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Kylee! Are you sure you want to put your link right in the middle of your print? I hope I don't stress you or anything - your prints are AMAZING and I don't mind that on the Majoras Mask print. But it feels odd to me that the link is above Zelda and Link of the OoT print and over the card of the Persona print. It distracts me to look at the link and not at the print itself. I understand if it's too late to change that. But maybe it's something to think about 'til next time? Sorry for the trouble

Dude lmao relax the watermarks aren’t going to be on the actual prints, however they’re necessary when i post the images online because lately theft and sourceless reposting of my work has been RAMPANT so i put the link in a place where it’s hard to edit or crop out


"When I was growing up I was looking for something to fill the hole and for me that something was playing in the band", he says. "Now it’s almost like it’s a requirement. Even if you pretend it doesn’t, some part of you goes into each of the songs you write. So writing songs is something I’ve got to do, or I feel strange - it’s a compulsion!”  (x)