Some ski jumping questions for ask! o(^.^)
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  • A:Most favourite ski jumper?
  • B:Least favourite ski jumper?
  • C:Most favourite lengendary ski jumper (currently non-active)?
  • D:Most favourite trainer?
  • E:Most favourite ski jumping hill?
  • F:The best moment in ski jumping?
  • G:The worst moment in ski jumping?
  • H:Ski flying or ski jumping?
  • I:Winter competetions or SGP?
  • J:Most favourite ski jumping team?
  • K:Least favourite ski jumping team?
  • L:The best competetions is in .....?
  • M:Who will win overall ranking in this season?
  • N:Most handsome ski jumper?
  • O:Least handsome ski jumper?
  • P:Dream team?
  • Q:Dream podium?
  • R:Who will win world championship?
  • S:When I started watched ski jumping?
  • T:Which ski jumper missed me most in season 2012/2013?
  • U:Can I imagine my life without ski jumping?
  • V:My first favourite ski jumper?
  • W:Schlierenzauer lover or hater?
  • X:Which ski jumper have birthday at same day when me?
  • Y:I like ski jumpers from my country?
  • Z:Who will win ski flying overall ranking in this season?
i'm getting so angry 'bout people from tumblr lately. The whole 'when he was black/a muslim, he would be called a terrorist" thing is so pointless. He isnt a goddamn terrorist because he had no political or religious background, he was a mass murderer, and if he was black he would be a mass murderer too. Just because in your goddamn united states racism and islamophobia is everywhere, things arent that bad here. Don't use a murder with 150 victims for your own buisness. USA IS NOT THE WORLD

Interview with Ricardo Kakà and Marco Materazzi (x)

0.38 which one of you is more beautiful?
Marco Materazzi: Him
Ricardo Kakà: me
0.45 Kakà convince everyone that you’re not as good as they say:
Kakà: I am what I am…
0.52 Exchange of roles, Materazzi try to be polite and Kakà pissed.
-There’s one that you don’t pass the ball:
M: patience…
K: give me the ball ooh!
-There is someone pouring coffee on you:
K: be careful, damn!
M: don’t worry, my wife will wash the shirt!
-There is one that put his hand on your ass:
K: are you gay?
M: noo!
-Why women like you so much?
K: it’s a mystery
M: And where are they?
1:23 How to overcome Materazzi?
K: in speed
How to overcome Kakà?
1:59 What do you think when Kakà dribling you?
M: and now what?
When Materazzi steals the ball:
K: you bastard!
2.25 What do you say to Gattuso that admits to being homosexual?
K: good luck!
M: Ringhio I can’t believe it!
Moratti who don’t have the money to pay coffee for you:
M: controls well that’s got something in his pocket
K: I offer you President
2:42 Who of your teammates has the longest pea?
K: Clarence
more smelly breath
K: none
M: When he eat Brazilian food, Julio Cesar
And who is the most beautiful?
M: Figo
Kaka: me
Who is the ugliest?
K: Gattuso
M: Julio Cesar
Who is the most skinflint?
M: Julio Cesar, he hasn’t even the clock
K: Dida, doesn’t offer anything when it’s his birthday
The most asshole?
M: No, I can’t say it
K: The more shit in a good way? Billy (Alessandro Costacurta)
The most complainer?
K: Nesta
M: we don’t have any fortunately
The match that made you despair:
M: May 5, Inter lost, we lost the Scudetto
K: the final in Istanbul
What did you think after that match?
K: we got there so close and then we lost
M: when I happen?
Why Inter never win?
K: mystery
M: We are losers
5:20 A quality of the other:
K: a big heart
M: everything
A defect of the other:
M: I should see you naked
K: sometimes the nastiness on the field
Confess to him a secret:
K: we’ll win Friday
M: My son is crazy by you, he is in love with you and is Milanista.


On this day in 2013, one year ago, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y were revealed during a worldwide announcement by Satoru Iwata through Nintendo Direct at 8 pm JST. The paired versions were released worldwide (except for select countries) on October 12, 2013 and are available for both retail sale and download. These games introduced 72 new pokemon to the franchise and new features like Mega Evolution, Pokemon Amie, Transportation, Player Search System, Sky Battles, Horde Encounters, Super Training, Trainer Customization and introduced a new type: Fairy Type.  Did you get these games? What memories do you have of them? What Pokémon introduced in these games are your favourites?

fischer : i danced with jane and i kissed him on the cheek 

lisbon : i danced a slow with him 

he offered me a necklace, a poney, a couch

he called me “princess” “cute” “sexy” and other

i hugged him and held his hand more than 5 times

he stayed with me at the hopital during all night

he saved me and i saved him many times

i worked with him for more than 10 years

he told me that he loves me

he wrote me a hundred of letters

he came back to the US only for me

.. should i continue ?

FROZEN EFFECT Like my friend tri-chan send, we are working on a crossover call it “Frozen Effect” (Elsanna and Mass Effect Universe) so there is sort of the information and draws.

The story and the events is after the attack of the reapers (ME3) where Jane Shepard, the Geth and EDI are alive.
Jane Shepard (retired from the military life) is living with Liara and her three little blue girls.
Anna Shepard, Jane’s little sister, is now the Commander and Specter in charge of the Normandy and all the crew.
Both Shepard’s sisters are earth born (Orphan past)

Olaf, is a Krogan that loves WARM Hugs, he was sent it to Anna’s crew by his father Wrex, to prove that he is a worthy Krogan. Wearing a white armor. He is the youngest of three krogan brothers.

Elsa Arendelle is a shy and afraid student from the Grissom Academy. Born with a high poweful biotics and a tragic past, losing her family because of the Batarians (Colony past) and she was almost got caugh to be sold when Jack who was nearby with her school for training saved her. Cerberus is causing troubles in all the galaxy, attacks the Grissom Academy with the objective to capture Elsa Arendelle, here is where Anna comes to rescue all the students and save Elsa, who later joins her crew.

Hide was all alone in one of the omake, i hope i can fix it so ^^

Hidekane Week

Day 3 ––– Summer / Tanabata / Yukata

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*It’s been for a while since the athlete left Justine. Moreover, his heart was beating violently for another one. Alois could not control his naive curiosity, he had to see her! How? It’s not like she had so often left the manor, so he had to sneak up close. But even so, how to see the mademoiselle? How would he know that the woman he had loved was fine. Alois pulled himself together and his endless curiosity gave him courage. Although, the blond man decided to go on foot, it would have been too suspicious go by carriage.*  All will be fine…I must see her that’s all.. *Alois tried to convince himself, believe that his love for her had died. It wasn’t so true, one can’t just forget someone they have loved so long and madly. The sportsman arrived the Florbelle estate. What to do? Go inside? Would be too bold, but there was no other choice for him. After hesitating for long minutes, heavy hearted but got behind the front gate. He still remembered Justine’s window. Mesmerized looked up like he used to do it 2-3 months, as if he was waiting to be noticed, yet on the contrary.*  


I am very grateful for all your support throughout all this time. I can’t believe that you are 1000, I think that I don’t deserve that! I’m sure that all of you are wonderful and amazing people, and all of you deserve the best. I’m really grateful for all of your support. I love all of you with all my heart, and I consider all of you my friends, and I have made a post about friendship for all of you. Thank you for all. With my best wishes:



And this is why the professor must be protected at all costs.

Here in Italy we have a common saying that is Who goes to Rome loses the armchair (Chi va a Roma perde la poltrona), and it is used when someone goes away from the place where they should be (so ”goes to Rome”) and because of this loses something important they had there (the “armchair”)…

In this case I’d say Who goes to Hoenn loses the Tree u.u 

As you all know [ or not ^^] the physical sales are Amazing [almost 50k now after 5 days of release!!] while the digital sales are…):  [GrowingPains is not  in melOn & genie’s top 100 real-time chart ].

So… i  wanted to know how these korean music shows work..

As you can see..50%-60% are digital sales compared to only 5%-20% of physical sales..

Am i the only one who think that this ranking system is unfair?

1.Physical Album MORE expensive than Digital Album.

2.The gap between the physical sales & the digital sales is huge!

3.For fans who cant undrestand hangul ,Streaming for these Korean music websites is really complicated..

So…even if their fansites’/fans spend thousands of dollars on Newspapers & subways ads,Physical Albums etc ..their chances of Winning is not high…ONLY because of this weird ranking system …

The only thing that consoles me is the fact eunhae knows all this..they knows we are doing our best to support them ..they knows that no matter what happens in the future, we will always be there for them, even if the whole world is against us..

So…Despite all this…



LETS SHOW THEM THAT WE ARE LIKE wild grass,even if people step on us, we will also try our very best to survive & grow!

Let’s make EunHae win even just once !! We can do it ELF !