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Sorry for my lack of updates, I’ve been recovering from a terrible cold. Have a picture of my Management notes on corporate culture & a cute little watercolour picture I painted as compensation ~
I received a lot of positive feedback with my previous case of colour coordinating, so I chose to do it again but with a violet colour scheme today because it (apparently) uplifts, calms the mind & nerves as well as encourages creativity. :^)


I read ererifanatic asking for nerd!Levi and jock!Eren and I couldn’t help to draw them. 

Not really the tutoring prompt but maybe in the future I’ll draw it haha

The charismatic and reliable Vice Minister of the Department of Wishes

↳↳↳ ♋ K A R N O
Ichthys ver.
You are short (Calum)


believedh said: “Hi I’m not sure if you’ve done one before but I was really hoping for an imagine with either Luke or Calum where your really short (I’m 5'1) xxx”

absolutely! I hope you like it! xx

(I’m sorry for my lack of creativity, I’m weak and went for the obvious “you’re reaching for something on the top shelf and need some sort of help bc you’re too short”, I hope you can still get some kind of enjoyment out of it even though it’s so mainstream)


“Shit…” You mumble to yourself, already being able to imagine how bad this could turn out. You put one knee up onto the high chair, using your other foot to kick off the ground.

You had been sitting by your kitchen isle, writing a paper for school when you suddenly felt a very distinct crave for cocoa puffs. The only problem is that they’re literally on the highest shelf in the whole house and you being a tiny bit shorter than the rest of the world, can’t really reach them without some sort of help. You are way too stubborn to ask your Calum for help since you know that he’d just laugh at you and call you tiny like he usually does when your height has gotten in the way of things. Instead, you placed the high chair that you had just been sitting on. The only problem now is that the chair is a spin chair, which increased the risk of you falling down on your arse very much.

You manage to get up on the chair, gripping the handle on a cupboard above you to keep you from falling. You can see the cereal standing there, and all you have to do know is stand up and…

Suddenly you hear a muffled laughter coming from behind you. You sigh and roll your eyes, “shut up.” you say, knowing that your boyfriend is observing you with an amused grin on his face. You are soo close to reaching them and you refuse to turn around or let him distract you.

Calum laughs and asks, “what are you doing, babe?” As if it wasn’t obvious enough already..

“I’m trying to- AH!” The chair decides to take a spin all suddenly and if it wasn’t for the fact that you are still gripping the cupboard, you would have definitely fallen. “I’m trying to grab the cocoa puffs,” you explain. “Stop distracting me.”

“You know you could have just asked and I would have helped you, right?” Calum says, coming up next to you. 

“I know Cal, but I can’t ask you for help every time I can’t do something y my own, can I? And this is going great, I’ve almost…” You explain while carefully this time, standing up on the chair and grabbing the package. “Got ‘em!” You say and hold them up, turning around a bit too fast to show him your accomplishment. 

The chair doesn’t really want the same things as you do, because when you turn one way the chair turns the other and you lose all your balance.

You very pathetically squeak out in fear of falling hard onto the floor, but luckily Calum stood right there and successfully catches you in his arms before you hurt yourself. 

“Oh my god, are you okay?” Calum asks, eyes wide as he carefully puts you down on the floor. 

“I’m fine, thanks for catching me.” You say and place the cereal on the kitchen counter. You had miraculously managed to actually keep your grip of the cocoa puffs instead of dropping them which had probably ended in a chocolate disaster on the kitchen floor. 

“Please let me know the next time you need something from the top shelf.”

You roll you eyes as he pulls you to his chest by your waist and wraps his arms around you. You feel him place a kiss on the top of your head, since he is so annoyingly tall.

You tilt your head back with a pout to meet his eyes, standing on your tippy toes. “Stop being so tall, I can’t even kiss you.”

Calum laughs and bends down to press his lips to yours, taking a hold of your hips in the meantime and lifting you up. You let out a surprised squeak that is muffled by his lips, before you quickly wrap your legs around his waist.

He puts you down on the counter and pulls away with a smile. “I’m not that tall, you’re just really small, babe,” he says before adding, “it’s cute.”

“But I don’t want to be cute…” You protest.

“Why not? Isn’t that a compliment?”

“Yeah, I know, but it makes me feel as if I’m five years old.”

“Okay then, how about elegant? Too old?” He says, winking.

“Yes, definitely.” You laugh. “I think I’d rather be cute actually…”

“How about…” he pauses to think, a small smile playing on his lips, “smashing?” he dramatically says eventually. “Or outstanding? Maybe marvelous?”

You laugh again. “Okay, okay, I get it!”

“Mind blowing? Smart? Classy? Beautiful? Charming? Sexy…?”

“I get it, Calum, and I am very flattered.” You say before he can continue with something worse (not worse as in something negative, but as in something on the more sexual front). You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. 

“You’re amazing, and I’d love just as much even if you were ten feet tall or if you were three feet tall.” He says, reaching for your lips.

You kiss him quickly three times, lingering a little longer on the last one before you say, “I love you too, giant. Now stop distracting me and let me have my cocoa puffs.”

Finally having been checked out of St. Mungo’s, he slipped on his jacket; recently, Octobers in London felt a lot more cold because of the war- and began making his way out, spotting an old friend.

A wide grin found it’s way to his fair face; “Pamela?” he called out, approaching her. “You look different! Not in a bad way, I mean; in a good way,” he chuckled, feeling a bit silly- reunions weren’t exactly his thing, “just different. It’s been ages!”

It’s Reigisa week but I’ve been pretty busy (and lacking of creativity) so I hadn’t participated up to now, but there you have a small sketch ;v;

I can’t believe I’ll be able to see these two again in just a couple of weeks, I’m unbelievably excited <3


Finally I post a thing. Sorry for the lack of art, y'all! My life has been incredibly packed for the last more than a month, really, as a result of which I’ve been left totally drained. I also have a couple other design projects going on that have been sucking my creativity, as well as some drawing for work, which is awesome. But now we’re finally in the slow season at work so I’ll hopefully be back in action more soon.

I really need to do the one-quick-sketch-a-day thing again. That was good for me.

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’m definitely working on those active slots on the commissions list, just unfortunately had a few set backs with my day job T~T)/

Anyway I was digging through my folder of doodles and scraps to see what I can show you guys what I’ve been up to… here’s a piece I drew some time ago of my WoL in my office setting career.

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Braids (Bucky Barnes)

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Character: Bucky Barnes

Words: 269

Warnings: None

Request:  Hi could you pretty please write a Bucky Barnes imagine about the reader braiding his hair while he’s asleep and he wakes up and idk something happens (you’re the creative genius) please and thank you!! Xx

A/n: Hey everyone! I havent been able to access this blog for some reason until now! My tumblr has been glitchy and deleted a lot of messages for this blog and my main blog. Sorry for the lack of updates~

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Hello tumblr!

First of all I’m sorry for the lack of any posts these days, but it’s because I’ve been working on some new projects, and I’d like to share one of them right now!

I’m excited to be illustrating a set of 12 children with their pets in collaboration with SO Awesome Cards. They make adorable printed “wallet cards” for children to encourage creative play. The cards are education, durable, and nontoxic. However, this particular project can only begin once it is fully funded on Kickstarter, and it could use some support right now! 

Although there are only 9 days to go, I have hope that we can make it if word is spread around. If you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, you can basically pledge anything from $3 to $50 (or higher for more rewards), and you don’t have to pay anything until a project is fully funded. 

There will be several other wonderful artists working on these spring decks too, so there will be a choice of my pets deck, or seasons, colorful houses, and emotions. 

Yes… there will be a corgi. And cats, and hedgehogs… cuteness overload? Maybe. But it will be worth it :) And this is the first time my art will printed on a product, so I’m crossing my fingers!

For more info, here’s the link: Children’s Wallet Cards on Kickstarter

Please help spread the word and share it with your family and friends! Thanks a lot :D

“Never thought I’d get any higher 
Never thought you’d fuck with my brain 
Never thought all this could expire 
Never thought you’d go break the chain”

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