the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

What am i doing with my life srsly

You know that one scene in the hunchback of notredame where frollo overreacts with his boner for esmeralda? Yeah i imagine Lance going like that when he discovers his infatuation to Keith…..he prob does this everytime he sees keith,,,

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What would nct 127 be like if they were jealous?

I ordered them from most to least jealous based on THIS post bc why not?

Taeyong: Very grumpy on the outside but super sad on the inside. He’d give the cold shoulder, and wouldn’t really tell you the problem to begin with. Instead of expressing his sadness, anger would come out and I can see a fight breaking out by him being jealous. He might even just take a train to somewhere unknown and sit there and think. If he’s jealous of a person, mean words may come out of him which he will regret later on.

Donghyuck: He’d fight. Seriously. Every time this boy is jealous a fight would occur. He’d be very vocal about what made him this mad, and may be exaggerating it a bit. You’d have to drop your pride a lot in order for him to calm down; which is hard when both of you are so enraged.

Jaehyun: I can just see him becoming touchier. Throwing an arm around your shoulders or have a hand on your waist. You’d notice when he’s jealous, he wouldn’t have to tell you; even though he’s trying to be discrete. It wouldn’t be hard for him to calm down, a gentle kiss on his cheek would be enough for him. Just confirming that he’s your love would make him feel a lot better.

Winwin: A little insecure. “Are they flirting or not?” “Should I do something or not?”, such thoughts would fly his mind. When he’s jealous he’d become much quieter; averting your gaze. He wouldn’t dare to ask about it, since it may come off immature. Like Jaehyun; it wouldn’t be hard to calm him down. A kiss on the cheek or gentle nudge would answer all of Winwin’s questions and he’d be himself again.

Yuta: Ok I can’t see Yuta becoming jealous too often but when that happens he’d be angry. He’d really start to question your relationship. “If you’re like that when I’m there, how are you when I’m not?!”, he’d ask (since the things I can see Yuta becoming jealous of is very restricted I took this as an example). He would just disconnect to his brain and be so angry.

Mark: Very mature. Like the baby he is, you wouldn’t guess it, but he’d be very calm about the topic. He’d tell you right away that it’s concerning him, getting it off his chest. He’d just be very honest, very calm and very mature. You wouldn’t really have to change or anything; just the fact that you know how he’s feeling would make him a lot more at ease.

Taeil: Quiet, probably a little sad on the inside and because he’s bad at expressing himself; he’d feel even more frustrated by the fact that he can’t tell you what’s wrong. He’d try to hide his feelings, doing his best to act normal. That would probably fail, since that face can’t hide anything. Like Winwin and Jaehyun, just a warm look or kiss on the cheek would make him feel a lot more at ease.

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This is a weird ask and I'm sorry to bother you but I'm kinda looking for some advice. My self inserts OCs always start as me but they very quickly stop being me? Like they just become their own character and that's not always a bad thing but I just want a self insert to actually feel like me? I don't know how to either a) make an actually decent version of me because all the ones I've tried to make are trashy bc I'm gross or b) make a self insert OC who kinda still feels like me. Got any tips?


As someone whose self inserts are typically literally herself, I would say to maybe make your self inserts very true to your own physical appearance, and give them an altered version of your own upbringing and backstory that suits the context of the setting you’re inserting into.

And like it’s always fun for me to consider how I, personally, would interact with other characters, given what I know about how I interact with real people! It’s fun to imagine what so and so character would think of this trait about me, or the way I talk, or how I feel about so and so subject. 

One thing I always find really fun is imagining how my personality would influence the environment and characters around me, rather than everything characters influencing me as much. Of course, considering your self insert would likely have grown up in the setting, you do have to adjust some things about yourself to fit the world, but you have impact on the world, too! 

These are just some of the things I think about… if you need more help, let me know! And if you want help with specific stuff, feel free to ask! I like figuring out character stuff so I’d be willing to give some feedback~

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Patience is a virtue when dealing with siblings. Also, try to get him to express his feelings to you and once he's done, apologize. Just don't try to excuse your actions, if he's angry that will make it worse.

I’ve tried. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times. But four times. And I’ve tried apologize but he keeps hitting me and yelling and tbh I’m kinda angry? Like. I’ve done all I can???

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mental illness can affect anyone at any time, just like physical illness, and it’s really unfortunate that it has such a stigma attached to it. have you considered talking to a doctor?

well, i mean, the whole stigma kinda stops me from considering it altogether bc seeing a doctor would be dependent on my parents deciding whether that’s warranted or not (they’ll never say it is)

and i mean.. personally, i’m not really keen on seeing a doctor all that much either? mostly because i myself don’t think it’s warranted. i mean, i only really started being like this a few days ago? and it’s mostly just when i’m alone–

oh. right. human contact. i think. i should probably spend more time with my siblings, that’d help i think

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“Disappoint Everyone but Also Flirt With Everyone” XD i'm just imagining everyone looking horrified by her actions then your Inky just leans on a counter and proceeds to flirting. Waggling brows and everything lol

omg yES this is the truest depiction of Lauretta yes very good

I’m sorry but adding only one female character, no matter how awesome she is, to an ensemble of male characters is not being more progressive. People make it seem I should be grateful when they have well written female characters as if they’re a gift. No there should be well written female characters everywhere. In fact, why not make an ensemble of female characters and one male character. 


“After all, it isn’t a role they’ll have forever.”

i recently watched the first ep of rwby vol2 again and thought this line somehow fit voltron