• Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of notes doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  • Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of reviews doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  • Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of favorites doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  • Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of kudos doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  • Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of follows doesn’t mean it’s not good.
  • Just because your fic doesn’t get a lot of comments doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Don’t make the mistake of associating popularity with quality.

The only thing that really bothers me about The 100 fandom is that y'all are always making rude posts trying to excuse your fave as if the rest of the fandom is unfairly against them and then bashing other people’s faves for their choices in the story. This show is interesting because it is SO morally ambiguous, and every character (yes, even Monty, after rigging the computer to irradiate Mt. Weather) has massive amounts of blood on their hands. No character is more or less innocent than the others, and it bothers me when people take the moral high ground with one person and bash other characters because they all make similar choices with similar motivations. I know we all love to hate Cage, but he cared about his people, and because of that, he made the same choice Lexa made leaving the Arkers, the same choice Clarke made in the finale. Hurting others for the survival of THEIR people.

What I’m trying to say is that just because a character is your favorite doesn’t mean they’re any better or worse (morally) than the others. Bellamy, Lexa, Clarke, Cage - they’re all trying to do what’s best for the people they lead, because they care for them. I’m very tired of all the squabbling over which characters suck and which don’t, because one of the main focuses of the show is what Abby said in the finale - “maybe there are no good guys.” So hop off everyone else’s back, please, and especially don’t post hate in the tags.


Axe time! Sword time! Shields are splintered! (x)

As a major stucky shipper I have to say, it really pisses me off when people erase Peggy or belittle her importance for the sake of stucky. I don’t like it and I know Steve and Bucky wouldn’t like it either.


Dynasty Warriors Meme

Favourite Ruler : Cao Cao

Why Thorin fell in love with Bilbo

Thorin has been through so much. Many of his close family members are gone, and he witnessed most of them die. After Smaug destroyed everything, Thorin was in charge of a homeless, grieving kingdom, while being in grief himself. The elves who were supposed to help him didn’t do anything, and therefore Thorin had to find the work he could to take care of his people. A huge responsibility lies upon his shoulders, and he has no one to guide him. Some time passes, and Thorin probably develops signs of post traumatic stress. Of couse he doesn’t know that this sickness even exist. Later, while searching for his father, whom he still believes to be alive, he meets Gandalf; Suddenly he is convinced to take back his homeland and kill a dragon. Doing this, he has to protect his most loyal friends two of which, is his nephews and heirs.

And then he meets Bilbo. A small, comfort-loving creature with acorns, handkerchiefs, bare feet and curly hair. Bilbo is a contrast to everything Thorin has ever experienced, but after all, Thorin hasn’t experienced a lot of nice things. Bilbo is nice. He is protective. He is amazing. While Thorin is dealing with one of the most serious and most dangerous times of his life, he unexpectedly falls in love with a little, peaceful hobbit.

i usually try to avoid ranting and raving, bc i like my blog to be a happy and positive space for everyone! but tbh there’s something i really feel the need to say

i know a lot of people (myself included) ship scott and mitch. and believe you me, there is NOTHING wrong with shipping! as long as you know the difference between fiction and reality, and unfortunately a lot of scomiche shippers are blurring those lines.

scott and mitch are not dating. they have said they aren’t on several different occasional (x being the most recent, which has seemed to cause quite a stir) and yet people keep on calling them liars??? just because they like to express affection for each other??? just because they tend to hug and cuddle and kiss??? all of those things do not automatically mean there is a romance and i think a lot of people need to realize that

like scott and mitch, i have been best friends w/ my best friend for over 10 years, and hug and cuddle all the time and occasionally we’ll kiss each other goodbye when we part ways. that doesn’t mean we are in a romantic relationship - in fact, i HAVE a datemate, and the way i express my love for my best friend does not negate the fact that i am in a relationship (the same way scott was in a relationship, yet people constantly invalidated that - but that’s a discussion for another post) 

i guess the point i want to make here is that platonic relationships are just as, if not more, important and valuable than romantic relationships, and people can still be platonic and express affection and love for each other stop trying to disregard people’s friendships because you think their actions mean something more than they do

the fact of the matter is, scott and mitch are best friends - always have been, likely always will be, and it is unlikely that they will ever be anything more. scott is the most important person in mitch’s life and mitch is the most important person in scott’s life, so of course they are going to cuddle sometimes because they love each other and they have no problem expressing their love for each other. their relationship is special just the way it is, and like i said, shipping is perfectly fine but i really think people need to stop invalidating and dismissing their friendship and trying to read between the lines, that are not there, as well as trying to force a romance that clearly is not there

if you are not in the phandom you can skip.... just gonna say somethings...

Okay, just know this over all, I love you all.

I’m kinda upset to see people angry or mad about the Dan and Phil Book/Tour. 

You know they love us, right?

For people who are saying that they are going mainstream: So what? They can do whatever the fuck they want. And they probably did this for us.

For people who say that they are sellouts (OMFG THE PRICES ARE TOO MUCH): You know when you where in like first grade and you learned that 5 things you need to survive is water, food, air, sun, and shelter? Do you also know that over half of these things cost money now? People need to have money to survive. So yea, the prices might be high. But you know what else? It costs a lot of money to rent an arena, so they need to make the prices a bit high so they can make some money off of it. And they love us, and they also know that we are (mostly) teens with no money. So they probably made the prices as low as they can. And they probably did ALL of this for us.

For people who say they are profit driven (sort of like the last one): You know one thing they always say is that they want to meet all of us. How else are they going to meet with as much of us as they can. I know that I don’t live anywhere near any of the places that they have cons, and that costs a lot more to go than a regular tour. Now, I live in America, so unfortunately, I still won’t be able to go, but I’m sure there are plenty of people in the UK who don’t live near cons, and they might agree with me on this. And they probably ALL did this for us.

So pls pls listen to me! Y’all can go and have/make your own opinions, but always know…

Dan and Phil love us, very much. And they probably did this for us.

underrated best m8s: jack maynard and mikey pearce

listen i’ve wanted to talk about this for a while and i feel like the friendship between these two is never stressed but they’re beST FRIENDS OKAYYYY and the best friend tag that jack posted today along with mikey’s video just made me want to rant even more about these two they’re just soft puppies that love each other a lot :((((((((((((((

so basically i’m a huge stalker and went through both of their instagrams last night and just take a look at some of these gems:

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ahhhh seriously. iKON keeps earning more and more money and YG doesn’t even give them a proper teaser. I’m just pissed. This is not fair to other YG artists, I agree on that 100% BUT it’s especially unfair to iKON. These boys have been working their asses off ever since WIN and probably even before that (what we’ll never get to see), they went through another survival show after that only to get a rushed debut with almost no promotion. These boys held idk how many shows in japan and then went and had to do a japan iKONCERT tour, then an asia tour all meanwhile preparing for another rushed single/album AND preparing for a dance survival show in CHINA and now they have a comeback, bobby is preparing for his solo AND their next japan tour is also starting soon, and they didn’t even finish their asia tour yet. These boys are tired to their bones but YG keeps milking them & tries to get the most out of them with spending the least possible. And then I see other stans going for iKON and blaming them as if these boys wanted their debut to look anything like this. Like come on. I’m fucking pissed man. Enough is enough yg. 

I see so many pictures these days of Aidan and Dean (and Jensen and Jared) that used to have fan(s) in them but people just photoshopped them out of it. Do you have any idea how disrespectful that is? Like, fans paid to have those photos taken and are really proud of it and then you just take them and photoshop them out of it. Same goes for people that crop fans off the photo. Grow some balls and reblog the photo with the fan in it! -_-

i jsut need a fic where riley and farkle are talking about their feelings or something and then farkle casually says something like “i’m not like lucas or charlie. it’s no wonder you would never like me.” and for some reason riley couldn’t pinpoint, she couldn’t stand hearing him say that. her eyebrows knitted together. “what’s that supposed to mean.” and farkle answers her like it’s one of the most basic principles of the world. riley likes guys like lucas, so her liking farkle as more than a friend is out of the question. and to his surprise, riley is piqued over it. i want frustrated! riley who doesn’t know why but farkle belittling himself when it comes to romantic love and implying that she’s vain when it comes to liking guys bothers her and after their talk, what farkle said keeps echoing in her head and she really thinks about what he said and begins to notice things about farkle she didn’t notice before like his smile, how he’s grown up, how his face lights up when he sees her, how she can always depend on him, how he’s always there for her, how he always pays attention to how she feels, how she really does like being with him, how she really wants to be with him, and she slowly realizes that she’s falling for him but by then it’s too late because he likes someone else. but he’s still there for her, like he always is. and maybe, just maybe, riley could show farkle that he’s wrong. that she doesn’t like lucas, charlie, guys like them, or guys like him. she likes no one else but him.

I preach a whole lot about homophobia from those against MikaYuu, but it’s not because I’m just so madly in love with yaoi and is blinded by it. It’s because the homophobia is there. This isn’t the only time before that I’ve seen it. This isn’t the only reply people have made saying that of course they’re gonna vote for Yuu//Noa.

MikaYuu is the only non-hetero ship in the polls. Of course it’s easy for them to bring it down. The audience of Anime Trending is mostly those that ship “normal” things.

We’re really not kidding when we say that people who don’t watch the show vote for Yuu//Noa just so, as they’ve said, the “fag ship” goes down.

And the thing is is that we can’t even do anything about it. Of course the anime production team is trying to cater it to homophobes. Their goal is to make the anime popular so they can earn money, and it just so happens that a majority of their directed audience (since this is a shounen series) is more likely to be homophobic.

So of course they’re gonna change what happens in the manga and try to shove a heterosexual ship forward.

It’s 2015, but same sex marriage is still illegal in many other countries, including Japan.

We’re just gonna have to deal with it guess :))))))