rhythmsextion said: Jack’s back for a Haus party and witnesses Bitty getting hit on hardcore. Angst ensues.

Jack can’t breathe. Next to him, Chowder is talking a mile an hour, and he really should be listening, but his eyes stray towards the other side of the room, where a handsome, tall and athletic guy is smiling at Bitty.

He wants to go over, say hello, he hasn’t been in the Haus for two minutes but that’s two minutes too many if Bitty is in the room, but he can’t. He’s frozen in the door, trying to fend his anxiety because some other guy was hitting on his boyfriend-

Jack can’t breathe.

‘Jack?’ asks Chowder. ‘Are you- Am I bothering you? I’m sorry, you probably want to see the others and I’m keeping you in the door!’

‘No, Chowder, it’s okay, I just-’

He just what, says his brain. Just has a panic attack over some dude talking to Bitty, standing close to him when Jack himself could never do it in public. He isn’t jealous of the guy, he’s… jealous of what the guy COULD do.

The guy places a hand on Bitty’s hip. Jack sees red.

And then Bitty takes the guy’s hand and puts it back at the guy’s side, his head saying no. The guy says something, Bitty shrugs and walks off with an over shoulder wave and when he turns around, he sees Jack.

Jack sees the joy in Bitty’s eyes and can suddenly breathe again. This is his, and no one else’s. Later, when they’re alone, he can get closer, they can touch and whisper I love you’s, but for now, he has this, this “You, I love you, I’m so happy to see you,” written on Bitty’s face.

He can breathe again.

Imagine your ex-boyfriend flirting with you in front of Rafael

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Imagine your ex-boyfriend flirting with you in front of Rafael

When you meet West he was the officer that all the other female rookies wanted to be partnered with. You on the other hand where too focused on doing a good job and getting a steady paycheque that you didn’t even notice him at first.

He was one of those tall,dark and handsome types. Brooding and mysterious yet he could be the most charming person in the room of he wanted to be.

You may not have noticed him at first but he certainly noticed you. Even, before you were assigned to him, you caught him a couple of times staring at you. Every time he did he would smirk and then look away. When you were eventually assigned to him, you know now that he had turned on the charm. He smiled that million dollar smile and introduced himself.

He had been a cop three years before you joined the force. He was one of the hotshots. Set to become a detective by the next year. Their was no denying that he was a good cop and later detective. He was smart and used his instinct. He got results and he taught you a lot about the job. A lot of what he taught you, you still used to this day and you’ll be forever be grateful for that.

He flirted with you the whole time you were partners. You resisted at first using your sarcastic humour to keep him in check but he wore you down. One day you saw ever everyone else saw. He was handsome, charming, sweet when he wanted to be and he cared about you. He had your back as much as you had his, though he spent most of this time staring at your ass. But the most important thing was you had fun together. He could make you laugh for hours. Back then it’s what you needed. Your whole life you’d been working to survive, it was nice to wake up and actually look forward to your day.

You stared dating after he volunteered you both for an undercover operation. Which was a year after you first met. Funnily enough you had to pretend to be a couple at this dancing competition. Which was a front for a burglary ring. By this point he had made his feelings towards you quite clear while you were more reserved about them. Scared of the consequences.Maybe he planned it, maybe he didn’t, but you ended up sleeping together that night.

From their it was story fit for television Fairytale. Well fit two years at least. He was made Detective while you were still an officer but he pulled some strings so you were transferred to the same precinct. You had always worked together at the same precinct. In that stage of your relationship he had moved in with you and your brother and you were in a serious relationship. When you were together it seemed that he and your brother got along. He was ten when you first introduced him to Derek before you started dating. Maybe he saw what you later found out. He tells you know that he didn’t really like him but pretended for you because he made you so happy.

For two years, like you said things went well. It was when you were promoted to detective, things got difficult. You guess he expected you to join the precinct you’d both always worked at and you guys could become partners again but you had other ideas. You were offered a position as junior detective at Brooklyn’s Robbery Unit and you took the offer much to his distain. He argued with you about it, claiming that you didn’t even ask him about it but you felt that didn’t need to ask. He was bitter about it for awhile but came around, eventually.

Things started to go wrong six months after your promotion. One of the detectives in the unit was retiring and he job was up for grabs. To say the least you were shocked to see West walk in as the new detective. Especially because that morning you’d kissed each other goodbye and he’d see you later. Later was now apparently. Once again you argued that he hadn’t told you, not even mentioned it but you’d done the same thing apparently.

Though at the start the move helped your relationship. You guess it was the extended exposure. It was almost  was like when you first met. He even proposed to you after three years of dating on a walk through central park and you said yes.

He took pride in you guys being the stations ‘power couple’. Everyone thought you were perfect together the only person who didn’t.. was you.

You finally noticed that he always seemed to need to be around you. In charge of you. Your whole career he’d been in charge of you. He was always the more experienced officer or detective you were supposed to listen to. He liked to always have his hand on you as well. Your shoulders, your arms, your hands even your ass when no one was look. You thought he was just being affectionate at first but you knew it was more. The department was mostly men and when you asked he said he wanted to let everyone know you were his girlfriend. Which made you realised everyone knew you as his girlfriend, not as you. You weren’t yourself, you’d become a part of him. You weren’t Detective Y/N Y/L/N you were Detective Westley Hensen’s girlfriend. Despite having the highest conviction rate in the department and the best repertoire in the community.

You were much different back then that you were now. Nowadays you were string, confident not afraid to give your opinion or call someone out. Back then however it was like he suppressed your personality. Whoever he was around you were quiet and let him speak. You didn’t say anything when he did something you didn’t like, you kept it in not wanting to start an argument. You let things boil inside of you and you snapped.

He called you ‘sweetie’. Which in it’s self wasn’t too bad but he said it  in front of the whole precinct and at the same time dismissed your suggestion for an undercover operation. Which worked later by the way.

It was just the limit for you and you were done. You were tired. You ween’t yourself anymore. you were unhappy and you weren’t in love.

That night when you got home.  You argued. You shouted. You screamed. You cried. And so did he. He told you he loved you but you said you weren’t anymore. He told you he had cheated on you and that’s why he transferred but he was so sorry about it. You told him to leave after that. Which he did reluctantly.

You weren’t even angry at his betrayal. That night was the start of the rest of your life. You stayed up all night and packed his things and did everything you needed to get yourself back on track. That next morning you filed transfer papers and vacation notification. You never taken a day off in your careers so it all added up to at least two months. You packed up your stuff and said your goodbyes without saying a word to West who watched the whole thing at his desk.

That night he came to your apartment and asked what was going on. You explained briefly before sitting him down and handing him back the ring. He argued with you but you placed it in his hand and showed him the boxes of his stuff that you had packed. You offered to pay for a storage space until he found a place. He argued with you but left accepting you were over. You moved his stuff and mailed him the key to the unit.

That was the last time you ever talked to him.

After that you and your brother went on your first ever vacation for two weeks and when you got back you went back to school. You started a course of Criminal Psychology with a focus on how to use this knowledge as interrogation tactics. When you finally went back to work you had been transferred to Bronx SVU where you worked for about a year while doing another course about interrogations and interrogation tactics. Your superiors were so impressed by your new found skills that they asked you to fold a seminar on it for fellow officers.

It’s where you met Lieutenant Benson. She seemed impressed by you and kept in contact as you worked multiple liaison cases during your stint at Bronx SVU. She called you one day to help with a serial holding a girl hostage. It where you met your current boyfriend Rafael Barba. He seemed skeptical about your talents at first but you think you impressed him along with annoying him. After that Liv asked you to transfer to Manhattan SVU, which you did.

It was six months into your transfer when he asked you out. You had developed feeling for him before that point which is why you said yes. Though you were scared about throwing yourself into a new relationship who decided to go for it.

It was different with Rafael than it was with West. He liked you for you. He called you out on things as much as he did him. He valued your opinion and you made fun of each other. He never tired to be better than you and you liked that a lot.

Fast forward, three years and you were much happier in your relationship with Rafael than you ever were with West. You’d moved in together and your brother actually liked him. Things were great between you to. You kept your relationship a secret in fear of your jobs but you sort of liked that. A small part of you feared that if anyone found out that you’d be reduced to someone’s girlfriend again but for the most part you barely ever thought of West.

That was until today.

It was early morning and everyone had come into the precinct early. You were all working on a serial rating and killing women and leaving them bound in the park. The resident psychologist also claimed that whoever did it had had experience so you had searched through the FBI database to see if any other crimes matched. Fin, Liv and Rafael had been tucked in her office all morning, discussing something. Which you only knew because Rafael had gotten a call this morning and left your apartment early. You on the other hand had been telling you partner, Carisi, about how you had found no matches on the database. When they all finally emerged from the office they were with someone else. And as they got closer to you, all three faces became clear and…recognisable.

“Alright everyone this is Sergeant Wes-” Liv began approaching your desks.

“Y/N?” West asked catching sight of you and interrupting Liv.

“West?” you replied, choked and blinking fast.

“Y/N.” he repeated coming forward and standing by your desk awkwardly.

You got up with a shakily smile about to shake his hand when he pulled you into a hug. You hugged him back but you could feel everyone’s gaze on you. You broke apart and your suspicions where proved to be true.

“So you two know each other?” Fin asked raising an eyebrow at you both.

“Yeah,” you forced out, “West, was my partner at the 06…“

"And at Brooklyn Robbery.” he continued smiling.

“Well for those of you who don’t know this is Sergeant Westley Hensen from Brooklyn SVU and he has some interesting information on our Central Park serial.” Liv continued after the brief interlude.

That launched West back into work mode. He quickly explained that a few bodies in Brooklyn had been found in a park similar to ours. Then Liv explained that he would be joining us in working the case as Rollins would be in court for the next few days. The whole time Liv was talking he kept looking at you like he did when you first met. But unlike then you didn’t shy away and he didn’t smirk. Rafael had noticed this and shot you a few confused looks.

“Alright so…”  Liv was about to finish.

“Lieutenant, can I talk to you for a second.” he interrupted striding up to her and leading her away to the corner.

Fin and Carisi started talking at Fin’s desk and Rafael came and sat at your desk which you had sat down at once again.

"Is that the West?” Rafael asked in a hushed voice.

“Yeah… that’s him.” you sighed staring off to another corner of the room as the memories flooded back.
You’d told Rafael about your relationship with West. You’d wanted to. you thought it would help him understand you and understand why you needed to take your relationship slow. He was completely understanding and was sort of shocked. You knew why he met the real you not the you that sated West.

"Why was he looking at you like that?” Rafael questioned.

"I don’t know, I’ve never seen him look like that.” you replied shaking your head.

"I don’t like him.” he stated crossing his arms in protest.

“Why? Because he’s my ex.” you asked raising an eyebrow.

"No because I know what he did to you and how he treated you.” Rafael responded.

“You can’t blame him all for that.” you shrugged.

"Why not?” he exclaimed a bit too loudly.

“Because. Its partly my fault, too. I allowed that tone in our relationship. He didn’t just start off treating me like crap.” you explained.

“It seems like your blaming yourself and not him.” Rafael defended.

“I’m not defending him. I’m just saying it wasn’t all his fault. I’m partly to blame. A relationship takes two people, you know.” you continued.

“Still don’t like him.” he stated adamantly.

"Well you got to like him a little. He’s stupidity is your gain right?” you flirted.

"Definitely my gain.” He smiled lowering his head down closer to yours.

“Work.” you reminded as he lowered his face closer to yours.

“I know. I’m looking at the file on your desk.” he smirked looking down at the open file on your desk.

“So, did he say anything in their?” you asked curious.

“Nothing more than what he repeated in here. Though he did suggest working with someone in the department while working the case. I suggested that he work with Fin because Rollins isn’t here. But mostly to keep him away from you.” He responded quickly.

“I don’t need work favour from you. That’s we he used to do” you sighed sadly.

“Well, it was more for myself.” he replied tilting his head.

"Why don’t you trust me?” you accused annoyed.

"You know I trust you but I also know whenever you look at him you see apart of your life that you’d rather not remember.” he said sincerely looking down at you from his up right position.

“You’re too kind.” you smiled instantly forgiving him.

He was about to say something when Liv and West returned back to you. Fin and Carisi turned round to look and so did you and Rafael.

“Alright, so I want you all to split into teams and tackle the list of offenders Sergeant Hensen complied.” Live began to explain once again, “Y/N, I want you to team up with Sergeant Hensen and Carisi you can partner with Fin for the time being.”

“I thought Sergeant Hensen was going to work with Fin?” Rafael questioned as casually as he could possibly muster.

“Well I suggested working with Y/N instead. It would be much easier to work with someone you already know. And anyway it would be kind of stupid to partner two sergeants together, don’t you think Councillor?” West questioned turning to look at Rafael.

“Hmm.” he agreed clearly annoyed.

“Alright then off you go.” Liv ordered before returning to her office.

“Come on pretty boy.” you heard Fin say before he and Carisi left.

“Let me quickly get my stuff.” West said to you putting his hand on your shoulder before turning away.

You watched him leave before turning round to look at Rafael who was still leaning on your desk.

“I’ll be okay. It’s only for a few days.” you reassured.

“I know you will be but he might not be. He hasn’t met that Y/N. I know.” he sighed jokingly.

“Yeah, yeah. Now go to court. You’ve got arraignment in an hour.” you reminded with a smile.

“Alright, alright. I’m going. I love you.” he said quickly to ensure no one could hear.

‘I love you too. Now go.” you chuckled shuffling him out the door.

Turning back around from sending him off West was standing right behind you.

“You ready to go?” he asked.

“Yep.” you stated quickly before turning towards the door.

You walked to his car in mostly silence. He tried to make small talk which you countered with short answers. When you saw his car you recognised it immediately. West had always had the same car. It was his baby. Sometimes you thought he loved it more than you. He had even named it ‘Boomer’.

"I can’t believe you still have him.” You exclaimed happily forgetting everything as you stepped closer.

“Yeah, it almost broke a year ago but Dad and I fixed it up.” He informed smiling as he watched you trace the lining of the car with your fingers.

"How is Pat?” you asked looking up from the other side of the car referring to his Father.

"He’s great. Misses you though.” he stated getting into the car.

“Really?” you questioned sliding into the passenger seat.

"Oh yeah beats me up over it. Every time I see him he tells me how stupid I am for letting let you go.” he chuckled.

“Ah come on. You’ve probably brought round someone new for him to meet.” you alluded.

“Nope. No one since you. No one special.” he admitted.  

“Well then he isn’t wrong.” you smirked, “Let’s get going.”

As you guys scoured the city checking address and address, checking suspect to suspect. West was defiantly trying to turn up the charm with you. Asking you questions about your life, your brother. He was also hitting at you being in a relationship but didn’t directly ask. You didn’t say anything though. Keeping mum about your relationship.

Despite that though he was acting like when you first met. He was sweet, charming and making you laugh. You joined in but were well aware of the game he was playing.

“Remember when we drove to Albany” he chuckled getting back into the car from yet another dead end.

“How can I forget?” you giggled.

“The car broke down…and. And we ended up sleeping together in the backseat.” he laughed throwing his head back.

‘How that happened. I don’t know. One second you were changing a tire and then…bam!” you laughed.

“Ah, we had good times.” he sighed relaxing and looking over at you.

“We did.” you agreed.

“It’s a shame we don’t have them anymore.” he admitted sadly.

“Well, what can you do?” you replied awkwardly not knowing what to say.

He was clearly flirting with you and trying to figure out if you were single or not. Reminding you about the good times to see if you missed them. You didn’t know if he wanted you back or not but he sure acted like he did. He was much better now. He asked what you thought, took your advice and listened to your opinion. He’d grown up but he didn’t have a chance.

After all the names on you list where a dead end. You both returned to the station. Fin and Carisi where already their.  Also coming back with nothing. You all started brainstorming new ideas when Barba returned as well from arraignment.

You were sitting at long table at the media section. West was sitting beside you. As Fin quickly updated Rafael on the case. You sat at the end while he was at the front. He glanced at you and you flashed him a reassuring smile. Liv came in and sent Fin and Carisi to the morgue while she gave you and West the task of finding out what the victims had in common. Handing you big files to go through. You both decided to work here, knowing your desk would be a bit cramped for the both of you.

Rafael was talking to Liv up front.

“How about we start this after lunch?” West suggested.

“No thanks. I’d rather start this now and close this case as soon as possible. This guy is striking every night. We’ve only got a few hours. ” you stated opening the first file.

“Ah, come on. You’d never turn down the offer for food.” he smiled.

“Well I just did.” you pointed out shrugging your shoulders.

“Come on this can wait.” he prompted once again.

“And I said, no,” you began to say sternly, “ I don’t know about you but I want to solve this case. Women are dying. I think I can skip a meal if it means a woman gets to live.”

“Alright, I hear you.” he gave in taking a file and opening it.
A few minute of silence fell over you both.

“You’ve changed.” he stated ambiguously and suddenly.

“Four years is long time.” you replied.

“Yeah but not everyone changes as much as you have.” he countered.

“Well I’ve always been a bit an over achiever.” you joked sourly.

“Don’t I know it. It’s one of things I love about you. You were always the smartest woman in the room.” he smiled.

“Don’t you mean loved?” you questioned scared at looking up and meeting his gaze.

“I meant what I meant. I know you’ve probably picked up on it too. You were always good at knowing how I was feeling before I even knew.” he joked sadly.

“West…” you began already knowing what he was getting at.

“Please,” he interrupted, “ I hate how things ended between us. Letting you walk away was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I’m still love in love with you, Y/N.”

The admission shocked you. He couldn’t still love you, could he? You’d ended things ages ago. You were with Rafael now. You loved him, with everything you had and he with you. You didn’t love   West. You had but you’d fallen out of it way before you broke up. A small part of you always would though. He was your first love.

You looked up desperately and saw Rafael still standing at the top of the desk. He was texting and his head was down but you knew he was listening and that he had heard everything.

“West, can you not here, right now?” you pleaded.

“You don’t understand how much I’ve wanted to tell you that. I’d thought I’d never see you again. I’ve got the chance to tell you how I feel and I’m not letting it go. Just so you can walk out my life again ” he stated adamantly.  

“West.” you said sternly.

‘What? I love you, Y/N and I know you still love me too.” he argued his voice getting louder.

You watched as Rafael’d facial expression changed to disgust and his hand changed into a fist.

“Come with me.” you ordered standing up and dragging West behind you.

You walked into the locker-room. Looking around quickly to ensure no one was their or could overhear you.

“What do you mean you’re still in love with me?” you questioned.

“It means. What it means. I love you, Y/N. I’ve never stopped.” he countered.

“Can you stop saying that? It’s been four years. Why haven’t you moved on?” you questioned.

“How can I, Y/N? We’re meant to be together. You’re my soulmate, Y/N. I know everything about you.” he argued.

“No we are not and no you don’t. I’ve moved on. We’re over. I don’t feel anything towards you.” you reasoned with him.

“Then how come you’re not seeing anyone?” he questioned suddenly.

“What?” you asked caught off guard.

"I know you’re not seeing anyone.” he’s stated as if it was obvious.

“Huh? How do you know that?” you asked slightly annoyed at this point

"Well you’ve got no engagement ring or wedding band on. And you didn’t have any pictures on your desk either. And you always have pictures of people you love in your desk. I know because you used to have pictures of me.” he explained taking a deep breath.

“You used to know me but you don’t know me now” you informed sighing.

“What are you saying?” he questioned confused.

“I’m saying… I’m different now. I’m not the girl you fell in love with anymore. She’s gone. ” you explained.

“Y/N…” he began 

“No. A part of me will always love you. You were my first love. My night in shinning armour. But we weren’t a forever. I’m not your soulmate. You just haven’t found yours yet. And when you do you’ll feel ten times what you feel for me.” you interrupted.

“So you are dating someone.” he stated sadly.

“Yeah and if anyone is my soulmate it’s him.” you smiled picturing Rafael.

“He’s a lucky guy.” he smiled sadly.

“I like to think so.” you teased.

“I feel bad now.” he huffed.

“You’ll move on and when you least expect it. You’ll find that person who will really know everything about you and you’ll know everything about them.” you smiled.

After that you told him to go home and that you would cover for him. He thanked you and said goodbye. He seemed as heartbroken as you had been four years ago. But you knew he’d recover just like you had and find someone great just like you had. Which reminds you.

You walked out after West. He headed to the elevators and you headed for your desk. The squad-room was empty except for Rafael sitting at your desk. You smiled as you waled over and threw yourself into your chair. You looked up at him and saw he had a smirk on his face.

“Where is he?” Rafael asked trying to be casual.

“In his car heading home.” you sighed.

“Why?” he questioned curious.

“I did him so hard that he needs to lie down for at least an hour.” you joked in your most serious tone.

‘That isn’t funny.” he smirked seeing through your facade.

“Yeah it was. Don’t lie.” you disagreed.

“Seriously though what happened?” he repeated.

“Well after his outburst in the media section he continued to say he was still in love with me and that breaking up was the biggest mistake of his life.” you began.

“And?” Rafael prompted.

“And.” you repeated, “I let him down gently. Told him we were over for good. And that I was in love with someone else.”

“How’d he take it?” he asked.

“As well as I did four years ago.” you sighed.

“But he’ll get over it so we don’t have to feel to bad.” Rafael reasoned.

“Hey that isn’t nice.” you warned teasingly.

“You know better than anyone I’m never nice.” he flirted getting closer to you.

“Hmm. I know but still. He’s got a broken heart.” You stated.

“After four years of not seeing each other and actually breaking up. My heart bleeds for him.” Rafael joked rolling his eyes.

‘Watch it. Or I might turn this breaking hearts thing into a streak.” you teased.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Rafael stated.

“Wouldn’t I though?” you questioned jokingly.

“No, you love me too much.” he sighed teasingly.

“The fact I love you has no bearing on the decision.” you fired back.

“Doesn’t it though? You couldn’t bear to loose this.” you stated gesturing to himself suggestively.

“I think I can. I mean their isn’t much.” you winked.

“You’ll regret that later.” He smirked annoyed.

“I look forward to it.” you smiled.

Luke Blurb

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Ship: Luke

Name: Freya @deepseafairy

Ship Name: Luya

Plot: You decided to go to the museums in your city. It displays all types of art. You bump into Luke and you guys start talking.


You have been to this art museum so many times in your life, but you are still fascinated by the artwork you have seen every time and all the new ones that come in. You keep looking at each individual art piece and seeing all the little details most people wouldn’t see. You got distracted by your own self absorbing all the beautiful pieces, until you bumped into someone. They distracted your ideas and flowing process. You looked up and it was a handsome guy. He was over six feet tall with messy dirty blonde hair and bright green eyes. He had a scruffy beard that actually wasn’t too patchy.

“Sorry about that sweetheart,” this stranger said to you.

“It’s okay,” you responded. You were happy to see a beautiful guy call you sweetheart, but you were interrupted in capturing the gorgeous essence of a painting.

“You seem really into the artwork,” the guy said.

You tried not to respond to him because he was still trying to interrupt you.

“Silence. Okay then. Well, if your looking at that artwork,” he pointed to the one I was looking at, “Well, did you know it was made in oil and not acrylic paint. A lot of people think it’s acrylic, but really, it’s not. Most people don’t look a the blurb down below that says the artworks name, the artist, and how it was made.”

“I knew it was already made in oil. This artist is my favorite artist and they do all these pieces in oil,” you blurted out. “Who are you anyways?”

The tall stranger stood next to you look at the piece, “My name is Luke. How about yours sweetheart?”


“That is a uncommon, but pretty name, just like you…pretty”

You started to blush, but you moved on walking to a new piece of artwork to exam. Luke followed you.

“Why are you following me?” you questioned.

“Well, you’re the only piece of artwork in my book.”

“So cheesy,” rolling your eyes.

Luke chuckled, “Here’s my number, you should come here again next time but with me.”

You took the piece of paper from his hand. He started to walk away.

“Hold on, Luke!”

Luke stopped and smiled, turned and said, “Yes Freya?”

“Why not just hang with me now and we can talk about all the artwork.”

Luke smiled. He walked over to you and you guys stayed in the museum for the rest of the day until closing. You both eventually come to the museum more often and fall in love.

If you want a blurb, read this x