Yaay i finished the Aoba Johsai poster!! (versus the karasuno one)
Sorry for the watermark but there are thiefs that sell my art online and i want to kill…
Meaning of the flowers:
Plum blossom: promises
Blue hyacinth: constancy
Laurel: ambition
White chrysanthemum: sincerity
Lunaria: sincerity
Lavender: constancy

PS: i’m going to do some merch with it


Halloween with the RFA Members

I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween! These mini strips are based on @zens-ponytail​‘s (angst queen) head canons about the RFA entering a Haunted House Attraction ++ mixed with the RFA Halloween Party Outfits! Please read the headcanons on her blog to better understand what’s happening *v* ♥

I added Unknown bc why not;;; he didn’t want to wear a costume but he lets MC match with him anyway hhhhaha!! ++ V coming soon – or not LOLOL ;;; will fix some stuff tomorrow ahaha i’m so tired