Take it slow- Owen x Reader One Shot

Anon requested: Reader get scared by Owen’s ‘alpha’ side, he feels bad and tries to be really soft and loving and he ends up liking that more than being the dominant alpha

Rating: M- Smut

Sorry for the lack of writing I’ve been under alot of stress/depression and have lost my creativity side

“Okay, your turn,” Owen laughed as he took another swig of beer

“Hmmm.” you tapped your index finger on your chin “Okay, okay…How many woman have you been with”

“Enough to know what I’m doing, sweetheart. Which I’m sure you’re aware of that,” he chuckled.

Blushing, you looked down and drummed your fingers on you half empty beer bottle. Yeah, he was right.

“Okay, my turn,” he thought for a moment, then laughed. “Ha! What did you think of me when we had sex the first time” He gave you a cocky smile.

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On My Converse Sneakers

When it has finally become clear
that there really is no other choice,
I set about replacing my shoes.  
The same, but new.

I change them on the street,
the old ones scrapped and fraying.

I hate the new.  
I hate their pristine white laces
and tough rubber soles.  
They are the same, but lacking.  

They are still a thousand miles shy
of being mine.  

But I know that growing
around my feet will take time.  
Sorry, breaking.
They will break around me.


I’m stalling with my writing :/ I haven’t put out any pieces I feel for quite some time and it’s shameful. I’m working on getting some full-length stuff started but in the meantime I still want to do little stuff and one-shots. I’m trying to think of some ideas (for multiple ships too), platonic, romantic, fluff, funny….any help?

I’m sorry everyone that I haven’t been more active lately with personal content. I’m struggling with creative content and right now I’m just barely keeping The Serpent and the Slave afloat. I’m trying to keep things flowing, but I keep getting discouraged. 

Maybe if you guys tell me what you enjoy seeing most out of my blog it’ll help get some of my inspiration back? Are you guys here for Kaim content? My other OC’s? Are you just here because I reblog a lot of Dorian stuff? You can tell me anonymously. I don’t mind. Some of you are quiet and I’m just curious as to why some of you all followed me in the first place? 

call the POLE-ice and the fireman, i’m too hot! ✘ pole weapons ✘ jasper & yule

As soon as I washed the paint and dirt off my arm, I walked over to another Station. There were only two left that I haven’t visited, and I wanted to touch up on a few more before Training was officially done. On another note, I had my other goal was to meet the other Tributes and getting a read on what their skills were. My grandmother has always said to use my opponent’s weaknesses against them. I found the advice cruel, but in the situation I was currently in, proved to be quite helpful. 

I found myself at the Poles station, noticing the male from District Eleven who was holding a trident in his hand. “Are you sure you’re not from Four?” I asked him with a grin, trying to see if he was good with the weapon. “You have a swimmer’s build,” I claimed, hoping to hide my true intentions. 

Looking up, I see a towering figure ripped out of my grandmother’s romance novels. “Hello there,” I greeted him with a smile. He was a bit more attractive than Hudson, and hopefully more helpful.

Sorry if this blog has been a little lack luster in the cycling posts what this mainly has been for fucking years

Recently I’ve found myself off the bike and on my skateboard way more and I’ve found that it is way more fun and creative

Cycling has always been a main interest of mine but I feel like I need to put it on the shelf a little bit

Even scrolling through my dash I’ve realized how pretentious it can be and how most of this can become competition about who’s riding what where when why what components ect…. And I just want to feel something a little more organic and rebellious which sounds fucking stupid but so aren’t the 24,000 dollar wheels I just saw made of 24k gold (I’m looking at you light weight)

So I guess this is a go out and ride something that makes you feel like a kid again do it cuz it’s fun blog

revengeuchiha asked:

{question time!!} purple, red, crimson, dark-green and black.

Purple: Describe yourself in three words:
     Creative, space, void

Red: Calm or Aggressive?
     Calm, unless angered (or in bed)

Crimson: Describe what made you hate the person you dislike.
     She lied to me. Repeatedly. 

Dark Green: Favorite god or goddess?

Black: Do you believe in life after death?
     I’m not sure. Reincarnation seems like the best “theory” (for lack of a better word) for life after death to me. 

anonymous asked:

why are you so pretentious about a goddamn tattoo. lack of creativity' the iv symbols are so iconic. like damn, get off your high horse.'

I knew it :D

Okay, I voiced my opinion when I wasn’t asked for it, you just voiced yours when you weren’t asked for it so I think we’re even now :)

I just really love tattoos. Great tattoos especially and I try to learn more about tattoos each day so yes, I’m extremely picky.

And sorry, I really like it up here so I won’t get off ^_^

anonymous asked:

1-49!!! Mwahaha!!!

WHAT?? Oh gosh fine, but im sorry to those who have to scroll through this long ask. Also u skipped 50, which shows a lack of creativity, my friend :p

1. What are you wearing right now? A little mermaid t-shirt and jean shorts.
3. First kiss experience? Um? A lead in the school musical gave everyone- including me- a kiss on the cheek to leave a lip stain.
4. Who do you look up to most and why?
My friend Jaime, because she always has my back and is super caring and cool, and Hans Christian Andersen, who I love because his work is amazing and I want to be him.
5. In your opinion, cutest way to be asked out? THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE WAYS OH GOSH. um…. for me personally? I think the cutest way is anyway where they do their best to make it something personal and meaningful? Like getting your favorite book and highlighting random words to make a message or just making you search for the right words like a little scavenger hunt? Singing your favorite romantic song to you? Idk, anything can be super cute uwu.
7. Favorite candy? Candy Canes!
8. Dark or milk chocolate? BOTH
9. Last time you cried? Actually I just finished watching Anastasia and I cried at the beginning. So last time I cried was like, a couple hours ago.
10. Has someone ever changed you significantly and how?
Yep. A few people, I mean, it happens.
11. Do you believe in kiss on first date? Depends on the people and how long they knew each other!
12. Left handed or right handed? right!
14. Whose your best friend and how long have you been friends? I have a few wonderful friends that I’ve known since high school <3
15. Is there anyone you like and why? Yep. Idk but for some reason he’s got something special and makes me feel calm when I’m with him.
16. What are some of your pet peeves? When people act like they know best and never apologize or own up to their mistakes because they’re ~oh so perfect and flawless~
17. Favorite and least favorite subjects in school? Fav is English least fav is Math. Ironically my best grades where always in Math while the worst were in English for a long time.
18. Plans for the future?
I want to become an author and have a dog!
19. Sweaters or hoodies? Sweaters
20. Snow or rain? Both, but if I have to choose, rain!
21. What celebrity do you look up to? …. Hans Christian Andersen??????
23. What would you want your name to be if you were the opposite sex?
Um…. Oliver is a cool name? Chris???
24. Would you die for the ones you love? totally.
26. Have you ever self harmed? nope
27. Sex before or after marriage and why? Personally, after, but ideally never since I’m asexual
29. At what age did you have your first kiss? I have not have my first kiss yet.
30. What is the worst thing someone could do to you? Um?? I mean?? making me feel like I’m worthless?
31. What pets do you have/want to have? Dogs and cats are great and I would love both a dog and cat in the future
32. Describe your day today? I made cookie dough, gave up on making a short story longer, watched parks and rec, and packed for college
33. Night owl or morning bird?
hmmmmm I’m not sure? I think I’m in the middle. Could be either depending on the day.
34. A band/artist you want to see in concert? I guess Owl City.
35. Post a picture of you ehhhh not feeling it tonight, im sorry :’o
36. Biggest turn on(s)? An attractive voice, kindness, intelligence, and a warm smile.
37. What do you fear most and why?
Uh, too many to count and explain.
38. Describe your life story so far in 5 words or less Hopeful
39. How old are you? 19,
40. Do you ever want to get married? Have kids? Always wanted to get married but I don’t think I could handle kids because the idea that I might traumatize a life forever leaves me paralyzed with fear. But honestly the idea of thinking about whether I’ll marry or start a family of my own makes me tired.
41. Ever gotten your heart broken, how?
Um? Sorta? not in a been dating and now im crushed way but more like my friend doesn’t think I’m important or special anymore way?
42. School morning daily routine? gets dressed, eats breakfast, chill until class
43. A few things on your bucket list? I’d like to travel.
44. Where do you want to travel if you could go anywhere and why?
EVERYWHERE because I want to see the world and not let fear keep me from doing so.
45. How often do you wear a fake smile?  Only when I’m sad but someone I care about shows up and I don’t want them to worry.
46. Favorite thing about Tumblr? The friends I met!
47. Do you sing in the shower? Rarely, but yes.
48. What did you want to be when you were a kid? I wanted to open up a puppy palace where I took care of dogs and bred them and they roamed free and people could come adopt them.
49. Most hurtful thing someone has said to you? :l *shrugs noncommittally*

{ I’m so sorry to everyone who’s patiently putting up with my lack of activity on this blog right now. School is really zapping the fun and creativity out of me at the moment, and my muses keep escaping. I promise I’ll get back in the swing of things soon!! }