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some othello revision for english lit and business revision cards.

sorry that I haven’t posted in sooooo long, I’ve been super busy focusing on maths exams and other stuff. I’ve done C1 and C2 and just have D1 left in a few weeks time! & then there’s Year 12 mocks to prepare for as well. It’s going to be a super busy half term but I have just been chosen to be a senior prefect and I am really enjoying school at the moment!


some heathers valentines day cards!! sorry they’re just doodles and tht there’s only 2, i’m working on another valentines thing!! which will be coming out on actual valentines day lmao

anyway, feel free to send these to ppl!!


My witchy iOS apps.

Wow! I’ve never gotten more than MAYBE 15 notes in my many years on tumblr. Thanks, witch fam!

UPDATED*** Here are some app links for @valicorne​ and others who requested. They should all be free. Some of these are also in the Android Marketplace, and for those that aren’t, there are comparable ones.

And my mom has a baller sigil making app on Android I envy: Sigil Automatron. Anyone know of a comparable one for iOS? (I don’t want just a paint or photoshop-like app, but one specific
To making sigils)

Not all the full names show in the screenshotted app view, which is why some of you struggled to find them. Sorry!):

1. Tarot Card Memorizer: Pretty self explantaory. This is a nice reference when you’re trying to learn card meanings.

2. Pendulum Charts Free - a plethora of charts. I like using that on my iPad, not super useful on a smaller screen, aka my iPhone. Can also use to reference for making your own charts on paper, or woodburning like I’m working on.

3. Golden Thread Tarot - Really nice free eversion of great physical deck. Nice for witches on the go, or witches on a budget.

4. Crystals And Gems - Handy reference guide for both physical and metaphysical attributes.

5. Mighty Timer - temperature, time, and amount of tea you need for the perfect cup. Great kitchen witch app, especially if you grow some of your own herbs for tea, like I do.

6. TimePassages - Free daily horoscopes, meanings, planetary bodies glossary and then some paid options for chart downloads.

7. Herbs Guide - Herbs for health and cooking. ***never take any information found on the Internet or via apps as medical advice. Seek professional medical help if you have an issues. This witch is very pro-science and modern medicine, despite making teas, tinctures, and herbal salves. Those are merely supplements to help relieve symptoms.

8. Dreamboard - my favorite digital dream journal

9. Runes - pocket advisor - Get one, two and three rune readings. Also helps you learn the meanings of elder futhark runes.
10. SkyView Free -This overlays constellations and other astronomical information when you open the app and point it at the night sky. Uses your camera and GPS to know what it’s looking at. Works inside, too. I impress the heck out of people when I whip this out at stargazing events.

11. Best Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Guide Pro - This app, containing six broad sections - guides, application, single oil, oil blends, aromatherapy and weight loss. Again, this is not to be used in place of proper nutrition and medical attention, and be very careful when using essential oils. All need to be diluted with carrier oils, and some are dangerous if you’re pregnant, etc.

12. Spellcaster - tarot cards, horoscope and pre-written spells. Not my favorite, but fun to flip through.

13. Celeste -LOOOVE. Celeste allows you to calculate a natal chart, which you can view on a zodiac wheel. You also get a description of all the planets in signs, not just the sun sign.

14. Star Chart - This is similar to skyview. I haven’t played with it too much so I can’t vouch for it quite yet. I think I prefer the skyview interface.

15. Free Candle - Different candle options, and you cna blow them out. Great for on the go candle magick/meditation, and for those who aren’t allowed to use candles in apartments/dorms/etc.

16. The Pocket Pagan - “This unique Pagan app includes a map of the USA and Canada filled with Pagan, occult and New Age stores, a handy correspondence guide for quick magickal look-ups, and a calendar that shows you the next full moon and Sabbat dates. Quick links can help you find the latest news, blogs and videos too. One little widget shows the real-time moon phase too.”

17. Moon - current moon phase - Love this. Very simple interface for when you JUST want basic full, new, waxing, waning moon info.

18. Herbs in Magick - The application contains information about more than 200 herbs and their magickal use. No internet connection


Anon request: Fighting with Jungkook + drabble
It’s not the same as Yoongi’s but I thought this fit better. 
I am so sorry it has taken so long, it has been sitting in my drafts for weeeeks (ask you can tell by the date of the text) I am so sorry
I hope you like it! 

Jungkook x Reader
Warnings: Implied Smut
Words: 1250

You knocked once on the bathroom door and waited for a response. After receiving a text from Yoongi, you rushed out of the door and into the nearest taxi. Reading over the texts again and again, you felt your stomach twist as the guilt set in. Fuck, what had you done. The fact Jungkook thought he was a bad boyfriend made your heart squeeze into your throat. He was far from it, in fact he was the best boyfriend you have ever had, going above and beyond anyone ever had. Making you smile when you needed it, telling you that he loved you nearly every day even when he was on tour. He would always make you feel so loved and important and you couldn’t even let him off this one time. You were being selfish and you needed to fix it. You phone beeped with another text, this time from Taehyung.  

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Secret Admirer Miscommunications (Carry On Valentine’s Celebration Day 3)

I had fun with this. Hope you enjoy! @carryon-valentines


Baz glanced uninterestedly at the card slipped into his bag. Someone must have managed it when he was talking to Professor Possibelf. The card was stupid, a few lines of garden variety Shakespeare and a badly drawn heart, signed by a secret admirer. He sniffed at it curiously to see if he could trace the scent of someone’s magic. There was nothing there to smell.
With a careless gesture Baz tossed the card in the trash and went back to his work. He didn’t really care for Valentine’s Day. The only person he wanted a Valentine from was the person who wanted him dead. So he’d given up the fantasy a long time ago.
He glanced helplessly across the room at Snow and jolted a bit when he found that Snow was already looking at him. Snow’s expression was one of disbelief and annoyance. Baz realized Snow must have seen him throw out the card. Why Snow was so offended by it he had no idea, unless he’d taken on the responsibility of defending every lovesick mage in the school.


Simon fumed silently in the dining hall. Penny was going through one of her many poetry anthologies, trying to find something useful for him.
“He doesn’t even deserve another one,” Simon said.
Penny ignored him.
“Are you sure I can’t use anything modern?” She asked.
“I’m sure,” Simon replied, “He seems like a classics snob.”
Penny huffed.
“Simon can you stop feeling sorry for yourself and help me with this? I shouldn’t have to help you write your own love letters.”
Simon pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger.
“Fine, just use a Blake poem.”
Penny began her new search but shook her head.
“There are, as it turns out, more than just white, male poets to choose from,” Penny commented.


Baz blinked in confusion. Another secret admirer note had made its way to him. But this time it was on his pillow when he got to his room. There was no sign of Snow, so he sat down and read the card. It had the William Blake poem The Garden of Love written on it. Instead of a drawn heart there was just a single sentence that said, “Bite me,” with a winky face next to it. The old poem and cheeky request were comically at odds with one another. Whoever had written this was an absolute git.
Baz rolled his eyes and tossed it in the trash. Even if he did think the card was a bit funny it didn’t matter. He only had feelings for one spectacular idiot.


Simon felt his cheeks burn as he stepped into his room and saw his Valentine discarded in the trash. Baz was lying on his bed listening to music and glanced at Simon.
“Something bothering you Snow?”
Simon felt caught. He knew his face was flushed with rejection and anger. And even though he desperately needed to snap back at Baz he found that he didn’t have the words he needed. Instead he gestured to the card in the trash.
“Is it really that bad or something?”
Baz’s eyebrows knitted in confusion.
“I’m sorry?”
Simon grabbed the card out of the trash and threw it at Baz.
“You know, a lot of effort goes into something like this!”
Baz’s confusion was melting into annoyance.
“Why do you care so much what I do with my private letters?”
“Because I’m the one writing them you dolt!”
Baz stared at him, obviously shocked by Simon’s outburst. As for Simon, he felt mortification and fear curl up in his stomach. He had not meant to admit to that.
“You wrote them?” Baz asked.
Simon jerked his head to the side, jaw clenched.
Baz stood up and walked a few steps forward.
“As a prank?”
Simon wished he could lie but knew he couldn’t.
“No, it wasn’t a prank,” He said.
Baz had stopped right in front of him. He raised a hand and tipped Simon’s chin up so he was forced to look at him. Baz’s expression was strange. Like he was holding something back.
“So you like me then?” Baz asked, tone neutral.
“Yes,” Simon whispered.
Baz nodded. Then he did the impossible and leaned down to kiss Simon. For a moment Simon seriously wondered if the kiss was a part of a cruel plot, thought Baz might pull away and laugh in his face. But then Baz’s lips parted slightly and Simon didn’t really care if it was a plot or not. Instead he kissed him back, relishing in the sweet caution Baz used with him. Happily, Simon ran his fingers through Baz’s raven hair, trying to memorize the silky way it slipped through his hands.
Baz broke the kiss, his eyes warm.
“I’m sorry I threw out your shitty Valentines.”
“Hey,” Simon muttered, frowning.
“You’re choices were hopelessly off the mark just so you know. I appreciate the classics. But I’m more of a modern poetry buff myself.”
Simon rolled his eyes.
“Of course you are,” Simon said.
“But,” Baz said, “Since they were from you…I love them.”
Simon smiled and this time he kissed Baz, the crumpled Valentine pressed between their clasped hands.

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A/N: requested. hope this is okay.


When you’re told by your boyfriend’s ex best friend that your boyfriend was cheating on you with a teacher, it hurts almost on a cosmic scale. Insecurities that have been pushed down and suppressed because of the confidence that your boyfriend gave you, start to come back into the brain screaming at you telling you I told you so over and over again, it starts to become difficult to do anything remotely normal.


Approaching your locker you notice something very different about it, this is because it was covered in small notes and as you got closer to the locker you start to see what it reads which is all about what someone loves about you, personality, characteristics, anything and everything about you. You open your locker to see one giant card that says I’m sorry all of a sudden you know exactly who did this and sigh not ready to confront him let alone forgive him but you already know that you will eventually.

“I really am sorry (y/n)” you hear from behind you causing you to jump

“That’s all well and good Archie but it hurt a trust was broken”

“And I will do everything I possibly can to make it up to you” begging you to forgive him now

“It’s going to take a lot more than I’m sorry cards” trying to sound tough and try not to show that your cracking

“Oh I know and look what happened with me and Ms Grundy it was a stupid mistake that will never happen again” still begging

“I’ll work my ass off to get you back just please give me one more chance” you sigh knowing already that you have given him a second chance but he doesn’t have to know that.

“Fine. I’m going to look forward to seeing you earn my trust again”


Sorry if this is a jump in quality /humblebrag

As for the symbolism, Shrignold is the creepy angel watching over the two and the tree has yellow ‘wings’ on them. The cult emphasises on that ring a lot. The Lovers card is all about decisions in relationships, and in the case, the cult will control every decision their members do in the name of love. Kind of creepy for such a pretty card heh.