Sticks my head up my own ass.
I feel so not cut out for the big ol Art World™ because if I’m going to be honest with myself; I don’t have a creative drive to save my life and I have no conceptual drive to execute into actual art. The problem isn’t a lack of talent, it’s a lack of imagination.
I’ve only been walking around campus for 4 days and I’ve seen people with more talent and imagination to produce work outside their comfort zone then I can even dream of doing. I’ve been reproducing the same general idea for a year and I’m a standstill.

I want to console myself and be like “oh everyone gets art blocks, you’ll be fine!” But it’s not an art block, I’ve never had the ability to think of unique concepts since the day I picked up a pencil, and forcing myself to just makes me frustrated and more doubtful with myself.

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’m definitely working on those active slots on the commissions list, just unfortunately had a few set backs with my day job T~T)/

Anyway I was digging through my folder of doodles and scraps to see what I can show you guys what I’ve been up to… here’s a piece I drew some time ago of my WoL in my office setting career.

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honestly, this is really extra of me to do but I can’t write?? Like I genuinely stare at my screen and words don’t come to me. And I think I know why.

My mental health – sorry to get personal – isn’t exactly in the best shape right now. I haven’t left my house, or bed for that matter in two months. I’ve been trying to write past my ugly writer’s block.

I don’t eat enough, drink enough water, or get in enough physical activity. I find when I lack these things my brain flicks the creativity switch off. And I get small sparks of inspiration sometimes, but they never last for more than a paragraph before I ramble and fuck my own story up.

Another thing is stress. I do terrible under stress, and my school is coming soon and I’m extremely nervous to start school and have to get back into a routine when I can barely make it through the day getting food in myself.

So, until my body can function properly again I’m just gonna stop trying to write. And I don’t know for how long, probably a few weeks into school when I’m back in a routine where I’m getting out and I’m eating enough and stuff like that.

I’m sorry to like the two people who will see this and be disappointed, I will be writing again at some point. I will still be active, still be on here liking posts and playing around with my blogs HTML (I’m never satisfied lmfao) so I’ll be here to talk. But right now I still think I need to get myself back together?

Edit: I have a queue so, you will be seeing that update for me

thiccmint  asked:

sorry to interrupt the "Top Five" asks, but I wanted to ask for your advice on creating OC's of color, since you mentioned the hollowness of white fandom's. Now, I'm not white, but I was raised by my white mother's family, and in a predominately white suburb. And my biggest creative fear now is that my OC's of color, even the ones that share my race, reflect my lack of cultural connection and fall flat. Do you have any advice for how i can go about fleshing out their racial/ cultural identities?

No need to apologize, hun. The ask box is for all sorts of questions!

The best advice someone gave me with that same question was also “research”.

And it was actually awesome advice for me because not only was this a way to reconnect with my culture a bit more (having living relatives who support this endeavor and will humor me helps, ofc) but it also influenced the development of my own OC, and was a way to channel those feelings of being disconnected from your culture and not belonging. And it helped me grow.

And honestly, I think even if you are disconnected from your culture, there’s a certain “soul” that is never lacking. It’s the AWARENESS that you don’t move in this world as white, as “default”, or if you’re passing, the AWARENESS that it’s conditional. At least, I can sense that. People know when you’ve invested more into a character’s background and their race beyond just clicking the right arrow towards the darker end of the spectrum, imo. I wouldn’t be too worried that your characters read “hollow” in comparison to someone who just wanted to play digital brownface.

I dunno if my nonwhite followers have more to say on the matter, but that’s my take. I hope this helps and wasn’t terrible advice.