Hoseok deserves all the love of the planet. He worked (and he still does) so hard to be where he is now, and people don’t appreciate any of that. He is attacked by antis every fucking day, and it’s so fucking frustrating. He doesn’t deserve it. He deserves all the love, all the respect and all the support. I mean, the way he moves (dances) on the stage as if nothing matters deserves to be much more talked about, or the beautiful way he sing as if he had millions of angels inside him. And did you hear his rap? He is so fucking amazing. Hoseok deserves so much better.

what should have happened tbh
  • sangwoo: listen up bum I have a great plan
  • bum: yes?
  • sangwoo: I will dress the corpse with your clothes then I will pretend that im carrying you and take it to the woods but hopefully the old lady wont notice me or the corpse then you fallow me afterwards without covering your face or anything and hopefully the old lady wont notice you
  • bum:
  • bum: or we could just keep the corpse in the bag and take it with us to the woods then we could just tell the old lady that we are going to camp at a late hour because we want to enjoy watching the sun rise at the woods or something
  • sangwoo: ...oh

A Headcannon for a certain Harry Hart.

Lee Unwin’s death left him devastated. The man he admires and love was willing to sacrifice himself to save him.

His genuine care for others that Harry used to deeply admire was actually the reason why he lost the man.

More importantly, he was not able to confess his true feelings for the man.

He knew the medal would never be enough as a compensation. Lee Unwin’s life will never be retrieved. Harry was not the only one that the young man left behind. He tried hard not to show any weakness as he gave the medal to Lee’s son, Eggsy. “Oxfords not Brogues.” How he hoped those words would be able to save him too as he found himself staring into the child’s eyes. The two shining orbs were the same as Lee’s.

Harry carried the guilt through the years, burying himself with work after work. He dedicated his self to his work. He had no attachments, no companionship and he had not loved anyone ever since. Merlin was worried for him most of the time, telling that Lee had no regrets for saving him. For Harry, that reason was not enough. He wanted to do something to repay him.

His prayers was answered by a phone call from a certain Eggsy Unwin. Lee’s son needed his help and without hesitation, he came to his aid. Harry had also seen the potential he once saw from Lee. Without any further ado, he had given the child chance to become a Kingsman, a Kingsman agent. Perhaps, he might be able to repay Lee by taking good care of his son.

He was not mistaken. Lee’s son had outstanding results in his trainings. Spending time with the boy made him realize that he is, in fact, just like his father. He had this certain brightness in his eyes. Harry was very fond of complimenting the boy just to see his twinkling eyes and bright smile. Perhaps, there’s still hope left for him.

It was only until he spend a day with the boy when his thoughts started to change. It is true that they had similarities but there were not perfectly the same. Eggy had this certain energy and ideas he was not able to find from Lee. From that day on, he started to see Eggsy as himself and not as the son of his previous protegé. From that day on, he started to admire the man and believe in him much more.

Harry was truly disappointed when Eggsy failed the test. He had high hopes for him. Maybe he was mistaken. Maybe he did everything to only repay Lee. Before he was able to understand his feelings, he was sent to Kentucky.

Only Harry knows how much he wanted to leave the church. The sermon was all mumbles and flat lines through his ears. Eggsy did not leave his mind for even a matter of seconds. The young man who was so eager to hear his acceptance and compliments. That same man who did not watched over him when he was unconscious. The same person who looked at him with affection as he teached him the ways of a gentleman. The Eggsy Unwin..

that he actually loves.

As soon as the realization flooded his thoughts, he did not hesitate to leave the establishment. All he wanted to do was fixed the argument he and Eggsy had. All he wanted was to be able to confess his feelings for once, but not everything will work out the way he wanted to.

It was one bloody hell. All he remembered was he wanted to kill all those people. How can he explain this to Eggsy? Would he still accept him despite all that happened? Those questions was not answered. Valentine shot him and he was known to be dead for a long time.

Harry wanted to be a lepidopterist ever since he was young. He wanted to spend his life collecting those beautiful colors to be able to admire their beauty every single day. Collecting all the species are among one of his dreams. There is this one particular butterfly that he always see in his dreams. He cannot see the butterfly vividly but he knew that it has the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. For him, he was the most interesting of them all.

Two people who he felt familiarity but had no recollection of meeting visited him one day. He knew he knows nothing of them but he also felt like he forgotten something really important. He was shaken by that fact but continued to act undisturbed.

The first thing he saw once his memories came back to him one by one? was the beautiful butterfly he had seen in his dreams. Strong emotions flooded his all being and he was so overwhelmed, Harry was only able to mutter the person’s name. He was not able to hold back the hug he once suppressed with all his might. His Eggsy was there, in front of him.

All he wanted to do was confessed his feelings to him. It’s never too late, he thought. He planned to say it while having a glass of Martini, for old time’s sake.Unfortunately, he was already too late.

Eggsy had a girl he actually loves.

Harry loves him too much so he did what he thought was best for him. He lied. He lied about the fact that when he was shot, Eggsy was the only thing in his mind. He lied and set Eggsy free.

Perhaps, this was his karma. He let Lee Unwin die. A person like him who let the person he once loved die did not deserve a person like Eggsy. He will never be the lepidopterist who would be able to catch the most interesting butterfly. This was his karma. This is what hhe deserved.

Harry was a gentleman and a gentleman would never be afraid of responsibilities. He decided to stay with Eggsy. He became Eggsy’s partner, companion, friend, a mentor and the best man on his wedding.

Oh how he wished that they didn’t brought him back to life.

With that, he forced a smile as the love of his life kissed his new bride.

Harry Hart lost two Unwins in his life.

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Why Lunami fans feels so proud about Luffy gave Nami his hat when he also gave his hat to Vivi and ask her to stay back

Seen from a critical point is not pride ..
The straw hat pass is a symbolism of calm and if you see, during many events, Luffy calmed Nami giving him his hat (an example is in Skypiea when Luffy fought against Enel) … In the case that you exposed was the same In Vivi seeking to calm her, but with Nami has not only been that case, there have been several events that reinforce the bond of both …
If it were only the straw hat pass that sustains the LuNa, fans would have long since left the subject, but believe me that if you analyze the evolution of Oda-sama’s work well, you will understand many details …
A hug from Bepo and I apologize for my English …

we can all agree in this panel that sangwoo shows genuine emotion

i wanna know what’s the reason for him to say that at the moment before he thought of a plan. it was a reflex, right?

did he think like so after officer lee said bum’s wound opened up, and he’s immediately worried that bum might leave him again because his wound is not healing properly? because sangwoo does try his best at treating bum’s wound, he doesnt want bum dead.

or maybe because bum was screaming in pain and sangwoo didn’t want him to be in pain, he wants bum to heal but the police ruined it.

idk, i just really want to know what made sangwoo to stand up and yell that immediately after seeing bum come into the station.


@lilylunac here is another advance of the Snb chibis i’m doing!! First the nina one I posted yesterday but now with rough colors!!! 😊Also the preview for charioce and mugaro!! Sadly I just can’t find the azazel one 😢😢 if I can’t find it by the end of the day then I’ll just draw it again and post it tomorrow. I’m also thinking of doing a pair for the charioce one with nina plucking hamsa’s feathers while thinking in charioce/chris. I don’t know what do you guys think??😄😄😄

P.D. after this i’ll focus on finishing the chibis I already posted aka I not going to post new previews for a while.