I just want to apologize for my lack of proper RP replies as of late. I have an important exam coming up in two weeks and I took on a new editorial job which means my creative juices are a little thin when it comes to writing at the moment. (Plus it’s really unbearably hot where I live right now.) Sadly I cannot promise that it will get much better after the exam, and I will be tackling my thesis soon, too. So while I’m around my attention span is sort of veeery short, I’m sorry. I’ll try my best to work on the stuff I owe, though, please bear with me. I don’t want to give anyone half-assed replies.


Sketch of the day - some amazing friends, artist and writers who I’ve luckily enough been able to meet some of them and I adore every creative piece each person has done! You all inspire me a bunch to draw :’)
Hopefully when I get free time I’ll digitalise and spruce them up more!
daynadoodles, Adam, sexbangs, onsta, foresstfox, bollockingwankshite, bitdragon, electrohex, astrofyre
Now if we’re a mutual and you’re a lil upset I haven’t drawn u FRET NOT I will do more cause you all deserve a lil something! Plus I planned to do everyone! EDIT: omg Sarah has pointed out I spelt daynas name wrong IM SO SORRY DAYNA I blame it on my lack of sleep!

Let me just put my thoughts into words.

I have so much that I want to do. I hate that my creativeness is put in this box because of the lack of resources.

I shouldn’t complain and just use what I have till a door is opened. I see where I want to be; where everyone else is. I need to stop comparing and realize everybody’s road to their destination is different and some roads are longer than others. I need to focus not on the world seeing me but what God sees in me and where He’s going to take me to glorify Him.

Episode 23 "Wee Ones and Picts, Oh My!
  • Episode 23 "Wee Ones and Picts, Oh My!
  • Jenny McNiven
  • The Struggling Archaeologist's Guide to Getting Dirty

It’s episode 23 of The Struggling Archaeologist’s Guide to Getting Dirty!

Hey there, I’m Jenny, a big old history nerd with a dramatic streak and a lack of creative outlets. Hence the podcast. The show has taken a little bit of a hiatus while I figure out some life things, and for that I am sorry. But, if it makes you feel any better, my “life things” turns out to be a pretty cool development. He’s about 7 months along right now and getting ready to pop this fall. That’s right! I’m expecting a little shovelbum and couldn’t be more excited for this most excellent adventure. But enough about me, let’s get back to the archaeology! So here’s what to expect in this episode:

  • We learn about Pictish forts being discovered by adventurous archaeologists in Scotland
  • I decide that somehow I’m vaguely connected to Pictish history because I’m from New York
  • Next it’s time to a new segment “Stories that Shaped the World” where we talk about how mythology influenced life in the past
  • Because I’m preggo I decided to look into childbirth in Egyptian mythology
  • I have an update for you on The Struggling Archaeologist Book Club!

So that’s it for now, enjoy and be sure to check out the other awesome archaeology podcasts on the Archaeology Podcast Network, new episodes out weekly!

mini psa

okay so I am feeling ridiculously
overwhelmed, with 43 drafts &&
honestly no muse for most of
them, SO, as much as I hate to
have to do this, I am going to
sift through the box && purge
the ones that have either a) been
sitting there unacknowledged or
b) have no plot && are just an up
in the air kind of deal. sorry babes
but my headspace is kind of off
&& I feel like I need to do some
blog cleaning tbqh. I am also
feeling a complete lack of creativity
&& I think it’s these itty bitty plotless things that are killing me. so if you
have a plot that you’ve been wanting
to shove my way, than this is your
time to do so. we’ll call it OPEN HOUR.

anonymous asked:

I hope, you had a nice day at the con, as always, I'm here for the daily question! Today, it's concerning the Aliens. When they arrived on Earth, what surprised them most? Culture, humans, house appliances? Don't let them drag you down, you are a wonderful creative person, Shark-senpai. Your work is fantastic, so are you and your OCs! And thank you very much for appreciating my drawing of Mint and Twilight! uwu

i did,thank you, i just had trouble afterwards but all is good now! And it’s not a problem,I really loved what you drew for me! Putting this under a cut due to the length!

Also, sorry for how late this is, I started it last night after i recieved i but exhaustion from my lack of sleep the night before caught up with me in  bad way.

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it’s a different kind of danger / and my feet are spinning round / never knew i was a dancer / ‘til Delilah showed me how

So I know I haven’t done any World Building June prompts in a while but I’ve just been lacking a lot of inspiration. When the creative juices finally hit me, it wasn’t for writing, it was for art. And so this happened. Not really a specific character or scene, more just playing with light and motion. This is how I picture an Asrastani Fire Mage, dancing and weaving her magic in a beautiful display.

Heyo tumblr peeps [updates]

Sorry for the lack of art and doodles lately. I’ve been going through one exam after the other and it’s draining all my creative energy. It’s been pretty stressful, but I’m getting some decent results, so the effort is at least worth something.

My winter holidays are coming up, and it’s about time I made a few changes to my blog. I’ve been mulling over some alternative names to replace the “Lumnie” and “LumnieRaptor”s on websites. While I’ve grown attached to that name, I don’t think it suits me or my namesake character anymore. If I do decide to change the blog name, I will post a notice so no one gets confused, and keep as an archive for reference photos, tutorials and inspiration that I find and reblog.

Now for the good news: my Ori and the Blind Forest sketch has been featured on the Microsoft Studios blog! I wasn’t expecting many people to even look twice at that drawing, so you can imagine my surprise (and certain delight) to see that little notice.

For everyone who still follows my blog, or had liked/reblogged my drawings: thank you so very much! And thank you for sticking around despite all my hiccups and flailing around :)

It’s still a long time until Christmas, but i’m already looking forward to it :)
All the lights and all the good food.
I use to bake cookies with my sister and my mom at least twice before Christmas.
Sorry for the lack of food pics during the last week, but I have to admit that I’m not cooking myself very often at the moment. I’ve got a whole freezer full of frozen berries, and I can’t wait to show you guys what I’m gonna do with them :)
See you then 👋

So I accidentally deleted the messag an anon sent (thank you!) so here are my answers (luckily I read it first):
D- unfortunately I lack creative talent so besides a few text posts I haven’t contributed much.
K- I have heard some things about people in the fairy tail fandom and ship wars getting kind of nasty but I follow some pretty cool people. I like this fandom.
S- I like to think at one point, maybe when natsu first joined ft Makarov made Laxus take him on a mission (cause lets face it Laxus is a grump and proba). And then Natsu ended up really impressing Laxus (besides destroying everything) and ever since then natsu has looked up to him. And honestly I just like to imagine laxus being like a proud big brother, who of course won’t admit it.
Y- when I watched inuyasha I never really shipped anything. I liked miroku and sango but other than that I didn’t really care which is kind wierd cause romance is one of the main plot points.