We Miss You
  • We Miss You

(Hi there, Faeri here, the voicer for Kags! Sorry for the lack of activity of the blueberry prince, I didn’t realize that I was allowed to post things directly to the blog, ehehe.. but now I know! Hope you enjoy this phone call from these two dorky nerds!)

(Note, the track art is an edit. It’s not an actual mangacap.)

Prompt: “Could I have a scenario where Lev and Kageyama are saying sweet things to me? It would make me very happy. ^_^

Lev: Hi! It’s me, Lev! Tobio and I made it to the USA safely, hope you are doing okay. I just wanted to call you to say that I love you! You’re the most beautiful, prettiest, amazing person I ever met! I love hearing you laugh, and your smile is the best thing in the entire world! God, I wish you were here with us (specifically, me, but who cares about the details…) and we could cuddle and sleep all day long.

Tobio: All day? What a waste of time.

Lev: And what would you do, Tobio?

Kageyama: Probably practice volleyball some more.

Lev: You hear that? Tobio, say that one more time so they can hear what an awful boyfriend you are!

Tobio: Wait, what, no, come on, don’t give me the… hello? ….Hello? Uh…aare you there?

Lev: It’s on voicemail.

Tobio: Oh. Um. H-hey, what’s up? So um, yeah, we made it safely. Lev still is a pain in the neck, as you can see…or..hear… He’s a really big idiot, and I don’t know why we still put up with this useless oaf, but…I share the same feelings… I miss you, too. [sighs] Jeezes, it’s only been what…one day? Two? The jet lag is already starting to affect me, but I can’t seem to sleep…

Lev: I can cuddle you, if it helps.

Tobio: And get strangled in my sleep? No thanks, not tonight.

Lev: Aww, but I was looking forward to it!

Tobio: And I really want to get my sleep.

Lev: Well, I can pretend to be them while we sleep. You can sleep then, right?

Tobio: You’re way too leggy, though. You might even push me off the bed.

Lev: Then uh…we don’t even need to cuddle at all! I’ll just sit by your side and sing you lullabies and stuff!

Tobio: That’s creepy.

Lev: But, I can try!! *clears throat* Hi, Tobio-kun! Having trouble sleeping? I can try singing you to sleep, but I might not be very good…

Tobio: Who are you?

Lev: Tobio-kun! You wound me, don’t you remember me? I’m your most important person in the world!

Tobio: My mom?

Lev: *normal voice* …You’re mom’s the most important person in the world?

Tobio: Yeah. Isn’t yours?

Lev: Well, yeah…but that’s not the point!! *resumes funny voice* Tobio-kun! If you won’t accept my lullabies, then I’ll just have snuggle with you and hope that helps!

Tobio: No. No, Lev. Lev?? NO.

Tobio: *tiredly* Hello? Hello? …Voicemail again? Okay, so uh. The last message was cut off, so…

Lev: *cheerfully* We had a little fight. But don’t worry, there were kisses to make things all better.

Tobio: Ugh… anyways, we’re alright. We just really miss you, that’s all.

Lev: Once we’re finished with everything here, we’ll make sure to fly straight back home, okay?

Tobio: And I lied about earlier. You’re the most important person in my world. Well, one of them, at least. My mom’s still up there.

Lev: And where am I?

Tobio: You’re like the 11th most important person in my world.

Lev: Huh??

Tobio: Anyways.. we love you. I love you.

Lev: And I love you as well. We’ll be thinking of you, okay?

Tobio: It’s getting late, and we really need to sleep so…

Lev: Goodnight!

Tobio: Sweet dreams.

10min practice sketch

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Hey guys! sorry for the lack of posts, recently I’ve, well, basically lost the Windows with photoshop program installed, from my MAC, don’t ask me how! 

So now I have no editing program on my laptop, so bear with me just a little longer till I’m able to install it again. I admit I haven’t done much decor, I honestly haven’t played because I’ve been so busy with work, but I’m trying to draw more and post more here, so let’s hope for that yeah?? x)