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yoo! i sent you a message a few days ago but i guess it must've been eaten D: anyway i said that i'm glad you're watching humans now! and i was wondering what you thought of the show?

Aha, Tumblr must have nommed that ask up–sorry about that! HUMANS. IS SO GOOD. 

I love that it uses all the familiar tropes of the A.I. show genre, but gives it enough of an interesting kick to make it new and compelling. Killer Former Sexbot Who Hates Men on the loose (my personal favorite). The Amnesiac Android/I Sing The Body Electric mishmash going on with Anita. Loved the early twist with the two runaway Synths (I’ll remember their names soon :P) – didn’t see a decent chunk of that interpersonal drama coming. It’s good stuff. Not super revolutionary as far as sci-fi TV goes, but it does very very well as developing these super interesting synth characters who have to contend with the very real conflicts and consequences of having consciences/feelings/etc. If anyone hasn’t started it yet, definitely give it a shot.

Humans makes me remember that I always get irked when people treat science fiction like it isn’t “real drama”, and I think shows like Humans illustrate perfectly how good sci-fi lends itself to the world of true drama. To true CHARACTER drama. Sci-Fi is at heart and allegorical medium, which makes it even more powerful than straightforward drama, in my opinion. Of course we can always find something to relate to in character dramas, but science fiction takes ideas that lend themselves to a broader observation of the human condition and forces you to draw a mental picture of what your REAL world looks like. Sci Fi asks you to step back from yourself, your possible psychological hangups or the way you live your life, or what society considers normal; acceptable etc et al. And then it asks you to stretch your imagination and think of what could be/might be. Which is very entertaining, very cool and important in the scope of narrative.

Moving to a new home can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be a terrible experience.

1. Unscrew your furniture from the floor in advance: Don’t wait until the last second to unscrew your furniture! Several days before the move, rotate your couch and tables counterclockwise until they’re nice and loose enough to be picked right up.

2. Write “My Things” on all the boxes: Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re unpacking. You don’t want to open up one of your boxes later and wonder whose stuff is in there.

3. Apologize to any fragile items: They’re not going to survive the trip, so tell them you’re sorry before you leave.


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I'm back with another sad headcanon! So what if Seirin didn't win against raykuzan and so they have one of those sad emotional scenes like the locker room. Everyone is like super sad and at first only the benched first years are crying and then for the first time kagami gets super emotional. Like he slams the locker and starts yelling, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I gave it all I've got and still couldn't help us win." While he's crying like a normal first year would after loosing. 1/2

Then kuroko follows this type of crying as well. Eventually having this first year crying fest and then we have the cute Senpai thing where they head rub them and say stuff like “it’s fine we’ll get them next year!” Or “don’t put the blame on just you.” But then as the first year leave first the senpais also have they’re own crying fest.

Awww that’s so sad but also so sweet. The thing is that, what’s sad for Seirin is that there won’t be next year for one person and that’s Kiyoshi who would have to leave for surgery ;;

{Prompt-not requested- I feel like being nice and giving jasperismybae a sequel to “And They All Fall Down” so here it is.

Warning: cute stuff. enjoy, Julia.


P.S. I apologize how I described the character because I don’t know what you look like, i am so sorry!}

You stood in front of the mirror, your black dress resting above your knees in waves. It was a simple, loose but not too loose, plain black dress that you adored. Your silky, black hair laid straightened over your shoulders, with the lovely necklace your mother bought you on your twenty first birthday, the day after you had Toby. Speaking of, you wondered what the little rascal was doing.

“Toby?” You called out. When you heard no response, you went out to the living room to find him and Lydia, your best friend and babysitter, sound asleep cuddled on the couch with Rugrats playing in the background on the TV. A smile snuck its way onto your lips.

The doorbell rang, causing you to gasp. You still had to find your shoes. Opening the door, Brett stood there in a black blazer, stylish white tank top underneath and ripped jeans. He looked good.

“Hey, Julia. You look… wow.” He did a once-over, smiling. Not that smirk he gave you at the park, but a genuine, winsome smile.

“I uh, have to go get my shoes.” You chuckled, wiggling your freshly painted toes. “Oh! Come on in. But be quite, Toby is finally asleep.” You grinned, running up stairs to grab your nude, open-toe flats and went downstairs to see Brett smiling at the photos of you and Toby that hung on the fridge.

“Ready, beautiful?” Brett asked when he saw you standing there. You nodded and headed to his car. Brett held every door for you. Chivalry isn’t dead.


The date was unreal. Brett complimented you, opened doors, pulled out your chair for you, offered to order you when you started to stutter and at the park, he asked to hold your hand. Honestly, you’ve never laughed and smiled as much as you did tonight.

Standing on your front porch with Brett’s hand laid hesitantly on your waist, gazing into each others eyes; you felt like you were fifteen again when you fell in love with Toby’s dad. Now, you were falling for this handsome man. He beat you to the embarrassing moment.

“Can I kiss you?” Brett’s eyes searched yours, biting his lower lip nervously. You gave a slight nod and before you knew it, he captured your lips with his in a soft, slow kiss. The type of kiss that’s always what the first kiss is like. Tender lips, soft, small movements, nervous hands and sweaty palms. You kissed him back.

With a small breath, he whispered to you,

“It’s inevitable that I’m going to fall in love with you.” Brett smiled, then left you with a smile on your face. That man was a mystery.


{So, I may make a part three that skips into the future. What do you say?}

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NAME TEN THINGS YOU WANNA SEE IN THE NEW YUGIOH MOVIE! Personally I would like to see Seto ruffling Mokuba's hair/patting his head, no one being brainwashed, kidnapped or rid of their soul and Bakura being treated as an actual friend. I also wanna see how everyone's life has been without the pharaoh and all the craziness and tidbits of their daily lives and that lighthearted kind of stuff. This is probably the last time we'll see the old characters in action again, so let's hope for the best :)

YAAAS ALL OF THIS (sorry about the late reply!)

1.    As much as I want to see Kaiba win, and finally get back his title. I actually want them to either tie to Yugi, or for him to loose. I want to know that Kaiba is true to his word after Battle City. That he is getting past his demons and his anger. Victory doesn’t mean power and dominance; loss doesn’t mean failure and humiliation. I want him to dust himself off and look Yugi in the eye, and be like ‘good game’.  Partly because I feel he needs that closure, and secondly because I think Kaiba is the type of guy who needs something to challenge him for him to exist. He needs that fire, he needs that passion, something to push him and test him. Something to strive for. Yugi is the right kind of rival for him (I feel like most instances that he duels Atem, it’s during an emergency). Yugi is literally the epitome of friendly fire.  He can lose to Yugi and not loose anything else in the process. Yugi wont put him down, he wont lose any kind of face around him (well not anymore). It’s not like losing to Gozaburo, or to the Big Five or Pegasus or Dartz. If Kaiba can come to terms with himself, and see the game as truly just a test of skill, rather than character, than that is a victory in itself. Progress is what I am getting at. After all every story is meant to end ‘light’?  That is just my theory though. Kaiba has been shown to slowly exhibit signs of calming down in the anime, so maybe this could be the final acceptance?

2.    I really want Yugi to win and just for him to smile at Kaiba, and say something really nice and polite like ‘ that was really fun Kaiba-kun!’. (And than Kaiba sneering in the background)

3.    Mokuba switched up his game with a suit. Mokuba being a total brat and smirking and cheering on Kaiba, and giving orders, and straightening his little tie to make a point.

4.    More Anzu yelling

5.    Jou and Honda doing general bro stuff

6.    Bakura eating  

7.    Kaiba crashing some sort of really expensive machinery into something else…really expensive

8.    PEACHSHIPPING. Anzu and Yugi holding hands, Anzu and Yugi standing next to each other, Anzu and Yugi giving each other smiles, just yaaaaaas something plsss

9.    Isono terrified and freaking out, and asking Mokuba instead of his brother, ‘if he is sure about something?’ In reply, I want Mokuba to ignore him in true Kaiba fashion.

10.   I have this huge, terrible feeling that somehow Kaiba is going to end up launching himself, or another person (or cards, again) into space. Hence the title ‘darkside’ and the space station in the movie posters. If so, please let the spacesuit be in the shape of BEWD.

 I just want the general nonsense nostalgic feeling back

My YouTube recommenced videos are all beauty tutorials now. 

I’m alright with this. 

(I’ve watched around 10 videos today and found some cute styles to try tomorrow)

A Helping Hand

Okay guys as you know I’m fairly new to all this writing blog stuff, so bear with me! I’m still trying to figure out how to format my posts. I wanted to re-do this one so I could put tags on it.

Request: Could you write a fic where Matt gets seriously injured and as a result has crazy migraines and looses his heightened senses, so he needs Foggy to help him do everything? Sorry, this is a very loaded request.

Sorry this took so long! Okay anon, this is probably not what you had in mind for me to write you AT ALL, but I’m not used to ships (as you can see by my other posts I usually write character/reader)! I really tried my best with this one though!

Pairing: Matt/Foggy

Word count: 1,473


Punch after punch was thrown. The air was filled with a flurry of kicks, and the floor decorated with speckles of blood and sweat. Yellow light from the quiet streets filtered in through the old windows of the abandoned apartment building.

Matt stood in the middle of the room, blood dripping from his clenched fists. He was covered in deep cuts and gashes. He had taken more than he had dealt, but he refused to back down. Maybe he should have, though, because he couldn’t go on much longer. The man who stood before him was one of his worst opponents yet. He was nearly twice Matt’s size, but as agile as someone half.

Matt flew across the room, coughing up blood. The huge rival went after him, spinning and flipping to avoid Matt’s counter punches and kicks. The two sprung on each other relentlessly, but Matt continued to fall under the man’s force.

“You keep getting in the way,” his adversary hissed. “It is my job to make sure that doesn’t continue.”

He made his way over to Matt’s battered body, studying it before grabbing him by the neck and lifting him to his feet. Matt tried to take this opportunity to land more kicks and punches, but he couldn’t muster the energy. Before Matt could touch the man another time, a perfectly-placed kick met his chest. He flew backwards, shattering the window behind him. He fell, 5 stories, to the ground below. He was intercepted by a dumpster, and blacked out.

“No, yea, he should be okay now. Just don’t let him run around for a while,” Claire’s voice rang through Matt’s head, bringing him back to consciousness. “I mean it, Foggy. If he tries to do any of the shit he did that got him into this condition, he could make his life a hell of a lot worse. No more Daredevil.”

“I’ll try my best.” Foggy shook his head. “But you know Matt. He gives you those little puppy eyes, throws in a lip quiver. Next thing you know he’s out the door jumping across rooftops and you’re on the floor collecting the pieces of you broken heart.”

Claire chuckled at him. “Yea, okay. Anyway, he’s gonna have really bad migraines for at least a week. So he’ll need your help doing a lot of simple stuff. It’ll probably get really annoying, but you’re like, best friends, aren’t you?”

Foggy nodded. “Thanks for patching him up. Again. Like always.”

“No problem,” Claire said, glancing back at Matt, who laid on his bed in the middle of his room.  His chest was covered in dried blood and stitches, and a blanket was draped over his legs. “Did you get all that?” she asked Matt when she saw his open eyes.

“I can’t…can’t stay here. I have to help this city, I have to…”

“Yea, he’ll be groggy for the first few hours.”

“Groggy? He talks like this when he’s alert,” Foggy said. “But yea I get it. Guess I’ll be staying here for a while buddy.” He tapped Matt’s feet so he knew the sentence was directed at him.

“If you have any problems, call me, okay? Seriously. I’ll always be there and with him, you never know when you’ll need a doctor.”

“Thanks, Claire,” Foggy said. She nodded, collected her stuff, and walked out of Matt’s apartment, locking the door behind her. “Look buddy, it’s late, and you need some sleep.” He picked up the blanket that was draped over Matt’s feet and pulled it over his wound-ridden chest. “I’ll be a room over.”

With a few deep breaths, Matt fell asleep again.

His eyes flew open. His breathing was rapid and shallow. He gasped for air, throwing the blanket off of himself and sitting up. Foggy dropped his tablet and and rushed into Matt’s room, grabbing him by the shoulders. Matt’s blind eyes were wild, and he winced at the touch.

“Foggy…..Foggy I can’t… I can’t…” Matt wheezed.

“Can’t what?!” Foggy panicked. Matt’s hands flew to his temples. He grimaced as Foggy took his head in his hands.

“My senses I…” He froze. “I can’t hear your heartbeat. I know you’re worried but I can’t hear your heartbeat.”

Foggy let out a sigh of relief. “It’s probably just the migraines. Claire said you’d get them for at least the first week, since you had such bad head trauma.”

Matt didn’t seem any less relieved. His eyes were still wild. “How am I gonna do anything without… I don’t know what to do.” His eyes softened, and his back slouched.

Foggy moved one of his hands to Matt’s back, gently rubbing small circles. “It’ll be okay buddy. I’ll stay here if you want. I’ll take care of everything. Want some lunch? I’ll make you some lunch. How do sandwiches sound?” he patted Matt’s shoulder and stood up from the edge of the bed, making his way to the kitchen. Matt took a deep breath, and nodded weakly.

Foggy opened the fridge and examined the sparse food that sat on the shelves. Not enough for the sandwiches he promised. He went to the cabinets and found a half-empty box of pasta. He stood at the stove and turned on a burner, then looked for pots. One sat in the sink, dirty, and it was the only one he could find.

“Hey Matt, got any other pots or pans? Your kitchen is a little sparse on food too…” he yelled across the rooms.

“Yea it’s the only one. I’m not used to catering. And I do need to get more stuff.” Matt responded, still sitting on the side of the bed. “Aren’t you making sandwiches? Why do you need a pot?“

Foggy pulled the pot from the sink and turn the water on. “Wait, don’t you usually… oh that’s right, I forgot you lost your spidey senses. No, you didn’t have anything for ‘em, so I’m cooking up some pasta I found.”

He grabbed dish soap and poured some into the pot. He reached for the sponge and scrubbed the old food out, rinsing it generously. He then filled it halfway and put it on the stove, waiting for it to boil.

He returned to Matt’s room. Matt remained on the bed where Foggy left him, his feet dangling over the side and his shoulders slouching. “Come on buddy, let’s get you moving.” He stood on Matt’s side and put his arm around his shoulder. Placing his hand on Matt’s, Foggy lifted him to his feet. Matt winced as he walked, the pain of the fight not completely healed yet. But Foggy remained a stiff crutch for his friend, and they walked to the small table in Matt’s living room. He felt around for the chair, and Foggy eased him in. He then returned to the stove, pouring uncooked rigatoni into the boiling water. He motioned to the pile of dishes that sat in the sink.

“Want me to take care of these?” He asked.

“These what?”

“Dishes. Nevermind, I got them. Later, I’m gonna go shopping for you. Make me a list.” He faced the sink and turned on the water, rinsing off what he could before placing dishing into the dishwasher. By the time he was done, so was the pasta. He flipped through Matt’s cabinets again in search of a colander. “Damn it Murdock, just have to make things harder on me don’t you?”  

“What do you mean? What are you looking for now?”

“A colander. For the pasta. Got one of those?” He glanced over at Matt.

“What? I should. Behind the big bowls. I think.” Foggy pushed past the large bowls, as Matt instructed, and found what he needed. He poured the pot into the colander over the sink to drain out the boiling water. He then put the pasta in two bowls, one for each of them. He returned to Matt’s fridge and pulled out a small bottle of parmesan cheese, shaking out just enough to add flavor to the small meals.

“Here you go,” he said, placing the bowl on front of Matt. “Think about that shopping list yet?”

“Foggy, you can’t be doing all this for me. I can’t ask you to do all this.” Matt said, ignoring his food. His eyes were glued on the floor.

Foggy put down his fork and sighed. “Matt, I know you don’t want to have to rely on anyone for anything. You have this ‘lone wolf’ thing going on, I get it. But right now, you do need me and Claire. As much as you hate to admit it. And, it’s not even like it’s a burden on either of us. So why’re you even worried? I love hangin’ around here with you! It’s just like college!” Foggy laughed.

Matt cracked a smile, and picked up his fork, taking a bite of his pasta.

“Yea, I guess it is.”

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Can you explain what aquarium foam and filter floss are and what they're for?? I see them mentioned a lot but Google isn't helping me, though apparently filter floss is to catch particles? How often does it need replacing? Do you put it over the intake or what?? Same with the foam.. Sorry for the novice questions, I hope you have a nice day!!

It’s no problem, nonnie, and thank you! :)

Aquarium sponge (I assume that’s what you mean by foam lol) and filter floss are types of permanent media for your filter, meaning they’re what the good bacteria will colonize on. Sponge is a common favorite because it’s a great environment for bacteria and, yes, filter floss is good for trapping gunk. That’s your mechanical filtration– trapping all the particles and loose stuff in the water column.

Here’s an example picture with one of my favorite small filters (link).

For the record, 3 types of filtration: biological (your bacteria colony that convert ammonia into nitrites into nitrates), mechanical (trapping gunk/algae/particles), and chemical (carbon, typically, not really necessary for freshwater unless you’re medicating or removing tannins).

You can put them both directly inside your filter, and you can also put sponge over the intake, yes, which I recommend with strong filters because it keeps fins from getting sucked up and such. I wouldn’t put floss over the intake as I can see fish getting caught in it.

You don’t usually ever need to replace them until they start to fall apart/break down, which for sponge can take upwards of ten years. When they get really yucky, just gently squeeze them out into room temperature, dechlorinated water (I just use old tank water) to remove some of the waste– you should do this about once a month, generally. You don’t want to clean them too often; the gunk is good, the bacteria live in it.

Hope I explained well enough– you have a nice day too :)

My stuff

he curls his arms around his chest…
(Instinctively? Or does that come from experience?)
…loosely so that he can move them faster
Leans away at the waist
One eye towards his fathers pointing finger
and cartoonish pose
clearly practiced
from watching a million tough guy movies
and at least a decade of intimidation
he backs away a calculated distance
close enough so his father doesn’t think he is running
and far enough to minimize the potential damage
all the while yelling “sorry”
as his father insists that he take better care of his stuff

and then I hear it:

He has an 8 year old sister

- Ben Bird

I was tagged by cloudshika​. I will do my very best and all that… I get amused by these fairly easily.


Name: Trey- or Thea. Whichever
Eye color: blackish-brown
Hair color: blackish-brown
Height: 4′9″ (I am very short.)
Clothing style: Dark colors, loose shirts, hoodies, loose-fitting jeans, sneakers. I wear stuff from the guys’ section usually, because they’re more comfortable. (There are no Charmander shirts in the womens’ section. Lame.)


Your fears: Oceans, Seas, Rain… Also things that crawl without legs (Like slugs. I’m sorry, bad experience.) 
Your guilty pleasure: reading reader xs and watching cheesy romance movies and romcoms
Ambitions for the future: Graduate. Go on a tour of the world. Maybe get in a nice relationship, I dunnno. Own a library? I have a lot.


Your first thoughts waking up:WHAT TIME IS IT”
What you think about before bed: I try to think about things I like to dream of. Like writing short plays before I sleep and dream about them.


Single or group dates: I’ve never been on a date. Single dates sound awkward, group dates sound awkward, everything sounds awkward. 
Beauty or brains: Brains before appearance brosif.
Dogs or cats: They both make me feel sad right now, so neither.


Lie: Why not lie? I do. A lot.
Believe in yourself: I try.
Believe in love: Sure, why not.
Want someone: I want to meet someone, does that count


Been on stage: yeah I was a performer a few years ago I was on stage a lot

Done drugs: nah
Changed who you were to fit in: Not really. Peer pressure isn’t that strong with me. I just tend to get overlooked a lot so I don’t have to fit in.


Favorite colors: Black, white, gray, red, blue, light pink
Favorite animal: Foxes? Foxes in general, or bunnies.
Favorite movie: I forgot. A lot.
Favorite game: Ib. Definitely IB.


Day your next birthday will be: June 17 2016
How old will you be: 17- the magical age of questing.
Does age matter: I guess, not in all situations.

I’m taging: demented-hatter because it’s raining and she didn’t come to school yesterday and the-bathtub-child because I have not talked to her in ages. How are you doing I’m a terrible friend sorry

You can ignore this if you don’t feel like it, it’s okay. I was just bored.

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As much as I like the PMMM stuff, have you considered making some OCs to Do Things with?

I have a bunch of OCs, but they’re all for rather personal projects I choose not to share with just anyone, sorry. I’ve made them all to basically bond with my friends or to cope with long distance relationships so I doubt people would even want to hear about them lol. I did like my gemsona OCs that are loosely based off of me and my friends and I briefly considered making an ask blog for them but I doubt anyone would really care about it. 

Also I’m not that good at writing and actually coming up with good characters (except maybe on the visual character design level) and I don’t particularly enjoy it either, I just like to draw stuff for fun lol

on the rare occasions I do draw my OCs I tag them as “original” so you can check that tag out if you want to but it’s 90% of really old crap I kind of wish I never drew

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heyy, so...i'm not trying to be rude at all but are you eating healthy because you want to loose weight or just because you want? love your green hair btw, it really suits you! xx

Hiya, oh no it’s totally okay - when I eat I try to eat very healthy because I only eat 1 meal a day (I know it’s not healthy - I get that talk 30 times a week) so of course I'n not super healthy because my body needs lots of different stuff - so I try to help that by eating healthier and give it.

Okay sorry for that massive answer but I answer is I just do it and it’s kind of a need (+ I just love healthy food!) .

And thank you so much love xx

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i keep losing followers everyday and i don't know why. i mean everyone is going to loose followers all the time but it seems that everyone just keeps unfollowing me. idk it's just really discouraging because i don't have many followers to begin with and i feel like i'm never going to get anywhere. sorry to be whiny or annoying but do you have any tips on getting more followers?

Yeah dude do you post your own stuff?? Because just do that and tag like crazy and just always be active. Like I’m usually on so much I hit post limit almost all the time. And it’s okay I lose followers a lot too!!