I just want to talk about why I have so many feels about this page. Touka and Kaneki have always had a complicated relationship. Touka taking out her aggression on Kaneki when his past involved child abuse. Kaneki lying and leaving Touka behind when she has a fear of abandonment from when she lost her Father. They always make mistakes when it comes to the other, unknowingly hitting on their deepest, most sensitive issues.

But here it’s finally being addressed. 

Touka thinks “… again?” after Kaneki leaves her behind on this mission and tries to protect her when she feels that’s not his place to decide. Just like he did after the Aogiri Arc. Kaneki thinks “… again?” when he questions whether she’ll hit him this time too, after the bridge scene and in the cafe.

And now that they’re going to sit down and talk (assuming they get the chance to because yikes, last time the “we’ll do this when we return from this dangerous mission” thing was brought up, Shirazu DIED) they have the chance to tell each other this and actually communicate their feelings for once! Tell the other what is wrong so they can work on fixing their mistakes and clear the tension between them. I really hope this is the case because this is what I’ve been needing from them for so long. We know they both care about each other, and that they’re both important to one another, but it’s always been a case of this giant wall between them, built up of their own issues, that keeps pushing them away. I hope this is a chance for both of them to grow and to apologise for hurting one another

still very hopeful that Hide is alive because honestly I would be so disappointed bc there’s so much that he can do and I want to see him do more and it would be so?? unfair??? if Hide??? was already gone??????

i wonder if Even knew. like for me, before i have a breakdown of some sort, I know it’s coming. the day just feels off and wrong. so what if Even knew, and yet since he loves Isak (bc he does) he wanted to make their last night perfect, because Even thinks Isak will leave him now. He thinks it’s his last night with the man of his life.

i really just hope they talk it out. my poor Even… i know what it’s like after people see the parts of you you’d rather hide, and facing them can be hard. i’m sorry i just have a lot of feelings about this clip.

No matter how stomped on/shattered I feel from someone or something I will always pick back up the pieces and put myself back together,eventually. I don’t really know how I do it or why sometimes, but I always like to think there’s something so good that’s waiting for me some day that will make all of these bad/hurtful things not matter. I still have so much love to give, and a lot of beautiful things in the world to see/find.


I’m just pissed off right now. Feeling really shitty.

My crush? We’ve decided to keep private of our matters until they sort out one way or another. I love this person a lot, and these anons are more than likely making them really uncomfortable as well. If you make this person feel like shit because of being nosy towards my business / business between me and my crush, screw you. Please respect people’s boundaries.

I don’t think I’ll be online much tonight. Good night yall.

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Apart from Harry Potter, my FAVOURITE book series is The Mortal Instruments, I'd love to read the prequel series and the first of the sequel series but I know those books have a lot of romantic themes and I just can't handle any romance right now as I'm going through a really painful breakup. So I'd love to know if there are any similar books out there without the love aspect. (Sorry, I know that's a tough request but it would be great to have a distraction from the pain)

Firstly I’m really sorry you’re going through a tough time and feel free to message me if you ever need to chat about it

Secondly I think I’m going to have to issue a call for help on this one because all the YA novels coming to mind are pretty romance based so if anyone can think of a good recommendation then leave a reply/reblog because I’m struggling a bit with this one! 

Maybe Artemis Fowl? I haven’t read that in years though so I’d definitely do more research because my opinion will be far from objective. Percy Jackson is also a good shout if you haven’t read it (there is some romance later in the series but the first few books are pretty romance free)

I know I said I would upload some mor writing this weekend and I would like to apologize for the fact I haven’t.

I have been struggling immensely and ended up in the hospital last night. After being released I still forced myself to attend group meetings for school work because that’s who I am. My whole identity rides on that, and who cares if I nearly died because grades are obviously more important.

I have just been going through a lot lately and I’m not the sort to talk about it because I feel like a burden. I am in the process of getting help, so I hope things will get better.

I am so very stressed and overwhelmed so I am sorry that this blog has taken a backseat as of late. I hope I can find the time and peace to write some lovely things for you all.

I hope you are all doing well. I love you guys very much. Thank you for always being kind to me.

Okay so I only managed to sleep for like 4 hours (my 9hr shift is gonna be fun!), but, I’ve had a little time to process, and a lot of thoughts. Sorry in advance if I ramble & this doesn’t make sense!

First and foremost, this is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I’ve said that a few times, but last night really cemented it. There is nothing (at least that I’ve seen) like ‘Skam’ on television, especially for a younger audience. It touches upon so many issues in such a natural, realistic and honestly beautiful way. Amazing.

Another thing, the casting. Last night, Tarjei & Henrik blew me away. They’re so so good! I am in awe to be honest. The genuine chemistry between them is just, palpable and a rare find. And the fact that Tarjei is only 17, and has all that talent…all the awards.

The camera and sound work on last night’s clip as well…absolutely perfect. The entire hotel scene was beautiful in terms of how it was shot, the quick cuts, black screens and that score slowly building in the background throughout had my heart pounding. Never has any other show affected me this much. It’s a gift, and I have so much love for it.

Now, regarding Isak & Even. I truly truly believe that Even 1000% is in love with Isak. He’s shown that from the get go how genuinely he feels. I have no doubts about that at all. I have faith in this show, I have faith that they will do the incredible story they’ve told so far, justice. And judging from the new clip, they are, and once again, in a beautifully realistic and just, heartfelt way.

Haha, sorry that was so long. I just have a lot of feelings. 💕

So it just kinda hit me hit a ton of bricks that I AM an adult. It’s not optional. I’m older than a lot of people on this site. I don’t know how old most (like almost none. Maybe 3, probably 2) of my followers are. I have to clean up my language and be more careful about what I reblog and ahhhhhhhhhh.
I’m really sorry if I’ve been behaving in a way that was inappropriate. Absolutely feel free to call me out on it.

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I feel I don't emulate myself at all in how I present myself physically. I meet a lot of people (which is rad) but I would love to find people that also have similar interests n shit. I just don't know how to go about it? Do you find (sorry for the stereotyping) that having dreads for example makes similar people to u more obliged to talk to you? I feel so lost and alone in the world Idk how to find 'my people'. You find your way and meet such magical people who you connect with, I'm jel haha

I relate 100% 
I have a hUGE problem communicating and socialising. Huge. Born like that.
I think when you have dreads naturally it attracts some people, but in reality people aren’t just going to talk to you because of your hair. I guess you need to put yourself in places or situations where like minded people would be, basically go and do things you’re passionate about or enjoy to the core of your soul, and you will find others there that are the same. 
I meet a lot of people mainly through my youtube channel and instagram to be honest. I’m super lonely and also want to meet like minded people always 

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yo I had to message this shit because I wrote a damn essay, sorry I just have a lot of feels on this subject lol but yeah it's even worse when fans go "they're just joking!" but like, it clearly affects seungri. because of korean culture, he's not really allowed to defend himself so he just has to smile and take it. and like, as his stan, it seems to me he's gotten more distant because despite his fanservice, the fans prefer the hyungs to him. that goes back to his image being affected.

No, it’s fine it’s the same for me
And seriously even though the culture thing is there , they should know when to stop . The difference between teasing and bullying A FRIEND should be clear a friend they know over 10 years
I can’t understand that
And the he is the youngest card is so old and unnecessary, does he not have an opinion or feelings , he’s not their plaything to use whenever they don’t know what to say

And the 4 against 1 reflects onto their individual fans and it just hurts
The fact that yb said that we shouldn’t misinterpret their “jokes” says enough tbh it shouldn’t be necessary to make such a comment

hm i probably have said this too many times but i just :(( feel so lucky to witness this whole thing happened :(( like!!! when i think of how i was with hob, listened to him when he made and listed all of his dreams :((( and then witnessing and are with him when he ticked all of it off one by one until i feel like there is no more dream that is not ticked on his dream lists even tho i’m sure his dreams are endless which i absolutely adore it so much!! he has so much faith in himself and works hard for it but also!! gentle to himself by validating he had a hard time and praised himself when no one would while keeping others around him happy 💞 and i’m sure!!! only great things will happen from now on, seeing how other international artists which he adores, recognized and wanting to collab with bangtan :((( like!! it feels so surreal to me not only because they won the daesang but i’m more to being emotional at how i was lucky and blessed enough to be with him through it all like….that’s everything to me…i feel so lucky to be there with him when he made his “ambitious” wish wanting to win the daesang on kkul fm during their 3rd anniversary i feel so lucky to be there with him when his intro dropped and how i will never look at 26th September the same again and also how he was so happy and proud of himself until he literally!! beaming and glowing with so much pure happiness he lighted the whole dark room because he know he had worked so hard for it i feel so lucky to be there with him witnessing his genuine surprised face because he didn’t expect bangtan would won a daesang at the MMA i feel so lucky to be there with him when he cried his heart out because that meant!!! everything to him!!!! i feel so lucky to witness how he literally didn’t know what to do with himself on the stage so he just keep crying alkdjaslk i feel so lucky!! to be there with him when he performed to a stadium full of talented people that has big names in the industry like!! him performing on the stage with so much passion flows out from within, it’s so hypnotising that you feel you shouldn’t even blink because even in one simple movement of his dance he seriously!! honestly!! gives his all!! he gave everything that he has!! i feel so lucky to be there with him when his soul just comes to life and he’s completely lost in his music and he delivers so much stage presence and charisma that i seriously feel there are tiny fireworks exploding everywhere in my body and each time i just fell more in love :((( i feel so lucky to be there with him when he held his breath and keep fidgeting his hands because this time, at the MAMA, he wants and hope to win for a daesang i feel so lucky to be there with him when his face lighted up and how his eyes sparkle because bangtan was awarded Artist of The Year i feel so so lucky and blessed to be able to love and support him!!! and witness all this wonders happened to him!!! i feel so lucky and blessed and hopeful that i will get to witness much more of this in the future!! it is such a really!! lovely warm thought and feeling for me!!! because i love him and i genuinely wants him to be happy and i would pick the brightest star in the sky for him if i could because he deserves nothing less than the most beautiful and the brightest of things but i’m incapable :((( so instead, i would keep loving and supporting him for as long as i could :(( anyways what i’m trying to say is, i’m so bad with words and i just want the world to know hob is really the most beautiful thing to me and i love him so much /deep sigh/ 😣💞

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Hello, might be a personal question, but I was wondering if you got any sleep? I remember you said you only had 10 mins of it beforehand and was just curious if you got more? I hate to pry, but I do hope you get a lot of sleep and I'm sorry if you're having tough times or anything with this blog and having to run this on limited time! I'm also not trying to force you to get more sleep or anything;;; I was just curious because I just feel very bad because you do so much, as the other admins tysm!

Ummm after three classes and an exam and some time relaxing, I napped for about an hour? LOL…I honestly don’t know why I’m still up~ I like updating though so it’s fine. Luckily tomorrow is Saturday too ^^ (even though I have three finals next week fmL)…Thank you so much for sending this <3 It makes me feel loved (LOL IM SO GROSS SORRY)
- Kylie

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Dude okay think of this, jihoon likes seungcheol, soonyoung realises and tries to subtly make seungcheol jealous by hanging around jihoon a lot and jihoons all confused and then chan is like woah what's going on and then seungcheol is like jihoon let soonyoung hug him?!? Or something like that and bam soonyoung becomes greatest matchmaker somehow. I'm sorry I have a bunch of feels and trying to convey them ain't working :(

Let me tell you no one ships Jicheol like seventeen ships it!!! I could 100% see my son playing matchmaker for not just Jicheol, but all of them 😂

Managed to get my drafts under 30. Hooray. 

Sorry I’ve been so slow. Lots of my drafts are really emotional and this season has been a bit intense for Rick feels. I just haven’t had the time or energy to commit to giving my partners the quality replies that they deserve. 

If anyone doesn’t want to continue the threads we have due to the delay, I understand. Just let me know, no hard feelings at all. I know it can be difficult for people to have such a gap in replies. 

Under the cut are my current drafts. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything or if you’re interested in plotting a new thread. Thanks for your patience and sticking with me! 

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Hey y'all, idk if it’s a full moon or what, but it seems like a lot of people on my dash are having a rough day/night and I just wanted to tell y'all you can message me whenever, but like obviously most people aren’t actually gonna take that suggestion to heart (which you should, honestly, but it’s understandable) so I’m just gonna encourage y'all to make it through today/night or however long this weird feeling lasts. Also, if it’s any help, there’s definitely a dog somewhere that would love you more than you’ll ever know so there’s that to lift your spirits

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Im so upset rn but thank you for the advice Im so worried but also hapy bc Isak is now a bit more okay w his mom but I have a lot of feelings and I just wanna hug em all

Hey, I’m sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. I’m glad you managed to watch it. Yeah, I’m both worried and happy that Isak talked to his mom and that she’s supportive and still loves him and doesn’t try to change him. 

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I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time rn Cece darling, I really wish I could do more to help you ;__; But just know that you are lovely and amazing and strong and have many great friends who love and support you and will help you through anything!! I hope you feel a lot better really soon, ily <3 <3 <3

Thank you, Sparky. I’ll definitely get through this, no worries! I’m just a little emotionally exhausted, that’s all!