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Say Louis isn’t going to have anything to do with the Voice. WHY would they have tweeted that and tagged him? Why would they have followed him? I’m watching last night’s episode and when the person tried out and said their last name was Tomlinson there was nothing mentioned about Louis (of course not, why would there be? I just figured if they tagged him maybe he had been mentioned? But not that was shown anyway). So why?

My popcorn is popped, NBC. Make more of my dreams come true.

I do admit that DR has this huge problem of taking characters that they don’t know what to do with, but their presence would definitely change the story or tone, and just…get rid of them.

Togami and Fukawa are examples of this, but they’re not as obvious as Hagakure, who they outright said they conveniently kicked out for no reason aside from “because no one likes him” (or more accurately his presence would have changed the tone)

Komaeda is also a huge example of this, because even in the game they kept having to find reasons why he couldn’t be present (but also can’t be the culprit) until investigation time, and in dr3 he conveniently disappeared until they needed him again. In his case, it’s because he’s ridiculously OP and not removing him from things adds a factor in how certain situations play out, so in order to get anywhere you either have to remove him or negate him.

You might even be able to argue that this all started with Junko in dr1, when they killed Mukuro (and as such “Junko”) until they needed her again, instead of having her keep up the charade for a whole game.

This is a really persistent writing issue, huh.

Last year I had a teacher who yelled at/humiliated me in front of the class when I asked him to give me a topic for an assignment (I can’t choose topics for open writing assignments I’m really indecisive and it’s overwhelming) and like at first I was just stunned because maybe a week or two earlier I told him I needed him to give me topics for future assignments or I wouldn’t be able to get anything done and he was that was fine and he would help me with that.

Anyways, like within a minute I was crying which is extra horrible in a classroom full of people I see every day so I just put my head down and tried to do it quietly. The TA took me upstairs at break so I could sit in a quiet/empty room for the rest of class and I was up there crying for like an hour (maybe more? I’m bad at time perception and my emotional regulation is garbage lmfao).

So the next day I spoke to the office about this and tried to get put in a different classroom and it ended up taking four days of arguing with administration for me to get switched out of that class because “there’s only a couple of weeks left before this term ends you’ll be fine” even though I know there are other rooms I could’ve gone to (there’s two or three rooms for students taking self paced or online courses and there’s plenty of room in them)

When I went back to his classroom for the last time to pick up a couple of assignments I left there he told me something like “Don’t feel upset or like you’re being kicked out you should always feel welcome here” and it’s like. n o if I was welcome I wouldn’t be leaving, asshole :^) I had to fight to leave in the first place why would I want to come back.

I went to an alternate school and a lot of the kids there have mh problems and I only had 1 friend at that school and he’s made her cry as well + he’s generally shitty/disrespectful to most of his students and I’m honestly not sure why he’s a teacher or how he’s still got a job 


Love hurts like a bullet shot right through the heart, burning all the hopes, bleeding my whole soul. They say it won’t kill me, they say it will make me stronger, but I wonder if they are wrong…

somebody please stop mE

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THE 100 HP AU: Bits and bobs.


The Blakes are both nerds, Lincoln is too pure, Monty has to deal with Octavia & Lincoln’s awkwardness, Raven goes to the infirmary a little too often, Clarke & Lexa are gross in every universes, and the Gryffindor’s 7th year class might be the worst that Hogwarts has ever seen.

Other students existing in this AU: Maya, Murphy, Emori. Edit: cute tiny second year Aden.

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(IMPORTANT: I can’t please everyone with the sorting of their houses, this isn’t open for debate anymore. Sorry if you don’t like it. ♥)


Yeah, I’m no angel, I’m just me
But I will love you endlessly

Endlessly - The Cab

2009!Phan x 2015!Phan because an anon gave me the idea and for the pheels <3


B99 HIATUS MEME Week One: Favourite Male Friendship

I guess I didn’t really think of you as that kind of friend. Sarge, I’m every kind of friend. I’m Phoebe, I’m Chandler, I’m Rachel, I’m… Who’s the dinosaur guy? Ross, bro! ROSS!


“Happy anniversary, everybody!” (From @roostersnaps)


i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)