New Items In the Gift Shop! Valentines Themed!


a) Premium Gift Heart Baloons: 500 cash

b) Valentine Cupcake Suit: 3,500 gems

c) Valentine Chocolate Sweets Suit: 3,500 gems

d) Valentine Chocolate Parfait:1,500 gems

e) Valentine Cupcake: 1,500 gems


f) Premium Gift Strawberry Chair (Red): 50 cash

g)  Premium Gift Strawberry Chair (Pink): 50 cash

h)  Premium Gift Wine & Chocolate Box: 10 cash

i)  Premium Gift Wing & Strawberry Cake: 10 cash

j) Valentine Chocolate Box Chair: 4,500 gems

k) Valentine Choco Donut Chair: 3,500 gems

l) Valentine Chocolate Fondue Table: 3,000 gems

m) Valentine Strawberry Cake Chair: 2,000 gems

(A/N: Sorry it looks so ugly lol. I kind of gave up. @-@)

Happy playing!


m so annoyyin and ugly n boring im sorry lakoeoll hahaha im so bad i hate you deserve better i domt want to talk to you any more ever i love you stop liking me please.