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Do you have high quality (or decent quality) black and white gif of Adele? I'm sure you have a ton, but if you could narrow it down to some of your favs it'd be much appreciated.

Well any vid can be made B&W in gifs, but here’s my fav (it’s only 245px sorry):

and then this one’s good too:


vid on instagram // reblog link 

Yes I know it’s a potato-quality gif but I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself?? The way Mark touches his face is so fatherly and affectionate and ahhhhh please let Finn and Luke have some meaningful interaction in VIII.

(omg carrie what are you doing)

Let’s turn forever you and me
Windmill, windmill for the land
Is everybody in?                     

Hey so here’s my first attemp at “animation” even though it’s only a 4-frame gif.. I know the animation of the windmill and the sky looks weird and rough but it would take a lot of time to fix because I made everything in Sai (except for the gif) 

It will probably take some time to “load” because I made it too big lol my mistake.. I made a smaller version but the quality is very low

**And sorry if the quality is not very good, it looked good enough in Photoshop

Im sorry for not drawing some quality content, since all Ive been doing is uploading sketches and rebloging random stuff, so have a meme. So here is my story:
Dat Boi took at least 5 spread out days, a couple of hours each day. During the process, i have thought about stopping the production of this masterpiece. I lost hope everytime it came around to 9 pm, but i kept going. This was going to be a gif til i realized that would take me a year
Oh and the background took me like 5 minutes
( @yoshinator5000 look at my masterpiece)

I got asked to remove over onehundred GIFs from the Bex Taylor-Klaus GIF Hunt which took me forever, but I have reuploaded it and gone gif hunting for extras! Unfortunately, I had to delete the other post, I apologize for that, but there are hundreds more GIFs in this pack to replace them and I hope that makes up for it. 

This is a downloadable GIF Hunt {870+ 1049} for the (still my obsession) wonderful Bex Taylor-Klaus. About 50 of these GIFs are mine. These GIFs are a range of qualities, sizes, and from many different shows, videos, and movies. Sorry for any repeats, there are also many different variants of some of them but I just saved everything I could find that didn’t have any restrictions on it’s use. 

(Yes, this GIF below is mine.)

You can download this hunt [here].

Please Like or Reblog if using and like the original posts, I will list those under the cut. I apologize if I missed any out, I don’t remember where I got them all, many were just found around Tumblr. If you would like credit for any of the GIFs in this pack, shoot me a message and I will add you below. 

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Voidbug by the Lake! – art by @voidbug – animation by me!
Sorry if the quality is choppy, gif compression sucks and I added a lot of shading which construed most of my little detail work. x.x; Ah well.
A few months ago, I started talking to Malina, a freaking incredible artist that I met at Otakon 2015. Turns out, not only is she a badass illustrator, she’s also a badass person!! I’ve never been great when it comes to chatting online, for some reason I clam up or get super nervous, like I’m being judged for every action. Suddenly, every post on tumblr about having a penpal/mutual/faraway friend made sense, like saying too much or not saying enough or coming on too strongly. But it all worked out! Malina is truly inspirational to me, and I’m happy now that I can call her my friend. Malina, I hope you like it! :D
full res:

  • ### gifs of Santana Lopez / Naya Rivera
  • Not all gifs are of Santana. There are a few of Naya as herself.
  • A mix of gifs from all seasons of Glee - they are very unorganized (sorry about that).
  • Sizes vary from mall, medium and large, as does the quality. Some gifs do have text.
  • None of these gifs are mine. All credit goes to their makers! If you see any of your gifs here and wish for me to remove them, please kindly let me know.
  • Like / Reblog if this gif hunt is useful to you at all.

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Hey there, I love your gifs! I was wondering, when you make gifs, what's the best way to up the quality of the image, especially if the original video was quite blurry/pixelated? I use photoshop cs2, and normally I just sharpen the frames individually, but that doesn't always work so well. Your gifs are always super sharp and high quality, I was wondering if you had any tips! Thanks! :)

Thank you! My older posts were higher quality because I had photoshop cs5 extended. Now they’re not as great since I don’t have the timeline feature anymore so I can’t sharpen the gifs the way I used to. With my recent gifs, I don’t sharpen them at all so I just use a psd that I got from someone else and the filter makes the gifs look higher quality. Also, for some gifs I suggest not making it too bright and avoid increasing the exposure because it can make the gifs look more pixelated. Sorry if this doesn’t help…