]

Back for SuMo by popular request! I had considered not reopening these, but enough people asked I figured I may as well. Anyhow, if you weren’t aware, I’m not in the best financial situation and I’ve got tons of bills so…

I will make you highest quality, safe to use Pokemon!

You can customize pretty much everything about them: shiny-ness, level, nature, EVs, IVs, gender, ability, moveset, pokeball, held item, etc.! They can even match your OT - the game will think they’re yours. Orders will be done within 48 hours.

Available for XYORAS and SuMo! Made fast, looks legal, completely safe. All orders are kept confidential.


General price is $5 for 2, with discounts if you purchase 12 or more.

  • One full team (6 pokemon) for $15 USD.
  • Two teams (12 pokemon) for $20
  • Three teams (18 pokemon) for $25
  • Four teams (24 pokemon) for $27
  • A whole box (30 pokemon!) for $30!
  • If you order more, we can discuss price

All orders over $25 come with a free 6IV breeding ditto!

How to pay

I know this is a major inconvenience, but I don’t want to use PayPal for a number of reasons. As such, I would prefer to use Amazon giftcards! They’re fairly easy to purchase. Like I said I know this is a hassle and I appreciate your guys’ flexibility.

If you have any questions or would like to order, feel free to send me a message! I also appreciate all reblogs. ♥

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siriusblakes  asked:

okaaaayyy so could you do something like maya and lucas fight or smth like that and maya goes to a park to vent or whatever and she starts singing a song about lucas 'cause she thought she was alone but little does she know he had followed her and he hears it all idk if this is too confusing but i trust you to make it work

babe!! thanks for the request and i’m so sorry i took so long to get this out for you. i hope this was what you wanted. enjoy!!

(ps, the song is light by sleeping at last!!)


It’s late and all she wants to do is sleep, but of course, the moment her head hits the soft pillow behind her, Lucas storms into the room reeking of booze and sweaty clothes.

The lights flicker on as she reaches across the table to turn on the lamp.

“Lucas?” She blinks a few times to get adjusted to the brightness.

“Maya, there you are!” He doesn’t sound drunk, but Maya gets up anyway to inspect him further.

“Here I am.” She bounces on the heels of her feet awkwardly.

This has been happening with him more then she’d ever like to admit. His mom died a month or so ago, and Lucas has been a complete and utter mess since it happened. He goes to work like any normal person during the days, but the nights are a totally different story, he gets drunk with his friends and is never home until way past midnight. Maya doesn’t know how to help him, not anymore. He’s so different now. She doesn’t recognize him anymore.

“Were you waiting up for me?” He shrugs off his jacket and it lands sloppily on the floor.

“Not really. I was just finishing a painting and didn’t realize it was so late.”

“Oh.” He says promptly, and Maya’s never felt so alone in her life.

“Do you, uh, I don’t know, maybe want to talk?” She motions towards their unmade bed.

“Not tonight.” He leans in and kisses her softly on her forehead, Maya closes her eyes as if to memorize the feeling of his lips pressing against her skin, she misses this, she misses him.

He’s almost of out of their room when she walks over to him and wraps a hand around his wrist to stop him.

“When then?” She sighs dejectedly. “When will we get to talk again, Lucas?”

“I don’t know, Maya. I’m tired, geez.”

“You’re my husband, Lucas.” She shakes her head sadly and looks up at him. “You’re supposed to be there for me.”

“You’re supposed to be here for me too, Maya.”

Maya shakes her head.

“And I’ve been trying, you’ve just been gone whenever I’ve made an effort, you’re never around anymore.”

“Dammit, Maya. My mother died, okay? I don’t want to talk, can’t you take a fucking hint once in a while? How stupid are you?” He angrily fires back, a little drunk and tired.

Maya backs away from him, out the door into their living room.

“Yeah, I can take a hint.”

She walks out the front door of their apartment and slams the door shut after her. Tears are sliding down her face rapidly as she makes her way down the long flight of stairs, out the main door of the lobby into the freezing New York air, and to her favorite park, the one a few blocks down from their house. She’s been coming here a lot lately, mainly because she feels so alone in their apartment, even when Lucas is there.

She sits down on a bench and looks around to see that it’s just here among the trees and various benches. She sighs in relief as the tears start to dribble down faster.

She opens her mouth and starts to sing softly, unaware to the footsteps that belong to Lucas behind her.

May these words be the first
To find your ears.
The world is brighter than the sun
Now that you’re here.
Though your eyes will need some time to adjust
To the overwhelming light surrounding us,

I’ll give you everything I have.
I’ll teach you everything I know.
I promise I’ll do better.
I will always hold you close,
But I will learn to let you go.
I promise I’ll do better.
I will soften every edge,
I’ll hold the world to its best,
And I’ll do better.
With every heartbeat I have left
I will defend your every breath,
And I’ll do better

She sighs between words and tries to form the next lyrics, salty tears flowing into her mouth.

’Сause you are loved.
You are loved more than you know.
I hereby pledge all of my days
To prove it so.
Though your heart is far too young to realize
The unimaginable light you hold inside.

She’s about to open her mouth and keep singing when she turns and becomes aware of him, next to her, tears in his eyes, mirroring hers.

“Huckleberry?” Her voice cracks. “Wh- what are you doing here?”

“You really think I would let you be out here alone at this time of night?” He scoots closer to her and takes her hands. “You really think I would let you cry without me here by your side?”

“I don’t know what to think anymore.” She admits, looking toward the ground.

“And thats my fault.” He responds, tilting her chin up. “I’ve been so absent and lost lately, I didn’t realize I was hurting the one person in this world that I love the most.”

She smiles through watery tears.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

She sees the tears start to slide down his cheeks and takes a hand and wipes them away.

“She would of been so proud of you, huckleberry.” Maya breathes out shakily. “You have to know that. You can’t let yourself forget that. Ever.”

“I won’t.” He shakes his head and squeezes her other hand tighter. “With you by my side, I could never, not any longer.”

“I love you, Lucas.”

“And I love you, baby.”

They stay at the park for a while until it gets too cold to bear, and they head back to their apartment, strip their freezing clothes off and climb into bed. Together.


So SOMEONE had decided to retrace and recolor my art AND RECLAIM as their own in Deviantart… I just pictured this on my phone.

On the left you can see the stolen art and on the right is the original

So I commented on the post and kindly asked for it to be taken down, I commented on it recently but I’ll try to or I’ll MAKE SURE that the post is taken down…

I’m posting this to warn everyone to please be cautious of your art. THIS HERE is an example of art theft and believe it or not art theft is AGAINST the law. The reason why no one has been arrested because of MILLIONS of people stealing and retracing art from other people. Again PLEASE DO NOT COPY, RETRACE OR CLAIM MY ART.


I don’t care if its in the Internet or not, REPOSTING OR TRACING ART IS STEALING.








we all kinda fought with my dad today and all of us were screaming at each other and took moms side and all that. i went to my room and sat for a little bit and then i checked the amazon orders on my phone (his acc) cause he never logged out and i saw he’d bought a lot of stuff and even things i had asked for awhile back he’s bought for us. like a book that ive wanted since forever, and also a girly thing i mentioned awhile back (he doesnt even understand any of the girly stuff i talk about but he still went and researched it and got me a good one) and i went and apologized to him and i told my siblings to go say sorry too.
as much as he yells and makes us mad hes not gonna be in our lives forever. i think one day when hes gone im going to wish he was still here even if it meant he’d yell forever. i love my parents and i hate making any one of them feel bad. today went a little overboard and im crying in my closet now cause i keep thinking of the look on his face when he went into the balcony to be alone. sorry dad. i love you.

This morning I got a call from Jonathan asking if I had gotten my ten year anniversary gift yet and when I said no, he told me to open my front door. Guess what the gift was? It was him and a few other of the original cast members. I’m crying because I love them but also that means I’ve gotta make dinner for a lot of people and I don’t want to go to the grocery store. Besides that, if you hear a lot of noise in Royal Hills, I’m sorry. You’re welcome to join and watch whatever unfolds.