Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Astronaut & Second Man on the Moon

Wapakoneta High School-22 July, 2017

Buzz spoke for 2 hours about his time at NASA, his adventures since, and his plan for a future mission to Mars. He had so many stories, and he often got off topic, but he was so interesting to listen to. After he was done talking, he answered questions from the audience which brought about so many more stories. The museum then presented him with an award for joining us. He was so excited that it spun both ways! I could’ve listened to him for days, and I am so thankful that this opportunity was presented to me. Not only did I get to see him speak, but he also walked only a foot in front of me twice because he was staying at the same hotel as me! Thank you for everything you’ve done, Buzz. Especially for coming to talk to us! :)


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Visual development and background for the Underfell Fangame @underfellfangame
Tried some pixel animation. It loops in game maker. :)

While ago I was asked if I would like to do some BGs for the upcoming UF fangame and here is one of a few of them. They are really nice and it’s cool to see so many talented people working on one thing together.
They have a demo posted if you are interested in giving the game a test run while it is still in the making.


are you trying to tell me 
something with your eyes?
if you’re gonna do it, you better do it right
or my heart won’t stop swelling [x]

here, have my one contribution to the marichat may collab – day 13: sin :’D 

[if you have seen my older stuff, i tried to kinda throwback to my heartstrings doodles with this lol]

i drew these kinda chaotically across one page, but there is an order :’D if you can’t figure out the intended order, check below the cut~

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