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Hug? Not until I end my angst combo (laughs)

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Wait sorry I didn't saw the list ^^; sorry Umm.. "I'm not even sorry" - Marichat, please? Really sorry about the mistake ^^;

Not exactly Marichat but I wanted to change some things up ;)
Also if I get any more of these after I post this I’ll get to them in the morning

“I’m not even sorry.”

“I didn’t think you would be,” snarled Chat Blanc as he struggled against his restraints. “What are you going to do now? Wait for Ladybug to show up?”

“Yeah, that is what I’m going to do.”

Marinette carefully sat him up and leaned him against the wall. She then checked rhat none of the restraints had come loose. She made sure that Chat Blanc’s hands were touching each other so he could not use Cataclysm without hurting himself. 

Once everything was in order, Marinette sat herself next to him. 

“Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Princess.”

“Did you fail a test? Did you get in a fight with a friend? Family member?”

At the mention of family, Chat Blanc tensed up. Marinette knew she hit the mark.

“You don’t have to talk about it now but you shouldn’t bottle up your feelings. That’s how you ended up like this.”

“No I ended up like this because you smashed one of your flower pots over my head when I tried to kiss you.” Under his breathe he mumbled, “It still hurts.”

“Awe poor kitty. You know if you just broke whatever item the Akuma is hiding in, Ladybug can purify it and make you head stop hurting.”

“I didn’t say it was my head that hurt.”

Marinette wasn’t quite sure how to respond to him. Instead she kissed his forehead and started to make her way down the skylight and into her room.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m going to check the Ladyblog to find out where Ladybug is,” she lied. 

A few minutes later, Ladybug arrived and Chat Noir was back to normal. 

Marinette still did not know how much of Chat Blanc’s actions were true to Chat Noir’s feelings. Her face would burn red just from the thought of it so she avoided thinking about it as much as she could. 

Hard to avoid it when the cat boy would visit every night to try to apologize.

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What are your top ten favorite MakoHaru AU's?

If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for AUs. The reason I love them so much is because Makoto and Haru’s relationship in canon is so incredibly beautiful and amazing and I love exploring and seeing how their relationship and bond works again and again in different universes. So having to pick my favourites is also going to be hard because I love almost every AU, but as always, I’m going to try my best! They’re in no particular order.

1. Soulmate AUs

We all know that MakoHaru are soulmates in every universe, but I love universes that are dedicated to it. Matching marks, soulmate’s name, seeing colour when you look in their eyes for the first time, it doesn’t matter because I love it all. I can’t believe that I’ve never actually written a soulmate AU before, but I definitely plan to write some in the future.

2. Hogwarts AU

Let’s be real, regardless of what fandom you’re in (except the Harry Potter fandom obviously), we all love Hogwarts AUs. I love MakoHaru Hogwarts AU so incredibly much and I can’t believe there’s not more of it out there because I have a never ending craving for it. Write what you want to read is what they say, so I just wrote one myself. If you want, you can read that over here.

3. Merman AUs

Is Haru the merman? Great! Is Makoto the merman? Amazing! Are they both mermen? Wonderful! I love all of it and there is definitely enough to read and see out there, because everyone in this fandom loves merman AUs.

4. Future Fish AU

Both with and without the half-fish Haru aspect, I love Future Fish AUs. Firefighter Makoto is just amazing and working in a restaurant as a chef is always something I could picture Haru doing, so it was all a treat for me. I love reading everyone’s takes on it and it’s honestly such a good AU, I just love it.

5. Employee x Customer AUs

The most cliché and overdone trope of them all, but I don’t even care, we all love them. I kept it a bit ambiguous because it works with almost any kind of job; baristas, florists, librarians, bakers, there are so many cute scenarios and stories that can be written and told about all kinds of things and I honestly can’t pick my favourite so that’s why I kept it under an umbrella term.

6. AUs based on other pieces of fiction

This is also a really ambiguous one but I love to see MakoHaru in universes of other anime, movies, games, etc. and I cannot pick a favourite out of them. AUs based on Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast have been really popular, but I’ve also seen them based on movies like Hotarubi no Mori E and manga like Seven Days. I’m just completely in love with fics and art like this. I have written two of these types of fics in the past, the first one was based off the game To The Moon, and the second was an AU of the anime Death Parade.

7. Royalty AUs

Two princes who are arranged to marry each other? A thief falls in love with the prince? The prince falls in love with a commoner? The prince and a servant have to hide their forbidden relationship? The possibilities are endless and I love them all. I love it so much that I started to write a fic about it a little while ago. It isn’t done yet and therefore I haven’t posted it, but I hope that you’ll like it when it comes out.

8. Fantasy AUs

Same as with the previous one, the possibilities are endless and the whole fantasy setting always has this magical and nostalgic feeling to it, I can’t really explain it but I just love it to bits and pieces.

9. College AUs

The scenario of Makoto and Haru meeting in college is one that is pretty cliché but I don’t even care, I need it but only if they are still each other’s first and only love. I’m especially a sucker for art student Haru meeting literature student Makoto.

10. Canon Divergences

This one probably sounds a bit weird but they’re honestly so great, I love seeing how changing one tiny thing or adding one tiny thing can affect the story as a whole.Once again the possibilities are endless and I love seeing how other people would rewrite the story of Free! if they changed certain aspects. What if Makoto didn’t wake up after almost drowning and Haru had to give him CPR? What if Makoto got cancer during their first year in high school? I wanted to know so I wrote fics about that.

There are tons of other AUs that I love, but I had to narrow it down to ten. I hope that answers your question and I hope that you’ll have a lovely day! ^^

I’ve drawn her once I’ll draw her again- as a late #blacktosilm + a Happy TDoV2015 - Galadriel!

I got a prompt a while ago to draw her as black and trans, and I think it would be super interesting if her being trans was just not addressed within the history of the world?? Also the dual-gendered nature of her mother name would take on a whole new meaning (and ultimately Galadriel’s choosing to go by the name given to her by the man who fell in love with her- a name that goes beyond her gender).


Veronica Mars goes Frozen [HUMOR]

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he looks like that adorably dorky guy that is the teachers pet and says hi to everyone in the school, even the mean popular kids who just look at him like he’s crazy every time. and like of course you have a crush on him and when he says hi to you he blushes because his friends swear you like him but there’s just no way because you’re pretty and everyone kinda likes to push him around and it’s ok, really…..he only cries over it some time. but then like you get partnered up with him in like science and he’s just so excited over the subject of the project that it makes you excited and when you give him your number to text you so you two can meet up he blushes and takes the piece of paper with shaky hands. then when you two are working hard up in his room, with the door open of course, he somehow gets the balls to lean over and peck you on the lips and you just have to smile at him fondly because that’s so him and wow he doesn’t really know how to take walking down the halls holding your hand now and people stop treating him like crap because you will seriously hurt someone over him because no one touches your sweet, kinda, adorably, dorky, boyfriend except you and trust it sure as hell isn’t hurting him the way you touch him it’s exactly the opposite. 

Nope, he didn’t expect it, not at all. Caught off guard, he flushed instantly, glancing at the other with a sheepish smile painted upon his face. But he had to admit, the surprise was quite… nice. He turned away, quickly sliding his arm around the younger male’s waist, pulling him close. “Seems like you’re way better at hiding this than me~” He whispered, somehow seductively, half-closing his eyes. Oh, how would he say no? ————————————–

A flush as the duelist smiled ever so slightly, a bit embarrassed but yet a bit proud?

The compliment helped factor in with the pride though and he scratched the back of his head;

“Really? I thought for sure you would have saw me walking bowlegged the other day.” He flushed as he looked down with a whisper;

“I didn’t even know it was possible to get that aroused. I don’t even know why I’ve been so…”

He flipped his head back up as he shook it to and fro quite furiously.

“I’m sorry! That was rude of me! I shouldn’t have.. Well done.. This. I should have kept it hidden still.. Even though I mean you probably would have discovered if you had seen me walk that one day…” He drifted as hips moved and legs shifted rubbing against one another.

I just to say one thing about the last episode of TVD: I love Caroline and Enzo.

They look like a brother/sister relations ship and I love this fact so much, because everyone turns his back on Caroline, she is the one who had been all the summer searching for a solution about the spell/ Bonnie and Damon problem; and then here comes Enzo that truly believes in her, and joins her to go to see Stefan, and even punch him for made Caroline cried, for cry out loud.

I really love them together, really

But my truly OTP is Karoline. So I hope Enzo, like the big brother he is, call her “LAST TRUE LOVE” to make Stefan suffer his Queen