Thoughts on Season 3 of Fuller House (3B):

Thoughts on 3A here. So just binge-watched all 9 episodes of it today haha and here are my random thoughts:

  • Seriously, Andrea Barber is such a great actress!! Like honestly, she should really win an Emmy for this show I am not kidding haha. She is soooo entertaining!! and wickedly talented at acting!!!!
  • DJ AND STEVE YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! FINALLY!!!! I’VE WAITED SO LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I’m not exactly 100% down on the whole DJ x Steve thing; I’ve said before that I think currently, the actor who plays Matt has more chemistry with DJ, but DJ x Steve was how it was SUPPOSED TO BE and I’m 2000% down for that. Also, idk how, but I think the Steve actor guy (Scott Weinger) somehow got cuter/more likable over the Season 3 break. He just seems to look a bit cuter and has more chemistry with DJ now lol (the kind he should have had at the beginning of Season 1).
  • The wedding fiasco… didn’t go down as ideally as I would have liked it to… it was the ultimate break-up — a wedding break-up — so it was, in a way, what you would have expected: really sad and harsh-letdowns all-around… idk how it could have turned out better (although there really is no excuse for how Steve and DJ treated their significant others ://). I am glad they didn’t drag out the whole DJ x Steve thing, though. And the Japanese-set episode was really fun!! Really enjoyed seeing all of the different, beautiful sights and experiences!! Wish we had gotten to see more of those :33 (The Japanese episode was definitely a bit shorter than I had expected.) Also loved how the episode was shot.
  • The appearance of the Japanese boy group Sexy Zone made me think of K-pop, and how much I love it, so I could relate. Sorry, guys, I just had to put that in there :PPP 
  • That alligator scene was top-notch. Great acting/balancing!
  • Seriously, as much as I love DJ and Steve, I will be so, so, so, so, so sad to see John Brotherton (the guy who plays Matt) go if he no longer gets a larger presence on the show. I have really, really appreciated the character Matt and have really enjoyed watching John’s performance.
  • Max, thankfully, is getting a little less annoying to handle on-screen (might have to do with his lack of scenes with the dog, which perhaps makes him less juvenile???). Also not exactly into his whole “I’m a smart guy”-type persona, but it’s not done terribly or maybe I’m getting used to it, so I can live with it. Idk, I just know I laughed more at and enjoyed his scenes more than I used to (he’s my least favorite character on the show, and probably still is).
  • Not really a fan of Max’s relationship with CJ’s girl, either (seems a bit forced), but whatever. If they want to make them that horrendously (I am not exaggerating when I use that word) cute couple, then more power to them.
  • Kinda sad/disappointed we didn’t get to see Popko for 3B, but he was a jerk, so it’s all okay. Ramona didn’t exactly get any love interests this time around, which is fine. And I really, really hope she doesn’t get with that high school dance-team guy, ugh. The dance-rival thing-y is cute enough, though, and I can see it being pulled off in the future.
  • I also don’t know why Ramona would skip out on SAFSPA: seemed like it was definitely her dream/goal as portrayed thus far, but okay, maybe it wasn’t. I thought the lesson we got out of that whole parent/kid situation was really good/nice.
  • Jackson and Rocki are a thing, and I AM LIVING FOR IT!!!!!! I’m just a sucker for nerdy guy/cool girl relationships, tbh :p :p
  • Still don’t like how Gia (a.k.a. Rocky’s mom) is sometimes cast as the “villain,” but oh well. I guess that discrepancy comes from us wanting post-Full House to be absolutely, 100% “feel-good,” but Gia was inherently written as a “bad” character, so she’s destined to be somewhat of the “bad” girl, no matter how far we get into the Fuller House world. At least she was written as less “evil” this time around.
  • ADORED Fernando and Tommy; ADORED Fernando, Tommy, and the race-car storyline; and ADORED Fernando and Tommy vs. Jesse and Pamela moment.
  • Tommy’s cute rn and had some really, really adorable moments this time around (funny enough, I enjoy him with Cosmo more than I do Max + Cosmo). I just really hope he doesn’t end up becoming annoying and unlikable like Michelle was on the original show. I liked Michelle as a baby/younger, but I didn’t enjoy her when she got older/was a toddler.
  • Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of the “let’s be cute with babies” on TV-thing, especially on the original show, but I really liked seeing the guys or anyone holding and playing with the babies this time around. For once, I was like, “You know what?? I get it. This totally warms and melts my heart into a million pieces.” Idk, something cute and maybe more maternal?? within me just spoke :’pp
  • I STILL don’t think Stephanie should have a baby, especially when she has no job, no stable relationship, etc. I also kind of don’t want anymore babies lololol (first Jesse and Becky with Pamela, and of course, there’s already Tommy); there’s already so many people I have to keep up with on this show haha. But if that’s where they want to go, then hey, I’m glad the surrogate’s Kimmy and not someone else.
  • Needed more Stephanie and Jimmy. Or just Jimmy tbh.
  • When I saw Vicky, I gasped out loud. Could NOT believe she’s back, even though I already knew she’d be back/had a strong feeling she would be (idk if it was announced).
  • I DO NOT want the older guys (aka Danny, Jesse, Becky, and Joey) back for the majority of next season. It just seems like whenever the older guys come back it’s more of a static “callback” than actual progression of the episode/overall storyline. I enjoyed a lot of this season because there was less of the older guys; vice versa, I much more enjoyed seeing the older cast members visit this time because there wasn’t so much of them around. So yeah, reaaaalllly hoping we don’t see that much more of the older cast during the next season (if they get a next season), since they all announced they’re going to move back to San Francisco.
  • On the other hand, I’d really like to see Danny and Vicky finally get a news/television show together and get married already, lol.
  • I do like it when the older and newer generations are well-integrated, though. The Danny, Jesse, Joey, Steve, and Fernando scene was really funny and one of my favorites. Fuller House is basically just one big fanfiction that isn’t perfectly written, but it’s pretty snappin’ close, and it’s all TRUE AND Y’ALL GET TO CLAIM IT AND CALL IT CANON!! :P :P
  • Like I said, glad the whole DJ x Steve thing didn’t get dragged out, but a little disappointed it wasn’t exactly, totally resolved… But it’s okay; I can live with it, for the most part. At least they’ve decided they really do love each other, got in a good kiss, and want to try to pursue a real relationship again (hopefully that doesn’t get messed up next season). Excited to see what happens when they’re finally together after the “6 months” are over huehue…  
  • Happy that there wasn’t so much drama over “whether DJ would pick Matt or Steve”; I really didn’t want that plot point to drag on forever :V :V There was a lot more focus on the girls and family-interactions this time around, which I liked, even though it meant less of the adult pairings altogether.
  • TBH, there weren’t that many substantial main storylines or funny lines during this half of the season, imo (SHOUT OUT to that “ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” EXCHANGE THOUGH; that scene was hilarious!!). A lot of it focused on everyday family interactions or Stephanie’s “surrogate/trying-to-get-a-baby” storyline (for those who are curious, I’d say the most we got this season was a solid on Stephanie’s storyline, and DJ and Steve confirming they will be getting together, but there really isn’t any further development toward their relationship. Also surprised they didn’t have a Christmas episode??) But tbh, I’m not mad. It was nice to not have to worry about any big romantic or whatever-else-possible drama, and just focus on seeing these characters interact with one another as a family. It was just ordinary, nice, and cheesy fun, and somehow kept me laughing and smiling like an idiot the entire time (which, in a way, is a nice nod to the original show’s purpose). This is really, really just a feel-good show. And you can see that reflected in the cast. You can just tell how comfortable everyone is with one another, and at times, you can see some real tears about to be shed during a couple of heart-felt scenes. It really is just about one big, ordinary, and optimistic family (although sometimes a bit too optimistic lol; I think they give themselves a bit of a dig about that at the end). So yeah, Fuller House is cheesy, ridiculous, lame, or whateverrrrrrrrr you want to call it, but I love it. And I enjoyed watching every episode of the entire second half of this season :’333
  • Please tell me they bring on Urkel as a special guest for Season 4.

Yup, I think those are my thoughts for now. Might add/edit some more points in later if I can think of anything!! lol :P :P

GOT7 Reaction to see you crying after a fight.

This is my last one for today! Enjoy~



“I said I want to spend more time with you.. Or I’ll break up with you. ” your convict words got him surprised.

“Why (y/n)? What I have done wrong? I spend a lot of time with you! ” you noticed that he was getting a little nervous, and not in a good way…

“You don’t have time for our relationship! I spent valentine’s day alone and you didn’t even bother to call me to say at least one ‘I love you’! You know how much it hurts Jaebum!?”

He stayed there frozen, without words for the first time. He took a deep breath and looked at you, his eyes burning with anger.

“That is what this stupid fight all about (y/n)? You want to broke up because of this selfishness of yours? YOU KNOW VERY WELL THAT I HAVE A JOB THAT DEMENDS MOST OF MY TIME (Y/N)! WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? ”

You ran to the bathroom to cry yourself out. Jaebum really hurt your feelings with his words. You knew that he couldn’t spend all his time with you due to his busy schedule, but not coming home for 2 weeks and almost no calls from him, made you rethink your relationship.

“Jagi.. please come out! I’m calm now.. I promise I won’t shout anymore.. we’re both tired and…” You heard his voice through the door. Tears running down your cheeks.

“I want to broke up Jaebum” this time your voice was weak. It was a hard decision, but you were able to see that this relation couldn’t go any further the way it was now. His job was his life and his dream, not you, and loving him too much made you realize that you don’t want to stay in his way.

“What?! No!” Jaebum slammed the door trying to open it. You flinched hearing the loud noises.

“Stop it Jaebum! Just go away! I won’t stay in your way anymore! ”

He stopped and breathed heavily.

“Just open it jagi…” he seemed broken. You opened the door and never saw him like that. He had tears in his eyes but he had a sad smile with it. His arms wrapped you in a thigh hug, whispering soothing words in your ear as you cried in his chest.

“How could you say that? I would never leave you and you are part of my dream too. I love you, and I’m sorry. I’ll change and..”

“I love you too Jaebum. I’m sorry too. Let’s both change to get our relationship back on track!” You smiled at him and he kissed you sealing your promise.


‘I won´t talk to her, I won´t talk to her…’ Mark thought while sitting on the sofa off your shared apartment, his fingers moving in his legs nervously. ‘She needs to be alone right now.. But I want to make her stop crying! Aish! I have no idea of what should I do!”  He ran his fingers through his hair, feeling useless.

You have been crying alone in your room for a couple of hours because of a fight you just had with your parents. They decided to move away to other country, without even talk to you first. You were sad and didn´t know what to do next.

Your face was lying on the soft pillow, and the only thing that could be heard was your quiet sobs and hiccups.

Mark, after a couple of minutes finally decided to go see you. It broke his heart to see you at this state and he wanted to help, but he wasn´t sure how to do it. Quietly, he sat on the bed and pulled you into his arms on a thigh hug. Mark kissed your forehead tenderly, a simple action that made you smile a bit for the first time today.

“Are you ok dear?”

“I´m a bit better now…” your voice was still trembling, but at least you stopped crying.

“That´s it.. Pretty girls shouldn´t cry like that! I like you more when you smile.” His big smile warmed your heart.

“You think they are abandoning me Mark?”




“But why?”

“They are moving on dear.. You have me now, and I think they already noticed that you don´t need them close all the time anymore. We have our life now, and they have theirs too!”

You breathed heavily and held his hand on yours. Mark was right. You were an adult now, not daddy’s little girl!

After a couple of minutes just cudlling and thinking, you decided what to do. Your boyfriend’s words helped you, and his quiet but lovings actions calmed your messy thoughts.



“Will you go with me apologize to my parents?”

“Of course (y/n).. Anything to make you happy” Mark them kissed you gently on the lips, before taking you to your parents house.


“(y/n)? Are you home?” Jackson asked while putting his bags on the floor. As the answer didn’t come, he decided to search for you in the bedroom. With fast steps, he reached your bedroom and saw an unexpected scene.

You were sitting on the floor, crying, with your cellphone placed right beside you.

“Baobei! What are you doing? Why are crying?” Jackson almost jumped to your side hugging you and kissing your cheeks, trying to wipe away your salty tears.

“(your ex name) just called me.. and..”

“And what?” Jackson was getting angrier as he heard your ex name.

“Well he wanted me back, but I said no and he screamed at me and then we fought..” you were sad, because all you wanted was to forget your previous abusive relationship.

“I can´t believe that dick head called you again!” Jackson was burning with anger. It wasn´t the first time your ex called you, trying to make you come back to him, and he knew all the things your ex did to you.

“It´s ok now Jackson… I dumped him. Again.” You tried to smile reassuring your position. Your boyfriend’s expression softened a bit.

“I’m glad that you still want to be with me (y/n).. now stop crying or I’ll have to go catch that jerk and make him beg for your forgive!”

“OK OK! I’ll stop crying.. I don´t want to take you out of jail because of (y/ex/n).” You said as you smiled wider to Jackson’s happiness. He caressed your hair tenderly kissing your cheeks.

“That’s my girl!”


“Stop crying already! I already said sorry!” Jinyoung whined.

You guys fought over an stupid matter, but you were sensible because of the hormones of every woman ‘that days’. You were crying on your bed hugging you favorite teddy bear while Jr. tried to make you stop.

He carassed your thights and pushed you to him making you look at him in the eyes.

“Just stop babe.. I don’t like seeing you cry” He smiled and wiped your tears with his fingers. “Let’s forget that stupid fight and continue what we were doing.

You hid your face behind you teddy bear before Jinyoung could kiss your lips. He pouted and gave up, getting back to the living room to continue watching the movie. You felt bad. He was right, you should stop crying and comeback to the first movie night you guys were having in months.

Quietly you came back to the Tv room laying down on Jinyoung’s lap. He tried to ignore you but your intense aegyo was too much for him.

“Forgive me oppa?” you asked making you best lost kitten expression.

“I don´t know if you deserve…” He had a serious face, but it felt down a he laughed at your expression. “OK babe, I forgive you.”

Jinyoung was happy that you finally stopped crying, and, while you guys were watching another movie, he promised to himself that would never make you cry ever again.


“I expected more of you miss (y/n)..” Your teacher said as he gave you your math test. That day so far was being awful. One of the popular girls threw your stuff on the school trash can ‘by accident’, your grades were getting worse and your boyfriend was promoting his new album, which means that you wouldn’t see him for at least a whole month.

“I’m sorry Mr.(y/t/n). I promise I’ll get better grades next semester..” You got out of class feeling horrible. You took a deep breath as you walked down the hallway, getting your shoes on your locker and putting them.

“You really are stupid (y/n)..” one of the popular girls that hated you, said behind you.

“That’s nice for me huh? I’m glad that it’s not you the stupid one..” you replied with a bitter tone of voice. “Oh no wait! I forgot that the person who you get the test answers is me.. maybe you are the stupid one for copying me.” The words just spitted out of your mouth.

That girl wasn’t what you wanted right now, you just wanted your home and your boyfriend.

“What did you say?” She asked

“I know you heard me… Now get out of my way” as you passed, she grabbed our hair and pushed it with force, making you hit your butt on the floor.

“NEVER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU BITCH!” She stormed out, finally leaving you alone.

After she leave, you feel tears running down your cheeks slowly. This day was so tiring, and all you needed was your bed to cry everything out….

In home, you opened the door and saw a bag on the floor near the sofa. It wasn’t yours, so that could mean only one thing: Youngjae was back.

You ran to your room and he was there, watching tv relaxed.

“Youngjae?” Your voice trembled

“Jagi!!!” He ran to you and caught you in his arms. You both stayed in the same position for some time, but the feelings hit you again, making you cry once more. “Jagi.. what’s wrong?” Youngjae looked at your face and kissed your forehead.

“It’s nothing…”

“I know something happened! Tell me!”

You couldn’t hide it anymore. You told him everything that happened in the last few days.

Youngjae, lead you to bed, singing some slow musics, calming you down and making sure you stopped crying.



“Never cry again if you’re not in my arms”.

Yep! Youngjae was really all you needed…


“Babe no! Come back here!” Bambam said as you ran into your room. “I´m sorry!”

You guys just had a little discussion when you ‘interrupted’ him while he was heading his way to the game night with the boys. But there was a tiny detail, it was your anniversary! You couldn´t believe he forgot, and even screamed at you.

“Go play games with your friends Kunpimook! They are more important than me!” You yelled at him, making him give up.

“I’ll be at my dorm then.. When you’re ready, go talk to me. Getting locked in your room, won’t help us resolve this”.

You decided to ignore him and buried your face in your soft pillow. Tears fell in your cheeks, wetting the white fabric. You really didn’t want to fight Bambam in such an important day.

As the time passed, you felt asleep deeply, forgetting your sadness. Just to woke up by a pair of arms circling your waist. The hot air coming from the other person’s mouth send chills through your spine.

“Why were you crying babe?” Bambam asked with his soft low voice.

“I didn’t want to fight… I just wanted a romantic night with you. But I over reacted to Kunpimook.. I’m sorry” you said while he pulled your body closer to his own. His lips left a soft kiss in your neck.

Bambam hated to see you cry, especially when he is the one who made you. He just wanted to see you smile again.

“No dear.. I am the one who should be asking for your forgiveness.. I forgot this important day and acted like a big jerk.. Will you forgive me (Y/N)?”

Your lips meet his, in a silence positive response.


“Jagi? Are you ok? What happened?” Your boyfriend tried to talk to you as you entered running into their dorm, going directly to his bedroom to cry yourself out.

“Why are you crying?” He asked again, closing the door to give you guys some privacy.

“I fought with (your best friend name)… I didn’t want to, but she/he just pissed me in a way I never thought she/he could!” you said almost drowning on your own tears. Yugyeom would be a bit lost, since he didn’t quite know what to do.. He prefered to not ask the motive of the discussion, just in case that it might make you worse.

“What should I do?” You asked hugging him.

He responded to your hug pulling your body even closer, kissing your forehead. He entered in a mental discussion with himself, trying to reach the better answer possible.

“OMG What should I say?? It’s better to stay like this or say something bad about her friend?”

“First of all, stop crying! I hate to see you like this”

You stopped and looked at him.

“Errmm.. now.. *he scratches his neck* I think we should forget that friend of yours, and have some cuddling time! Just the two of us!” He smiled, but it fade away when he notice your serious expression. “What? Was it too stupid?” He asks nervous.

Soon you relax and smile back at him.

“I think you’re just right!” You hugged him again, relaxing and stop crying.

Yugyeom breathed heavily, thinking: “That was close! But I never thought it would be that easy to make her stop crying.. Anything for my jagi!”

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I didn’t make it NSFW sorry guys, just had the misfortune of stopping and starting this request because I’ve not been feeling the NSFW ATM but I hope you guys like it still anyway.


There were few things worse then the awful biting cold, the fact your clothes were soaked from the snow and how your stomach growled for food but listening to a very irate Junker was one of them. You sat on the wooden floor, shivering, pulling your soaking clothes even closer to yourself desperate for warmth while Junkrat carried on moaning, screeching out colourful words as he snapped the old rocking chair, most of it had rotted away with age.

He hissed and lobbed it into the fire, he’d already sent a smaller bomb down the chimney to dislodge anything stuck inside, and everything seemed to be covered in a thick layer of soot, even he looked more filthy then normal. He was a patch work where snow had dropped from tree’s, hitting him and knocking some of the grime from him.

“Fuckin’ cuntin’ weathah… call this fuckin’ winter?” He snapped, turning to face you like you’d have the answer as you carried on trembling from the cold. He had already removed his own clothes, standing there over the start of a fire in his boxers.

“Junkrat… it IS winter.. this is exactly how winter is..”

He glared, one eye closed and giving you such a look, you rolled your eyes when he carried on muttering to himself loudly, going on about how it wasn’t this way back home, not his sort of weather, how he’d kill for some mittens… Someone like him really would.. Then came the normal ramblings of how there was no place like home…

He laughed, a mad sharp cackle cut through his mumblings and your thoughts when he had managed to get a fire to spring to life. He put his hand over it and sighed, letting the warmth sink into his skin as he did so. You jumped up and with such speed that neither of you knew you had, off flew your clothes, chucked in front of the fire as you joined him in your underwear, hands over the fire.

The look of bliss on your face when the flames started to chase away the nasty chilly feeling that clung to you. He eyed you up, he had never seen you with such little clothes on and he wasn’t complaining, his eyes ran over your form and he soon coughed, looking back at the fire, hobbling even closer.


It wasn’t long before you both checked out the bed, it seemed clean and dry enough, not that Junkrat cared but you weren’t a Junker, you weren’t happy to sit in your own filth or anyone else’s for that matter. You were pretty sure Jamie would have slept in dog shit if it was warm right now..

The Junker cuddled in next to you and let out a pleased sigh, tugging the covers up higher and around his face, if it was possible for a human to purr… He turned his head to face you when you moved closer to him, seeking more warmth from him, he may have been lanky but when he wasn’t attached to metal pieces he gave off heat.

Not just from his hair either..

“Ya know… there woz one good thin’ abou’ all this… ya know mission in the middle of butt fuckin’ nowhere..” he started and watched you, you tilted your chin up, looking at him expecently.


“Gettin’ ta see you in ya undies”

That smirk, that fucking smirk, you could feel the heat rushing to your face, you were this close to knocking that shiny gold tooth out his mouth when he burst into a giggle fit, a snort, before he muffled his high pitched cacklking with the hem of the blanket. You just gawked at him before frowning.

“When you fall asleep I am dragging your skinny ass out the bed and burying you in the snow…”

real talk: i’m such a mess because of eurovision rn, honestly i didn’t like portugal, not bcs we came second, i think a lot of countries showed so much more than him. israel, belgium, austria, the nertherlands, croatia honestly i had so many faves and i definitely did not expect portugal to win. also i just wanna say i am so proud of kristian for reaching the second place, his speech had me sobbing like a baby. i hope he knows how proud bulgaria is with him and that we love him.

I think, for me, the scariest thing about an unrequited crush isn’t just the “oh no what if they don’t like me back” feeling but more so the “what if I never feel like this again with anyone else” feeling. Before I met the person I have a crush on, I was terrified of marriage. It sounded awful and generally not right for me. But then I met someone and whenever I see them I want to get married and I want that house and that white picket fence and kids and a dog <i> so bad </i>. It’s like nostalgia for something that’s never happened. But I’m so worried that even if they don’t ever like me back, that this was it, my one chance to want this, and then I’ll never want it with anyone again.

Okay guys, I’m about to get real and rant about something kind of controversial, so if you don’t like getting caught in drama you might wanna skip this one.

I saw a post, however, in which someone called James Roberts a “fascist” and a “Nazi sympathizer” because he DARED portray Megatron in a sympathetic light. Because he DARED to make a character that has been depicted as a tragic villain by the fandom for 33 years actually a kind of tragic villain. I’m about to drop some stuff on you guys.


Does he have parallels to Hitler? Sure. Is what he did during the war completely unforgivable and monstrous? Yep. But that doesn’t mean that depicting him as being remorseful for his actions and wanting to make it right makes the writer a fascist or a Nazi sympathizer. MtMtE and LL make it VERY CLEAR that you’re not supposed to be okay with what he did. With what he caused for four million years. For the billions of lifeforms that died because of his cause.

You know what it does do? It poses a very interesting question. No matter how terrible and unforgivable a person’s crimes are, if they make it clear that they have every intention of living their lives doing good from now on, if they are TRULY REMORSEFUL for what they did, do they deserve a second chance? I’m not asking us to have this debate here, that’s something you guys can do in your own threads. I’m pointing out that it’s a philosophical and thought provoking question that the comics give us. And many of us are on different sides of the answers.

Would we give Hitler a second chance? If we could, of course we wouldn’t. But Hitler was a very real and very terrible person. He felt no remorse for his actions and in the end took the coward’s way out rather than face his consequences. Megatron is not Hitler, though, and he’s not real.


Hasbro And IDW are responsible for that decision. MtMTE was set to go in a completely different direction before they told JRo, “BTW, we’re giving Megs a second chance, but we don’t wanna deal with him in the main story. Can you take this one?” JRo had to change his entire storyline to fit this new development. And you know what? He did a really great job for having to basically pull all this out of his ass. He could have just made Megatron the monster, keep him as just being a complete villain who would cause chaos and trouble across the ship. But… that’s not the tone of the comics, guys. For a single story arc, such as the Slaughterhouse? Sure. But not for the overall comic.

So he took a stab in the dark and blended Megatron into the crew by giving him a chance. By showing this side of him that we wouldn’t have expected. One that gets in petty arguments with Rodimus, respects Ultra Magnus, and actually makes good decisions (though not all the time) for the crew. All while stubbornly retaining a good chunk of his Decepticon tendencies, and while most of the crew distrusts and despises him. It’s never depicted as the crew being wrong for hating him. The only people truly shown to be in the wrong are Atomizer and Getaway, and it’s not because they’re against Megatron. It’s because of the actions they take to get back at him.

Again, whether or not JRo succeeded in it isn’t a debate for here. This isn’t a speech about whether or not his writing is good. This is about him being unfairly accused of Nazi sympathizing and fascist tendencies.


If you want a mustache-twirling, baby-kicking villain, then that’s fine. Let’s face it, that’s what the DJD are for. But even they are allowed to be depicted as having moments of civility. Just because the villains don’t kick puppies and kill civilizations 24/7 DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO AGREE WITH THEIR ACTIONS. Humanizing monstrous villains exists to give them more layers, NOT TO EXCUSE THEIR CRIMES.

Villains are allowed to have tragic backstories, reasons for their actions (even the deplorable ones), and moments of sympathy. Megatron is allowed to have a fear of mnemosurgery because of Trepan. Tarn is allowed to be shown as being disgusted by his fellow DJD members’ bloodlust. Neither of these things are excusing their actions. Never once in the comics does any character say, “Oh, well, they have reasons they’re like they are. Well, then, they’re completely excused from the horrible things they’ve done.”

What it does is makes the characters feel more real. That they’re not one-dimensional characters. Whether or not that sympathetic backstory makes you forgive them is on you, not the writer who has never said he agreed with the villains and their ideals. Speaking of…


And yes, the DJD are insanely popular with the fandom. Hell, they’re one of my favorite parts of MtMtE. That is NOT JRo’s fault. He did his job. He wrote extremely likable depictions of characters. It’s up to the individual readers whether or not that’s now their new favorite character. Even if he himself likes the characters, just like with he fans, that doesn’t mean he thinks they’re right.

You know what other villains are popular but weren’t written with the intent that you agree with their outlook and methods? ALMOST EVERY OTHER COMIC VILLAIN EVER. Are there those who think say… The Joker is in the right? Of course, but again, that’s on the readers, not the writers.


Guys, please stop accusing JRo of being a Nazi sympathizer and a fascist just because you disagree with his sympathic depiction of Megatron. Those are extremely serious accusations, ESPECIALLY the Nazi sympathizer part. Actual fans on twitter already seem determined to ruin his reputation with their incessant meme-filled questions (and bless him for how many he actually answers because he loves his fans that much).

Again, this is NOT a post about whether or not his writing is good. That’s a matter of personal taste and opinion. Also, please leave any debates about issues revolving around him (such as the accusations of gay baiting and transphobia) to other posts. That’s also not what this post is about. This is strictly about the accusations of fascism and Nazi sympathy.

To my followers, I apologize for the long-ass rant. I love you all.

Bonfire (Camp Counselor AU!) Chapter 4

category: floofy

pairing: sanha X reader

warnings: cussing

note: WOW I FINALLY UPDATED THIS SERIES! sorry it took so long… i lost inspiration to write anymore, was caught up in requests, and a whole bunch of other shit. enjoy!

What you expected for your first night at Camp Moon was definitely not a shirtless MJ running around the cabin clanging pots and Moonbin screaming BTS lyrics.


Groaning, you used the pillow you brought from home to muffle your ears. “DO NOT WAKE ME UP UNLESS YOU ARE RAP MONSTER.”

Hurt, Moonbin clenched his chest but left the room anyways. You heard groaning from above you which reminded you of Sanha’s presence.

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