Hard Carry Ep 8 Driver’s Test

My fave part is Jaebum acting like a father who trained Youngjae and poor little Youngjae being sad for not getting it right and Jaebum looking disappointed .. link

*protect him*

*JB tells him to come*

it’s ok, you just need a better trainer aka not jb aka mark

“..After playing with the puppies and twins, now they’re probably cuddling up on the sofa with a nice mulled wine and the cranberry cookies H made that honestly sound too healthy to be a treat but tasted heavenly anyway…”

@sweariwouldnt this is the result of bakingLarry conversation….Hope you like it love <3

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Serious Talk about the Final Cutscene from SL [ Masterpost ] // Spoiler Warning

Hello hello, Chika here again  ☆
It’s been so long, but now I’ve got some time for theories. Or, maybe not theories, but I’d like to talk about what happened in the final Cutscene with you and for the ones, who aren’t involved yet. So, let’s start. :) 

As I said under my crappy fanart I was surprised and done at the same time, such as a little bit sad, but c’mon, this is kinda heartbreaking. The poor family ( besides Afton, but sometimes and maybe there are reason why he is like that ). Scott gave us a big big piece for the lore and it was good. Amazing. Two days before I don’t know about the cutscenes after every custom challenge and yesterday the final one came out and can be watched, if you’ve beat the Golden Freddy Mode on Very Hard. There were so many informations and I don’t want to act like someone, who use “ copy paste “, but for you I wanted to write down the correct order of the timeline with the things Scott gave us. 
Note / friendly reminder, if you you haven’t reach or watch the final cutscene, this things are under a Spoiler cut, beware and read at your own risk. :)
- - - - -

So, we know it was Michael Afton, not his father, who plays his role in Sister Location. Quick side note, we all shouldn’t forget, that Eggs Benedict is just a synonym and not a real name or person behind it. As son he knows kinda everything about the location and I think that’s the reason why he does things like reboot the system again and turn off Funtime Freddy ( and his handpuppet ). Maybe he steals the blueprints from his father to figure out how they work and stuff like this, but this could be a theory. William is still a killer and Michael was his partner in crime, more unwanted then really interested, and he had no problem to kill or let die his own son ( this is why Michael finally ended in Springtrap ). Who did the fire? In my opinion, it was Michael to be finally free, but his soul is bonded to this body and he can’t die ( just like Baby said, “ you won’t die “ ). I think the Night Guard, as we played with, was his own father, William, and they faced each other after 30 years. I also think this is the reason why Springtrap just stare for five or more minutes at you before he finally attacks. He sees his own father, after this long time and he is like “ oh, good to see you again “. As Dawko in his videos said, there are two different Purple Guys, esspecially in the Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Minigames. The one, who murdered children ( example: “ Take Cake to the Children “ or the “ Go! Go! Go! Minigame with Foxy ) and the one, who only said “ You can’t “, ended your minigame and did nothing to you. The one with the brighter purple skin was William, the other one was his son. Dawko also said, that Michael came to the pizzeria of the first game to set the souls of the dead children free, this is why we saw a Purple Guy in the third Minigames destroy the animatronics. He want them to be free, but they mistaken him as the murderer of them and let him die in the Spintrap suit. I also think Michael and esspecially his father are able to switch bodies, after the rot to the core. They could be everyone ( and it’s funny, if you remember the teaser with “ There is a little of me in every body “ ). Oh, if you think it’s just an theorie, that Michael destroy the bodies to set them free, in the final cutscene Michael himself revealed, that they “ didn’t recognize him in the first place “.Michael gets fired from his first job, in Five Nights at Freddy’s 1, because of Odor and tampering with the animatronics. Now, it’s obvious what I mean. Because he wanted to help and he’s just a rotten puppet of Ennard / William himself. He also said “ IT’S ME, Michael “ and we all know where this come from. He came back, he always does and he is still here. All make sense now. William loses his little girl and we all knew, fathers be like “ oh, this is my little princess and my precious little sunshine “. He never forgets what happened and learns how to deal with it. The little brother, yeah, I think this isn’t clear yet, but I think he was totured by his own father in this underground thing and his brothers didn’t know this, bullied him for fun, not knowing the real pain of the little one. Both children “ chose “ the same way to die, by animatronics. “ I will put you back together “ is just a try from William ( and maybe Michael ) to fix them, but they’ll never be the same as before. At least, he killed his own son and going more and more insane and the end of the final cutscene could be “ I’ll find you to end this one, big mistake “. 

Now, the storyline: 

# Fredbear’s Family Diner / The Sister Location - Williams children were killed by the animatronics, shortly after that he became a killer 

# Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 “ The ‘87 Location “ - Jeremy could be the only one, who wasn’t ever involved in all this, but he was another victim, because he worked for the company ( and maybe Afton ). Fritz, but this isn’t canon, could be Michael too, because he was fired with the exact same reasons.

# Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 “ The I don’t know the year, maybe it’s around the ‘90s Location “ - Mike Schmidt aka Michael Afton gave himself a new name, because he doesn’t want to be with his father anymore and tried to figure out how the animatronics works. He also tried to free their souls, but was mistaken and get killed by them. 

# Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 “ The 30 years after the Fazbear accident “ Location - Michael was trapped ( not only in Spring Bonnie ) in a room, were released after this long time and now wanted to hunt his father down. William had set the location on fire, but his son survived ( the whole content of the final cutscene ). 

And, of course, there is more, but it explains a lot about the whole lore. And I’m glad I can share it with you guys, with the whole community. :) 
Sorry for the wall of text, but this is my or our statement and I hope you liked it ! 
Take care and have a good day or evening ♥

my favorite thing about voldemort is that for a guy who was obsessed with living forever he didn’t even make it to wizarding middle age, which seems to fall around 70-80. dumbledore more than doubled voldemorts lifespan just by being a sad and lonely gay old man. maybe voldemort should have looked into homosexuality and a star-crossed love instead of all that horcrux business. suffering seems to keep the gays alive in jkrs book.

anonymous asked:

So this isn't an ask but I kind of hate how i write rn? I mean, not to toot my own horn but, i write poetry well? Yet why can't i write stories or even drabbles w/o feeling like i want to redo evrything from the top. As i read thru all of your hard work here, i feel envious of how all admins here write so well. If u don't mind, would you pls give tips about writing?

heya anon! i’m glad you’ve voiced what i think a lot of writers feel about their writing. that being said i think you’re seeing this from your own perspective i.e. that you don’t write well and we do…? because if i’m perfectly honest with you, i also get that feeling like 99% of the time i write lol. i think it’s normal for writers to not like how they write. i’m not qualified to give writing tips myself lol, and a lot of these will be basic, but hopefully i can phrase them in a meaningful way? :) and to all our followers that write: NEVER GIVE UPPPPPP ON YOUR WRITING

1. don’t compare yourself to other writers

i think it’s interesting to see how other people write, so i’m guilty of doing this myself. everyone has their own way of writing–some people like description, others like it simple. some people like to write emotionally, others like to stick with facts and rationale. but remember that just because you write a certain way, doesn’t make it inferior to other people’s writing. 

if you to improve as a writer, i think it is helpful to look at what other people do best. i.e. some writers are amazing at describing the abstract, or detailing character interactions. but that doesn’t mean you have to put down your own writing while doing so. think of it more like research lol. if you want to get better at something, you have to identify what you dislike about your writing and find examples of what you would like to improve on.

which brings me to the next point…

2. don’t copy other people’s writing

it’s fine if you draw inspiration from them. but outright copying someone else’s content won’t help you improve. with things like smut, if i want to get a feel for what i’m writing, i’ll draw inspiration from other people’s filth. with things like stylistic choices….eh, i suppose when you’re starting off writing, it may help to draw inspiration from a writer you admire. ideally, you develop your own style though.

but what makes your writing unique is that it’s yours. it’s not mine, it’s not your mom’s, and it sure as hell shouldn’t be that fanfiction writer’s over there, even if they are extremely popular and have like, 50,000 reviews. so don’t copy other people’s style, and definitely don’t plagiarize. after all, there’s a million and other stories out there, but what makes yours special is that it is your story. not anyone else’s. 

2. if you don’t like your first draft, edit it

let me tell you something. i cannot post my first draft of anything on this blog lol. i know other people can–and that’s fine! that’s okay if you can produce digestible content in the first round. but i literally cannot. the stuff i write for my first drafts are objectively terrible lol. my sentences don’t make sense, they characters are often incredibly ooc, and the ideas are just like…basic. af. 

so i edit the shit out of it. even if i don’t want to, i like have to lol. and usually i feel more satisfied looking back on my writing, if i know that i at least tried to write more than a first draft, then i feel more confident about its quality, and therefore more confident about my writing.

3. set goals/deadlines

if you run an imagines blog or write fanfiction, it will probably be something like “i want to post x number of scenarios a week/update one chapter a week” or if you don’t, and you write independently, it will probably be “i want to write at least one thing a day.” but try to set some kind of goal for your writing. it can be a number of scenarios, a word count, a time limit, etc. but it’s important to have goals and stick to them, so that you don’t slack off. it if helps you can also set deadlines. like, “i’m going to finish this fanfic by christmas.” goals/deadlines give you something to work towards lol.

4. just write something

…but sometimes you have to just write something. even if you don’t want to–if the words aren’t coming out the way you want them to, if the idea sounded cooler in your head than on paper–even if you enter into this depressive spiral where you think everything you write is crap, and why can’t you write as well as so-and-so, and that you’re just a failure as a writer–trust me, i know how it feels.

but just. keep. writing. you don’t even have to write it all in one go. as long as whenever you sit down, you dedicate yourself to writing something, anything. 

because even if you don’t think you’re a good writer. you’re definitely not improving by not writing, you know? not writing isn’t going to help you become a better writer. 

5. ….and just keep writing

i can tell you all this, but like most advice, it won’t actually help if you don’t put into practice. so write. write lots of things. you said you write poetry, right? if you’re consistently dissatisfied with your one-shots/drabbles, perhaps you should take a break from them? maybe try writing a screenplay instead, or original fiction. it might help get your mind off writing a certain way/anticipating a certain outcome with your writing. i find that writing in different genres also helps me like, think creatively once i return to the genre i took a break from? idk. the most important thing is to never stop writing. again, you’re not going to get better at writing by staying away from it, right? 

Come back on tumblr to queue stuff again, finds out ppl are bashing characters or hates the newest fairy tail chapter or what ever. While I’m here like staying out of it, because it’s just a manga, and I personally loved the chapter like I do with every chapter.
But besides the point
@the people bashing characters again

SoGreatandPowerful : On My Own (reconstructed video)

Align submitted:

It’s finally done. Sorry it took so long. I’ve included a lyric sheet in the description - please note however, I am not experienced with google docs. I’ve taken an unorthodox approach to providing context for the samples. Let me know what you think of this method. And I hope you enjoy the video! On My Own is an amazing song with an amazing video and I hope I did it justice.

Lyrics: On My Own ((Alt))

My own apologies for neglecting to post this for two months or something ridiculous. I was busy when I initially received it and then kept forgetting to get around to it >.<

The provided lyrics make for a fascinating read, especially when taken in conjunction with the video, since it is as always quite remarkable to see where all the vocal snippets originated. Your technique for adding the sample context as comments is very unusual, but not unwelcome. Unfortunately, in creating my own copy of the lyrics doc Google discards the comments, so my backup will just have to do without that supplemental information. I think that’s fine

Thank you profoundly for the work you’ve put into creating this version of the music video; it’s very much an amazing piece in itself

// So I’ve been fairly absent for the past few days, sorry about that. Finals are a thing. I’ll be back on more in the next few days/ next week. If I owe you something, please let me know so I can get a reply to you.

broad-spectrum announcement to various people to whom i am shamefully failing to respond (yes there really are various people, this is not directed to you in particular, whoever is reading this):

sorry. is finals week. internal monologue is now 90% screaming, just like jean’s.

occasionally a thing announces to me that it Will Not Cast From Studying Energy to do that thing, and then I do that thing. hence me intermittently doing things. i do not know how my brain Decides These Things but it is 0% a reflection on you or the thing or my opinions about you or the thing or indeed anything besides the mess that is Moribrain On Finals.

look to my coming at first light on the fifth day. at dawn, look to the east. alternatively, look for an apologetic response sometime around thursday the 15th, when my finals will be Over At Last.

in the meantime, please enjoy the following picture of a jean making an Adoring Face at someone (probably felix lbr)