Ok so I mainly post doodles and what not on my Instagram and rarely here because I don’t know but I’d just like to show this because??? I didn’t think I was improving much but looking back at my character I drew I’m like whaaat??? I’ve changed the design a bit but now it’s just all cleaner ??? I’m still not the best but I’m still trying to get there MAN. Also her name is Millie and I love her I don’t know why she scared.
The drawing from May 2015 took me like a week
The one that says August 2016 I drew today in my second period class

Okay so since I uploaded it onto YouTube and it says that it isn’t “available in our country,” I decided to post it here on my Tumblr for those who do want to watch. I felt like shit when I wasn’t able to watch it on my other account—I’m really sorry for those who aren’t able to. I want people to enjoy it but YouTube is cock blocking us. I honestly just need to find the audio then maybe YouTube would let me upload it again (?)

I own nothing but making of this video.

D. Gray-man Hallow OP Lyrics
Key -bring it on, my Destiny- by Lenny Code Fiction