(to the tune of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast)

Now that you’ve answered our summons, Lotor
Things should start going our way
Ev'ryone here’s counting on you, Lotor
That’s what I’m trying to say
There’s no Galra quite as admired as you
You’ve something that we can’t deny
Ev'ryone’s awed and inspired by you
And it’s not very hard to see why…

No… one’s… sly as Lotor
No one’s spry as Lotor
No one’s hair’s as incredibly fly as Lotor’s
For there’s no other we’d call our hero
Perfect, our king’s favorite son!
You can ask any Keith, Lance, or Shiro
And they’ll tell you whose bad side they’d hate to be on!

Galra Chorus:

No… one’s… swole like Lotor
Turns the heads like Lotor


No one’s got such a chance at romance like Lotor!

Prince Lotor:

As a space-a-man, yes, I’m intimidating!

Galra Chorus:
My what a guy, that Lotor!
Say, “Vrepit Sa!” Give him a bow!

Lotor is the best
(Or at least best for now)

Glara Chorus:
No… one… fights like Lotor
Knocks out lights like Lotor

For the Empire nobody’s right like Lotor!

For there’s no one as devious and scheming!

Prince Lotor:
As you see I’ve got brains here to spare

Of the Princess Allura he’s dreaming

Prince Lotor:
That’s right!
And if she resists, I’ll do this with my hair (toss, toss)

Galra Chorus:
No… one… hits like Lotor
Matches wits like Lotor

In a shouting match, no one drops crits like Lotor

Price Lotor:
I’m especially good at enunciating!

Galra Chorus:
Bravo for Lotor!

Prince Lotor:
While I was away
I had plenty of fun
Cruised the galaxy waiting a sign
And now that I’m back
I’ll have even more fun
When the lions are finally mine!

Galra Chorus:
No… one… wars like Lotor
Conquers stars like Lotor

Then goes stomping around striking fear like Lotor

Prince Lotor:
I use terror in all of my interrogating!

Galra Chorus:
My what a guy, Lotor!
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Another chapter my lovely readers. Epic moment up ahead and you know, I’ll be here, waiting on the comments and kudos…

The Final Empire Review

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Short Blurb: Vin is a distrustful young thief who grew up on the streets of the most cutthroat city in the Final Empire. Kelsier is a revolutionary leader who wants her unique talents for his crew—and his plan to overthrow the immortal Lord Ruler. Vin and Kelsier share an extremely rare power and a desire to see the oppressive Final Empire fall, but Kelsier’s plan seems impossible to Vin. Even with the talents of a motley crew of thieves, allomancers, and rebels, is it possible to defeat an evil that has reigned for a thousand years?

Bearing in mind that my quick overview skims over the finer details of the plot, you can see how at first The Final Empire appears a little predictable. You’ve seen this band of spunky rebels overthrowing an evil tyrant before. But I appreciate the way Brandon Sanderson fills in the cracks of the plot with wholly original details until the Mistborn Trilogy is something different. Allomancy is one of the most interesting magic systems I’ve ever read, and the way he slowly builds up the reader’s understanding of it and the other types of magic in the book to pave the way for the plot twists is genius. Vin’s character arc was slowly developed and believable, and I love when father-daughter-ish relationships take precedence over romantic subplots (to be honest, I find Sanderson’s style of romance rather flat. I liked the love interest at first, but he soon became annoying).

I also enjoyed the fighting scenes a lot. Allomancy lends itself to very exciting duels, and the amount of time spent exploring the rules of magic in the beginning of the book meant I didn’t get confused about what was happening when the pace of the magical duels picked up later in the book. That said, the action of the plot could have, and perhaps should have, begun long before it did. The main plot, with all its plot twists, didn’t seem to get going until one third to halfway through the book. I don’t mind having time to get used to a new universe, especially one as well developed as the Mistborn setting, but it dragged on a little bit, and I can see how other people might mind it more than I did.

I also would have liked to have more women among the main characters as well. Besides Vin, the only other female characters were evil or too ditzy to be important — though I see a trend in this book and the sequel of Sanderson using that assumption against the reader at times. That’s cool, but I don’t understand why a few of the men in the main crew couldn’t have been switched out with women too. It wouldn’t have impacted the plot at all while making the cast more balanced.

At any rate, if you’re looking for an exciting fantasy novel with in-depth world building, extreme plot twists, and moral ambiguity even among the main characters, The Final Empire is a great book. If you can’t stand a slow start, try something else.

First and foremost disappointed with the ending but oh well… least they’ll be together forever…..

“Arc-v was really the first fandom that I think I really participated in, even though I never interacted with anyone besides one person (stare….) I’m still glad I was able to contribute somethings to this fandom even if it was untalented and rarely noticeable, Despite the ending….I’ll love Arc-v forever and always :)”

Welp onward to Vrains!!!!!

Journal Entry #124

Fluff got his head stuck in a damn chip package. Man, that was a fun time. Little bastard bit Iggy twice after we got it off him, but he’s settled down since. Fucking purring and everything. At least he’ll let Iggy pet him now.

…I guess I’ll suck it up and clean out the trash when we get to Lestallum.

Chapter 9 of ‘Domestic Bliss Must Suit You’ is up! (finally, lol)

sorry for the super late upload; it was a busy day/evening. I hope y’all enjoy this chapter!! Quite a bit of feels heading your way.

“Oh, would you look at that. How sweet,” Mrs. Holmes cooed at the sight of her son and his fiancé curled up together on the sofa, sound asleep. It was still early in the morning and only she, John and Rosie were up. He smiled at his daughter’s godparents and turned towards the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. Wanda followed after him to start cooking breakfast. It wasn’t long before Mycroft and Mr. Holmes joined them at the table.

“Sherlock and Molly must be completely knackered,” John chuckled as he fed Rosie. “You’d think they’d be up by now.” They were already beginning to wake up in the sitting room.

“Molly,” Sherlock whispered. “Darling, wake up.” He placed a light kiss on her cheek, his arms still holding her close against him. Her eyes fluttered open, brown irises meeting crystalline blue.

“Hi,” she smiled lovingly.

“Hello,” Sherlock replied before pressing a soft kiss upon her lips. Just then, they overheard Mycroft throwing a fit in the kitchen.

“It’s My-Croft not Mikey!” the elder Holmes brother complained. “If you wanted to name me Mike, you should’ve just done so.” Sherlock and Molly couldn’t help but laugh.

“Come on, let’s go before your brother’s sanity goes missing,” Molly joked, standing up and extending her hand to Sherlock.

“Mycroft? Sane? You must be joking,” Sherlock remarked. The two entered the kitchen, hand in hand, where Mycroft was moving a basket of fruit off of his laptop.

“It’s about time you two woke up,” Mr. Holmes commented with a smirk. So that’s where Sherlock gets his smile, Molly thought.

“Molly, dear, would you like to assist me with baking later?” Mrs. Holmes asked.

“Well, she probably—” Sherlock started before being interrupted.

“Oh, absolutely! I love baking,” Molly replied cheerfully.

“Just don’t tempt Mycroft with cake; he doesn’t need it,” Sherlock taunted. Molly elbowed him with a glare in her eyes.

“Oh hush up, you. Everyone deserves a piece of cake now and then,” Molly smiled warmly at Mycroft.

“You know, dear brother, I think I just may go ahead and welcome Miss Hooper to the family,” Mycroft grinned. “Welcome, Molly.”

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you make me begin ; Kim Taehyung [6/6]
”As long as i’m with hyung, i’m happy no matter where we go. - Jeon Jungkook