The Only Exception (Part 7)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 4,190 (sorry)

Warnings: language, mentions of injury, mentions of trauma, some confrontations, Sam being precious, reader self-reflection, mentions of threats, creepy emails

A/N: Guess who’s back…back again…Reader decides to take control of her life and do what she thinks is best. I really liked this part. That’s probably why I went a little crazy.

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I’ve lost him once, I can’t lose him twice (Newt x Reader)

Pairing: Newt Scamander/Reader

Words: 3063

Warnings: Kinda angsty I guess

A/N: First imagine, I hope you to enjoy it  English isn’t my mother language so sorry if there are grammatical mistakes

Request: Nope, this is because I’m trash

PD: God, I got a lot of trouble and I had to erased the original account where I post this and made other, so stressful, but here it is again! (Sorry for the ones who read and comment the original, love you peaches )

It was like you were the world’s favorite joke.

Like, how many chances are to fall head over heels for your best friend, twice?

Maybe one in a million, and you had to be the one, funny isn’t it? Yes, it isn’t.

Or maybe you didn’t fall in love twice, maybe you just never stopped loving him. Newt Scamander was the cute loving Hufflepuff;  with floppy cinnamon hair, beautiful hazel eyes and a sky of freckles that played along with his breathtaking shy smile; you got the luck to met in your first year at Hogwarts, and you became best friends really quickly, it was almost like a click. You two lived uncountable adventures like escape to the forbidden forest or hide a Niffler in his dorm.

He was your happiness, and you was his. An unbreakable friendship, or at least that was what you thought until third year. It was suppose to be wonderful, finally you’ll be able to receive Care of Magical Creatures, just you and Newt and a whole world of your beloved creatures.

That was the idea, but then, Leta Lestrange came into your life like a tornado, unexpected and destructive. At first you didn’t want to make it a big deal,  trying to be a good friend and not to “monopolize” Newt, besides, by that time you were a little reluctant about your more than friendly feelings towards Newt, so you wanted to take it easy. The problem began when it wasn’t so easy to ignore how your escapes to the forbidden forest became hers, or when your dozens of hours of talking with Newt about whatever, became dozens of hours talking about Leta.

And it hurt, it was like feeling a Crucio curse over and over again, and after almost two years in the same situation, you couldn’t take it any more, and you two started to distance, and he became more and more attached to Leta, while you were suffering because of the realization that you had fell in love with your best friend, and you just lost him.

It was the beginning of the sixth year when Newt and you talked again, all the cabins at the Hogwarts’ Express were full, except for one, one you got to share with Newt, apparently Leta decided to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts. At the begging there was a uncomfortable silence and a lot of stolen glances, then you started a really weird conversation,  but it ended in laughs, like the beautiful old times… But you had to screw it.

Maybe you weren’t in all your senses when you brought up the subject of you two, and then Leta, you just couldn’t stop talking, it was almost a confession about your feelings, telling him how much you had miss him, and how Leta seems unfair with him sometimes, that she was just breaking your friendship, but you felt relieved because you were you, and Newt was Newt, and he would never get angry at you, right?


He didn’t yell at you, but you could felt his distressed icy voice stabbing your heart.

“For Merlin’s Beard Y/N, you can’t just dump me whenever you want and then return telling me that my, actually true fiend, is taking advantage of me. Can you please, I’m begging you, let me be happy, can you?”

A silent tear fell from his cheek while he abandoned the cabin in a race, you really didn’t notice the tears rolling down your face without any control until the Express’s whilst wake you up, until it was too late to run after Newt.


It was the last time you talked to him, you even didn’t see each other, it was officially over, he didn’t care about you, and you didn’t have to either, but you couldn’t help but care, far, far away you kept an eye on him, to make sure he was fine, sometimes you would find him sleep in the library and put a blanket over him, or a hot coco in his desk, although, he always thought it was Leta.

And you’re fine with that,  looking after him in silence. But you must break that silencie when you found out he was being expelled. So you run.

You run as fast as you could. Even when the salty water blur your eyes, you kept running, trying to catch the train whose whistle started to announce its departure.

“Newt! Newt”

His head pop out of a window, his teary eyes widen at your picture, running out of breath after him.

“I never dump you! I never stopped caring! I will always care!”

A small smile appeared in his sad face, his soft eyes were seeing directly to yours “I will owl you!” He said before disappearing from your vision.

“I love you…”


And you didn’t see Newt for years, sometimes you owl each other, but it wasn’t constant, you just know he had became a Magizoologist, and you’re so happy for him, actually you worked in the same department as him in the Ministry of Magic, but you entered by the time he was already in some sort of trip, so you never saw each other.

Until you got a new work, apparently someone in your division who was writing a book of magical creatures, make some “minor” disturbances in New York during his trip, your assignment was to assist and monitor him.

Big was your surprise when you found out that your new coworker was no one but Newton Artemis Fido Scamander, your best friend, your first love, the one you have “recovered from”.

“Newton” you said with a high pitch of surprise.

“Y/N” he smiled with gleaming eyes “You can call me Newt, you know?” A playful shy smile was painted in his freckled face.

And from that moment there was that “click” again, but this time, you will do it the right way, you wouldn’t fall for him, so you wouldn’t lost him.

Except that you didn’t do it the right way.

You actually fall for him, again.

But how could someone not fall for the caring, loving, handsome, shy, fantastic, quirky and absolutely adorable Magizoologist?

And that’s why you couldn’t blame Tina for falling for him too.

Apparently Newt has the same feelings for her. So the story was repeating. But you’re going to be strong, and do it the right way, you couldn’t get distant with Newt, again, you couldn’t lost him.

But nooo, you suck doing the right way in this too. You sight as you see the hot coco in your mug.

“Oh hun, please stop.” Said Queenie, the poor legilimens who has been all the week listening to your useless thoughts because you have been remembering your story with Newt all over again.

Maybe it was because you sure was losing Newt again!

“Maybe you should talk to him.”

“I don’t know Queenie… you know I have already lost him… And I don’t want to do it again…” The blonde and you had met in your Hogwarts years, but only by letters, you got involved in a funny event where you send an owl randomly and you met someone new from every part of the world, Queenie received yours, since then you had been owling each other.

You were surprised but mostly glad when Newt returned to New York with you to make a visit to the Goldstein sisters, and find out that this Queenie was actually the Queenie you knew, because it didn’t matter if you haven’t met her in person until that day, to you, Queenie Goldstein was your best friend.

“Oh dear, you’re my best friend too! How sweet!” You blush slightly and chuckle, the bubbly character of Queenie always cheer you up.

“Newt will be jealous if he finds out!”

Your face fades a little, sure he was going to, but just because of friendship.

“Oh hun! I’m sorry I didn’t meant to… You… Well, I insist you to talk with Newt.”

You look at her, maybe she was right… Queenie was right most part of the time. The legilimens laughed. “Well thank you!”

“Yeah… Maybe I should talk to Newt about this, even if he doesn’t see me the way I see him, also some time together could bright me up!”

“Yes! Now got into that case!”

Now you laugh, it was feeding time anyway.

“Thanks Queenie! You’re the best!” you said before going into the case, jumping a little.

“Oh, I know” Queenie smiled, suddenly her face went pale and her smile faded.


You were in Newt’s small shed, rolling up the sleeves of your working shirt, when someone open the door that separated the comfy room from a fantastic world full of the creatures that you utterly love. The handsome magizoologist made his appearance being completely adorable.

“Hi!” you greeted smiling “It’s feeding time! Also, can I talk to you about something?”

“Um, sure” his lopsided smile appeared in his face. “But, erm, it’s just that I’ve already feed the animals, with Tina.”

With Tina.

“Oh…” by the corner of your eye you could see Tina behind Newt, holding hands with him.

“It’s okay right? It’s just, I needed to talk some stuff with her and… Merlin’s beard, a-are you mad?”

You were staring directly to the floor, trying to hide your face. “Oh… Oh no, Newt, i-it’s fine” you forced a smile to him “Honestly I’m like super glad, I was too tired today! Now that I don’t have anything to do, I will go up an rest. Bye!” You climb up quickly and run out of the building just to collide into Queenie, who was in the front door fixing her scarf.

“A-Are you going out?” You said cleaning your tears, it was useless to lied to her, she was a legilimens.

Queenie nod with a sympathetic smile. “I’m going to MACUSA for some papers, and then I’ll visit Jacob, do you wanna come?”

“I sure want to” you link your arm with hers and you to stared to walk, you really needed distraction.


The walk with the blonde really helped, you were amazed by the architecture of the MACUSA building, and Jacob’s pastries really helped lighten your mood, the owner of the bakery decided to walk you home.

So the five of you were currently having dinner in a, little, uncomfortable silence.

“You know? Y/N went with me to MACUSA!” Queenie exclaimed out of nowhere, you lift up your face with curiosity.

“Oh nice! Did you like it?” Tina smiled at you excited.

“Oh, yes, the architecture is very catching” you said shyly playing with a baby carrot in your plate.

“Well Y/N just looked  interested in architecture, but some Aurors looked more interested in Y/N” Queenie said with a playful demeanor.

Your ears went red.

“Queenie!” you scold ashamed.

“Oh! And then, at the bakery, a bunch of no-majs were thinking a little bit loud about Y/N too!”

Newt seemed to flinch, you looked at him with curiosity, why did he reacted that way…? Your mind managed to create a lot of theories and conspiracies.

Then you see it.

Tina’s arm had brushed Newt’s. That was why he flinched, because he was shy and cute, and skin contact with another human affected him in such a beautiful way…

“Yeah… I-It was funny” you smiled a little “Jacob’s delicious creations has already satisfied my appetite, so sorry” you excuse yourself and went to Newt’s and yours bedroom.


You went down into the case, just to stopped to see Leta’s picture, it still hurts that Newt has a photo of Leta but none of you…

A sigh scape from your mouth as you went to the Niffler’s cave, the little pest was so nice at you. The furry animal curled up at your chest when you carry him in a hug.

“Hey there buddy…” you said rubbing his belly, he made content sounds making you chuckle. “You know? I wish I could be a Niffler, to stole Newt’s shiny golden heart…”

You see the small creature as a tear rolled down to your sad smile.

“Why was Leta a better Niffler than me?” You sit against the Niffler’s habitat cooing him. “I mean, I understand that Tina is a better Niffler, she is so cool and badass and just… I dunno, although Leta was badass too… Maybe it’s because I’m clumsy sometimes? Or do I cry too much?” you looked up to the sky “I’m a terrible little pest… Maybe I should have stayed away from Newt, I would like to run away…”

The Niffler make a little squeak, afraid of losing you.

You chuckle hugging him more “But I have you… And all the creatures, the case… Everything… Newt…” you sight while your voice cracked “Newt… Why did I had to fall in love with him…?” you cried, stressed “At Hogwarts I thought It was just a crush, but all this time, I never move from him, what does that means? That I will love him forever?” You lift up the Niffler trying to figure out an answer.

“I certainly hope so…” a well-known voice said behind you.

You froze.

Slowly, but like, really slowly, you turn around to see Newt’s head pop out behind the Niffler’s tree.

“O-Oh my god… I didn’t, I-I wasn’t… I… I…” you covered your face trying to hide your shame, the Niffler run into his shiny cave, like giving you two some privacy.


You looked at him, making the effort to not break at his sight “I-Im so sorry, I-I didn’t meant to ruin our friendship, and I don’t want anything to change! I know you would never liked me back and that’s why I never told you! We can just pretend you didn’t heard anything!” you smiled, in an attempt to be strong.

“I’m tired of pretending, Y/N…”

Your heart broke a little, the fear running through your veins.

“S-So… Y-You want me to disap-”

Newt interrupted you abruptly.

“I’m tired of pretending I’m not in love with you, Y/N.”

Your eyes widened as you opened your mouth in surprise. “Y-You… You what?” Were you dreaming?

“I’m completely in love with my best friend, with you.”

“But you and Tina…” in your mind, this wasn’t making any sense.

Newt sigh walking in front of you, he helped you stand up holding you close to him.

“Yeah, that’s true, I was attracted to Tina, and also to Leta, but it’s not like what I feel for you, and I thought they could make my feelings go away… But they couldn’t, and I didn’t notice how much did it hurt you…” you could notice the glossy regret in his eyes as he caresses your cheek. “I… Queenie show me your letters to her… The ones were you told her how sad you were when Leta came, and how you cared about me in silence even though I always thought it was Leta, I also notice the marks of tears in the paper…” he sighed “Oh Y/N… I’m so sorry, I was so… So confused, and mad, because when I decided to tell you my feelings you started to get away, and I thought it was because you’re tired of me, and that you could never love me… But I didn’t realize I was the one that was pushing you back…”

You wanted to say something, but all this information gathering into your brain was to much to stated an understandable sentence, so you just stared directly at Newt’s eyes, at those beautiful green sea eyes that shines with a hint of ambar like a sun.

“And I didn’t notice either that it was happening again… I don’t love Tina… She is a really good friend, she was helping me to get over my feelings with you because I couldn’t take it anymore and I didn’t wanted to lose you…”

Newt looked directly in to your eyes, you move your hand softly and stroke his cheek, then in a delicate movement you pinched his cheek.

He flinched at the sudden attack. “What was that for?”

“I wanted to make sure I wasn’t dreaming…”

A little smile spread across your face as Newt’s thumb cleaned away your sad tears.

“Y/N I-”

You cut him off, brushing your lips against his in a subtle, sweet movement, like an invitation for a dance, which Newt gladly accepted when he placed his hands around your waist, pulling you as closer as he could and shutting down his eyes to concentrate in the feeling of your lips, as the beat of your hearts started to race, the rhythm of the dance became more passionated, you and Newt had a perfect synchrony, the perfect match.

As the dance finished and you two pull out to breath, it was everything understood. You and Newt smiled to each other in a silent agreement. He pull you into a hug, ready to live the love you two have deserved for so many years.

Neither of you were going to lose each other, never.

You and him, started dancing again.

The end.


“Why don’t you have a photo of me like Leta’s?”


Newt sight as he searched for something in his peacock blue coat, the he suddenly take out a A6 sized album full of photos of you two and just you.

“Oh…” you blushed.

“Wait, I think I have other photos here” he searched again, making you chuckle.

“Oh! You really love me, don’t you Mr. Scamander?”

“Just a smidge” he said with a happy flattered smile.


Omg it’s my first fanfic ever xD I hope that it was okay and you had enjoyed it, pls tell me what I could do better! Thank you guys I really love this fandom! (Yeah, I’m kind of new in HP community, but so far it’s beautiful ) Be a limited edition in this world full of cheap copies! And remember, your existences matters.

“You’re a terrible father” - Tony Stark x Daughter!reader

Love the idea. And really, I kinda take any requests :D. Thank you for this one, it’s right here, hope you like it :


It was the twentieth fucking time you tried to call your father, Anthony Stark, and you fell, once again, on his stupid voice saying that he was “too busy to answer” and that he’d “call back” but “probably not”. Damn that man. 

In your entire life on this Earth, you were pretty sure he never picked you up on time somewhere. Never, ever. He was just always late, so much that you came up with a trick of actually telling the wrong times for him to be on time. If something was at 6pm, you’d tell him it was at 4. But even with that trick, he still often managed to be fucking late. Which is why most of the time, your stepmother came to get you. But Pepper, wasn’t available today. 

You smiled, thinking about your “stepmother”. You were so glad she was in your life, being pretty sure that if your dad never had the help, he probably would have lost custody of you before you reach the age of 1…You considered Pepper your real mother. You never met your biological mom as she just dumped you in front of your dad’s house, with a note. One paternity test later, and it was confirmed you were his…You were the first step to his transformation, the first to help him become the man he was today. Better. 

So you grew up with Pepper around. She filled in brilliantly the mother role, even before she actually started dating your father (you remember the day you finally convinced him to just tell her his feelings, and smiled).

You were just so glad she was there. Being Tony Stark’s daughter wasn’t the easiest thing ever. He was quite…peculiar. He always took good care of you, even when he was still in his “I’m a drunk, but I’m a genius so it’s ok” days. He was always there for you (even if late to the party), but the pressure of being the daughter of someone that famous was always difficult for you, especially since your biological mother was MIA…Everyone always expected so much of you, to be a genius like him, to change the World like him, and they always asked the same fucking questions about your mother and blahblahblah…While you just wanted to be normal. Which is why you hid the fact that you were a genius too, and helped him a lot on the design and montage of his latest suits. 

Being Tony Stark’s daughter wasn’t easy, and Pepper Potts always got your back. Helping you avoid paparazzis, talking to you about things you just couldn’t ask your father, telling you everything was going to be OK when you were wondering why your dad fell asleep in his own vomit, dead drunk etc etc…She was just always there for you when your dad wasn’t. 

Fortunately, since those times where you were afraid you’d lost your dad to alcohol, he greatly improved. Since he got involved with the Avengers in fact. People like Captain America helped in the transformation that begin the day he discovered he was a father. It made him want to be better, to not make and sell weapon anymore, but to create things that would help the World and its inhabitants. To stop drinking and wasting his precious health. To become a role model for people, and not just because he was that cool rich dude, but because his action inspired people to do better too. 

But one thing he never fucking improved, was his damn habit of being late all the time. After calling him one more time and him not answering, you were about to just hitchhike back home when your phone rung. It was him. At the sound of his voice when you picked up, you knew he knew he screwed up. It was easy to know though, he often screwed up. He was (became) a good dad, but damn he made so many mistakes. You didn’t mind much. Except when he was late, you hated waiting. He shyly said :

-Hello baby girl…Something you needed ? 

-Oh yeah. I just have one question for you. 

He could hear in your voice that you were…sour, and carefully asked : 

-Yes ? 

-Did you like…forgot about me ? I’ve been waiting for you to pick me up from college for almost two hours. It’s 8 dad. You’re a terrible father…

You made sure to make your last sentence sound like it was a joke, not wanting your dad to feel too bad, just a little bit. You knew he was self-conscious about the education he gave you, afraid he didn’t do enough…When really, he did. It wasn’t always the best, but it was his best. 

Silence on the line. You heard him put the phone away from his mouth, swear a little bit, and take it back to his face.

-I’m so sorry honey, I was so caught up in…

-Working on a new suit, I know. Can you just come pick me up please ? Or maybe I should just call Steve ? 

-I’m on my way. 

You smiled as you hung up the phone. Your father didn’t really approve of your new relationship with one of his superhero colleague, Steve Rogers. You met him at the Avengers’ tower one day, and you guys just got really well along. He was a bit older, just a few years (well, technically, decades older…), and Hawkeye and Black Widow convinced him to ask you out, hoping it’d piss your father. They were right. But here’s the thing, you were a Stark, stubbornness was written in your DNA, so you just didn’t care at all and went on a date with Cap’ anyway. It went wonderfully. Six months later, you were officially together. And there’s nothing your dad could do about it (except clumsily trying to make you two break up, and not succeeding at all).

If you wanted to annoy your dad, you just had to pronounce Steve’s name lovingly, and he was gone for hours of rant about how, out of respect, someone should never date  a friend’s daughter…But deep down, he was happy it was a gentleman such as Captain America that caught your heart, at least, he knew he was a good guy. Not like him at all, which was good. 

After a few more minute, you heard the sound of your father’s car, and you stood up from the wall you were sitting on. 

He parked on the side of the road and rolled down his window to show you two nice warm cup of coffee. 

-I got coffee…As an offering of peace ? 

You rolled your eyes and got into the car, snatching both cups from his hands. You fucking loved coffee. He gave you a look meaning : “really ? Watch your caffeine intake girl”, and you gave him a look meaning : “F’ you, you’re late, I love coffee, everything is for me”…You guys communicated a lot with just your eyes. People always were kinda freaked out that you could hold entire conversation by just moving your eyes and eye brows. 

Your dad stayed silent for a minute, thinking about what he could say without pissing you off too much. He knew you really didn’t like small talk. 

-So…how was school ? I still don’t understand why you’re doing an English major, by the way…

-School’s going great. Had lunch with Steve, he wasn’t late. And I chose English by pure contradiction spirit. People expected me to get into engineering and shit, I definitely wanted to disappoint them. And besides, I don’t need to learn thing I already know, do I ? So…English and language in general. 

-…I guess it makes sense. You had lunch with Cap ? I thought he went back to New York. 

-He’s going back tomorrow, for a few days. And yeah, he made me great sandwiches. 

-Sandwiches…Lame. I’d have make you…Osso Bucco or something.

-Osso Bucco ? Really ?

-Yes. Or something else. Come on anything is better than just sandwiches.

-Yeah, maybe, but he was on time.

-Ok I get it. Sorry once more. Won’t happen…

-Don’t you dare say it won’t happen again, because it always happen, no matter. I told you I was getting out at 3, even though my last classes ended at 6…and you still managed to be late. 5 hours late. Most impressive. 

-I’m sorry. 

-Yeah you already said that. 

-I mean it. 

-I know dad, I know…

Silence. You two were so alike, and yet so different. Physically, in one glance it was easy to see you were related. You basically were a female version of him. Mentally, you thought a lot the same way, but you were…Nicer. Less pretentious. He’d say you were too nice, and not confident enough. 

-You know, I’m really trying. 

-Yes dad. I know. Don’t worry, it’s ok. Those two hours waiting outside actually gave me enough quiet time to work on…a little project. 

-Yeah ? 


You took out of your bag blueprints you made for an idea you suddenly had for a new suit…And he smiled. 


-I know.

He smiled. You were a lot like each other, and yet different. He’d say you took all of his good sides, none of his bad. 

You quickly forgave him for his tardiness as you both got completely focus on your new project, and also because…Well, he was your dad. No matter what he did, you’d always forgive him. Besides, contrary to some people’s belief, he was mostly a good dad. Sometimes a prick, like a lot of father, but always there. Late, but there. You didn’t had a flawless education, but hey, it was still pretty great…

It wasn’t easy being Tony Stark’s daughter, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Team Skull Headcanons

I love these boneheads, even though I can’t play my game yet.

•If you’re headphones are leaking music, you have to unplug/disconnect and hook up to the speakers.

•Plumeria’s words: “Y'all ain’t ‘bout to ruin y'all ears with loud music, so if we hear it, you gotta let EVERYBODY hear it.”
•This is almost never a problem and sometimes the grunts do it on purpose so everybody has an excuse to dance and be happy together
•Guzma’s more guilty of this than anyone
•If a Grunt wakes up and sees that two other grunts are cuddling, they have absolute permission to climb over and cuddle with them.

•It gets cold at night, so who wouldn’t want to cuddle?
•This is the start of the cuddle pile
•Guzma and Plumeria wake up to all the grunts just in one big comfortable pile on the floor
•If either is still tired they just pick a grunt and cuddle up to them, ready to go back to sleep
•It’s a right of passage to develop a crush on Guzma and/or Plumeria.

•And get over it, of course
•Or don’t get over it, your choice. Nobody’s stopping you.
•Guzma and Plumeria are fully aware of this and even humor it sometimes, but they would never lead the grunts on in believing that they returned the feelings

“Boss’ pretty hot, huh?”
•If you start singing, everybody starts singing

•A Grunt *quietly to herself*: “Cause you’re hot then you’re cold…”
•The Rest Of The Grunts: “YOU’RE YES THEN YOU’RE NO!”
•Guzma and Plumeria walk in and everybody thinks they’re in trouble, but they just clap once and start singing and dancing
•Music tastes are shared so often, it’s impossible not to know the words to whatever song is being sung
A Grunt: “Aw shoot!”
Guzma: “'Ey, watch your fucking language.”
•Guzma carries around extra skull beanies while Plums has extra bandanas
•Whenever a grunt gets the hair colors wrong, everybody changes

•Boys are pink and girls are blue until it’s time to redye their hair
•Guzma dyes his hair pink and yellow and Plums bleaches hers white when they notice
•It’s all to make them feel better about their mistake and everybody’s just like:

“Yikes, I got the wrong dye! Guess you and me are stuck like this. But it’s no biggie, cause we look hot in pink!”

“Looks like I grabbed your hair dye, Plums. Sorry 'bout that.”

“Woah, did I grab the bleach by accident? Guess I’m stuck with white hair.”

•And just hamming it up to make that person smile. Ain’t nobody sad in the Team Skull family

anonymous asked:

Some Elorcan smut please!!!! No angst no betrayal just fluff. (Sorry also curious but how old are you?) Thank you! (Lovvvvveee the Pale Skin and Onyx Eyes work BTW!!)

Clearly NSFW Elorcan smutfic, read at your own peril~
TW: some misogynistic language

YO I FUCKING DID THIS FOR U ANON, AND I’M ACTUALLY PRETTY HAPPY WITH IT?? sorry it took a little while! It’s my first smutfic, so go easy on me. I hope ur bodies are ok afterwards~ :3 let me know what you think! (alsoooo it is way less fun if i just tell u my age, so pls guess if ur really curious. or just rest peacefully not knowing!)

send me this or your own pairing and a prompt

Elide Lochan sighed through her nose. She was finally done with classes for the day and was now sitting on a nondescript, black couch in Lorcan’s dorm room at Adarlan University of Magic and Research (AU, for short). Lorcan had just gotten back from the gym so he was currently showering in the bathroom.

Elide rolled her neck around and huffed a sigh again. She was bored.

What to do while Lorcan showers… Not that it will take very long. Elide rolled her eyes, but mid-eye-roll she remembered that there was a magazine in her backpack, some silly Fae, female’s health magazine that Aelin had carelessly left lying around on Elide’s desk, and it had somehow found its way into her backpack. She mentally reminded herself to ask whether Aelin wanted the magazine back at dinner later.

She and Lorcan were scheduled to go out to dinner with Rowan and Aelin at 6PM, but right now, it was only 4:45PM. Propping her feet up on the couch, she idly began flipping through the magazine. Elide absentmindedly tugged on a strand of hair and loudly sighed again while glaring at the bathroom door. After flipping through a couple more pages, a few words caught her eye – an article mentioning the classic movie Titania, where a Fae male named Jack and a human woman named Rosalyn fell in love after meeting on a ship. Her arched brows raised – it had been a long time since she had watched that film. It was now considered a cliché movie, but it had been a huge hit at the time of its release.  

Elide sat up and continued reading through the rather sexually-explicit page. Seeing the movie title reminded her of last summer, when Aelin had thrown a ridiculous end-of-the-school-year party on a cruise ship, essentially forcing people together for a day and a half in the middle of an ocean. It was such an Aelin thing to do, but Elide admitted that Aelin had accomplished her goal for the party, which had been matchmaking for other people. Like Elide. And even Manon, with Dorian nonetheless!

Elide was pretty sure she could point to any girl in their class and there was a 50-50 chance Dorian Havilliard had slept with her. And Manon pretty much hated men. Elide shook her head as she remembered.

The party had successfully forced Elide and Lorcan to finally confront each other after they barely spoke to each other during her first year at Adarlan U. But they had both often stared at each other when the other wasn’t looking, and they would make such intense eye contact often enough that their astute friends obviously noticed.

Aelin tried to talk to Elide about it, and Rowan cornered Lorcan, but both Elide and Lorcan denied that there was anything going on. And when Aelin and Rowan had both stared and pointed out that, that’s the point, NOTHING is going on, they had each hurriedly made an excuse and fled. Elide prayed Aelin would leave the subject alone after that.

However, Aelin decided to take things into her own hands with her summer party, and Elide couldn’t help but smile at the memory of Lorcan and her on the cruise ship.

Aelin had all but shoved her towards the shadowy deck where Lorcan was standing alone, leaning against the rails and looking out into the endless ocean. Elide nearly tripped over the blood-red, floor-length, strapless dress Aelin had loaned her. The week before the cruise, Aelin had thrusted the heap of fabric into Elide’s arms, and ignored her when Elide tried to protest.

Elide had profusely thanked her friend, admitting that she did love the wispy chiffon layers of the dress and the delicate beading over the chest. She had felt more… confident wearing the dress, which gave her the courage that summer night to finally have a real conversation with Lorcan that didn’t involve discussing the weather or classes. And in that dress, she and Lorcan had shared their first kiss, underneath the stars with nothing but waves for miles around.

At that moment, the bathroom door swung open, steam dissipating into the room as Lorcan Salvaterre stepped through the doorway with a towel wrapped around his waist. His muscled chest glistened with water as he shook water droplets from his dark, shoulder-length hair. Looking at the planes of his chiseled face still took Elide’s breath away.

Elide sat up and crossed her legs. She placed the magazine on the glass coffee table in front of her and tipped her chin up at him.

“I’m bored,” she whined, tossing her hair dramatically. Lorcan’s onyx eyes automatically snapped to the clock hanging on the wall and then back to her fine-boned face.

“I’ve been in the bathroom for ten minutes,” he said calmly, while towel-drying his hair. “And we’re getting dinner in an hour, Elide.”

Elide watched him for a moment, before tugging off her pink, long-sleeve shirt and flinging it onto the floor. Her dark, waist-length hair fell over her pale breasts, which were cupped by a lacy, pink bra. One of her hands drifted in between her legs, and she drummed her fingers against her clothes.

Lorcan looked up and his eyes widened as he noticed Elide’s shirt was missing. His eyes flickered to where she had discarded it and then back to her half-naked form. Lorcan practically growled.

“Elide, I just showered.”

“You’re already wet, so what does it matter?” Elide pouted.

Game over; he could never resist that sultry pout.

Lorcan cocked his head at her before walking over to stand in front of her. He was pleased to see Elide squirm a bit. “Did you have a rough day?”

Elide playfully rolled her eyes. “I had classes all day today, how do you think I feel?”

He smirked. “Horny?” Elide hated to admit it, but she loved that smirk.

Elide grinned cunningly and quickly whipped the towel down from Lorcan’s waist. She wrapped her soft fingers around his hardening shaft and gently started stroking back in forth. Lorcan groaned slightly and rocked back on his heels.

“Elide,” he growled in warning. His dark eyes glimmered with desire. “Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Elide raised her brows at him and smirked back. “Are you challenging me?” Then she licked her lips and stood up to kiss Lorcan full on the mouth, before dropping to her knees and slowly taking his mostly-hard cock into her mouth. She loved how big he was, big enough that she had to wrap a hand around the base of his arousal so that she could work his whole shaft.

Lorcan watched her rosebud lips form an “O” so that she could take in his cock, watched as her eyes widened and lashes fluttered as he hardened inside her mouth. Gods, it felt so good whenever she sucked his cock. Lorcan’s eyes closed and he groaned as he placed his large, tan hand on the back of her head.

More, he wanted her to take in more. “Deeper,” he commanded, his eyes closing, and Elide obliged as best she could, saliva running down her fingers as she used one hand to stroke the base of his shaft and her mouth to take in as much of his cock as she could.

“Good girl,” Lorcan growled, as Elide continued dutifully pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. She paused to look up at him with her brown, doe eyes, and Lorcan smirked at her.

“What do you want, slut?”

Elide bit her lip and a rosy blush began creeping up her face as she continued stroking his cock. “You.”

“Mm. Be more specific.”

Elide took a deep breath. “I want you to fuck me.”

Lorcan smirked; he didn’t think he would ever tire of hearing those words coming out of her sweet, clever mouth.

“Good girl,” he breathed. “Get on your stomach.”

Elide started to protest but Lorcan grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down, using his weight to force her onto her stomach, onto the rug. She squirmed from underneath of him, and Lorcan took the opportunity to unclip her lacy bra. He flung it to the side and then wrested her pants and panties off. Elide was moaning and squirming, but she wasn’t actively resisting, just pretending to.

Lorcan didn’t think he had ever seen a woman so beautiful in his entire life. He had slept with many gorgeous women, but none of them had been anything like Elide. And now he knew that there would never be anyone else for him, because he had found perfection in her. Her pale skin and beautiful curves drove him wild, and he was intensely attracted to her fierce stubbornness, her intellect, and that clever, silver tongue. And he couldn’t believe how blessed he was that she wanted him back.

Their first few times sleeping together had been slow and careful, but now Elide knew exactly what she liked. She whined a bit as her hands clenched into fists on the floor.

“You want to be fucked, don’t you?” Lorcan breathed in her ear, nipping at her lobe gently. His dark hair fell like a curtain around her. Elide shuddered and she felt a slickness in between her thighs. She was ready, she wanted it, wanted him-

With one arm, Lorcan pushed down on her back and with the other, he gripped her waist and lifted it so that her backside was pressed against his. He pressed his hard cock against her heart-shaped ass and waited.

“What do you want, Elide?” Lorcan asked, grinding his cock against her. He could feel her wetness start to trickle down onto his cock, which only drove him wilder.

“You,” she moaned as she grinded back against him. She wanted him to push inside her, knew this was just a game, that either she would lose and beg for him to fuck her, or he would lose control and push inside of her.

“Say it,” Lorcan growled by her ear. Elide moaned louder in response, and she turned her head to meet his mouth in a hard, passionate kiss. Lorcan’s tongue flicked over the bottom of her lip, and she let out a breathy whine against his lips. Elide sucked on his bottom lip eagerly. Then she broke the kiss and tried to flip herself over to distract him with her breasts.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Lorcan grinned wickedly and pushed her down. He slowly kissed down Elide’s arched neck and she inhaled sharply, her breathing already ragged. “Come on, Elide, don’t you want it?”

He pushed the head of his cock right up against her slick entrance to tease her, and she moaned, rocking her hips back. He gripped her hips and tugged her backside against him. “Just say the word, baby.”

A whine escape her mouth, and Elide couldn’t resist then. “Fuck me, Lorcan, oh Gods, just fuck me.” A low growl escaped from Lorcan’s mouth as he slowly pushed the entire length of his shaft inside her, savoring the feeling of her tightness and her warmth. He loved that first feeling of sliding into her and loved how she reacted to his every movement after that. Lorcan trailed precious kisses down the length of her back, occasionally stopping to swirl his tongue on a patch of skin. One of his hands wrapped around to cup her breasts, and he gently rolled her nipple in between his fingers.

Elide threw her head back. “Oh Gods, Lorcan, Wyrd help me…” One of her hands slid down to rub her own clit, and she started to work herself into a rhythm as Lorcan continued to fuck her, in and out. Each of the sounds she made drove him wilder and wilder as he slammed against her.

He smacked a hand against her ass and Elide yelped, before moaning again. Lorcan smirked even as he tried to restrain himself. Wyrd help him.

“Fuck, Elide,” Lorcan grunted. Gods, he loved this woman, and she would be the death of him. His eyes rolled back as he gave in to the lust, gave in to his primal desires. He wanted to cum inside her.

Elide felt so good, every time they slept together she ended up in an exhausted, panting heap. Before Lorcan, she never knew she could feel so good. She could never make herself feel that good alone. Her fingers were still rubbing her slick clit, and she was rising closer and closer to climaxing. Gods, gods, fuck. Strings of expletives ran through her mind as every stroke of Lorcan’s hard length brought her a little closer to orgasm, and she wanted him desperately to send her over the cliff.

“Lorcan,” she breathed, “I’m close, oh Gods, I’m so close.”

Lorcan responded by slamming against her harder and faster, rocking his hips against her beautiful ass. He was going to cum, he was going to go over the edge and take her with him. “Elide, I’m going to cum,” he growled, pumping his cock into her, watching her beautiful ass bounce against him.

“Me too,” she whimpered, arching her back. She whined again, she was so close-

Suddenly, she was climaxing, she was flying over the edge, meeting the petite mort that was still for a fraction of a second, and then exploded like fireworks as her tight walls squeezed uncontrollably around Lorcan’s cock. Her moans were wild and loud as she climaxed, her body bucking against his, her legs spread wide.

Lorcan lost it then, hearing and feeling Elide climax, feeling her orgasm envelope his hard cock. He roared and sank all the way inside her, pressing deep against her cervix, and finally he released his hot seed deep inside her. Gripping her waist, Lorcan and Elide came together. Lorcan’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he groaned.

Gradually, they stopped grinding against each other. Lorcan panted and slowly slid out of her, watching as his warm seed dripped from her widened entrance. Elide collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard as well. She rolled over slightly, and Lorcan bent down to kiss her swollen lips.

“Mmmm,” she groaned, rolling over slightly. “Hand me the tissues.” She smiled sweetly at Lorcan, who was still wondering how he got so damned lucky. He shook his head and reached over to grab the box of tissues from the coffee table.

They cleaned up and cuddled on the couch for a bit to catch their breath. Elide lay naked across Lorcan’s tan, muscular chest, and she tilted her head upwards to kiss his mouth.

“It’s almost 5:30PM,” Lorcan murmured, gently rubbing circles on the pale skin of her back. His onyx eyes slid to the clock. Elide just shrugged and closed her eyes; they had time, and she was so tired now…

Suddenly, there was knock at the door. Quick as a rabbit, Elide sat up and froze, her brown eyes wide. Lorcan wordlessly met her gaze.

“Shit, they’re early,” she muttered, climbing off Lorcan and hurriedly trying to find her discarded clothes, strewn all over Lorcan’s floor. Lorcan also vanished into the bedroom to put some clothes on. The knocking resumed, more insistently this time. Shit, shit, shit. Elide quickly grabbed a tissue and rubbed at a white stain on the rug.

“Elide?” Aelin called, “I know you’re in there! Let us in!” Gods-damned that Whitethorn, Aelin is never early, Elide thought to herself in annoyance as she tugged her pants on. “Elide!”

“Uh… One second, Aelin!” Elide stammered, tugging her bra on and struggling to clip it. She hoped her friend wouldn’t make any smart-ass remarks, prayed her friend would be mature for just one moment-

Aelin paused, and Elide thought she heard Rowan chuckle. “Did you guys just fucking do it? Gods, Elide, we’re going to dinner in half an hour.” Elide could hear the smirk in her teasing voice, and a blush began creeping up her face again.

“Gods, Aelin, we were just napping,” Elide grumbled as she lied through her teeth, knowing that her friend would probably see through it anyway. She unlocked the door and pulled it open, to reveal Rowan Whitethorn and Aelin Galathynius standing in the doorway.

Aelin’s turquoise-and-gold eyes twinkled as she grinned. “Uh-huh, and I’m a virgin.” Rowan coughed at that, hiding his smile behind his hand. “Plus, your shirt is on inside out.” She smiled knowingly at Elide, whose face had completely finished turning a delicate shade of tomato red.

anonymous asked:

I hate to ask, but school is kicking my butt and I'm really stressed out, do you have any headcanons with the batfamily being "smart"? Like, doing detective things or something? Please only respond if you want to/feel like it. I don't want to be a bother. Thank you.

Hmmm I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for, but I’ll give it a shot?

  • So Damian didn’t know who his father was until pretty late in the game, BUT I think we can assume that he did hear Ra’s and Talia talk about his dad a few times when he was little. Thing is, they don’t generally use Bruce’s name. They call him “The Detective.”
  • That being the case, I always figured lil Damian ran around thinking “I too will be a detective” and playing at investigation, which would probably boil down to sneaking around in order to overhear as much as possible. For the record, I don’t think he ever dropped that habit.
  • I also think that lil Damian was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, since Holmes is probably the most famous literary detective around. I happen to know that when Tim was fourteen, he was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society (Detective Comics #618), so I figure they’ve got that bit in common. We are, however, talking about Tim and Damian, so when I say “something in common,” what I mean is “something to compete over.”
  • On top of the expected squabbling about the merits of different media adaptations, odds are they have contests where they both try to observe somebody and deduce as much information as possible. It’s not the kind of thing Bruce would discourage. They are supposed to be cultivating those skills, plus Bruce loves Holmes too. Another thing Bruce enjoys is showing up his children, so it works out well for him. He’s very, very good at that game.
  • So is Dick. Cass is a specific kind of good at it, because of the body language thing. They don’t make their guesses to their subject’s face, so Babs (also a talented player) fact-checks electronically as much as possible. It’s a decent way to pass time on slow patrols. They call it a training game.

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It sounds super angsty, but if you haven't already written it, maybe an unrequited, one-sided love thing between the RFA guys and MC?

I’ve been really busy lately, sorry :C 

Warning: Angst/Heartbreak



He was so welcoming, warmly including you in everything

He would text you all the time, venting his frustrations about LOLOL—he trusted you out of all the RFA, after all

Soon, it turned into calls, where he happily chatted away to you as he gamed

“Pffft hahaha, you’re so funny, MC!! You always make my gaming nights better…” his enthusiastic response made your heart race. “I love talking to you, MC.”

You took pride in that.

He became more and more special to you, and it warmed your heart every time you talked to him. You wanted to learn more about him.

He always took interest in what you said, and listened attentively even to your pointless, frustrated rants. He sincerely responded to your concerns, and often brought up inside jokes in the chat room, forming a barrier between the two of you and everyone else.

A special little world that nobody else could enter.

“I can’t wait to meet you,” he shyly told you. It was finally the day before the RFA party. Your heart beat quickly, warm fuzziness bubbling in your chest.

“Yoosung… I have something to tell you tomorrow,” you decided, blushing as you told him. He was the one who made you feel happy…the one who cracked jokes and made you laugh on your gloomiest days… the one who listened to all your troubles. He hummed softly, murmuring, “Okay. There’s something I’ve also been meaning to tell you, too. I’m worried if I’ll be rejected but… I can’t hold back anymore.”

That night, you couldn’t sleep from pure anticipating of the next day. You woke up early to make yourself look as pretty as possible for Yoosung. First impressions were important, after all.

Upon arriving at the party hall, you immediately recognized him—you were in love with him, after all. You called out to him happily, and he rushed over with a big smile on his face, but it almost immediately turned into a frown as he reached you.

“You’re Yoosung, right?! I’m MC!” you exclaimed, beaming happily.

“I see. You look… different than I thought you would,” he murmured, a distant look in his eyes as he avoided your gaze. “I thought you’d maybe have like, blonde hair and green eyes, or something.”

Your heart caught in your throat as soon as the words left his mouth. Rika. He’d expected you to look like Rika. Biting back tears, you forced a giggle, as if he’d just said something funny.

“So, what did you want to tell me?” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t really have time to talk, so can you make it quick?”

Yoosung seemed so annoyed and irritated by your mere presence, guiltlessly expressing it in his words, tone and body language. It was a complete turnaround from the sweet boy you had known for the last few weeks. Correction: the sweet boy you thought you had known.

“Nothing important,” you muttered, clenching your fists as tears spilled from your eyes. “I was in love with you. I am in love with you. And I guess I know now that you’ll never feel the same.”

He stared back expressionlessly at you. “Love? I’m sorry, but it’s impossible for me to ever like you back. You’re really far off from my type,” he laughed as if it was a joke.

You couldn’t figure out what the hell was so funny. He was laughing at the way you had felt for him for months. He was laughing at the feelings you had cherished. He was laughing at you.

And it only smashed what remained of your heart to smithereens.

He was never in love with you.


From the moment you first met him, he’d been flirty and welcoming to you. He was always protective of you in the chatrooms, and he called you often to check up on you, asking things like:

“MC, have you eaten today? I hope you’re taking care of yourself properly, I’ll get worried, you know…”

“Hey… Can you see the moon from where you are? When you look at the moon at night, I want you to think of me… watching over you like your very own guardian angel. If you ever need anything, you know that I’m here right?”

“Do I need to beat up Jumin for you?! He was being way too insensitive just now!”

Naturally, you felt gravitated to Zen. He made you feel so… secure. He was always offering to help you, talking with you late at night, comforting you when you were sad… He made you feel so damn special. He sure didn’t treat Jaehee like this, and you took quiet, guilty pride in that.

A week after you realized that you had fallen in love with him—his caring personality, his deep thoughts, his laugh, his passion for acting… his everything—he asked you out on a date.

You almost screamed into your pillow from excitement. Did he like you back?! Could Zen possibly return your feelings?

You waited for him in the cafe, your eyes anxiously searching for his figure. You had taken 3 hours to braid your own hair (with great difficulty), and chose the perfect outfit to meet with him for the date. You waited 2 hours for him, sitting all alone. But he never came.

You dialled his phone number, wondering if he was stuck in traffic or late from rehearsals. He picked up on the second tone, drunkenly answering, “Mmn… hello, who’s this?”

“Um, Zen? It’s me, MC… did something happen? I’m still waiting…”

He howled in laughter, sounding like he was really enjoying himself. “You’re still waiting?! What the fuck, woman, what makes you think you’re anything special to me? I was only betting with my friend that I could make you fall for me. I can’t believe you fell for it so easily.”

He continued to laugh, finding it absolutely hilarious that you believed his nice guy act. He had purposely stood you up. Rather, he never intended to come in the first place.

His words were like a slap to your face. It was obvious now.

Zen didn’t care about you at all.

You stayed quiet, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of knowing that you were actually crying right now.

You had wasted so much time on him. All because you liked him, and because you thought he could even possibly like you back.

“Helloooo? Are you still there?” he hiccupped.

You couldn’t answer, holding back your sobs.

“Oh right, anyway, thanks for helping me win the bet. Haha, byeee!”

“Yeah. No problem. Anything for you, Zen,” you weakly replied, sarcasm hidden in your undertone.

But it was true. You would have done anything for him. He’d just never do the same for you.


From the start, you’d been attracted to his unique sense of humour, awkward personality, and passion for cats. Not to mention, he was pretty fucking rich.

Although you weren’t after him for the money, you had to admit, it was part of what interested you at first. Emphasis on “at first.”

After spending evenings at fancy dinners with him, long nights drinking in bars after work hours, and occasionally messaging each other every day possible… you realized how much more there was to Jumin than you’d originally thought.

Although he seemed carefree and pushed all the tasks to Jaehee, he actually drowned himself in work for hours as well. When you spent time together, he would always be jotting down notes and reading printed documents as he conversed with you—he was probably used to it from discussing business deals all the time.

Not to mention, he was very attached to his cat because he didn’t have the time nor opportunity to interact with anyone that wasn’t trying to conduct business with him. You could feel your own heart hurt for him, realizing how lonely he must be.

Not to mention the fact that there were many young men (such as Zen,) who thought of Jumin as a rich snob, and was against the idea of being friendly. You could only imagine how rejected Jumin must feel, despite acting nonchalant every time.

Your heart and mind was consumed with thoughts of Jumin, of how he felt, of how he was suffering… You yearned to know him better, and you found yourself being more eager than ever in your conversations and nights out together.

One night, you finally brought up the courage to bring up the topic of himself. Excited to share your opinion, you said, “You know, I completely understand that you must feel lonely and all, even though you never mention it! It must suck that nobody understands you… You’re always working so hard, and nobody ever acknowledges it, but I know that-“

He paused mid-sip from his wine, then slowly put the glass down. “MC.” His voice was cold, stern and almost tired. “Why are you saying this?”

You blushed. “Well… I mean… I guess I’ve fallen in love with you,” you whispered, looking shyly into your lap. “I’ve learned so much about you over all this time, and-“

He scoffs, eyes hardening into a glare. “MC… Do you really believe that you know me?” he asks, shaking his head in disbelief. “Everything that you just said… is it not simply your idea of me? You’re not in love with me, MC. You’re in love with the ideal version of me that you’ve created in your own head. Could you be any more delusional and hypocritical when you say that no one understands me? You don’t know me either, MC. Don’t fool yourself otherwise.”

You return his glare with a pleading gaze. “That’s not it, Jumin! I really do understand! I’m not assuming, but it’s just what I’ve realized after spending so much time with you-“

Again, he cut you off. He seemed to be doing that a lot today.

“I only spent time with you to ensure that you would remain subservient to the RFA. Our meetings were like business to me, MC.”

He stood up, turning to leave you alone at the table. A lone $100 bill was all that sat with you.


This kid was absolutely hilarious! He took on such a cheerful persona in the chatrooms, cracking jokes at random and spamming memes everywhere. But he really did make you laugh.

On days when you felt gloomy, tired of every little thing that was happening in your life, and overall upset, Seven managed to cheer you up, sending you cute texts. They ranged from, “Your Defender of Justice, SEVEN OH SEVEN, will protect your happiness!!” to pictures of his own cosplay, where he attempted (attempted.) to look seductive.

He quickly gained a special place in your heart. Not everyone managed to cheer you up just like that.

One day after the RFA party, Seven invited everyone to the zoo. During the trip, you kept trying to get closer to him, standing near him as you pretended to be awed by the penguins… ‘accidentally’ bumping into him… lying that you didn’t have money to buy a drink and asking to share…

(Although, FYI, that last one didn’t work. Why? Well, the trust fund kid was there, duh.)

Seven drove you and Yoosung home, considering Zen took his motorcycle, and Jaehee tagged along with Jumin to return to the office. After Yoosung left, you were nervous to be alone with the man that you’d grown feelings for.

Almost as if reading your mind, Seven broke the silence, “MC. I’m not suggesting that this is possible, but if you think that you have any sort of feelings for me, please forget it. I… will never fall in love.”

You stared at him quietly, unsure what to say. You hadn’t been TOO obvious in expressing your feelings… you’d really as subtle as subtle could get!

Instead, you opted for, “I don’t get what you’re talking about?”

He glanced at you from the side before turning his eyes back to the road. “You can ignore what I’m saying if you haven’t had any weird thoughts about us being anything more than friends. But otherwise, just be aware that I’ll never fall in love with anyone okay? This isn’t some crappy fairytale. It’s real life, and you’re not going to waltz into my life and change it.”

You nodded slowly, avoiding looking in his direction. “Uhm, yeah…” you awkwardly responded, voice barely above a whisper.

What the hell were you supposed to say? You’d been rejected before you even had the chance to confess. Haha. Ahaha.

The tears welled up in your eyes before you knew it. But you couldn’t let him see. At the very least, you wouldn’t let him know how his words had affected you. You wouldn’t let him know that you actually had fallen in love with him, that his warning came too late.

You wouldn’t allow yourself to ruin the friendship between you two. Seven was too important to you.

You dashed out of his car as soon as he pulled over on your street, not even daring to say goodbye.

Romance Languages (Remus Lupin x Reader)

So sorry for not updating as often but midterms are upon me and I’m drowning in study guides and essays.

“Hey there! I love your writing!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the boys (James, Sirius, Remus, etc) have to take a foreign languages class and they have no idea what’s going on, so they get the reader to tutor them. Bonus points if there’s mutual pining! Thanks!!” OH MAN THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY BECAUSE IM A SPANISH MAJOR AND HAVE 6 YEARS OF FRENCH EDUCATION AS WELL SO I AM SO READY THANK YOU FOR THIS. Therefore, I’m going to make the languages that the boys take those two because I’m familiar with them, hope that’s okay because I don’t want to butcher up a language, you know? As for the mutual pining, you didn’t specify which pairing so I hope Remus is okay!

Dumbledore had recently come back from a visit to the American wizarding schools and was inspired to implement language courses in his own school. You were beyond thrilled, ever since you were little your parents had hired language tutors for you; you were fluent in both French and Spanish.

The rest of the school seemed pretty okay with the idea of having another class added to their day, well except for the marauders.

“Can you believe it? As if we don’t have enough work already.” Sirius muttered as he looked at the timetable McGonagall had given him. McGonagall gave him a pointed look as she continues to distribute the timetables.

“Ms. Y/L/N, it seems that there’s a mistake here, they have you down for two languages.”

“There’s no mistake Professor, I talked to Professor Dumbledore to see if it was okay for me to take two.”

She nodded approvingly at your enthusiasm as Sirius rolled his eyes.

“What languages are you taking, Y/N?” Remus asked as he looked at his own paper.

“French and Spanish, mother was very excited for me to study those languages again, it’s been a few years so I hope I’m not too rusty.” You replied.

“What about you guys?” you asked the rest of the boys.

“James and I are taking the language of looove.” Sirius said suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows as James snickered. This time around it was you who rolled their eyes.

“Peter and I are taking Spanish. Mum wants to take a family vacation to Spain this upcoming holiday so I figure taking Spanish would benefit me.” Remus answered as Peter nodded.

“Well if you lads need help you know where to find me.” You announced, as you picked up your books heading towards Defense Against the Dark Arts, Remus followed suit and offered to carry your books, you smiled as you handed them to him.

A couple of weeks passed by and it seemed that the students were really enjoying their language classes. You were sitting in the common room when suddenly, Sirius and James barged in, Remus following behind with a pile of books.

“Y/N, WE ARE IN GRAVE DANGER.” Sirius exclaimed.

You quickly stood, thinking that the castle was under attack or something of the sort.

“WHAT IS IT? A SIEGE?” You babbled.

“WE HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW.” Sirius bawled.

“Sirius Black, are you talking about the French exam?” You asked, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“The one and only.” James confirmed.

“Let me guess, once again you both procrastinated till the very last minute, huh?”

“You see my dear Y/N, usually we wouldn’t be panicking a dumb exam, but this one has an oral part.”

“Stop saying the word oral, please, you’re creeping me out.” You countered.

“If any respectable French person heard our speaking abilities they would avada kedavra us on the spot.” James concluded.

“Very well, I’ll help you two…f you get me some fancy chocolate.” You proposed.

They both nodded furiously.

You told them to gather their supplies and to meet you in the library in ten minutes; they both ran to their dorm to do so. You shook your head, chuckling at their frantic states. You heard Remus clear his throat from behind you, you felt guilty having forgotten that he was there since he had been relatively quiet during Sirius’s moving speech.

“Sorry Remus, here let me help you out with those.”  You said as you grabbed half of the pile of books. You noticed they were his Spanish books and a rather heavy looking Spanish dictionary.

“Thank you, Y/N, you didn’t have to.” He said kindly.

“It’s my pleasure. Are you ready for our Spanish exam tomorrow?”

“Kind of, I was wondering if you could help me practice as well but it seems that you’ll have your hands full with James and Sirius.” He answered, looking rather disappointed.

“Nonsense! I would love to help you out. I was going to ask if you wanted to study with me earlier.” You responded as you both made your way to the library.

Much to your surprise, Sirius and James were there already. They must’ve used a shortcut…

You made copies of your own study guide and gave them to them. After five minutes of them looking it over, Sirius finally broke the silence with a loud groan.

“This was so not what I signed up for. Romance language my arse.”

“Sirius, how do I put this gently…” you pondered out loud, Remus was already chuckling knowing exactly what you were going to say.

“French is called a ‘Romance’ language because it derives from Latin. Latin was the language of the Romans.” You explained slowly.

“Some of the other Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian.” Remus added as you nodded.

“And you two didn’t think of telling me this before?!” Sirius wailed as you and Remus laughed. After that mishap you were practicing some terms of endearment in Spanish with Remus, trying not to blush as he said them. Since valentine’s day was around the corner your professor thought a Valentine’s day theme exam would liven things up, but in your case it was making you like a tomato in front of Remus.

“Remus, please, I’m begging you, enunciate that ‘nya’ sound because right now the way your saying mi cariño, is sounding like macarena.” You said trying not to laugh.

He nodded, blushing furiously. Sirius and James were sneakily watching the two of you, smirks on their faces. They both knew how you two were heads over heels for one another but were too shy to admit it.

By this point James didn’t know who was blushing more, Sirius was about to have a betting pool going on to see how many times either one of you stuttered and blush.

“Ma chère, aide-moo?”

“Very close, Prongs, but it’s moi, not moo.

“Y/N, am I allowed to practice with you again?”

You had given Sirius a sort of time out from practicing his speaking skills after he kept sneaking in suggestive phrases in French (butchering them up terribly, but the boy knew what he was doing).

“If you say voulez-vous coucher avec moi again, I will lock you in the dungeons with Snape.” You threatened. Sirius behaved for the rest of his practice session with you.

Est-ce que tu veut aller á Hogsmeade avec mon ami Remus ce week-end?” Sirius asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Your cheeks turned pink as Sirius gave you a knowing smirk. Looks like Sirius was finally getting the hang of the language. You quickly composed yourself, feeling Remus’ eyes on you, he had been attently listening in on the conversation in case Sirius stepped out of line and thought nothing of the phrase until he heard his name.

S’il me demande.”

You quickly looked down back at your book after answering but by doing so you missed how Remus scribbled down what you had said and was now flipping through James’s dictionary, a blush overcoming his fair features. With new found vigor he was flicking through the pages of his Spanish dictionary.

“Well Sirius, it looks like our work here is done.” James said smugly. Him and Sirius gathered their belonging and left, shooting Remus a thumbs up. You were correcting Remus’s paragraph and didn’t see their exchange or how flushed Remus became.

La joven tiene un carro rojo.” You said slowly, enunciating the roll of the letter r in the word carro. Remus was mesmerized by how your lips moved seamlessly as you said the words, and how soft they looked.

After a few tries he finally got the hang of the double r.

“Good job! Your r’s have gotten so much better.” You congratulated him as he chuckled, glad to see you smiling proudly at him. You were both flickering through your notes silently when the clock surprised you both as it chimed 11 times.

“Wow, time really does fly.”

“Yeah, it’s um better if we called it a night.” He said gathering his belongings.

“Do you have any last questions?” you asked, as the two of you made your way towards the Gryffindor common room.

“Just one.” He mumbled. You prompted him to go on and he inhaled deeply.

“¿Y/N, cariño, quisieras acompañarme a Hogsmeade este sabado?” he asked. Your mouth went slack as you marveled at his almost perfect pronunciation. The question finally sunk in as your heart hammered wildly in your chest.

It must’ve only been a minute but to Remus it felt like hours and your silence was killing his slowly.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have listened to Sir-“ you cut him off with a soft kiss.

“Sí.” You whispered as you broke the kiss, a joyous smile on your face.

He looked surprised and confused at the same time by your actions but then a grin broke out on his face.

“Really?” he said as he hugged you tightly, spinning you around.

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask me out for ages.”

You both laughed gleefully and kissed once again.  

I guess Sirius was right, Romance languages had a little romance in them.

Translation of phrases:

Ma chère, aide-moi: dear, can you help me?
voulez-vous coucher avec moi: shout out to Lady Marmalade, would you like to sleep with me.
Est-ce que tu veut aller á Hogsmeade avec mon ami Remus ce week-end?: would you like to go to Hogsmeade with my friend Remus this weekend?
S’il me demande: if he asks me.
La joven tiene un carro rojo: the young lady has a read car.
¿cariño, quisieras acompañarme a Hogsmeade este sábado?: love/dear, would you like to/accompany me/ go to Hogsmeade with me this Saturday?
Sí: yes.

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I'm sorry if this is already answered but what for did Jin go to uni? I mean what education(I'm sorry, English isn't my first language so I hope you understand what I mean) thanks!

Hello, i just wanted to ask if BTS members go to University or it was just Jin?

So I usually don’t answer stuff in my FAQ, but because the information just changed, I’ll paste it here. 

As you know, Seokjin has just graduated from Konkuk University (170222) with a major in acting. The other members, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, and now Jungkook are currently attending Global Cyber University. This means that all the classes they take are online.

I’m guessing Jungkook is going to Global Cyber University as well since in Seokjin’s graduation V LIVE he said that he is now is hyungs’ hoobae (meaning junior) and said this as well…

(NOTE: When he says “he did” he means he graduated high school.)

Hope this helped a bit~
- Kylie

REQUESTED - Familiarity (1/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,174

Warning: None, just cursing (Tell me something new)

(A/N): I’M HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 (Btw, It took me a long time to choose ONE gif, I’ve been looking gifs for a looooooong time by now.)

Part2 | Masterlist

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“Peter Parker is staring at you again.” My friend said under her breath, making me raise my eyes to where I knew the boy were before she even finished her sentence, and as if he heard her and saw me catching him staring, his gaze turned to the book in front of him. I chuckled at his red ears, and that seemed to make him even more embarrassed.

“He’s cute.” That time, I was the one staring. Not that I haven’t done it before, Peter just had this thing hidden under his soft, cute and “harmless” surface that always made my detective side itch.

“And you are totally calling him to a date.” She said, smiling at my arched brown “I know you have a crush on him; I’ve seen you looking at him before, Y/N. Don’t even try to lie.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders, hearing her huff “If you don’t go there and call him, I will for you. However, I’ll make it from right here. You know how my voice is powerful.” She just winked at me with a smirk, fuck.

“I hate you.” I groaned while getting up and taking a breath before walking to where he was sitting, he had earphones but that didn’t stop him to look at me surprised when I sited in front of him, trying to give my best smile. He took his earphones slowly looking around to see if there was someone else before looking back at me “Hey, you’re Peter Parker, right?” Of course he was Peter Parker! Fuck, the teachers knew his name just because he was always late!

“Huh, y-yeah…”


“Y/N… I know you.” I laughed at his embarrassed face, and took a time to study him from close. He had muscles, even though they were hidden under coats of shirts and of a hoodie.

“So, I thought you were really cute and I know you are fan of the same things as me, so I was thinking, would you like to go out with me to the arcade on the center of the city?” He almost choked with my boldness, but please, I ain’t got time to be playing a shy ‘let’s be friends’ girl.

“I-I w-would l-love it! W-when?” I smiled from ear to ear and took his notebook from the table and a pen to write my number

“Today at seven?” He nodded like crazy with his head and that made me smile more before sliding the book back to him and say in my most ‘I’m sexy’ voice “I’ll be waiting for you, Peter.”

I heard him gasp in surprise while I got back to my table, finally feeling my cheeks blush when seeing my best friend laughing like crazy, curled on the books, almost sobbing

“I-I love you, Y/N. You are my spirit animal!” I just chuckled, going back to my studies, proud of myself to be able to call the boy I liked on a date without squeaking, even though I was an agent, I was still a human with awkwardness.

I had to run to my apartment, for the first time happy to live alone so I didn’t have to explain nothing to no one. I smiled at my on reflection; it was still me. Comfortable, pretty and with analytical eyes.

When I opened my door, ready to run to catch a bus, I stumbled into a massive chest. Jesus Christ, that man was a fucking wall!

I looked up at the both man, frowning my brows and locking my jaw. They were familiar, but I didn’t know them.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” The one I had hit asked, blushing slightly at my angry gaze. I studied him more, strong, blonde, and a little shy.

“Captain America.” I said, crossing my arms and checking the other man, it didn’t took me long to recognize him. “Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man. What do you want?” The Captain glanced surprised at the Stark

“Do you mind if we came in?” He asked and I looked at the time, I had half an hour to be there

“Actually, I do. Look, I would be pleasantly happy to welcome two heroes at my home at any day. But I have a date with a boy I’ve liked for a while, and I’ll be late if I don’t go right fucking now.” I said, making Tony Stark lower his glasses and smirk slightly. Oh, for fuck’s sake, is night. Why is he wearing sun glasses?

“We want your help.” He finally said, making me frown my brows

“Three minutes, and here, in the hallway. By the smell, my neighbors are too high to understand anything.”

“Look, I’m not sure if-”

“Two minutes and forty seconds.” I crossed my arms, seeing Stark giggle

“I like her. We want you to be part of the new Avenger’s intelligence. Natasha Romanoff heard of you from S.H.I.E.L.D, they got an eye on you. But well, we are quicker.” My jaw almost fell to the ground. Ok, one thing was being an ‘agent’ slash ‘hacker’, other was being An Agent. “But, we need you right now.” A groan came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to turn Peter down! Especially because I was stupid and didn’t ask his number, so if I called him by the number I got, it would be weird!

“Fine, but I have to set a new fucking date with Peter.” I mumbled while searching my phone in my bag, Stark and Captain America glanced at each other in surprise.

“Language.” Steve whispered and I smirked

“Fucking language, I know. My grandmother would always scream that I fucking cursed too much, but she would curse in between phrases- Oh, hey, Peter!” I smiled at myself when my phone ringed right when I was ready to call him

Huh, Hey, Y/N… So… Huh, S-something happened and… huh, I can’t go… Sorry.” He mumbled looking nervous, I sighed, trying to look disappointed “I’m really sorry

“It’s okay… Huh… I guess I’ll have to… Hm, I don’t know.” I smiled at my own sad impression, tilting my head to give a challenging glare at The Captain, which looked surprised at me “Huh, another time, then?” I could even hear him slapping himself and screaming at something to muff his words.

I would like that. Sorry again.” I just turned the phone down, trying to sell better my “hurt and disappointed”, smiling at both man and crossing my arms again

“Okay, we can go now.” Stark just laughed as if he had won the lottery while the Captain smiled slightly at me and pointed at the corridor, asking without words for me to get out.

The whole trip on Starks car he would been giggling and smiling, while Steve Rogers - I found his name when he pulled his wallet to see something. Well, I got quick eyes. -, was staring at me and blushing when I smirked at him

“Soo, what is so bad that made the two Avengers go knock personally at my door?” I asked, trying to extract something of them before getting there

“It is a security failure on the government and we know you are a good hacker and… ‘Detective’. So, we want your help” The Stark said ironically, making me arch my brow

“Are you mocking my abilities? You know I can read you now and hack your precious high tec car, right?”

“Sweetie, I’m a well-trained man and that build the intelligence of this car to be-”

Tony Stark is currently single, he is a playboy, he has trust issues, haven’t slept in four days, he likes to eat donuts hidden from everyone in his lab, he wears his iron suit to try to make up the fact that he is a selfish, old man that uses sunglasses at night even though, he looks stupid doing it.” The robotic female voice of his car said, I looked up from my phone with a small grin on my face.

He narrowed his eyes at me while Rogers looked out of the window to try to hide his smile, and by his locked abdomen, I knew he wanted to laugh.

“You know, I really liked you.” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t doubt me, I’ll be good.” He tried to control his smile, but well, sassy people get along. “By the way, what will I gain with this?”

“Isn’t making good with your abilities and acknowledgment, enough payment?” Rogers said for the first time, making me arch one eyebrow at him

“Can I eat acknowledgment? Can I pay the bills with acknowledgment? I don’t fucking think so.” Stark laughed at my sentence

“She has a point. But, let’s just say your payment will good enough for you to go to a good college.”

“I won’t have to pay for it, I’ll enter with a scholarship.” I mumbled after a few moments, not being able to maintain silence

“Congratulations, you must have earned it.” Rogers said and I blushed slightly with that, I wasn’t used to people congratulating me for this kind of things. “You leave alone?”

“Yes.” I didn’t answer anything than that, it wasn’t something I liked to come up with.

When we finally got to the Avengers tower, I took every way I could run if they were trying to catch me. Well, people are weird, who knows, right? Caution is never too much.

I was welcomed with all the Avengers in the room, fuck they were tall!

“Everyone, this is Y/N, she’ll be helping us with our problem.” I studied everyone, Natasha Romanoff was the one that actually caught my attention, because she had something in her posture that made her stand out.

“I’m late, sorry!” A muffed voice was heard and everyone turned their gaze at Spiderman, he was still in his suit and stopped when saw me. Jeez, I know I am pretty, but don’t have to stare so much.

“Spider boy.” Stark smirked, making me look more into the boy, familiarity.

I controlled a smile when noticing something very interesting.

“So, what exactly you guys need my help with? Even though the boy I have a crush on was the one who turned down on me, I’m still not cool with being brought here just to stand and stare at heroes.” Spiderman gasped, making me control even more the laugh that wanted to explode.

“It’s the codes, someone is breaking them and releasing secret missions and… Other things, to the outside.” Natasha was the one to say it, I have to admit it. Being close to my favorite Avenger made me want to freak the fuck out.

“Is there a laptop or something like that?” She pointed with her head to the Kitchen’s counter, there was a silver laptop on it.

“Hey kiddo, Natasha tried before, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t, kay’?” One of them said, Sam Wilson, had been military.

“Okay.” I mumbled and started to work

“This might take some time, so, do you want us to call someone to warn that you won’t appear?” Captain America said, crossing his arms while I denied with my head, still focused on fixing the problem.

“Nah. And this tactic to make me say what you want, won’t work.” I heard a female laugh that I deduced to be Natasha’s.

“I like her.” I heard her say, I worked for a few more moments, with all the avengers watching me closely.

“Can I have some water, please?” I asked, hoping that it would make at least one of them get out of my back. That was making me nervous, shit.

“Spider, you heard the girl.” The Stark said and I rolled my eyes, the only one that was away, that stupid billionaire brought him close. I thanked when a cup was settled next to my hand

“Done.” I said tapping the last time before finally reaching to the cup of water.

“What? Already?” Someone said, I looked up from my shoulder, seeing that The Winter Soldier was the one to say it. “Natasha took hours and she failed.”

“Mind if I take a look?” She said, still surprised while I denied with my head, turning on the seat to face the others still drinking my water.

“So, how do I go back?” I asked, walking around the living room and receiving chocked gazes

“She did it.” Romanoff said “She even found the IP adress of the ones who broke it… How?”

“It wasn’t hard, actually. But the explanation would take longer than the actual deed.”

“I’ll take you home.” Stark mumbled, still surprised. I smiled at everyone

“You know I could have done that from home, right?” He laughed cheerfully while coming close to me, ready to lead me to the elevator again.

“Y/N, you just saved our asses so good! Thank you!” Sam Wilson said and I just waved with my hand

“It was nothing. Well, see you guys when you need me again. Less you, Peter. See you at school!” I smirked at a chocking Spiderman and followed Tony Stark, he was laughing loudly.

“I definitely like you.”


Bucky x OFC

Summary:  He doesn’t talk to anyone, until her. She doesn’t touch anyone, until him.

Warnings: language (i think that’s it????? what is this??????)

Word Count: 8.3k (it’s long af i’m sorry i just get too excited)

Author’s Note: guess what!!!!! it’s my birthday!!!! and so my gift to you is this new story that i’ve been writing for a few months as a break from Savior. it shouldn’t be too long, probably under 10 parts but we’ll see how i do. this is one of my favorites and the main female character has definitely been on of the funnest to write so i hope you all enjoy :) feedback is encouraged, love you all xx

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Tom Hiddleston x reader

This is my first one-shot x reader that gets published. Sorry for the mistakes. Also, English is not my first language, so sorry again. 

Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: None.

Summary: Tom finds out he’s in love with you. Lots of fluff, I guess. 

“I was an idiot” he said. He stepped closer to you.

You were in shock. What had he just said? You were still processing.

A year ago you have showed him how you felt for him. You almost kissed him, but he had turned you down, very gently and softly, but it was still a no.

You were still friends, and though he’d thought you’d probably put some distance between the two of you, you have remained very good friends, you even got closer. You have been there for his best and worst moments, and he has been there to see you grow as an artist.

And a year later he was in front of you door saying he’d realized he had feelings for you.

“But you said no” you reminded him in a shy whisper.

“I was an idiot” he repeated. “I didn’t see how important you were for me, how incredibly important you are now. (Y/N), please…”

“I just…” you whispered.

Your brain was working fast. Fast and slowly at the same time. It was processing lots of memories of you and Tom together trough the years. Since you were eighteen you’ve had a crush on that man. You first saw him in the Thor movie. Now, six years later, you got to actually meet him, to actually become friends, really close friends. All those memories just because half of your brain wanted you to say yes to that man.

The other half was listing the reason why saying yes would be a problem. He was already famous, you were just starting; people saying you’d be just the rebound girl after his last relationship, people in your country saying how you’d be just using him… All the criticism. But did it really matter?

“Oh” Tom expression turned serious. “I’m sorry. I think I… I am an idiot

You looked at him confused.

“I’m such a jerk… “ Tom sighed.

“You are” you agreed. Apparently, you were not really over for what happened a year ago. “But why this time?”

“I just assumed you still had the same feeling from a year ago” he stated.

You looked away. Did you? Did you felt the same?

No, of course not.

You were even more in love with him than before.

“I have changed my mind, Tom” you looked right into his eyes. It seemed like if something had broken inside him when he heard that.

“What I felt a year ago was still teenage-celebrity crush feels” you continued “I’ve got to know you more now and…”

“And you’re disappointed” he completed.

“Well, I don’t believe you’re perfect anymore…”

Tom looked down.

“And that’s why I love you more now” you completed.

You looked away. Your cheeks turning red.

Tom looked at you with surprise in his eyes. He smiled brightly.

“Oh God, you were playing me” Tom laughed and then walked towards you to hold you and kiss you. “You’re impossible”

“You had it coming for a year ago” you laughed and kissed him again.

“Fair enough” he kissed you again.

His lips moved softly against yours. He was touching every part of your body and your hands were in his face and in his hair.

“If you think we’re sleeping together tonight, you’re very wrong” you said when you pulled back for some air.

“Too bad” he complained and then went back to kiss you. 

Apparently, he had other plans for the night.

Hope you like it. Requests are open! :)

Gif not mine.

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if you're still taking prompts, how about nurseydex and breaking up then making up? like any of the prompts on this list: nadiahilker (.) tumblr com /post/146473062490/post-break-up-au you're the queen of well-done angst so i feel like this is right up your alley :)) thank you <3 <3

Haha, Queen of Angst. God, that’s apt. I may be the Queen of Angst but Dear Lord do break up fics makes me sad! I never read break up fics and I think I’ve only written two break up fics in my life, one of which was horrible (seriously, so bad, I hate it now) and the other was stucky and I made it better in a second, so this was daunting when I saw it in my inbox!

The list you gave me was very helpful, and I picked “i was so sleep-deprived after the night shift that i climbed into bed with you (and you just rolled with it)” for my prompt so, uh, let’s see how it goes.

Thank you for the prompt! :)


           It’s one of the rare nights that Nursey’s roommate is gone and his dorm is too quiet without the shuffling and breathing of another person. He hasn’t had to sleep alone in a while now, a short while but a while nonetheless, and the aching hollow in his chest is just reinforced as he realizes it. The bed is too small for two hockey players anyway; it wasn’t comfortable to sleep on it together. But it was nice, curling up together for space and warmth and for the simple pleasure they found in curling up together. It was nice, and now it’s gone.

           The door to Nursey’s dorm opens and Nursey doesn’t look up, assuming that his roommate is back, but then the blanket behind him is lifted up and someone is joining him in the bed. Someone’s arm curls around his waist and someone’s sleepy warm breaths fan over the back of Nursey’s neck as someone’s mouth and nose nestle into the skin there. Someone settles down easily, comfortably, and Nursey’s heart clenches as how simple it is to just fall back into this.

           Their sophomore year found Dex and Nursey in dorms across the hall from one another. It was coincidental and strange, but neither of them had minded it. Mostly because they had both been pining madly over one another since the playoffs the year prior. Dex was lucky enough to get a single, while Nursey had a roommate who was sometimes gone and sometimes there having sex with his girlfriend very loudly. This led to many nights where Nursey stayed with Dex as he waited for his room to be accessible. One could claim that their close dorms was one of the reasons they actually got together. Late nights spent studying and watching Netflix and falling asleep in the same bed led, predictably, to accidental kisses and soppy confessions and, finally, a relationship.

           A relationship that lasted two months. A relationship which is over now.

           So why is Dex in bed with him?

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The rebellion members, paladins and symbolism

I can’t believe my first post EVER is going to be an analysis inspired by an edit.

(sorry in advance for any grammar errors, this isn’t my first language)

So, has anyone noticed how each alien race that joined the resistance so far kind of represent each paladin minus Shiro?

  • Galra (rebel)s: Keith
  • Mermaids: Lance
  • Balmeras: Hunk
  • Olkarins: Pidge

(Idk if Arusians are actually countable since they’re really primitives)

And then there’s Shiro. That poor guy doesn’t even have an alien race who represents him.

…or does he?

Before we go further, let’s point out how each of those alien races represent not only The paladins, but also their elements (and their Lions, kinda):

  • Galras, who are connected to Keith were in posses of the Red lion in ep1, and I can’t remember where, but I’m sure at one point in an episode there were both fire and the Galra empire in the same place, I think it was when they destroyed Altea I guess?
  • Mermaids, Lance, Water, Blue being op in the water and unlocking her power-up there. Need something else?
  • Balmeras, again, Hunk, earth, maybe no power-up here but he unlocked it when he was saving those guys in s2 trying to hold the earth in its place while they were waiting for emo and princess
  • Olkarins, Pidge, forest, unlocked power. I think you understood the point

Shiro Is The Black Paladin, whom we Can all agree that represents space, and he’s without doubts the team leader (S2 final doesn’t fool me, I know he’ll be back), and which is that one race whose only survivors are travelling across space and are the leaders of the rebellion?

Yep. You got it. Alteans.

And it fits, doesn’t it? The leader of the team who use the only weapon that Can defeat the Galra Empire being represented by the alien race leader of the rebellion.Besides, a parallelism:

Both Shiro and Altea were “destroyed” by Galras, and now they’re both fighting against it (Altea intended as Coran, Allura and the Castle), recovering from their loss, but still kind of connected trought something to those purple furries (Shiro and his arm, Alteans and Zarkon as exBPaladin and Haggar or Lotor maybe? I hope they get a good background). Besides, it’s not really new this symbolism kinda thing on Voltron (S1e6 bg, Shiro’s right arm being Galra and Keith being the right arm of Voltron, and so goes on. I know these are seen more like jokes, but someone can wish)

One more thing: I’ve seen an Altean!Shiro / Druid!Shiro theory and I’m 90% sure that I reblogged it (I’ll put the link later but right now I can’t due to pc problems but it was made by @smolsarcasticraspberry) so this ramble sort of connects to that? Kinda? Because if him, who we said that represents Altea, whom is permanently damaged by Galras but is fighting back, turns out as Altean, then his heritage, his arm and his PTSD and his fight against it would form a giant-ass physical representation of the twisted story of these poor humanoid, pointy-ears and shapeshifting aliens.

(Besides, this could mean more Shallura so everyone’s happy)

Sorry if I made some grammar mistakes, but english isn’t my first language and I’m not that old to be super-fluent, but I wanted to express my thoughts on this since I’ve never seen a post mentioning this.

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Mack, I saw your answer about what books you used to learn how to draw. How you learned to draw with Loomis' figure drawing? His book helped me to draw heads but I can't understand his full body construction method... I know it's a weird question and probably the answer is not simple. Forgive my english.

Hey, Anon. It’s not a weird question at all! And your question is pretty clear.

So, I guess you have a problem with few first part about all that crazy perspective lines and some boxes, right? Sorry about messy doodle! I left my copy in Korea, I cannot remember what’s the title of that part. Anyway, I hope I guess it correctly. 

I totally understand your situation, Anon. To be honest, I’m not a text-friendly person. I couldn’t understand those parts clearly even though it’s written in my first language. Maybe it’s because I had zero knowledge about perspective and so on, but I was kinda person who wanted more images, not bunch of texts. I personally think I can learn more better when I draw rather than trying to understand whole meaning of texts in the book, and I tried to study this book as much as I could understand. I actually read whole book, but the only thing I still remember is Mr. Loomis’ drawing.

And I found this part. I felt this way of sketching with rough&simple lines helped me to learn how to draw full body more believable. This is also simplified skeleton structure, so it’s much more easier to understand anatomy (and it’s actually really fun to draw!) I started with those simple lines, then moved on to muscles. Speaking of anatomy, I’ve never tried to memorize muscles’ or bones’ name, I more focused on drawing them “correctly.”

Summary (step by step) : Simple line drawing of full body bone structure - More detailed(or maybe realistic?) bones and muscles - More more detailed muscles of each parts (Arms, legs and so on) - Head, hands, feet - Perspective

Even though a book gives you all that informations, you need to find a way how to learn, interpret, and use it to your art. And I think you don’t have to follow that book exactly. You can use it as you want. I thought I wasn’t smart enough to understand whole meanings, so I found the easiest part and then moved on to more deeper part. I’m not saying that all texts in an art book are useless, it sometimes makes me super confused and it leads to time-wasting. I don’t think my answer is the right answer because everyone learns differently. If you put effort on finding your own way to use books, you’ll get what you want. Hope my answer is not confusing! I’ll be glad if this helps you at least just a little. Good luck!

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Could you do the RFA (plus Saeran if your willing to) of an SO/MC with insomnia but like they stay up for days and sometimes just pass out from sleep deprivation instead of just staying up really late? I haven't seen anyone do it like that and that what I suffer with but sorry if it's uncomfortable or you won't write it I understand (ps sorry for the bad English it's not my first language)

Eh, nothing uncomfortable there don’t worry ~

I went with hcs again and I guess it’s kinda linked to the s/o with nightmares I wrote before (Saeran’s got a bit angsty lol sorry, he’s easy to write angst for) ~

Yoosung : 

  • he’s had times where he had to put all nighters until morning because of an essay to write or a test to study for but it was occasional and he would always get his sleep back the next day but his s/o’s situation is different and that would worry him; knowing it wasn’t occasional but rather a common occurrence.
  • He’d do what he can to get them to sleep at the same time as him (read : initiating cuddle session) but he wouldn’t know what to do if they really didn’t want to lie down and try to let sleep overcome them.
  • The first time they pass out, he uses everything he knows from his classes – sure, animals and humans aren’t the same but it’s better than not do anything – but he would be so scared even though he was expecting this to happen with the lack of sleep they were suffering from.
  • No way he’s letting them go another day without sleeping again, he doesn’t ever want to see them faint once more – he’ll guilt trip them into staying in bed until they get at least an hour of sleep, if it’s what it takes.

Zen :

  • He’s very insistent on getting his beauty sleep and would try to get his s/o to sleep with him too but if they really couldn’t sleep, he’d always ask if they want to ‘tire themselves out’ by partaking in some 'nightly activities’ and he wouldn’t stop until they were too exhausted to do anything – that or ask them if they want to exercise (the normal type of exercise) together before bed.
  • When they faint for the first time, it’s probably when he’s at work so when he comes home to them lying unconscious on the floor, he’s terrified. He’ll try to be calm but he would immediately call for an ambulance and would constantly ask questions as to what happened and if they were alright.
  • He asks the doctors what they should do to get some sleep or get rid of their insomnia; but from now, he asks they send him a text every one or two hours to make sure they haven’t passed out – and exercise (the naughty or the normal kind) is not an option before going to bed.

Jaehee : 

  • She knows what it’s like but because of the amount of caffeine she always has in her body + the years of resistance against sleep deprivation she’s endured by working for Jumin, she hasn’t really experienced passing out from lack of sleep, even though she’s been close to it more than once. However, she’d be very concerned for her s/o, especially if the reason they couldn’t sleep was because of insomnia and not because they 'had to’ stay awake. 
  • She would make them coffee but eventually, when it was time to sleep, she wouldn’t accept their refusal to lie in bed and try to sleep. She’d be very motherly and firm about it – she might even lecture her s/o – because ’how can you even expect to sleep if you don’t try to’.
  • When they faint, mom-mode goes to extreme level and she will tie them to the bed (not in a kinky way geez) until they finally get some sleep – she immediately thinks of the worst situations and locations where they could pass out and it scares her; in the middle of the road, in the subway, in the shower, while cooking…

Jumin : 

  • I mean, assuming he already made his s/o go see every single professionals there are before hand and it didn’t work – which would be very upsetting to Jumin, he’d be willing to bring them to the other side of the world if he heard of a miraculous remedy to their problem – he wouldn’t let them get out of the bed just because they couldn’t sleep – and he certainly won’t allow them to not go to bed
  •  = which would lead to a very long and scientific explanation on the effects of not sleeping, the consequences on their body, head and health, and all that. (so s/o will probably just lie down in bed, at least to make him shut up)
  • Like Zen, he’s more than willing to indulge in some intimate activities but he would also suggest more relaxing stuff like drinking a glass of wine (if they drank alcohol) or cuddling Elizabeth since her purring is a calming sound to him.
  • When they faint for the first time, he’s also probably not there – however, the body guards at his penthouse check on them quite often and they would have to take care of Jumin’s s/o. At his request, they would bring them to the best hospital around while he left the meeting he was in to see them. He’d pretend he’s alright but it’s obvious that he’s very distraught and worried for them and their health; he promises both himself and his s/o that he would do anything to make sure this doesn’t happen again – and he always stays true to his words.

707 : 

  • He goes through the same thing more or less everyday and he also does have a habit of passing out from exhaustion but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for his s/o to do the same. Which will lead to an agreement between him and his s/o : 'I’ll try to sleep everyday if you do too’.
  • 707 doesn’t care about his own health but he will try to make an effort for his s/o’s sake and that will end up in naps in the middle of the day; the both of them on the couch, probably with him lying on top of them. He’d actually fall asleep quickly so if his s/o doesn’t follow suit, he won’t realize it until he wakes up.
  • When they faint for the first time, he’s in the same room when it happens and he sees them fall through the reflection of his monitor. It takes less than 2 seconds for him to bolt out of his chair and rush to their side – he has a more or less extensive knowledge about everything and that include what to do when someone passes out. He’d take care of them the best he can and wait by their side until they open their eyes; he’d feel guilty that they never got any sleep and ended up in this state ‘because of him’ but he’d use all the knowledge and resources he has access to in order to help them.

Saeran : 

  • Like his brother, he’s used to it – if anything, he fears sleep a bit because he feels vulnerable when he has his eyes closed + he doesn’t have any control over what happens in his head when he sleeps and judging from all the nightmares that leave him in tears, it’s no wonder he tries to stay awake all the time. But still, he’s trying to get a better, more normal life and his health is weak enough as it is, he can’t afford to make it worse, not now that he has a s/o who cares for him – so he’ll be there for them when they can’t sleep and they’ll be there for him when a nightmare tears him away from his slumber.
  • The first time they pass out, they’re probably together since he doesn’t like being alone and while he’s next to them and able to catch them before they hit the ground; he’s terrified at seeing his s/o, unconscious in his arms – it reminds him of a recurrent nightmare he has except they are usually covered in blood and no longer breathing. He’d have to take a minute to calm down, clutching their body close to him to reassure himself with the sound of their beating heart. Once he’s able to think properly, he’d call an ambulance and keep a hand around their wrist, making sure he can always feel their pulse. After that episode, he asks for help to everyone – even his brother – and won’t give up until they can finally fall asleep without insomnia holding them back.
Rant about EXP

I have seen a lot of people talk about them, but I haven’t seen a lot of people addressing the main point as to why, for me, EXP isn’t and will never be a K POP group.

First of all, the K in K POP comes from Korea, both because the idol culture/industry are completely different, and because since it came from another place that isn’t the US (THE country of POP) it just had to labeled as something else. The K POP ‘formula’ isn’t pretty boys who sing and dance and whose target audience are young girls, there are way too many american pop groups who fit that description, even the Backstreet Boys, and yet nobody is trying to call them K POP. 

But then the K doesn’t stand for Korean (the nationality) either, since there are a lot of k pop idols who are American, Chinese or Japanese just to name a few countries. They may be not Korean, but they are still in the scene. They are K pop artists because they belong to it, they sing, perform, trained, train and live in the Korean part of the pop industry. They just happen to do so, as much as EXP just so happens to belong to the non-korean part of the industry. It isn’t the language, it’s the origin.

What EXP is trying to convey, however, is that origins doesn’t matter, as long as you try hard enough to look like you do come from it.

Guided by EXP logic, then every single English rap song from any Korean  rapper, should be called and considered American rap.

But guess what (it isn’t)

Because language doesn’t really mean anything. As a latino woman who sometimes listens to cumbia, if an American group started a cumbia group in the US it would be great. If they happened to sing it Spanish it would be also great, and I would wholeheartedly appreciate their efforts. What I wouldn’t appreciate is if they started singing and speaking in a forced Argentinian accent, trying to pass themselves as Argentinian and going as far as to change their twitter/youtube/etc locations to said country, writing things like “born in the US, made in Buenos Aires”  What is made in Buenos Aires? You are trying to pass of as a latino for what reason exactly? I know of no latino band that is actively singing in English (in hopes they can reach a broader audience) and calling themselves any other nationality than the one they are, simply because they aren’t. 

By claiming themselves as a K POP band,  EXP is  just trying to forcefully put on themselves a trendy tag that they can use to get attention (and boy they sure are getting it) but it’s really nothing else. 

What they are making is not K POP, is just POP 

on another note I also would like to remark the fact that so far, EXP hasn’t provided us with any subs and close to none translations. Which really feels like a big slap on the face to those Korean groups who actively try to communicate with international fans, sometimes even with improvised broken English just because they want to care. For Exp who already speaks the international language, to completely ignore us in their efforts to look as Korean as they can just shows a lot of how far their obsession with the K tag can get.

Keep it or Leave it (Part 9)

Prompt: When an early bird and a womanizer are roommates, they come up with a scheme that favors both of them. But some things are not as clear as they seem

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None that I can think of…
*If you do feel triggered by something, let me know so I can add here and warn other readers!

Word Count: 539

Author’s Note: As always, if you see any words that could/should be replaced or sentences that could be better put together please feel free to point it out! English is not my first language and this will help me improve ;)

Part 1 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

You excused yourself, brushing your arm against your eyes to dry your tears, and went straight to your bedroom

Bucky kept looking at you, his gaze following you until you had closed your bedroom door. Only then he noticed Dot was close by

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Inspired by @blackteaandlanguages‘ post. 

For anyone who wants to dabble in Bulgarian or is curious to see how different/similar it is to other languages. :)

  • Здавѐй / Зда̀сти – Hello (informal)
  • Здавѐйте – Hello (formal)
  • Добро̀ у̀тро – Good morning
  • До̀бър ден – Good day
  • До̀бър вѐчер – Good evening (even though ‚вечер‘ is a feminine noun, you should say ‘добър‘ and not добра‘)
  • Лѐка нощ – Goodnight (lit. ‘Light night’)
  • Довѝждане – Goodbye
  • Ча̀о – Bye (familiar, isn’t it?)
  • До по̀сле – See you later (lit. ‘Until later’)
  • Ка̀звам се… – My name is (lit. ‘I call myself…’)
  • Аз съм от …/ От … съм – I’m from …
  • Прия̀тно ми е (да се запозна̀ем) – Nice to meet you
  • Откога̀ не сме се вѝждали! – Long time no see
  • Как си? – How are you? (informal)
  • Как сте? – How are yoi? (formal)
  • Добрѐ съм – I’m fine
  • Благодаря̀ – Thank you
  • Мерсѝ – Thank you (whoops, guess we really like stealing words!)
  • Мо̀ля – You’re welcome
  • Мо̀ля – Please
  • Извиня̀вай – Excuse me, Sorry (informal)
  • Извинѐте – Excuse me, Sorry (formal)
  • Ня̀ма проблѐм – It’s alright (lit. No problem)
  • Да – Yes
  • Не – No
  • Наздра̀ве* – Cheers (can also mean ‘Bless you’)
     * Remember it like this – it kind of sounds like ‘nice driveway’