25:8 hi guys, just home from a long day at work, august is shaping up to be an eventful(not always good)month so sorry about the lack of posts. thankfully i’ll be done working full time on friday, straight onto a hectic bank holiday weekend followed by a few holidayzzzzz💃🏾  also shoutout to @aboysmessyblog for sending me the cutest, BEST message ever….thank you sugar💛

side note, keep an eye out on your inbox as i’ve sent a message to the winner of my lil giveaway. if i’ve not heard anything back by end of tonight, i’ll have to pick another person👍🏾 now to shower, sweaty from this unexpected🌞london is experiencing!!!


My babes! I have been promising these to you! and I have delivered! I am sorry that it took so long! I had a bit of trouble with S4S. (by a bit of trouble I mean I wanted to throw everything I own against the wall a few times) hehehe anyway I digress. 

They are finally here! @theslydCharlene, Christy and Greta shoes re-textured to be more maxis match and re-colored in my ThisIsSoManyColors Palette.  

So, you absolutely need the meshes. The links are bolded up top. The Charlene and Greta links are a direct links to @theslyd‘s SFS. The Christy shoes link to the post on TSR. The reason for this is because the other two have been updated to work with morphs and sliders, so they have been redone and I am not sure if they have been updated on TSR yet. 

They each have custom thumbnails which I will show you under the cut along with the color palette

and without further ado: 

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The end is near...

Well, this is it..! This will be this blog’s final week. On September 1st, as I start my new school year, this blog will go on a very very long hiatus – I might never come back or use this blog ever again.

This is a decision I’ve taken a long time ago, almost a year ago. The main reason is that the school year that is about to start for me will keep me extremely busy. I’ll have to focus a lot on my studies, and that is what I plan to do. So in order to avoid any kind of distraction… I’ve decided to say good bye to this blog.

Another reason that pushed me to make that decision is that… I’m honestly kind of tired of maintaining a blog like this one. I’ve often complained about it feeling like a job, about the pressure I feel – these feelings have not changed. In fact, I almost feel bored and tired of Tumblr because of how I run this blog. And worse! it might also affect how much I love PMMM.

Of course, like every time, I can’t insist enough on how grateful I am that I have so many followers (3500+!). It is really something that I find hard to believe…

Moreover, I have met the sweetest, kindest and most amazing people on this website, including (but not limited to) @nekekur, @crystalelemental, @lapis-lzuli, @wafflethemighty, @puellamagialexmagica1993, @timmybenji005, @caffeccino, @homura-chu, @madokaholic, @makyo, @putinheit, @homura-yes and of course my dearest boyfriend, @lchmadness. All of these people are people that I deeply treasure and value; and most of them are the greatest friends I have.

I have shared so much with all of you throughout the years, that it is really going to feel weird to say good bye to you all… I will miss you all dearly.

Nonetheless, the most important thing I want, should and need to say to you all is:


Thank you for the 2-3 wonderful years I’ve spent using this website, thank you for the joy and the laughter and the kindness, thank you all for making this experience worth while (and for making me improve so much in English teehee! :3), thank you for the love and all your support. Just.. Thank you! Thanks to all of you


Now, more formalities:

This blog will be 100% active until the 1st, which means I’ll still be here from time to time, looking for artworks to post and just using tumblr in general. It will most likely still be kinda active after September 1st, if I get to fill my queue with enough scheduled posts … But after the 1st, I will not be on this blog anymore.

My nendoroid blog, @nendoroid-obsession, will also go on hiatus starting September 1st. On the other hand, my art blog @patoto-magica and nsfw blog @yaoi-ass (😅😅) should still be active since those blogs don’t need to much daily maintaining :P You can contact me there if you’d like.

If we’ve talked in the past and you wish to add me on Skype or any other social media, feel free to send me an ask off-anon asking for my id! You can also follow me on Twitter at @madokaobsession (private account for now, i’ll change that) if doing so pleases you ;P

Yep, voilà if you ppl have any other questions I’ll also gladly answer to them :) I hope you all have a nice day and thanks for reading this!!

OKAY, here is my plan (kinda lol)


First of all, I want to thank everyone for their patience and support; I really appreciate all the kind messages! No, I did not forget about you all. No, I still love the GazettE verrrrrrry much. Remember how I said that I would start working on translations more often once summer break started because I would have more time?

Well, reality basically said SCREW THAT. After about 3 days of rest, I immediately started summer classes for about a month (I kinda had to set my life priorities straight). These courses that are normally taught over a single quarter were CONDENSED into a MONTH, so it was just school, study, exercise, eat, face plant in a textbook/ laptop and fall asleep, repeat. I was bombarded with assignments, readings, and exams, so I was really exhausted and had no time or the energy to do leisurely activities, make translations, or anything else not associated with school. I think I didn’t even listen to music for a few days at one point because I really needed some extreme concentration to study for my final exams.

I finished summer school about a month ago, but I was still busy because I was running errands and helping out with my dad’s business. I felt like I didn’t really start my summer break until about a week and a half ago. So I decided to take an exciting trip with a friend, have a proper summer vacation, and enjoy life to the fullest because I don’t have that much time left until I start school later again. Soooooooo,

GUUYYSSSSSSS. I’M SOON GOING TO BE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THE GAZETTE. I’M *happily sobbing* GOING TO THE LAND OF MY DREAMS (for about a week towards the end of this month). 

JAPAN, HERE I COME! (It will be my first time *twinkly eyes*)

So, I’ll start translations and will come back after my trip (or possibly when school starts because it will be around the same timeframe) :) I’ll try and see if I can post some pictures or updates about/during my trip. And hopefully, I can get some GazettE merch on my hands as well :D

We’re still struggling a LOT with nail clipping. I feel like I’m failing him because of how long they are, and how other people go “Ohh sorry for the nail length, we’re working on it!” when their dog’s nails are like, half the length of his.

I hate dropping him at the groomer’s– it only makes him more afraid in the long run– but I think we’re at the point where I need to do that, for his quality of life. :-/

He’s gotten so much better about a lot of handling, definitely, but this is one of our biggest struggles. Now he lets me brush him anywhere, and he’ll even tolerate his feet being handled, but as soon as the clippers come out he shrinks and curls up and tries to get away. I think I need to up the ante on what treats come out when the clippers come out– no more training treats. We’ll use people food of some sort.

We’re working on it, yeah, but it still sucks! So I’m gonna complain about it!

Comparison - Now

Parts: Now | Then

Note: Sorry it took sooooo long to post this one. This is Y/N’s part again. :3

Pairing: Taeyong/ Y/N

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Y/N once read that the universe conspires to help you achieve your dream.

Well, she certainly wasn’t dreaming to be in the same Literature class with Taeyong, her new annoying ‘apartment’ mate.

She can’t help but be reminded of the fact that she practically embarrassed herself in front of him every time she saw him.

Being in a class was a hundred times worse.

Now, she was going to be reminded of that fact for an hour.

To add salt to her gaping wound (which she knew was a bit of an exaggeration), Taeyong chose the one spot she didn’t want him to.

Beside her.

Was it really his plan to torture her for the entire semester?

If the smirk on his lips were any indication, then it was a yes.

“I look forward to more of the tour,” he whispered to her as she was busy jutting down notes. She can almost hear him mocking her.

“Sorry. Can’t. Busy with school work,” she replied, poker faced, as she continued listening to the professor while writing down her notes.

“Aren’t you gonna help a new student out?”

Y/N finally faced Taeyong, resisting the urge to roll her eyes, and saw his face resembling like a puppy.

'Is this guy serious?’

“I’m not available,” Y/N deadpanned. “Go ask someone else.”

With a final scoff, Taeyong faced front and listened to the professor as she discussed something about stories from all over the world and how they should be appreciated.

Y/N let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, she was going to have a few minutes of peace before Taeyong came up with another thing to annoy her.

It had been like that ever since they were in class the past four days. Taeyong never ran out of things to annoy Y/N with. He always had tricks up on his sleeves.

However, when a few minutes passed and nothing still from Taeyong, Y/N took a peek at him and saw that he was seriously listening to the discussion which was a surprise for her. She wondered what she did in her past life to receive such.

Y/N again took a peek and paused.

She had to admit to herself Taeyong was a handsome guy. He had a face with sharp jawline; tall, straight nose; thin pink lips; and big, bright eyes. It was why she offered to help him and Ten in the first place when they appeared lost that day.

But she learned the hard way that they had already spent a year in the university before going back to Korea to do stuff (which she doesn’t have the slightest clue what) and back again to finish their degree program.

Yet, as Y/N studied his face, she wondered how could anyone with such a face exist? As cheesy and cringe-y as that sounds.

That kind of face only deserved to be immortalized.

Y/N took out her phone in the most inconspicuous way possible. Alerting her target is the least she wanted to do.

A sigh of relief almost escaped her lips at her successful maneuvers. Taeyong was still listening intently on the discussion.

What she was about to do was nothing short of embarrassing if she was ever caught.

Opening her camera, Y/N tried to find his best angle which was no problem since it seemed that every angle was his best.

However, she had to be extra careful so as not to ruin the picture all the while trying to stay discreet.

Y/N quickly snapped her pictures while Taeyong stayed oblivious to what his seatmate a.k.a. Y/N was doing.

'Mission success!’ Y/N could almost feel confetti rain down upon her as she got her pictures of Taeyong without getting caught.

It was cut short, however, when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“What?” she asked, a bit annoyed as she turned around to address the person.

She came face to face with another person she didn’t want to see yet no matter how sweet his smiles were.

“Why were you taking pictures of Taeyong-hyung?” Ten asked in a voice loud enough for anyone near them to hear which was obviously loud enough for Taeyong to hear.

At the sound of his name, Taeyong was quick to give them his attention.

“She was doing what?” he asked. His face registered confusion at first which quickly turned into a smirk as if taunting her.

And to Y/N’s horror, she embarrassed herself to both of them the second time.

Y/N was enjoying her night in peace as she sat down on her armchair, sipping her freshly brewed coffee. Her mind tortured her, however, with the constant replays of the recent events.

She just got caught taking pictures of Taeyong. And he never failed to tease her about it.

He kept on asking if she wanted him to pose as a model for a photoshoot so she can have an album full of his pictures all to herself.

“I’ll do it for free,” he said to her, “as long as you’re the photographer.” He completed his offer with a wink.

To which she declined. She wasn’t crazy enough to do that as tempting as it was.

As Y/N thought about the whole thing, what indeed came to her mind that made her take his pictures?

But a knock on her door interrupted her antagonizing thoughts.

“Who is it?” she called out, but no one answered her. Only a knock came again.

With a roll of her eyes and an annoyed sigh, Y/N stood up from the comforts of her chair to answer whoever was at the door.

“My shower isn’t working. Can I use yours?” was what greeted her.

Of course, it was no other than Taeyong. The only other person who lives on the same floor as her.

“Can’t you fix it or something?” Y/N deadpanned.

“Why fix it when I can just use yours?” he reasoned.

“Why not shower in Ten’s unit?”

“Why waste time in going down a floor when you’re right next door?”

Y/N would have argued more but thought of it as a waste of time, energy as well as brain cells since he was just going to find ridiculous excuses.

Taeyong was just that. Stubborn as hell.

Without saying anything more, Y/N opened her door wider as an invitation. Taeyong marched right in, straight towards the bathroom. All without thanks.

“You’re welcome,” Y/N muttered under her breath. She was annoyed beyond belief. It was not as if they were “friends” that he can just barge in to use her shower. If anything, they were acquaintances. If not, then they were just strangers who knew each other’s names.

Then again, it was just a shower. What’s the harm?

Y/N sighed again. Her new 'apartment’ mate was really something. She sat on her chair again and sipped her coffee.

Just as she was about to finish her cup of coffee, Taeyong emerged from the bathroom.

To her relief (and slight disappointment), he was fully clothed with his hair still damp.

“Thanks for letting me shower,” he said as he dried his hair with a towel.

Y/N set her mug down. “No problem.”

A few moments of silence passed with Y/N hoping that he’d take it as a cue to leave her in the peace of her apartment.

But instead, Taeyong took the opportunity to sit on her sofa.

“Look, I know we’re off to a rough start,” he began as he still toweled his hair dry. But his gaze was now on her, steady and strong. “But I need your help.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow. “My help? Since when?”

Taeyong rolled his eyes. “I need to get someone back.”

“So why me?” Y/N raised an eyebrow. It genuinely puzzled her why Taeyong would pick her when he could have Ten’s help.

“Because I need to make her jealous,” Taeyong replied, slightly exasperated and embarrassed at his confession.

“Oh.” That was all Y/N could say. “Um.”

An awkward silence hang around them for a while before Taeyong spoke again. He seemed to have recovered his confidence this time.

“Plus, you’re a girl, aren’t you?” he said with a smirk.

Y/N stared at him with an expression that said, 'Are you serious?’

His hands stopped drying his hair. “Just help me,” he said in exasperation.

It was Y/N’s turn to sigh in exasperation. She rolled her eyes at him, which Taeyong took as a sign of her acceptance to his proposal, before replying.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to say no anyway.”

Taeyong smirked as he held out his hand. “So, is it a deal?”

Y/N took his hand and shook it.


Notes: Someone should remind me to post the next one XD Hope you guys like this one~~~

Hey there everyone!!!! Sorry about the fact the queue stopped posting for………. a while there………………. I just started college and classes are kicking my butt so I kind of forgot about it? ((I have not had time for any OTHER non-school related obligations either quite yet, it suuuuuuuuucks)))

Anyway I’m also here to say I just made @fiftyshadesofevil an admin, meaning they’re now going to help queue things as well as find content. (They’ve been this blog’s primary source of content for, well, a long time now lol). This might mean you’ll see my Excited Tags a lot less, but hey, if you were really here for just that and want to see more then head on over to @rarmaster, my personal blog.

So yeah that’s about it everyone!!! HERE’S HOPING SCHOOL STARTS SUCKING LESS FOR ME ETC

~ rar 

7 Days of Dorianmance - Day 2

What was the most romantic moment during their courtship?

For Dorian, it was more than just any one event. Elden kept stealing these little moments for the two of them to spend together. They were so simple really, little things like watching the stars while wrapped up in a blanket together, and yet at the same time also incredibly intimate. It seemed so natural for Elden to do things like that for him and it really went a long way towards silencing the nearly ever-present doubt and reassuring Dorian that what they had was real. There was no denying Elden cared for him when he smiled so brightly at him every time Dorian said he had had a nice time.

For Elden, there were lots of things he could count. Even just sitting together on the couch in front of the fire, just reading together, is his idea of a perfect night. But Dorian does enjoy his extravagance. He worked with the advisors to clear Elden’s schedule and set up a whole day where the two of them could just be together. There was candle light, a fancy dinner, and anything else Dorian could arrange in a place as remote as Skyhold. While Elden had insisted that Dorian hadn’t needed to go to all the trouble for him, memory of that night kept him smiling for days after.


Hi everyone (: I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a long time but I have been very uncreative lately and I really want to try my best for all the people that read my work. I have a bunch of requests and I PROMISE that you will get it by the end of this week. I also have been trying to get my “head straight” for some personal reasons and getting ready for school. I just wanted to let everyone know THEY WILL GET THERE REQUEST. THANK YOU

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anonymous asked:

Miss you 💗 Hope the new chapters coming along well can't wait!

I miss you too, Anon!! 💗

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post the next chapter of ‘Save Me’… Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I haven’t had as much time to write as I usually do.

I’m working on the next chapter though and am hoping to get it done tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with me!!! I 💚 You!!!


indirispeaks replied to your post “Woo, I made it to my computer! I’m actually sitting at my desktop…”

Hugs will hurt, so I headpat. How are you doing otherwise? The pain pills made my stomach upset, is yours handling it okay?

Sorry for not responding sooner, been taking a pretty significant break from most computer stuff (mostly because sitting up for long periods of time has been hard and the laptop is unwieldy).

I’m doing much better though, I’ve actually been avoiding the pain pills during the day because it’s been more manageable for the last few days and just taking them before bed. I was warned that they’d give me some stomach trouble so I have some other remedies for that which have worked for the most part. I really don’t like the dizzy/loopy feeling I get after using them (which is good, means I won’t be making any plans to abuse them or get into heroin).

<3 Thanks for asking, I really appreciate that everyone’s been so concerned about me. I’ll have some pics to put up soon too, once all the bandages are off in a couple of days.

Eh, sorry, long post.

today was such a good chill day like ???
i didn’t have class today so I got to sleep in, my morning was nice and quiet cause my brother was working so I was home alone. Had a burrito for breakfast, watched some Dir En Grey lives on youtube. Worked out and showered. And like I said, my shirt kinda match my underwear, and with my packer and binder I felt super masc and I felt good about myself for once in a long time. Then I got dressed and went to my trans guy group, it was really fun. And I had to go to Kohls and get pants, which I was dreading because I’ve never found mens pants that fit and look good BUT I FOUND SOME. They fit a lil more snug than I’d like cause I couldn’t find a bigger size, but I’m losing weight anyways so ye. I also had to get a button up shirt and I got one a size smaller than my usual size BECAUSE IT FIT. I’m thinking maybe it’s a mix of me losing weight and maybe my fat is already getting distributed differently from the testosterone, cause that’s a thing that happens. Also this associate was really super nice and I saved an extra 25%. I did a kohls survey and put in super duper feedback. ANYWAYS, I had a good day for not doing much. I also think my meds are helping a lot too!!

long post/not plants

guys I am scared to accept a job offer. I have been looking for places that I would feel comfortable working for. it is mostly because I just don’t think we’re on the same ethical grounds and that I sense that I will be dissatisfied because of it. second, I am caught up thinking whether the payment is too low or not. on the other hand I never had a full-time paying job and I need to (more like “have to”) get started at some point. I feel like maybe I am throwing away opportunities by declining offers. while on the other hand it just does not feel right. but I don’t even know if it’s ever going to “feel right”. uh🙍🏼 I was going to work as a research assisstant for one of my professors this year, which is a good opportunity. but it’s more like a scholarship rather than a steady job and it is not going to be financially sufficient for me. the other job is a teaching job in another university but I have doubts about the points I mentioned. and I have to choose between the two. I dread the decision😒

Chapter 3: Turn Between Two Lives

Summary:  Felicity Smoak’s life takes a new path to an adventure she had never imagined to live and falls in love with two different men without knowing they are the same person.

Notes: Hello. I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything in a long time, but I was on vacations, so was my friend vivi who always help me, so we hadn’t time to translate it.
English is not my first language and I don’t have any BETA so, i’m sorry for any grammar error or typos.
I’m going to try to post next chapter as soon as I can.
Happy reading and don’t forget to tell me what you think. Your opinion is important to me.


The days passed with complete normality in Starling City, although normal was not the best word to describe the city. The sudden appearance of a vigilante who wanted to provide justice to the city wasn’t normal. However, despite all those uncommon events that the citizens had to deal with, they tried to continue on with their lives.

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