[FULL TRANS] 160508 HYYH Epilogue in Seoul Ending Ment - Rap Monster

First of all, thank you BTS.

Really, thank you. I want to say thank you to our members first. Although I’m still lacking in many things and too stiff sometimes, thank you for trusting and following me.

Ah, I can’t be too cheesy but, it’s been roughly 10 years since I started working with music. I started writing lyrics in 2006, and it’s 2016 now. My name has changed a lot since then. I performed at small places. In front of 2 people, 50 people, I did those things and step by step, steadily rising up to where I stand. My mood swings are quite severe, you would know if you listen to my music, but there are a lot of moments I want to leave behind. There will be more moments like that, right? There will be a day I have to suffer hardships. I really want to say thank you to our members for staying by my side, overcome those things together.

What I want to say the most is, I think I’m really lucky. I really am. I never get hurt too badly. Among people whom I made music with, many has quit, I have seen too many, too many people, but somehow I’m lucky enough to work with these awesome friends, to have these cool experiences in the midst of all things. I’m grateful for that, I’m grateful to you guys, the ones who make it all happen.

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anonymous asked:

I was just wondering, was it hard for you to develop your own style? The biggest problem with my art right now is that I have like 50 different styles, and since your art is fucking A++ every time, any advice would be super helpful!

Hello! Thank you for your question! Style is something that a lot of artists struggle with. It can be hard to find something you like. To me, style represents how an artist interprets real-life. How they draw lines and colour and things like that! Every artist has a different style and a different way of doing things! 
I didn’t have a hard time with my style at first-because I wasn’t really thinking about it? I drew pictures and that was it! But when I really wanted to start improving, that was when ‘style’ really came into play. 

Here’s an example of some very early art of mine. 

And here’s a drawing about a year later, after I started trying to improve by studying real life and other people art! 

I think it was some pretty decent improvement! 

No matter what you draw, or how you draw, you will always have your own style. Developing it will differ from person to person. I started developing my style by studying other artists! I copied what I liked about their style, and I tried to mimic it in my art. If I liked how an artist drew their noses, I would try it their way. Or their lighting, or colour! But most of all, I started to study more from real-life models. I found that really helped me the most. I had all kinds of influences from other artists, and it eventually all melted together into what I draw now. I still take inspiration from another artists style from time to time, while adding in my own take on things.
And even though I do have a semi-consistent style, it’s still  not something i’m entirely satisfied with. I’m still improving and still learning! I really want to stress learning from life-models or real objects. Even if it sounds boring, it might have more of an impact than you think!

No matter what, you really just have to keep trying and keep drawing. Your style will always be unique to you, no matter what. If you aren’t happy with it, that’s okay too. Try to stay inspired! Only you can create your art. If you have a blank canvas, and you put something on it, that is enough. Please keep drawing, and good luck! 

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how bout some sheith with jealous!shiro

Thank you for the prompt! I’m sorry it took a while, writing can be difficult at times. 

Will I stop writing pining Shiro? Not today, apparently.

It’s something irrational, something dragged, through heavy earths and splinters, something that Shiro feels stir somewhere between his teeth and his mind, colouring with the meanest of shades; it’s like the fear of dying in the simulator, fear of the crash they’ve done week after week last year, engine failure, sounds, too loud, the ground, the embrace, the gasp of the impact stolen from his lungs, running from never there flames.

Irrational at best, escaping at worst and despite it all, he wants Keith to finds things he loves, he wants him to experience the world in ways he couldn’t before, even if there’s a cadet that takes Keith’s tips too seriously, a cadet that smiles shyly when Keith takes his elbows and changes the trajectory of his punch, when Keith grows into comfortable spaces, when he spends hours tutoring the younger ones, Shiro stuck doing reports, field exploration and not even their lunch breaks line up anymore; Keith’s already in his class when Shiro’s barely washing his hands.

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cant u update one time before then?? :/ that's ages away and it wil really break the flow of the story ???? Just asking. Also I've never heard of exams being this long didn't u have them already

Hey anon, sorry but I’m kinda failing in RL x__x I actually wasn’t even sure if I could post chapter 4 before exams and literally wrote it in two sittings!

Also Idek how ur system works but with law we have take home exams as well as sit in exams so the whole ordeal is quite long sorry. 😖

After my exams the updates will be more frequent I think :) (also cmon it’s been 5 days since i last updated 9.5k lmao.. 😥)

I just need to get this off of my chest. I need to talk about what Home, the song, means to me. 

I personally have never felt like I have known what a “Home” really is. I’ve grown up in the same building for my entire life. I went to the same school district. I went to a school in my state, that was relatively close to home. I’m in a sorority. I gained friends that will be with me for a life time. I’ve lived in the same house, slept in the same bed, for the last three years. I have a family that loves me. I should be the happiest person in the world.

But I have never felt that sense of Home, before. Before that song, before that night. 

I go “home” now, and I’m uncomfortable. I feel like the building i grew up in is suffocating. I feel like the town around me closes in like a brick wall. I feel like every conversation I have in that town is tainted by an expectation that will squeeze me lungs. And I have always been happy to come back to Philly. But I never felt like this was Home. It felt like a holding ground. 

Then. The night that Home was leaked, I listened to that song for three hours straight and just cried. They were happy tears that turned into sad tears that turned into relieved tears that turned into hurt tears that turned into excited tears that… turned into a feeling that I had never felt before. 

A feeling of utter contentment. I was able to have conversations with people and accept their answers whether I agreed with them or not. I was able to smile and feel it in my chest. I was able to speak my mine and feel like I was being honest. I was able to think, “wow i like boys and girls. i don’t think i could ever choose.” I was able to realize the girl in my class from two years ago, did actually make me as excited as the boy in the class after. I just was.

For the first time. I was able to feel comfortable in my skin. I felt like I was Home. And I cried that night. And I cry still listening to Home. 

Because some people fine Home in a person or a place or an emotion. But I found it in a song. And don’t know what tomorrow holds. But I know that I have a Home to go to if I’m ever lost.

Today is another milestone for me in my journey to get back in shape. Right now my weight is the lowest it’s been in a really long time and I feel really good about myself. Like my body image issues are getting soooo much better. I feel really good and really proud of myself. 

I just wanted to make this post for any of my followers out there that feel like they are stuck. Because my journey has been up and down and back up again many times. But it does get better. Unfortunately you just have to be patient. But it is worth it. You are worth it!

Fuck so sorry guys I’ve been MIA I just want you guys to know that I’m so excited to reply to all my threads that it’s KILLING me but I’ve either not been able to concentrate or on photoshop working on stuff for Halloween. Shit I want to do them so bad ahhhhh I hate not being able to for a long time

I’m particularly interested in the ones with

@tattara (my Kai/Tatara feels got real intense when you posted your reply haha)
@reticexce @weismanniisms
@ nearly everyone else but just letting u guys know I’m so fucking excited please be excited with me please love me

Long time no post...

Okay, it’s only been like a day, but I recently haven’t found the time to post. I proooomiiise all 7 of my requests will be answered very soon. A few personal things have happened in my life so I haven’t been able to make time for posting just yet. I am so sorry for the lack of content lately!!

When did 6000 happen whaaatttt



I work two jobs now as well as university as well as working on other projects lol I’m dying and I’m so busy

but thanks for still being here cuz this blog has never been 100% dead I don’t understand how but ok THNX 

I’m going to try and give myself some time each week to queue up loads of post because I’ve missed this and it gives me so much inspiration to work myself.




Planets in astrology and what they represent


  • your ego
  • your nature
  • not changing part of yourself
  • the dynamic expression of your will
  • what’s obvious about you for others
  • your actions


  • what you see in yourself (not always)
  • your emotional nature
  • your (immediate) reactions
  • unconscious behavior patterns you developed
  • what satisfies you emotionally
  • how you treat/nurture others
  • usually only comes out when you’re in your comfort zone
  • how you feel
  • shows relationship with mother and women in general
  • why you feel the way you feel


  • communication
  • thoughts
  • way you analyze and understand
  • transportation
  • learning
  • what kind of learning and communication you prefer
  • “day-to-day” cleverness


  • love
  • joy
  • beauty
  • harmony
  • represents female
  • how you express affection
  • what you feel attracted to
  • what you attract
  • the way you spend your money


  • represents male
  • conflict, aggression/forcefulness
  • outright war
  • sex drive
  • physical energy
  • vitality, energy level, style of action
  • represents human will-initiative


  • good luck, success
  • generosity/charity
  • optimism
  • knowledge, higher learning & breadth of vision
  • frankness/honesty
  • good-will
  • confidence
  • search for meaning and truth
  • represents law & justice, philosphy, religion & metaphysics, education
  • urge of self-improvement
  • ethical, religious, philosophical standars


  • limitation/boundaries
  • safety
  • practicality
  • reality
  • seriousness, structures
  • ambition
  • career & authority, hierarchy, conforming social structures
  • concerns sense of duty/responsibility, discipline
  • indicates the area in life in which you probably feel shame
  • shows areas where you have to learn specific lesson


  • unconscious urge to be aware of inner individuality (sun)
  • flashes of insight
  • revolution, change
  • shock, disruptions
  • forces sudden changes when necessary
  • encompasses technology, electronic devices


  • dissolves life’s patterns to teach new meanings
  • things that are different from their appearance
  • the illusive, unreal/unreality
  • receptivity 
  • imagination, cloudiness
  • confusion, delusion, illusion
  • associated with acting/movies, compassion
  • represents intangible (and makes it real)


  • unconscious urge to live out your role in society’s evolution
  • sexuality (act itself)
  • obesssive desires
  • transformation
  • power
  • ingredients of great wealth (investments, banking, etc.)
  • drastic changes in civilization can be linked to Pluto since it’s the slowest planet and a whole generation is affected by it
  • recklessness
  • mental obsession, compulsion
  • emotional resistance
  • overall transcendence

jade bby! in an amalgam of fashion details i keep thinking about 

a lot of my stuff has been featuring green lately hmmm