Also, there was a game we played there called Are You A Demon? (with cards created by the lovely dustyjournal) and it was SO MUCH FUN

People kept trying to lynch me because I was so frequently one of the demons. T^T It was magical (especially considering the number of times I managed to use the ‘but I’m so cute and precious, I am a cinnamon roll, I can’t possibly be a demon how could you kill me?’ defense and it ACTUALLY WORKED.

So kikiarty calls me a ‘’sin’-amon roll’ now.

Who likes to wear caps sometimes? ->  Hide

Who is associated with Major Arcana Tarot card number 1(the Magician)? -> yeah you guessed right it’s also Hide if this isn’t a sign then idk anymore

Furthermore : As always number 1 is associated with new beginnings and also with motivation, striving forward and progress, ambition and will power, positivity and positiveness. It fits. Shuu was depressed for such a long time and after seeing Haise/Kaneki his condition is much better now and a new chapter in his life begins. 


And now for something completely different–

Kingdom Heart of the Cards!

Brought to you by celestialwolf and myself. :D

i want a “bring ur parents to school” day episode so badly i want to meet taiyang so badly and i want him to show up and immediately get tackled to the ground by his girls

and i want blake’s parents not to show because they don’t know she’s there/she doesn’t have any parents

and i want weiss’s parents not to show up because they’re too busy but they send a half-assed card saying sorry or something

and i want taiyang to essentially adopt the lil lonely chess pieces bc they deserve love and he is Ultimate Dad

and i want to meet jnpr’s parents?? and get more info on nora and ren based on who shows up for them

and i want ruby, yang, and taiyang to visit summer’s grave as a solemn moment



So. Sadly I couldn’t find my camera, so here are just some blurry iPhone pics of the limited Blu-ray. The steelbook is in a slipcase. On the back of the slipcase there’s the card with the number of your limited edition. I don’t know if there are different cards but I am very happy that I got Harry! Inside the slipcase is the steelbook and on the steelbook is a huge lenticular magnet (as big as the steelbook) so that’s the reason why that one pic (next to Charlie posing like a young god) is so blurry.

Also in the slipcase: character cards (sorry, I forgot to put Roxy in the pic, but she’s included - of course!) and a booklet with pics. Some of them were totally new to me (the one with HARRY AND EGGSY WAS NEWS TO ME), so I made some pics. (And I never noticed that one of the recruits is wearing a velvet suit. Aren’t you sweating like hell, dude??)

Recent journal entry inspired by elena-ote’s pictures of her sister

(This isn’t finished yet, I have to work on the skin tone and I’m going to do the design on her face but not her actual facial features bc I suck at painting faces aha)


A super belated birthday drawing for darling Jo ( seeking-out-sunshine ), some art cards and their envelope cause even though I can’t send these by mail because our reasons, I still think they deserve the same special treatment (aka kiddie rubber stamp things) that I gave the other art cards I sent other friends :) ♥