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We are getting reports that citizens who use the streaming service Netflix have been coming down with colds. These citizens are usually found in the classic frozen solid state of commons colds on their couches by loved ones. The Night Vale Health Department is trying to find out exactly how Netflix manages to “chill” their subscribers.


Messrs Prongs, Wormtail, Padfoot and Moony  🎶

Hetalia Dad au

Here’s an answer to a question you probably never asked: What if the Hetalia characters were dads?

This is what I came up with.

Germany: Strict but fair dad. He’s the kind of dad who has rules and you follow those rules. He won’t tolerate a messy house. He’d also be the kind of dad who’d spend hours baking a birthday cake and would probably be subjected to several dress-up sessions. He’d be a very protective dad, probably over protective.

Italy: Laid back dad. He’s the fun dad who embarrasses their kids in public and takes pride in it. He loves family cooking sessions and has fallen asleep with the kids on the couch multiple times. He’s always doing arts and crafts with the kids and probably encourages a little mess. He’s also the dad who cries at every graduation, wedding or other life event.

Japan: Quiet dad. He’s the calm, supportive and safe figure in his kids life. He’s the dad his kids go and rant to about friend drama and he always does his best to help them out and give solid advice. His kids would love when he reads to them since he has such a calming voice. He’d be the one making lunches and probably would insist on making lunches until the kids are out of the house.

America: Fun dad. He’s the dad who puts his kids up on his shoulders and flies around like a super hero. His kids would look up to him and probably think he’s the coolest dad ever, at least when they’re young. Once they get older he’d be incredibly embarrassing. He’d always but shouting out lame puns and he’d be the loudest to cheer at sports games. He’d also be an overprotective dad.

England: The “Mom” dad. He’s the type of dad who’s always yelling about bed times and making sure everyone finishes their vegetables. He’s always worried about his kids. He’d get them all into reading and tea, always making his kids a cup of tea if somethings bothering them. He’s a mature person his kids can come to and he loves them with all his heart. He’d also probably cry at graduations and weddings. He’d also be the dad that the kids make fun of instead of vice-versa.

France: The Classy Dad. He’s the dad who sends his kids to school with a fancy lunch and shows up to parent teacher interviews dressed like a runway model. He’s the dad all the other parents are jealous of/in love with. He’d spend a lot of time cooking with his kids and singing to them. He’d always be singing around the house with his loud voice. He’s also the wine dad.

China: The Mature Dad. He’s strict with his kids but also a hilarious dad. He doesn’t understand the weird customs of the younger generations and his kids always make fun of him for it. He goes out of his way to understand what “memes” are. He’s a reliable dad and is probably almost always worried about his kids. He obsesses whenever his kids come home late, always checking to make sure they’re alright.

Russia: The Sweet Dad. He is a calm and loving dad who is always there to give out a hug and tell them everything’s going to be okay. However, he’s also terrifying when he’s angry, so anyone who messes with his kids have hell to pay. He gets subjected to dress-up and always tries to play with his kids, which almost always ends up horribly because he doesn’t know how to do it. He’d probably step on a Lego and curse it to hell.

Canada: The Dorky Dad. He’s the dad who stresses out about the smallest things. He’s gotten his hair braided so many times he’s lost count. He’s the parent his kids trust to come to with their issues. He’s protective but fun. He does dorky things to make his kids laugh and to cheer them up. He’s fallen asleep playing dolls and Legos on the floor with his kids countless times. He’s awkward and his kids are probably awkward too, they can all laugh about it together. His kids probably inherited his love for flannels.

Prussia: The Cool Dad. If you thought America was bad for puns, oh you haven’t met this guy. He’s always cracking lame jokes and pretending to be relatable. He’s cool (at least he thinks he’s cool) and is pretty lenient with his kids. Except he doesn’t like mess in his house. His house is always sparkling. He’s always loudly singing to annoying his kids and somehow manages to be as embarrassing as he possibly can when friends are over.

Spain: The Smooth Dad. He’s the most popular one in the room and parent meetings. All the single parents and teachers have a crush on him which leaves his kids in countless awkward situations. He’s a singer and a dancer, always doing one or the other around the house. His house always smells like spices. He absolutely loves his kids, always singing and laughing with them. He tries to be strict from time to time but it never works. He’s very laid back.

Austria: The Music Dad. He’s the dad who’s kids all turn out to be prodigies. He’s the calm dad who’s strict but mature. He plays piano with his kids and let’s them sit on the bench with him and watch him play.

Romano: The Italian Dad. No one is allowed to go hungry in his house, no one. He’s always yelling about something and has to try very hard not to curse in front of his kids. He’s a loving dad who encourages his kids dreams. He loves to make up little songs with them and spend time in the kitchen. He’s also an incredibly protective dad. His kitchens always clean but the rest of his house is a mess.

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I DID IT!!!!

After a year and a half studying to get into university I’m officially in med school! I loved my classmates and my professors and I am eager to learn everything!
I’m sorry I haven’t posted much and for a long time, but now I guess I will post a little every week about this new period of my life!

I’m soooo grateful!