if one more person replies to my photoset of taylor swift in various hockey jerseys telling me that i am a misogynist because “guys wear random teams jerseys all the time, why are you only bringing it up with her????” i will literally jump out the fucking window because, frankly, i was making a joke like it wasn’t even supposed to be a funny joke? i don’t even know why so many people reblogged it? 

sorry that you are all such sensitive babies that we can’t even make any fucking jokes without people jumping down each other’s throats screaming “MISOGYNY” or whatever but you all really need to chill - i meant zero disrespect to taylor, i absolutely adore her, but i’m gonna say whatever i want and post whatever i want, if you have a problem with it, don’t follow me or look at my posts 

no need to start crying when i make a stupid joke lol 

(for the record: i am not apologizing for making that photoset, i would do it again. i couldn’t give less of a shit. i just simply don’t get why people are so sensitive about the dumbest shit. don’t you all have homework to do or like colleges to apply to or jobs to get to??? like this is what you’re worried about? honestly fuck off lmao)